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I Need Advice on What Kind of Hardware I Should Get for an Office Desktop?

I would get at least 1GB of RAM and for the hard drive, if you are not planning on saving a lot of stuff on there, you will be fine with the 80GB hard drive. But if you are going to be downloading a lot of stuff and saving it to your hard drive, get the 160

I Need Advice on What Kind of Hardware I Should Get for an Office Desktop? 1

1. What operating system does Tony Stark use on his office desktop?

As mentioned in the other answers, the operating system itself is a fake, but in terms of "what could the hacking dongle do, coding wise"... well, anything.The Universal Serial Bus used for these devices already has a proof of concept allowing a machine to be compromised just from inserting a compromised USB stick:It would simply be a case of knowing exactly what commands to send to get the data you need, and since it's Stark's computer accessing Stark's data storage via Stark's network, it's highly likely he already had those answers

2. how to upgrade an old office desktop?

The old harddrive wo not be compatible with the new hardware. The drivers inside your harddrive wo not communicate with the new hardware parts. I suggest that you look for your windows XP installation disc and other discs that you can use to reinstall the whole operating system. That should refresh everything. Before doing the reinstallation, make sure to back up all important files. Save them into an external storage device like a USB harddrive. If you know how to open your desktop computer, then open it or have a technician open it for you to clean it up. There are dusts and other stuff inside which clog the air passages that could make the computer slow down. It causes overheating. After doing those things, you are ready to do the installation. After installing everything back in, scan your computer with RadarSync to make sure that all drivers are updated. That would make your computer to run to its full potential. However, if you want to really get a better experience then buying a new computer with a new operating system would do the thing. Just be ready for a lot of new things. David

I Need Advice on What Kind of Hardware I Should Get for an Office Desktop? 2

3. Can I upgrade my processor on my office desktop ?and how much?

confusing task look into in google and yahoo that can assist

4. Security issue SharePoint Online by Office desktop

I suggest you control access from unmanaged devices.Users on unmanaged devices will have browser-only access with no ability to download, print, or sync files. They also wo not be able to access content through apps, including the Microsoft Office desktop apps. Control access from unmanaged devices.

5. How difficult is re-developing desktop based software applications to be web based? (example, Microsoft office desktop -> Office Suite 365) How much easier does the presence of a desktop version make the development process?

Development EffectsIt is similar to developing web based software from scratch. Generally speaking, there is very little in common between a desktop based software package and a web based software package.Common Server Back EndSome desktop software packages may have a server-based backend which a web-based version of the software could certainly take advantage of. The Microsoft office suite may have a few server-based features, such as software authentication, but that particular one probably has no useful parallel in a web application.Microsoft OfficeSo, to take the Microsoft Office Desktop package and rewrite it as web-based software, the presence of a desktop version makes little to no difference in the area of developing the software.Iterated DesignNow, in the less tangible areas of developer knowledge and refined design, it may be valuable to have an extant desktop software package. Although desktop and web use different paradigms to some extent, there is considerable benefit to be gained in terms of having a mature product design that has been used and iterated on. This intangible body of knowledge that the developers and designers will have after having worked on one version of a software product will certainly carry over into the other.TL;DRI think the most succinct way to tie this all together is to say this: Having a desktop version of a software product will not make the development of a web version any easier: however, you can expect the web version to have a subtly more mature design and user experience than it would if it were a totally new creation. How difficult is re-developing desktop based software applications to be web based? (example, Microsoft office desktop -> Office Suite 365) How much easier does the presence of a desktop version make the development process?

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