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Original Equipment Manufacturer

Creative and mass produce
KUU is at your service
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Tell us what you need and let us do it for you.
Personalized customization and production.You name it and we produce it.From every screw to the structure, you have absolute control.We make the best products according to your needs.
Let us know if you like the products we are selling now.

In some cases, we may grant rights to a portion of our products to customers who meet the requirements.

If you pass our evaluation, we can use your logo in production and share our patent with you.That way, the product is 100% yours.Of course, we still provide technical support and after-sales service.

Give laptop a new definition
If the laptop we're selling doesn't meet your needs.Don't worry, please contact me.

Tell me what you think, we can design new molds, use the right processors and operating systems, and find the best solution for the industry's needs.Unlike general-purpose laptops, specially designed computers can bring more convenience to specific industries.
Control every detail of production

We welcome every customer to visit our workshop if necessary.We have professional equipment, clean and dust-free production environment and professionally trained workers.Ensure production and quality.

Services to the global

Our logistics system covers more than 150 countries around the world.Therefore, no matter where you are in the world can purchase our products, we can provide global distribution service and after-sales service.

Make it your own
Our OEM customization services allow you to be deployment-ready straight out of the factory. From custom system settings and asset tagging to imaging and integration/packaging services, we can simplify your process.
Service notice
1. For all OEM orders, KUU is responsible for production, not sales.
2. Technical parameters standard, quality management system by both sides to negotiate and quality documents for the standard, KUU is responsible for the quality, the machine warranty for one year.
3. KUU can provide after-sales service for the end customers (i.e. your customers);However, the scope of after-sales service needs to be clarified before the contract is signed.
4. KUU produces according to the specific specifications put forward by customers for each order. KUU is responsible for quality control in strict accordance with relevant standards.
5. The warranty period shall be calculated from the date when the customer picks up the goods.
6. Mode of transportation and transportation expenses shall be specified by both parties according to the order contract.
7. If you need to authorize the KUU trademark or mark to a third party cooperating with you, please inform us in advance.
8. When the customer entrusts KUU to produce notebook computers, the intellectual property liability of the shape and structure patents, use patents and technical patents related to the products shall be borne by the customer (except the design part provided by KUU).

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