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The Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2021

Whatever your preferences, each of the machines here will give you all the power and performance you need to hit the ground running with your latest, greatest project. • Best 4K monitors for designers and artists • Best monitors for MacBook Pro: Get the perfect companion for your Pro • Best laptops for video editing: Edit your footage on a powerful device

The Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2021 1

my little bro downloaded a ton of crap on my macbook air,how can i clean the startup disk?

What different documents do you have got on your startup disk? Disks can best maintain a lot. Anything has to be deleted to make room for whatever you are seeking to put for your startup disk DELETE some documents. Then, are attempting moving the movies to your force.

can I return my macbook?

Yes, I am guessing the policy is 30 days to return... I would try returning it now

The Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2021 2

I spilled water on my macbook.. It's working but..?

the tempature inside your macbook is probably somewhere between 80 and 160 degrees, I do not think you need to worry about it

I spilt water on my macbook pro?

i do not think the steps you have taken is gonna help .....just keep it in the sun....or you can use hair dryer to soak excess of water...do not switch it on not for 1-2 day let it get dry first. ....and never plug the charger it can damage your computer

whats specs should I look for with a macbook pro to do music production?

The more Processor power the better (CPU), the RAM the better, the bigger the HD the better. Upgrade as much as you can with your budget but the standard a macbook pro has is always enough. Just depends how many plugins you are going to be using in your DAW. But in Ableton you can freeze midi to audio saving you a lot of CPU power. You will see the more you start to produce what I am talking about

Keep my laptop or get a macbook?

Get a mac-book!!!!!!! They are faster. lighter, better battery and have got good programs on it! :D I would say it is worth the money.

Between the macbook pro and alienware m18x Which laptop would be better for an engineering program at college?

First the M18x is a gaming laptop, it may suit your needs, but they cost $3000 . As far as a MAC, most engineering software is not available for MAC.

Why does my macbook pro restart itself?

I've heard of this type of problem before, after dropping a computer. The dropping process cause a breaking process. Next step is the repairing process. You can test it like this.... -- Restart while holding the option key for 45 seconds. - If it stays on the Startup Manager screen without shutting off, replace the hard drive. - If it shuts off even at the Startup Manager screen, it needs repair service. You may ask "Can I do it myself?" Maybe. If it is bad RAM, easy. If it is a bad logic board, very difficult and costly. Of course, it could be a bad HDD, bad RAM, and bad logic board. How's your luck?

Ubuntu on macbook won't boot from USB

Check your BIOS settings. Is booting from USB allowed and what is the order for boot devices? Changing / verifying boot device settings should come first, IMO

what is the best laptop besides a macbook?

dell but not vista

spilled water on my macbook, pls help?

do not use it for 3 days. if you take it to apple, they can tell if it suffered water damage because there are indicators in the laptop itself. if it works after 3 days it will likely stay working

Help with macbook pro unibody screen partial distortion issue?

I would recommend opening it up and making sure all the video-related cables are plugged in firmly on both ends. I would think that if it's a hardware fault, then applying pressure should not temporarily fix it, so the most likely problem is a slipping or loose cable

Do I need to buy an airport for my macbook air or is a wireless router fine?

you decide on one which will be friends inclusive of your particular Macbook Air. carry it alongside to the shop with you even as you shop, that is "intuitiveness" will handbook you. once you've complete procuring a needlessly overpriced router, because that all of them do a similar aspect, you may go homestead and burn some money contained in the hearth. This sarcasm presented to you by Gzus for Linux, for a extra proper tomorrow

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The 16-inch MacBook Pro is just your type if you've been waiting for Apple to make a better keyboard. The Magic Keyboard on this premium laptop ditches the Butterfly mechanism in favor of a scissor switch, and the result is a much more comfortable typing experience. You also get a bright and sharp 16-inch display with slimmer bezels, powerful performance from an available Core i9 CPU and robust AMD Radeon 5300M or 5500M graphics.ubuntu 64 or 32 bit for macbook/vps?If you need to know the version of the macbook, type in command line, in Ubuntu: less /proc/cpuinfosee more details heresurvey do you think that ipad is better than macbook?iPad looks uncomfotable to hold and use. It's curved so if your typing on the screen it will rock and it so happens you can buy an additional keyboard stand that will hold it up like a lap top, but the screen is smaller but the keyboard and pad are not as easy to pack and travel? Macbook. The size of my current iTouch is fine thanks.What does a mac macbook have that pc's dont?It does not have games. Please get a dell. you can not download things for free. you have to pay for EVERYTHING. More programs for the pc, more troubleshooting. And IF you get a virus, you can do a system restore, which easily gets rid of it. Please get a pc for your sakeHow much could I sell my macbook for?Split it into materials and promote them on ebay. You will have to simply get a few coins again for any operating materials, in particular reveal (which get broken simply by way of clumsy computer homeowners), trackpads, optical drives, batteries, bezels - most sensible/backside case halves, lid, latches, ancillary materials just like the vigour give, some other cables you've, the long-established installer disk(s), manuals. Even the field would promote for any individual who has purchased a are furb' Mac (they arrive in undeniable brown bins) and is making an attempt to promote it on ebay because it raises importance.how much can i sell my macbook pro for?i think you could sell it for 687 dollars because it is not new one.. I know it cos t you a lot but with 900 dollars i could buy 3 laptops much better than your... so.. you can sell it on 600- 700 dollars and i promise you could sell it lol XDmy mouse does not work on my macbook pro?Apple products are only compatible with other apple products. You will need to buy a special mouse for mac's from applemac pros only:macbook white 2009 unibody runs slower!!S.O.S?Get the Aluminum unibody 13" MacBook professional. it fairly is fairly actually worth the greater 2 hundred funds and it's going to replace your existence. It has marvelous battery existence and as quickly as you get used to the OS, you will like it.My macbook pro mid 2012 turn off when i unplug chargerYou are going to have to replace the battery I am afraid.Your battery is gone past it's lifetime and cannot function without a constant power supply.This can be seen in the message you pasted - "Condition: Replace Now". You can either buy a new battery and follow a guide to replace it yourself, bring it to a computer repair shop or bring it to an Apple StoreNEW macbook pro 13" i5 vs i7?I would suggest you go for 13" i7 version. For one huge reason, portable, since you are a student. I am similar situation as you are and made a huge mistake by, buying a 15" MBP i7. It was not portable plus too expensive ($3000upgrade) for me to carry around (theft or accidental damage) but in term or speed, it was able to run ALL program (15' i7). I sold that 15" and brought 13" 2.66ghz 2 duo core and ran in SLOW speed issue. So when Apple release i7 for MBP 13" I believe it perfect all student that demand extra power. When you do buy that laptop. go to NewEgg and buy 8GB memory upgrade and 500GB 7200RPM, it will make your MBP run supper fast (you will never see a rainbow again). if you have $500 extra cash than upgrade your hard drive to SSD 256GB and that will triple to quarto of you MBP speed:) But do make sure to do homework, not all SSD are the same plus manufacture usually does not meet exception on paper to reality. Oh, about gaming, a 13 MBP would able to run all game on market but not at supper high frame or option feature on max, but it run at minim
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