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Good Custom Laptop for $3000?

Email the specs to CF at and tell them you want it under that price. My cousin got almost the same laptop for hundreds less and all the parts were name brand too. They should be able to help you out.

Good Custom Laptop for $3000? 1

1. Remove Custom Metadata w/ Custom Metadata API

My understanding is that the Metadata.DeployContainer is the collection of components you want to deploy via Apex.When you call removeMetadata(md) or removeMetadataByFullName(fullName) you are saying "Do not include those components in the collection if they are there" rather than "These are the components I want to delete".As it is currently (Spring '18 / v42.0) the Metadata via Apex does not support deleting Metadata. Instead, that needs to be handled via destructivechanges.xml against the actual Metadata API.You can see discussion on the Apex Metadata support in the Trailblazer community group - Apex Metadata API.From the current group description:Also:

2. Custom made PC?

1. Tower Case. 2. Motherboard. 3. Power Supplies 4. Internal Cables. 5. Processor. 6. RAM. 7. Graphics Card. 8. Sound Card. 9. Power Supplies. 10. Hard Drive. 11. Optical Drive (CD/DVD drive). 12. Monitor. 13. Keyboard. 14. Mouse.

Good Custom Laptop for $3000? 2

3. How do I deal with my bridezilla sister?

Per custom, the dress expense does usually get pushed onto the bridesmaids, so you do have to suck this one up, maybe even shoes. You do not have to buy certain makeup or get your hair, makeup or nails done. Learn to say "No." It's one of the better ways to defeat a bridezilla. Then, stay out of the drama. You have bigger things to focus on, like school!

4. Assign a Custom Role to a Custom Post?

Update of the previous posted function that duplicate the selectbox and not display authors name. Also added support for multirole :

5. Customer acquisition cost for someone who wears orthotics?

You have to start making friends with podiatrist who will then recommend their clients to you to build up your patients list. Too many orthotics from custom made to off the shelves Dr Scholls. Orthotics are insured by medical insurance.

6. Minimal custom permalink structure

Keep in mind that the permalink settings in the WP admin only apply to posts, and not to pages. With pages, you can create your own hierarchy by creating new pages as child pages. By choosing what "slugs" you use for each page, you define the hierarchy. Posts are teated separately.

7. "Rev" Custom Fret Inlays Synyster Custom?

This Site Might Help You. RE: "Rev" Custom Fret Inlays Synyster Custom? Alright, In the so far away music video, Synyster Gates guitar says "Rev" Instead of "Syn" I've looked for The actual guitar but can't find it so I'm making it myself. I'm getting the Synyster Custom and I'm going to cover the "Syn" inlays with...

8. Will this custom PC be compatible?

That all works

9. is this a good custom gaming PC?

Depend, how much are you spending?

10. Billing Address Custom Field

Antonis Galanis's answer should work, but i rather use plugin.So about the billing address issue, I had to modify requirejs-config.js and point the set-billing-adrress-mixin. js to Magento_Checkout/js/action/place-order.Then to save custom field in database i've created a pluginThat made me wonder, because for quote_addres table fieldset.xml was enough and MagentoQuoteModelQuoteAddressToOrderAddress->convert() should use it but it does not . Be aware, for NOT LOGGED IN customer I need another plugin for GuestPaymentInformationManagement

11. Heatbed with zones?

As the etched version is very impressive (thanks 0scar for that), there are other possibilities to build zones on the bed:The challenge with zones is mainly down to:This last point brings even more challenges as that requires a PWM channel and a temp sensor (per zone), so standard RAMPS need some extensions in the wiring. One could overcome that using custom G-Code to set on/off zones and a double temp sensor for the main zone to follow the temperature changes.In detail: a dedicated Arduino with PWM outputs that will read the temperature from a secondary temperature sensor in the main zone and follows it.

12. Custom motorcycle helmet artisans?

How about this idea? Get a decent fabricator, and build over and existing helmet? Would be cheaper, and SAFER than trying to fabricate one yourself I think... They have people that mold onto existing helmets, and put spikes, mohawks, etc... I am sure you could get someone to mold/fabricate everything you want, and if it's over and existing helmet that already meets DOT specs, no worries if your friend borrows it, and crashes... (i.e.: you have no liability). Just seems safer to me, to do it that way...

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