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Help with the New Laptop!?

1-you checked your my computer ,if you didnt saw cd rom icon means there is problem of detecting for this you shold refix cdrom.if you see icon not data in cd means rading problem for this problem you should clean the lense with lense cleaner.go to hp web site and try to update firmware.Then also you find same problem go to hp service center for repair.if laptop is in warrenty then no problem. 2-go in start menu ,there is search option click on that,type recycle bin .it show you search result.

Help with the New Laptop!? 1

1. Must i buy a new laptop if the a hardware problem with my current 1?

once you restart the computer, does it say unpredicted shutdown or does it start up often? examine adventure Viewer to confirm why the computer close down, it may inform you why the computer desperate to diminish off the potential. If its unpredicted, the battery could be overheating the computer and you will ought to examine on line to confirm if there have not been any recollects of their batteries, sony and hp have had some interior the previous 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. additionally battery ought to be going undesirable and overcharging it, making it overheat. If it tells you because of the fact of overheating, it may be the fan or your sitting the computer on a floor that keeps warmth, carpet? mattress? pillow? blanket? If thats the case, youll choose a sort of fancy pills that enables you to place the computer on your lap, some with followers to maintain it even cooler. permit me comprehend the way it is going

2. Why can't i watch Youtube videos on my new laptop?

You need Flash Player 9. Also you need Microsoft Firmware 2.0. My computer needed Shockwave Player too. Most do not though. Good luck

Help with the New Laptop!? 2

3. I was wondering if this is a good processor for a new laptop I want to get?

i flow with a pc because it easier to improve yet laptops you cant because each and every thing is outfitted in and also you wont probability your workstation to positioned extra processor. Your workstation is powerful

4. My almost brand new laptop has been running extremely slowly?

you are able to be able to desire to attempt deleting utility as you are able to be able to desire to off extra on too lots and overloaded the no longer basic force. additionally, right here is why it is not a solid theory to save own records (jointly with papers, spreadsheets or maybe photos) on a no longer basic force. It eats away no longer basic force area and makes laptop run quite slow in spite of everything, the only element that could desire to pass on a desktops no longer basic force could desire to be utility. each and every thing else could desire to pass on a flash force. If no longer for the different reason, you will nevertheless have your stuff if the laptop occurs to break down

5. Im looking for a new laptop similar to my current one...?

Get a netbook. Cheaper and suits your purposes


well dell.com isnt really cheap... go to circuitcity.com, jr.com, bestbuy.com check for refurbished yet still new and modern systems

7. why is my brand new laptop slowing down?

maybe overheating or viruses. Try keeping it on e hard surface (table, desk) not on pillows mattresses or soft stuff like that. Let the bottom ventilator do its thing. If it still slows down, maybe you have some unwanted infections

8. should i get a new laptop???

try calling up the manufacturer and seeing what they say and if you had already done that, only if its less expensive see if you can get the back light looked at to see if that is the real problem

9. Im buying a new laptop from amazon and cant figure out?

The charger should be included. The battery is :)

10. Help with a new laptop? (Mac/PC)?

The macbook air is what i have and i love it! They also do not lose their value over time, so its a good ideaIf you want to sell it eventually. If you are a full time student (I am too) It is a good choice because it is very light and easy to bring from class to class. You can buy hard cases for them, i have one. And it helps because i am quite clumsy and drop it ;D whoops. The price is about $1300, but i honestly think it is worth it. Macs cost more, but they keep working like new. I have had mine for two-ish years, and it works perfectly. My bro got a pc at the same time for high school, and it sucks already. It is super slow. So yea, long paragraph, but I would recommend the Macbook air. XD Hope I helped.

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