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How Does Internet Work on Laptops?

No. You do not get the internet for 2 computers. When your out and about with your laptop you may be able to access others internet connections. Some people leave their connections wide open and some have them password protected. Some wireless companies sell PCMCIA cards for accessing the internet though. You may want to look into that if you need internet on the go. If your not in a hurry for it on the go pull next to a company or hospital there are usually open network (internet) connections there!.

How Does Internet Work on Laptops? 1

1. boxers or briefs in hospital?

I suggest boxers cause they will help keep you from freezing too much, but i would not worry about it unless you plan on going back. Depending on what you are there for you may be able to wear a pair of basketball type shorts too

2. Teenage son is in the hospital?

I understand the place your son is coming from, he replaced into protecting his sister, yet I easily have considered quite a few lawsuits and that they alwys say, you do not have the proper suited to place your palms on somebody else except to guard your self, he and you and daughter shouldve long gone right this moment to police and made a checklist inmediately and had him picked up and his checklist wouldve arise, wouldve been a distinctive tale quite of your son going to reformatory. Dont we tell our young babies that violence leads to greater violence. Now I easily have a question, why replaced into the new child touching your 15 year old, in deepest aspects, shes the right age to guard herself. you could attempt to counterattack with the babies checklist yet I nonetheless think of, its an attack and it relies upon additionally on the babies well-being, how undesirable is it? Will he get better quickly, replaced into he hit on the top, if theres any injuries that he wont recover from he ought to be sent to reformatory or juvi, using fact hes purely sixteen

How Does Internet Work on Laptops? 2

3. 34 weeks and was in the hospital for contractions?

i am 37 weeks and i have been having contractions for about two months. my contractions are right on top of the other. the only thing that you can do is try to deal with them. unless they are hurting you really bad. i have been to the hospital at least 20 times in the past few months. and another thing is that you can have contractions all the way up to your due date as long as you are not dilating with them the doctors can not do anything about it until you are at least 38 to 39 weeks. unless you are dilating. then that changes every thing. if you are dilating with them then you will be having your baby early. just try to hang in there if you can i know it sucks. and yes i will be having my baby with in the next two weeks because the doctor said that i have been in enough pain already. but having a baby at 37 weeks is ok the baby is considered full term. but anything before that can be risky because of the babies lungs not being developed full and cause the baby to be in the hospital for a while after birth. so try to hang in there at least for another 3 weeks then you will be fine

4. how to volunteer at a hospital or orphanage?

Hey, that's a nice thought. You can volunteer anywhere where required. This will help you gain skills, meet different types of people and learn to help the humanmankind. All the best!!

5. what did i do to my arm!?

go to hospital

6. 30 weeks pregnant and leaking?

Go to hospital and get checked out

7. Is it true that the hospital...?

it depends on the hospital and your doctor and if you have agreed to a birth plan and if your doctor will write orders for what you want. if you are planning on getting an epidural then you WILL have to have an iv and you will likely not be able to eat anything during the course of labor. also once you have an epidural you do have to lay in bed and there are only so many positions you can lay in, also the fetal monitor is affected if you move around a lot which is why they like for you to be still. some doctors rarely do episiotomies and some do them every time regardless of if they ar needed or not. you DO have rights and you can assert them but it will be something that you will have to advocate for yourself for. or have someone there that is specifically going to advocate for you. my mom is going to be there, she works at a hospital and she will help intervene if the hospital staff trys to push me into doing something that i do not want to do since i will be doing drug free natural childbirth. i do have specified in my birth plan that the baby not be given any formula, glucose water or plain water at any time unless my consent has been given. sometimes in the middle of the night if the baby is hungry they will supplement with formula instead of bringing the baby in to your room to nurse. that is something that i am explicitly against. i would never trust that the hospital is going to do what is best for me, the doctor and nurses are going to do what is their normal routine. they are going to treat you like every other patient that comes thru the labor and delivery (it seems somewhat like herding cattle.... same treatment for everybody involved). it can be a struggle to be treated as a person who is involved in a miracle and that is why you need to decide what you want and have an advocate for yourself.

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