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How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Memory Card to a Different Camera?

Normally I would say yes! And yes it is worth a try! But I said "normally" because so many people on this forum have trouble using the cameras' cord with a USB end to upload to a computer. So if this does not work. Guess you will have to break down and buy a "SD" memory card reader. Plug the reader into an available USB port. Insert memory card and an icon appears on desktop. Double click icon. 2 folders appear. One of them has your photo's.

How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Memory Card to a Different Camera? 1

1. Is this a good gaming desktop configuration?

Yes. Anything with 8GB ram and GeForce GTX's are perfect

2. Desktop shortcut to create a new desktop shortcut doesn't do anything [duplicate]

Let us assume your source folder is in directory '/home/blah/' and you want to move it to Desktop. How about you create a link to the folder* in ' /home/blah/' and then drag and drop the link to your desktop. The link is a shortcut to the folder.

How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Memory Card to a Different Camera? 2

3. Changing size of desktop icons

On my surface pro 3 I can pinch to zoom the desktop icons by using the type cover touchpad. It leaves the remaining UI elements the default size

4. is a laptop better than a desktop?

for portability yes, but for value for performance no

5. is a laptop better than a desktop?

Depends on what you define as better. Obviously for portability and mobility, the laptop will be better. For upgradability, and functionality, a desktop will be better. All depends on what you are primary use is. If you are doing general computing, email, documents, pictures, either would work with the edge going to a laptop. If you need high end graphics, gaming, things of that nature, a desktop is best

6. pictures keep copying to desktop ?

"the pictures copy to my desktop" I am not sure what you mean by "copy", copy from where to the desktop??? Unplug the USB cable from your camera!!! Seriously, if you downloaded them to your desktop by mistake, just move them to your My Pictures folder, for example. If this does not solve your problem, you need to re-post with a lot more detail. Then, maybe we can help.

7. Trying to find a Gaming Desktop!?

Well, the third one there looks pretty swanky, but if you are looking to save money lemme give you a tip: build your own. I am on a desktop equivalent (when I bought the parts) to a $2500 Alienware machine. It cost just under $1100. Newegg is actually a good place to do that. ..so good luck!.

8. Looking to build good desktop?

Adding to every ones list here, you will need a case and fans also. Some cases come with them. Links below to shop. Buy online-cheaper and more selection.Spend wisely and post a question here if you need anything. Hope it helps

9. Could A Desktop Over Heat?

If all fans in the desktop are working well and if you say you clean the dust out regularly then the chance is quite slim. Just make sure when you clean your desktop out that you check to see if all fans are running and the dust in the heat sinks are cleaned. Apart from that if you use it only 4 hours a day there's no real chance. You could use it all day and it wont overheat. My tips: Make sure its in a well ventilated area and you clean it regularly and your set. Hope I helped

10. Laptop or Desktop for downloading and gaming?

I would suggest u go 4 a desktop as it so flexible when upgrading and cheap as in maintaining. I consider desktops to be highly durable than laptops. That is my opinion but keep reading from other answerers ''let them advise but always do the deciding'' saint esmile'.

11. What is the best desktop pc for gaming?

best if you build it yourself or ask someone else to make the list.you didnt include your budget

12. My desktop wallpaper is blue?

Sounds like a virus Some have been known to do that. Run a scan with malwarebytes (its free). You might want to run the scan in safemode

