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Is Gaming on Desktop and Laptop the Same?

Usually a laptop would overheat faster causing it to lag, and since it's wireless, it could lag more so it would be best to use a desktop

Is Gaming on Desktop and Laptop the Same? 1

1. Gaming or normal Desktop PC?

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Processor 2.5 GHz Good Processor, will do for just about any games out today. NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT Mid range, will probably need to set high end game settings to lower resolutions, anti aliasing, etc. Gigabyte X38-DS4 Motherboard Mid range to high ended, closer to high end performance. Gigabyte iSolo 230 Casing Good sized casing, will probably fit larger hard wares if replacing old. SATA 200GB Hard Drive Good size to have if you are going to only have a few games, faster the RPM the better. Sony Combo Drive Ca not tell what model/make it is. (need more info) Floppy Drive This is not needed, very out of date, floppy's are fairly useless now. 15inch LCD Monitor Acer V173bm Do not really know, model supposed to be 17". Kingston DDR2 RAM Mid range performance. PC Power & Cooling: Silencer 750W Quad High end performance I would say it is a fairly good gaming PC, possibly able to play CRYSIS on it with low settings.

2. Which Desktop is better for gaming?

gateway looks fine but there is a problem with HP link u might want to check that it does not work so i was not able to say which one is better

Is Gaming on Desktop and Laptop the Same? 2

3. is this specification for a desktop any good?? for £379.99?

That does not look bad for that price ;) And if you don;t like vista you can always install Windows XP or Mandriva (Linux) on it :P 3GB RAM is also "not bad" xD 320GB HD is enough i guess... DVD Writer... Graphics card looks good :P ////// Conclusion: I think it's a good deal :P -- 379.99 British pounds = 415.761105 Euros --

4. XTerm instead of Terminal in .desktop

desktop and the Ctrl-Alt-T shortcut all launch x-terminal-emulator , which is a symlink to /etc/alternatives/x-terminal-emulator , which in turn is a symlink to /usr/bin/gnome-terminal.wrapper. In short, gnome-terminal aka Terminal is the default terminal emulator on Ubuntu.If you want to use xterm for just one .desktop file , follow muru's suggestion in the comments and use use If you want to globally change the terminal that the system launches by default, run.

5. Looking for a desktop computer....?

Well the thing that laptops have going for them is quite obvious, portability. Desktops are cheaper and more customizable. If your not doing anything graphically intensive you do not really need a great rig. A Core 2 Duo rig would probably suit your needs just fine. The 5 ms response time is how fast your screen is refreshing and in a monitor these days you want to look for 1900x1200

6. Upgrading my desktop gaming graphics?

when you are gonna be turning your workstation right into a gaming gadget get a PSU with a minimum of 500 watts. that is alright to have extra ability than you want because your workstation in easy words attracts what it needs from the PSU

7. Help with my desktop background?

Right click on the screen and select "Arrange Icons By" then uncheck "Show Desktop Icons."

8. acer desktop this one is tricky?

Might be that some circuits got fried. Motherboard could be messed up. Hard drive could be messed up. Ca not really tell without looking at everything

9. What do I need to add to this desktop file to start in a specific virtual desktop?

The Key, Value pairs that I was looking for did not supply the answer, I had to install the auto move windows extension and then configure the applications I wanted to automatically move to different desktops. This method only works on applications installed by get-apt, it does not work on multiple gnome-terminal sessions.For Ubuntu 11:10:For Ubuntu 12:04 or laterOnce the auto move shell extension is install start tweek tool and select Extensions Screen shot of tweek tool with Extensions selectedThen select the settings gear on Auto move windows. This provides a dialog where you can add applications and then specify the desktop you want to use as shown below.screen shot of the Auto move windows dialog allowing you to move applications to another desktop.You can also use the dconf editor to select the default desktop.

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