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Getting a New Laptop? Should I Try to Stick It Out?

I am sure you have seen the commercials from Rogers of late with a couple surfing the web with a bright red stick sticking out of their laptop. While using a laptop in a canoe is asking for it, IMHO, the idea is great, but is it the right one for you? Let me give you my experiences with mobile Internet as some food for thought. I am going to tell you right off that I have a similar product from Telus as the Rogers RocketStick. I've had it for well over a year and love the access and mobility that it gives me, however this mobility comes at a price (what it costs is irrelevant because the plan I have now is not offered...not even close). It's exactly this price that you have to think about when deciding to get one. Looking at any of the plans for mobile Internet you will see that you will pay $x for yGB/MB of transfer, and while the cost of say $30 a month is not too bad, if you exceed the amount of data allocated, the cost of additional data can be extreme. Who is it best for? These days WiFi is almost everywhere. Granted, it's not free everywhere, but there are lots of free places out there. How often have you needed to get online and just could not find a WiFi node? For most non-geeks, this is not going to be often. If you have a smart phone like a Blackberry of iPhone, you have a lot of connectivity power there. I would venture that while it might be cool, do you really need it? That said, I use my stick when I need to be online and I need to know it will be there. When I just want to get online, I do not want to mess with finding an open WiFi node or messing with connecting to it. At conferences I hop on the available WiFi. If I know a caf has good WiFi, I will use it. If I am at a client site, if I just need to get online, or am in an odd location (like in the car--not while driving!), my stick rules. When I was at the Yorkton (SK) Film Festival last week, I checked into my flight using my stick while riding in the van. Convenient to say the least.

Getting a New Laptop? Should I Try to Stick It Out? 1

1. is it cheaper to get a new laptop or and ipad?

They are VERY different things. A laptop is a computer. The iPad is a semi-portable multimedia device. The iPad is not a laptop nor is it meant to replace a laptop

2. I need a new laptop? Help?

If you have the patience read and follow the Calibrate Laptop Battery in the link, it might keep you going a while yet. I am writing this on a Mac Air and after 20 years of Beta software from windows - I aint going back !!

Getting a New Laptop? Should I Try to Stick It Out? 2

3. I need a new laptop?????????

compaq is better options

4. Are items from Realtek on my new laptop from Toshiba necessary?

Of course they are necessary. 1 - your ethernet driver in case you ever need to connect by ethernet cable. 2 - Your audio driver which is necessary to have sound on your computer. 3 - Your card reader for if you want to use a memory card. 4 - Your wireless card driver for connecting wirelessly. (without ethernet cable)

5. Buying new laptop, advice anyone?

Mac would be the best! *in the link below make sure it says "new"

6. I want a new laptop/netbook, suggestions?

what she choose a touchsmart for... it basically the touching that relaxing, : as properly that I dont locate it that fairly greater effective than frequent one. i assume she dont run large courses, purely supply her a netbook to play around with, while she slightly greater and comprehend the thank you to apply pc right, u can try some thing greater high priced

7. How Do You Downgrade To XP On A New Laptop With 7 Installed?

I recommend sticking with 7 for the security purposes. Windows XP is extremely vulnerable. Windows 7 Professional comes with a Virtual XP Dashboard where you can run Win XP in the 7 operating itself. Windows 7 Home Premium does not come with this; however, all Windows 7 editions can run older software in compatibility mode of any Microsoft operating system since Windows 95. I was able to run a lot of my old '90s games when I upgraded to 7 from Vista. I am extremely pleased with their software compatibility mode features. To use this, right click on the program > Properties > Compatibility. It's so easy. Before you make the purchase, you should check with your hardware manufacturer's to see if they have made a driver for newer operating systems, or if their current drivers work with Vista/7. Pretty much all Vista drivers work fine in 7, and a very large portion of XP hardware drivers run fine in 7. I do not recommend a dual boot since you will have to install both operating systems on the same hard drive. This is not a good idea as you will probably experience many boot and OS errors.

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