13. Should I buy a desktop or a laptop?

laptop there better alot better trust me lol

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Best Laptop Or Desktop for Programming?
Best Laptop Or Desktop for Programming?
ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY A MAC. Mac's are more for "recreation and gaming computers. Buy a dell. Those are great for programming. Also get windows 7 software on it. Not windows 8! Windows 8 is converting more towards touch screen style and "gaming" style. DON'T BUY AN APPLE1. How are certain Linux distros substantively different? [closed]redhat and fedora are similar. Ubuntu is based off debian. The difference between distros to me seems to be the way you install packages and where stuff is. In debian/ubuntu you use .debs and in redhat/fedora/centos you use rpms. I use ubuntu for desktop and server - it's pretty easy to keep up to date and install software. I have used the redhat variety - I found this a bit more difficult to maintain2. Regarding START MENU items, Please tell me in Detail?Hi Create one new folder in desktop by the name unused icons In my computer select D drive or C drive---->document and settings --->All Users--->start menu--->select ur files or Folders or sub folders u want to delete--->copy it and paste it in desktop new folder that u created already as unsused icons.u can delete in startmenu after copying in folders Its easy to perform.Then u can use it whenver u want i hope this wil help u Soniya Jaraika Soniya Jaraika3. FIFA WC 2006 Survey 2?1. Have you ever been accused of being an internet addict? yes lol 2. Are you wearing a watch? not right now 3. Do you prefer women or men [Not sexually]? um if it's not sexually, then i would say men, us women are bitches sometimes lol 4. Smoothies are better than milkshakes, agree? disagree :P 5. Coffee or tea? Tea but i love espresso 6. If you had to choose between a pet butterfly or pet bee which would you choose? butterflies, i freak out when i see a bee lol 7. If your dream person came to you and asked you to marry them would you faint? if it was pirlo, yes i would lose conciousness 8. Are you on a laptop or Desktop? laptop 9. Do you like Vodka or Tequila? Not a big fan of alcohol 10. Would you name your kid Tulip? sure why not, let's hope i dont have a boy 11. What word sounds dirty to you but is not ? Pocahontas, uranus, oregano, peanuts, strudel lol...i could go on 12. Do you have high Cholesterol? Nope 13. Ronaldinho C. Ronaldo to Real Madrid, which would flop easier? C Ronaldo, in more ways than one 14. Did you see the Brazilian line ref in the Mirassol vs Corinthias, who happens to be a female, a pretty one? :D not that i recall4. Is this a good deal for a desktop computer?Its a gud deal. you can grab the offer...!!5. How to build a desktop?to boot the version in overall performance and value, indexed under are some important ones: in case you harm areas in construction your very own computing gadget, you are in charge. while you are making a mistake and it wo not artwork, you may desire to make your concepts up the thank you to surprising it. If any area fails, you may desire to handle the maker of that area straight away on guarantee themes.6. why are my laptop icons super large now?right click on desktop and click properties and go to settings and adjust the screen resolution you want7. Is this a good desktop build?It is great I would get a H87 motherboard as you cant overclock your cpu and put the money into a AMD HD 78508. is this a good gaming desktop?Looks good, but dont you think its too expensive? I suggest you to build your own instead because its MUCH cheaper to do so than buying one from Alienware, etc.9. I need help connecting my laptop to my tv with an hdmi cable?Make sure that you change the tv to display the right channel. On the laptop you will need to either extend the desktop to the TV, or put the laptop into presentation mode as if you were going to use a projector. The presentation mode is probably the way to go - all you need to do is turn it on. Usually you need to hit the function key and a hot key, normally a key from F1 through to F12 to turn it on. Check the user manual for your laptop. The second way is to make the tv work as a second screen. To do this, right click on the desktop, and go properties. Then click on the advanced tab. You should see two rectangles representing the monitors - the grayed out one should be the TV. Click on it, then click on the check box saying 'extend my windows desktop onto this monitor.' Then click on apply. You may also need to change the display resolution and color settings on the tv. Bring them up higher gradually, untill you get one that looks correct.
Gaming Desktop Computer UNDER $700.00?
Gaming Desktop Computer UNDER $700.00?
