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Do External Keyboards Work for Laptops?

They have been for me for over 3 years now. I use my laptop as a desktop with USB mouse and keyboard and external monitor when home

Do External Keyboards Work for Laptops? 1

1. Could typewriters/keyboards be considered dangerous weapons?

OMIGOSH A FLYING TYPEWRITER!!! DUCK! (*slam*) Ouch! My head! *Concussion!* Yes, I think they are dangerous weapons....especially when thrown at 90 miles per hour by a professional major-league baseball pitcher....but then again, so are baseballs.... But no, they should not be banned. How else would we type stuff? Or play baseball?

2. Dedicated buttons for Copy/Paste on keyboards [closed]

This is a fairly good question and while I am not supporting adding these particular keys into a keyboard, I would like point out that not all keyboards are designed with the same set of keys nor are they all physical. E.g. I use the handwriting keyboard regularly for Chinese characters rather than typing out the ping-yin on a qwerty keyboard.Keyboardless mobile touch devices have already begun to change the keyboard interface to suit their needs. The keyboards are app-centric, language, feature and mode dependent. Note the international key and the microphone key: Even tapping is no longer an exclusive action with swiping becoming steadily popular. Users will adapt to a better designed interface if it better suits their needs. If copy and paste actions are more important to them than say the 'Fn' key, then physical and historical constraints are not reasons for us not to replace them. Having said that - I would do more research before suggesting adding these particular keys to a keyboard. Plus I do not know what counts as a "modern" keyboard.

Do External Keyboards Work for Laptops? 2

3. keyboards being really glitchy AGAIN?

Get a can of compressed air (5.00 or so at walmart) and with the computer off blow any dust dirt or debris out of the keyboard. While you are at it clean out the intake fan and exhaust port on the bottom/side. Reboot and see if that helps. If not go online and find a support document for your laptop on the manufacturers website and look up info about how to remove the keyboard. If you are not comfortable doing this then just skip it and use my last suggestion below. Remove the keyboard and again take the compressed air and blow the keyboard out very well, make sure to rotate the keyboard in every possible direction to attempt to dislodge anything that may be stuck. Then reinstall and make sure that the connector is fully seated and attempt again. If this still does not work then you will most likely need to replace the built in keyboard, this can be done and you can likely find a fairly cheap part on e-bay, just look up the part number on the manufacturers site and a price there, then try and cross reference on e-bay. Finally if you do not want to disassemble your computer or can not find a replacement to the built in keyboard and can not afford to take it to a shop or pay for the replacement then go online or go to wal-mart and grab an external keyboard that can plug in. More than likely your laptop will have a usb port and an external keyboard will work just fine, my wife does this with her rather than holding the laptop in her lap and have to then try and fight to set it down when she gets up from her chair.

4. The difference between between these two Razer keyboards? Easy 5 stars!?

properly, i assume that it relies upon on the commonly used of existence with the therapy, such by using fact the undesirable issues that radiation can do to a individual. some people at that age have common the certainty that all of us die and could incredibly stay the remainder of their lives interior the excellent shape achievable. For others, that could appear as if giving up, and could incredibly do something achievable to make extra desirable their lives no count the commonly used. It incredibly only relies upon on the guy , the ailment, and the tactics of therapy and the effectiveness of stated therapy

5. Will keyboards work after being washed under water?

No. neither would your cell phone, radio, remotes or laptop or camera unless it comes with guarantee it is water-log proof

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