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Which Out of These Two Laptops Would You Buy?

personally, neither. acer makes horrible laptops. between myself and my family (me, my brother, and mother, specifically) and other friends, everyone, including myself, despise acer. they are a lot of flash and not a lot of backin that flash up. stick with a reputable brand like ASUS, sony, or toshiba. HP is decent but they have buggy mtoehrboards (my last laptop(HP) cooked the board after about 6 months, after constantly being on a cooling pad and shut down every night and run on a surge protector). an ASUS U81 is about $629 here in the USA. im not sure what that translates to in , but i found one for $589, brand new, sealed box. if you dont mind a little extra dough, sony is EXCELLENT. my brother still uses my old VAIO bought in 2007. ASUS is next best, with prices like acer i believe.

Which Out of These Two Laptops Would You Buy? 1

1. Help me choose the right notebook?

Just go for Dell and if you can go for a SONY Notebook with blu-ray drive its the future of DVD's. Just go for it. It's qite safe and good to play all types of games. Just try to have SONY

2. What is a cheap but good car sound system?

Get a decent head unit - I like sony add a power amp decent speakers and a 12" sub-woofer unit (self amplified) That should give you great sound without breaking the bank. ($1500 - $2000)

Which Out of These Two Laptops Would You Buy? 2

3. Canon Vs. Nikon. which to buy?

Like the others said, neither is better. But do not buy the T1i. Save money and get the T3 or spend a little more and get the T2i. The T1i is buggy and the 1080p video advertised does not work due to the frame rate being way too slow to use. There's little difference between it and the T3. You also should not just confine yourself to the big two. Check out the offerings from Sony (formerly Minolta so they have been in the industry as long as the others), Pentax, Panasonic and Olympus before you make your decision.

4. Which dSLR should I buy?

First, if you decide to go with the Sony brand, get the A230, it is a newer model than the A200, below I included a link to photo dealer page for it and it is $499 with a 18-55mm short zoom lens. Also, below, I included another link to that dealer's site for the Olympus E520, it is priced $449 with a short zoom. The Olympus cameras have the 4 by 3 ratio format which fits the standard 8 by 10 print size. The Nikon and Sony has the 2 by 3 ratio format. If you go for a Nikon which is what I prefer, I would either get the D3000 or the D5000. The D3000 will cost you $599 with a short zoom and the D5000 will cost about $734.95 with a short zoom. (The link to the D5000 deal, to see the final price you have to add it to the shopping cart. Good luck. Mark

5. Is the Sony PSP worth it?

I have had both a Nintendo Ds and a PSP. I now only have a PSP and here's why: Internet: The PSP is superb with connecting to any wireless signal. I've never had problems with it. The range is not very far though, but it is meant to be used in a secure wireless location for gaming, it can also browse sites. Audio: The PSP is great with music. It does not come with a USB cable, but you can buy one (that's really the only thing you need to buy for it) so that you can directly connect to a computer. Once you do it's as simple as drag-and-drop. Once you turn it on simply scroll over to Music and it will display you list of music. Video: This can be a little tricky, but I will try to explain. The PSP plays video very well. It can play flash animation or full on movies. The quality does not drop much, especially when you purchase a movie made for the PSP. Adding videos to the PSP memory stick is drag-and-drop. Playing the video is much like using a DVD player, it has many of the same functions. When downloading a video or putting one you made, make sure it's the right format. Games: The DS has the largest line-up of baby games I know of. If you want some action in your gaming get the PSP. Games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and God of War are just some of the seriously killer games it has to offer. Not to mention the stunning graphics that easily put the DS to shame. Applications: The PSP can be "customized" to do so much more than it was intended to do. By using "custom firmware" you can play all those old Nintendo 64 or even Playstation games you had as a child. In fact, playing DS games on a PSP may soon be a reality. (Do not Update Your PSP If You Wish To Do That!!!) Also, you can easily add software such as a yahoo/msn/aol/whatever Instant Messenger. Maybe if you got the know-how you can even change it into a phone? (Yes, is has been done) I am sure once you realize the possibilities of the PSP you will agree that it is worth the purchase.

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