If I was you I would try and stay away from the graphics chips that are built on the motherboard. I checked the bestbuy website and found this: Lenovo - IdeaCentre Desktop - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive Model: K330-77472LU and I would couple it with: Radeon HD 7770 which you should be able to find for around $125.00 btw I use to be a HUGE AMD fan, but the Core I3 and up Intel chips just destroy the AMD chips right now. which with tax and all would take you close to $700 (I chose that graphics card because it should have no issue with sims 3, plus it should be able to run off the power supply in the lenovo computer.1. Virtual Desktop on WIndows 10I would recomment VirtuaWin for this, which I am using myself for years whenever I am forced to work on a Windows machine (grin).2. Is this desktop PC a good one?Dude if I were you I would by the parts one by one instead of a package. Just a suggestion. And of course it depends on the pricing. I can see 4 of the not so good parts in your machine. 1.) Motherboard 2.) Video card 3.) Power Supply 4.) Memory The processor is good, I have a quad core too and it's blazing.3. what is your desktop background?It's wallpaper -- literally -- a pic of wallpaper. A simple, repetitive pattern in muted colors that does not distract from all my desktop icons. That's what I prefer.4. And which desktop pc of them ?Computer 2 It's the perfect thing in every way! High Graphics High Memory Awesome Processor Awesome Price5. How to enable desktop background optionsGo to Start - Run and start "gpedit.msc" (the Global Policy Editor).Go to User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Control Panel - Display. Check the configuration of the items "Prevent changing wallpaper" and the 4 "Hide..." ones.They should be set to "Not configured" or "Disabled".6. What is this icon on my desktop?Yeah, it looks like some kind of shopping cart/savings spyware/adware stuff. Try running Microsoft Anti-Spyware or something like that. Also, check your Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and see if you can remove it that way.7. Averaging rasters in ArcGIS Desktop?Ah! It turns out that if you have all your raster layers with the same name (month) but in separate folders (year) it just uses the last one in the series. You have to rename all the rasters you wish to average so they have individual names8. Should I buy laptop or desktop?Do you prefer home phone or a tiny mobile phone?9. Veiwing PSD files on your desktop?PSD is a file format created by Adobe and the answer is no you can not10. Help with video card for desktop?Well if your computer is running a ATI 9200, that means that it is an AGP slot motherboard... Truthfully I would not waste my money on a AGP card... The best you can get though, is a 4670 HIS card... Your whole computer is going to be the problem as your graphics along with old CPU and ram are just going to be overwhelmed by any new games you throw at them... A good cheap upgrade would be a i3 2120, a z68 motherboard, along with a 4Gb kit of DDR3 1600, then get something like a 6770 with a 500Watt PSU...11. Taskbar and desktop wont show???Try creating a new user and logging in as that user. Does the problem happen for that user also?12. computer help!! laptop to desktop? ?Try using the Windows installation disk to repair Windows but even the Toshiba System Recovery disk has an option to save files and folders13. Desktop will still not power on.?new power supply or your mother board is gone... but trye power supply first14. Best config for Home Desktop!!!!!!?It will always be cheaper to build to suit your needs rather than buying something to appease the general populace.15. Bare-metal virtualisation for the desktopThere appears to be a free, open-source Mac OS X compatible hypervisor available called VirtualBox. This, however, is not "bare metal".Bare metal would be the VMWare ESXi, a free hypervisor.But most bare metal products are aimed at the server market, as you rightly guess, and do not expose resources that might be useful on the desktop. You will have to do some research to see what is available, and how it's partitioned (video, CD/DVD, USB, etc.). But you are asking a conflicting question. You want a bare metal hypervisor, but you also want it to be feature rich. Your best bet might be to load a minimal Linux OS with VirtualBox and use that complete system as your hypervisor, running the real OS's on top of that
Is There a Webcam Installed on a Desktop Computer?
Is There a Webcam Installed on a Desktop Computer?
