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Can Rain Damage Laptops Or Just Thunder? Please Help!?

yes if your lappy is not water proof

Can Rain Damage Laptops Or Just Thunder? Please Help!? 1

1. What is the best water-proof camera?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS10 14.1 MP Digital Camera - Waterproof to a depth of 10 feet, shockproof from falls up to 5 feet, freezeproof to 14 degrees, and dustproof - Records HD video in 720p Motion JPG - 4x optical zoom; Intelligent Auto (iA) mode; 2.7-inch Intelligent LCD

2. Are Colman Stoves water proof?

open it up clean it maybe us a wire brush to knock the rust of and see if it works...it should.... ** btw no they aint waterproof....no stoves or grills are...

Can Rain Damage Laptops Or Just Thunder? Please Help!? 2

3. water-proof blankets?


4. What is that material used to create water proof jackets?

I exploit regular mascara..However i've used each..When you need to go swimming or whatever and nonetheless wish to have your make up on or whatever then i would use water proof..But when your simply going out something like on a date i dont see the point in utilizing it..Its kinda rough to get off too!

5. i want to paint my "white" mug and want to know can i use..just acrylic colours..also do i paint it directly

Acrylic will peel off and not be water proof. If you want to USE the mug, get some glass paint, follow the directions, and be sure to not put it in the dishwasher

6. Where can i get a nice durable frisbee?

you can get one from kathmandu they are water proof and made out of the same fabric as your swimmers are

7. Is there such thing as water proof foundation and mascara.?

Yes thereis. To remove it youwill need an oil based remover. Waterproof mascaras tend to flake easily so be sure to read reviews and stuff to help you find a good one.

8. Ladies: How do I clean my water proof mascara?

ummm....wut i do is put some lotion in my hand and add that to me eye lashes. it should help make it easier to come off. Its worked for me.. : )

9. How do you remove water-proof mascara?

Waterproof mascara is great, but as you found out, it is a real problem when the time comes to remove it. And it gets EVERYWHERE. It is easy to remove water proof mascara from most car parts, household furniture and undergarments. To remove water-proof mascara from a car engine, I use 409 engine degreaser, or WD40. Works perfect and leaves the engine sparkling! Removing it from household furniture requires the use of a good wood surface cleaner like Pledge. You can then wax or polish your furniture as usual. To remove it from undergarments (I know, it happens) I recommend using lemon and baking soda. It leaves your undergarments smelling fresh and lemony! Be careful not to swallow any of the cleaning products mentioned here, or the water-proof mascara.

10. water proof eyeliner? in black and brown?

Avon has the best eyeliner

11. protective water proof cases for digital cameras?

they are very expensive usually around $250, a disposable under water camera would be your best bet! :)

12. How can I be prettier?

i am 13 and in 7th, too. i know how you feel, im not pretty but im not ugly. i bet your not all that ugly and just because some guy says that it does not mean nothing!! maybe somethings you can do is like put a few highlights in your hair, then wear some eyeliner, NOT a lot cause even with water proof when you run it makes your eyes all watery. im a basketball player and i learned that the hard way. Or you can use a lot of eyeliner just wash it off before practice. i do not t like when girls wear mascara (im not les) cause then your eyelashes just all get scrunched up and it looks allknottyy. But post a pic, please? Also another thing you can do is wear different clothes, like the exactoppositee you wear now, like if you wear like all black start wearing bright, neon colors. Neon colors will probably look good on you.

13. What is the best water-proof Mascara that provides good VOLUME? -?

Avon. duno what it's called but its great

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