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How Do You Clean a Laptop Keyboard?

with a duster

How Do You Clean a Laptop Keyboard? 1

1. Apple replaces mechanical keyboard switches with proximity sensors in new invention

An Apple invention detailed in a patent application published Thursday describes a method of decoupling a keyboard's mechanical feel from its electrical functionality using proximity sensors, which allows greater customize key feedback. At its heart, Apple's patent application for "Depressible keys with decoupled electrical and mechanical functionality," published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, details a computer keyboard that replaces common Contemporary keyboards rely on electromechanical actuators to transmit key press signals to a central processing unit. Due to tight space constraints in modern keyboards, especially laptop versions, the tactile feedback component is often nested within the key travel mechanism below the electrical traces. The parts sandwich inhibits independent component modification, as a manufacturer must rework the entire system to achieve different keyboard experiences. Users, meanwhile, have divergent tastes when it comes to a tactile feedback, as some prefer a silent, low travel key press, while others like loud "clackity clack" keys with long throws. Keyboard "feel" is hotly debated when Apple launches a new MacBook, for example. To better cater to individual user preferences, Apple proposes a method for decoupling the mechanical and tactile functionality of a key from its electrical functionality. In most embodiments, Apple's key design features a light emitter aimed at the reflective bottom surface of a keycap. An accompanying light detector, or central detector connected to a light guide, generates an electrical signal in response to the received light. When processed by a keyboard controller, the signals can be used to estimate force, velocity and distance metrics to accurately determine when a key is pressed. The resulting data set is much wider than simple "open or closed" circuit constraints seen on traditional keyboards. By applying pre-determined thresholds to incoming signals, Apple's invention can in some cases detect errant key presses and support force-sensitive input applications. Other embodiments include dynamic threshold adjustments on a per-key and per-application basis, allowing users to set one input level for word processing and another for gaming. As for tactile feedback, Apple's invention includes contingencies for installing structures formed from a materials capable of elastic deformation such as an electroactive polymer or shape-memory metal. In some embodiments, users can adjust the feel of these components on the fly. Apple's document goes on to describe alternative embodiments and a detailed rundown of how the optical sensor mechanism functions. The company also mentions manufacturing benefits of deploying a decoupled keyboard system. It is unclear whether Apple intends to implement its customizable keyboard in a future Mac product. The company is, however, expected to announce new Mac hardware at a special event next week. Apple's patent application for a keyboard with decoupled electrical and mechanical functionality was first filed for in April 2015 and credits Chang Zhang, Dayu Qu, Ray L. Chang and John S. Camp as its inventors.

2. Navigate Safari/Firefox or Chrome using the Keyboard only

In Safari 5, the Type-To-Navigate extension may be useful. Introduction from its homepage:

How Do You Clean a Laptop Keyboard? 2

3. What makes for a good keyboard on a computer?

Keyboard choices are such personal things, it's hard to advise on a specific one. I can tell you what I like, which is:low key travelsoft touchSo my favourite keyboard for feel is this: Kensington K72357US Slim Type KeyboardI suspect that if you liked the feel of a Morse key (I have not had the pleasure of trying one), I would start with testing out mechanical keyboards, which have a high key travel and a clicky feel. Here is one example, but there are many out there: Logitech G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Tactile High-Speed Keys - Black (920-003887).

4. Cannot get my monitor, keyboard or mouse to work!!!???

the computer may be turned on, but it does not mean that it is working, ask her about the led on the monitor, what color it goes, maybe the computer hangs just before starting, so it can be anything, a wrong processor, a wrong ram (most possible), or parts that are not placed correctly or partially. Ask her to disarm it so she can at least clean it, and see what happens. EDITED: forgot, can be also a wrong hard drive, or totaled computer, maybe the motherboard has died already, highly probable to be.

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