hello, if you go onto control panel, find devices installed, and then look on that list then you may be able to find one. also on msn messenger you can have webcam chat, what pc do you have email me i may be able to help more. bye1. Which is the best desktop computer?first one, but all sucks donkey balls xD2. Best Desktop / PC for server ?Best in what way? Brand? I am not aware of any server mfgs who produce inferior hardware.Others might. Server hardware is built fairly differently than that of the desktop industry. It is also dramatically more expensive. You wo not find a whole lot of desktops anymore that will support a two processor system which you typically want in a server environment. Additionally, it depends upon what the server is doing. If it is an application server or just a file server. File servers do not need a whole lot of CPU or GPU power. What they do need is lots of is RAM. And the increased memory channels which server motherboards provide. These are usually 2 processor systems but usually processors which are fairly low on the speed side. They do not need speed. They just need enough cops to direct and control traffic. An application server, on the other hand would demand higher-end, multiple CPU motherboards/components along with lots of RAM, but not so much in the way of GPU. These systems typically have 4 processor socket motherboard. Operating system? BSD, FreeBSD, Linux Software? whatever you want to/need to use.3. Custom desktop build list.?CPU - You want an Intel Core i7. Or you can wait another month for the updated processors to come out (Ivy Bridge). They feature a higher clocked rate (3.5GHz) and consume less power. It also energy efficient so that will help in the long run. I would personally wait for the new gen Intel Core's, due next month! Graphics Card: You want a graphics card to play the actual games. So since your budget is high, I recommend you to get a GTX580 or a Radeon HD 6990 or 7950. These are high-end graphics card and can handle any game at ultra settings well. Power Supply: You want a high wattage PSU to cope with the whole desktop's power. The higher the wattage, the better. But make sure you buy just enough and not too much. A corsair HX850 watt PSU will do the trick. Or for cheaper, Corsair TX850 PC Case: You want a full-tower case to support all these high-end components. Cooler master are a recognized brand and have a series of gaming cases called HAF, meaning High Air Flow. You may want a Cooler Master HAF932, 942 or HAF X. You may decide (research them) A motherboard: I would wait for the new motherboards to come out to support the new processors. You want a recognized brand such as ASUS.4. Is it worth getting an alienware desktop?I agree, custom build. It's actually not that hard. You tube even has step-by-step videos showing how to do it5. What is a good desktop computer?I am working on a Dell XPS from 2008 right now! What I did was buy the best I could afford in the general line (not server, not gaming. I have upgraded the 8GB to 16 GB a couple years after I purchased and 2 years ago I moved to a SSD drive. I will say Windows 10 is part of the reason this computer is perfectly adiquate for my use today, that and I was able to afford the base computer with a Core i7 (1st gen) and decent video card. I did almost upgrade video card for more monitors, but used a USB video card instead6. Is this well balanced desktop configuration?Pretty solid setup but I suggest 1TB seagate 7200RPM - 2-3TB Seagate Barracuda XT 1GB Asus GTX 550 ti - Nvidia GTX 580 or 590 for better performance cooler master extreme 600W PSU - Corsair Enthusiast Series 650-Watt TX650 Those changes and your pc will be a monster. The noise is just fans spinning up. Liquid cooling solutions are a great choice for aiding the fans. However these changes are just to make your rig that much better, the ones I suggested are currently part of my setup and it works for me. Otherwise your setup is just fine for modern games!
What Is Your Desktop Wallpaper?
What Is Your Desktop Wallpaper?
Mine is a Gold Vaio one1. Use a desktop to power a laptop?No, buy a new adapter. Their usually cheap depending on what your model is2. Cheaper to buy or build a desktop?First of all I recommend windows 7. Windows 8 has many problems at the moment. If you happen to have old parts laying around you can salvage for parts and save money. That PC you are looking at is competent, but I recommend building based on someone else's recommendation. Try googling $500 computer build. When you are in that range try and apu build with an amd graphics card.3. Animated pics on my desktop?Basic Operating Systems do not allow animated on the Desktop. Microsoft considered it a safety problem. To use animation, you have to upgrade to one of the Pro versions and set the Active Desktop. If you want animation, you will have to use a third part program for wallpaper and screensaver. All animated images you have been saving are still animated. You must use your browser or an animation viewer like IrfanViewer or you will only see the first frame. Ron4. Need computer desktop for gaming?!?you could go to alienware.com they have tons of desktops and laptop made for gaming you could also go to razor.com they also have gaming desktops and laptops... for a good price they let you build your own to fit your budget . .. but i would try and get my budget up a little for a really good reliable computer5. Mac desktop computers and laptops?Well here's my two cents... Mac/Apple is not what it used to be (very bad) and like you've said they've come out with some pretty promising hardware lately (iphone, itouch, iPod, etc). There