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New Laptop with Windows 7 Frequently Displays Wrong Time/date?

You said your laptop was new. But your laptop might be a stock on the shop where you bought it. (causes by shaking or accidental bumping of your laptop, or excessive shaking) If you know how to do it (simply open the laptop and remove and install back the CMOS battery on the laptop. turn it on again and see if the time/date is correct. if still incorrect, consider to replace your CMOS battery. It also can be that you tick automatically update to time server Untick it and it will solved your problem

New Laptop with Windows 7 Frequently Displays Wrong Time/date? 1

1. Got some questions about buying a new laptop (here in US)?

get the core 2 duo. while the x2 is a pretty decent it can not beat the c2d. To get a notebook that will play games for your budget of $750 is going to very hard to do. I would recommend atleast 1 gig of ram, if not 2. new games are resource hogs and will run ok on 1 gig but to run smooth you will want 2. as for the graphics, do not get integrated anything. It just can not handle any games and notebook graphics are not upgradable. If you want to play the latests games you will need one of the better chips out there. look for the nvidia 7400 and up or the ati x1600 or up. This is what will probably kill your budget, notebooks with these higher end cards generally come with more powerful hardware and make the whole thing more expensive, just do not get basic graphics. You can always look for deals, but good luck. My best advice would be to save up and get a better over all system. What really is killing your budget is the graphics and gaming you want to do. I would set a budget for a modern gaming notebook for around 1500 and better yet 2000. It seems like a lot but you do get what you pay for. If you still are interested send me a message and we can see what kind of deals we can find and you can run some setups past me.

2. Why is my new laptop battery not working?

Send it back, buy a better 1

New Laptop with Windows 7 Frequently Displays Wrong Time/date? 2

3. Buying a new laptop for school, Acer or HP?

I have an HP and I absolutely loooove it! I've had mine for well over a year now and it's got a good future still ahead of it. My mom has one too and she loves it. I drop mine, put it in too much heat & cold, leave it places I should not and it's still holding up like new! I highly recommend it :)

4. What are some tips on buying a new laptop?

If you want something for music, art and such, something like the MacBook Air, or Pro would be great, but at the budget your trying to stay within, i would even try a New iPad. The new software abilities for music, art and photos is unreal. The capabilities are amazing. Go to apple.com and watch the iPad Video, its about 4 minutes long, but it will explain a lot. good luck

5. New Laptop for Travel and Desktop Replacement?

You should check out the new compaq laptops with windows vista. I just got one and it is awesome!! Very light weight, and when you really think about it, what is a couple of inches for a nice big screen anyway? I got the C502US for about $460 with 80 gig hd and 512 ram, you can add ram to speed it up if you work with many programs at the same time

6. New Laptop/Tablet for School? (Microsoft)?

I've a gaming pc, xbox 360, and a hd tv. Let's imagine i have money to throw away. Might be anybody was a console gamer earlier than then received into pc gaming? Hd tvs are a necessity. When im on the go ill use my telephone mobilephone i will be able to also use my desktop. I would not be lugging around my laptop gaming laptop for on the go gaming

7. How do I transfer my iPhone 5 and iTunes to a new laptop?

I forget exactly how to do it but ive done it before when i got my new desktop You can google it, search for itunes backup I think it allowed me to backup my whole library and everything to the iphone and when you plug it into the new computer it will download it all back into itunes I believe you can also do it with a cd but its probably easier with the iphone

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