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KUU Laitnin G3 pro

AMD Ryzen R5 4600H 8GB/16GB DDR4 RAM 512GB SSD Radeon Grapjics

High-performance thin and ligt gaming notebook. Ten generations of

Core release your power.

AMD R7 4800H
High-performance office
Thin light body
Full screen ips.


KUU Laitntin X1 15.6" Laptop

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Mini PC

KUU M INGAR g1bOX G1 Mini PC Intel Core i9-9880H

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KUU Laitntin X1 15.6" Laptop
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Small Title
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Supply Chain System
Our company has a complete supply chain system and sound sales channels. Completely control a series of processes from design to research and development, from production to sales of each product.
Customized product
Our company customizes products for global customers to ensure that every consumer can use our products in compliance with the local language and operating habits after receiving our products.
Sales channels
Our sales channels cover more than ten kinds of global large, medium and small e-commerce platforms, and the market covers Europe, North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. After working hard for several years, it is loved by hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world.
Product quality
Our company's notebook product line is very comprehensive, from ultrabooks that are affordable for the people to gaming notebooks that pursue performance. In terms of high-end products, we have been keeping up with the forefront of technology, using the latest CPU and technology to make some influential products.
Affordable price
Cost-effectiveness is the foundation of our company. From the low end to the high end. Our products cannot guarantee that they will always be the cheapest, but they must achieve the best performance at the same price; achieve the most affordable price at the same performance level.

KUU Brand introduction

KUU is an emerging technology brand born in the Internet. 
For many years, KUU has been keeping the characteristics of simplicity, practicality and benefits.

KUU was born in 2019, and we are committed to bringing reliable laptops, mini consoles, 2-in-1 laptops and other electronic products to customers around the world.We have a complete supply chain, independent R&D team, independent factory and comprehensive sales team.We are good at listening to the opinions of every consumer, every word of you, every email for us to provide the direction of improvement.We hope that every consumer can get the most suitable laptop in KUU!

What Our Customers Say

  Floyd R.
Pros: I bought a gift for my family this Christmas. This computer is small and easy to carry. The price is very good! Fast running speed and smooth system! Very suitable for me to watch videos and work.

Cons: Not enough stock! Want to buy another one!

Overall Review: Overall so far I'm happy with the purchase, this is an excellent stylish laptop! If you work from home and need to buy a laptop at a reasonable price, this laptop is perfect for you.
  Mr Elldee
Sadly, no one ever sends me nice laptops etc that i can review, so this is a genuine purchase.
My old Toshiba was geriatric, somewhat compounded by the working from home requirements so necessary nowadays.
I don't game and I tend to stream from built in TV apps so I use this laptop principally for work. That is I cannot speak about its use for the gaming community. I'm a silver surfer, and it is ideal for me. It's easy to set up and responsive. I've severely curtailed the number of programmes I've installed so as to try to keep the memory used low. I'm also going to install a memory card to add to the memory a bit as updates seem to fill these laptops up so quickly. It's a sleek laptop, silver brushed chrome and light to hold. It does what I need it for and is ready to go very quickly.
Pros - very attractive, light, responsive.
Cons - keyboard is US ( think) layout in that the " and @ keys are mixed up when you choose UK layout. Comes with a USA plug, and though there is an adaptor supplied, it looks bulky and ugly.
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