are several things that you need to keep in mind when thinking about buying a mac. What is you are computer/technical skill level. If you are a beginner, then a mac is probably the right choice for you. It will for the most part maintain itself and when it gets too old to use any longer the best way to upgrade is to throw it away and buy a totally new one. If you are intermediate, advanced, or an expert, then its somewhat of a 50/50 and you will have to decide from below. What programs are you going to use? Many of the higher end graphics and video programs like Adobe's Creative Suite are designed for use with MAC, that's not to say the PC version is bad, just that most people who use those programs (GFX artists and professional video people) tend to have MAC. If you are going to do pretty much anything else then a PC with Windows is probably a better fit for you. One thing to note is that if you plan on playing video games on your computer then Windows is a no-brainer as there are not very many games that have MAC versions. Are you an intermediate, advanced, or an expert computer user. I need to describe what skills are necessary for you to be considered in one off these categories by my definitions. Intermediate: You know that PC's need security software of some type, you are not entirely sure of which company provides that best protection and leaves the smallest footprint on your computer, but you at least will have something. You also are familiar with using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). You know how to navigate the internet, but do not know the advantages or disadvantages of the different browsers. You can install software and hardware like Microsoft office, web browsers, security suites, and printers. You are a typical computer user. Advanced: You know which anti-virus software is the best for your situation. You are skilled at Microsoft Office. You know the advantages between the different browsers, and probably use Firefox. You can install hardware like: graphics cards, motherboards, processors, internal and external hard drives and printers and software like Windows XP, Vista, 7, Linux/Unbuntu, Microsoft Office, security suites, virtual drive software like Alcohol 120. You can troubleshoot you are own computer problems. You typically have the task manager and a temperature monitoring program open. You could build you are own computer if necessary. You know how to reformat and install your Operating System (OS) You know what you need to uninstall in the way of "crapware" when you buy a computer. You know how to optimize the performance of your computer through services.msc, and msconfig. Expert: You build your own computers. You tend to play a lot of high-end games on the highest settings that require the lastest and greatest hardware. You use the best anti-virus for your situation leaving the smallest footprint and using the least system resources as possible. You are a skilled user of MS office, and browse the internet with Firefox. You know how to overclock your computer to get the most out of it as possible and have the necessary monitoring programs to do that. You have installed and reformatted your hard drive several times. You may have a Windows and Linux partition on your hard-drive and/or own a live CD. You likely have a 1TB hard drive. Installing software is a piece of cake, and you can troubleshoot all of your computer problems with ease. You likely know C or C# and other coding languages that allow you to write programs. You are one of the most advanced computer users around. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intermediate users that are not going to do professional graphics or video editing should get a PC. This is because you get more for what you pay for in the way of better hardware. Also you will run into fewer compatibility problems with programs than you would if you had a MAC. You will have security software, and that will keep you in good shape for the most part. You should get Webroot Anti-virus and spy sweeper IMO or at least till Microsoft's free virus software has proven its self in 2 years. However, you may still consider getting a MAC as you do need to remove quite a bit of junk on the typical PC that you buy from a store and you will likely need to know how to create recovery discs. The recovery disc creation tutorials can be found on the internet, but what to remove (the crapware) from a new computer is a bit harder to find. For you owning a PC and having it perform the way you want it is going to a bit of a learning adventure, because you are going to have to do some homework to work towards becoming an advanced user. Expert and Advanced users: You are likely leaning towards a PC, but depending on if you want to explore the MAC (probably not) then you could get a MAC. You would obviously partition and install Windows and likely Unbuntu as well. Well I hope that you enjoy the information and that it helps you in making a decision.
Recommend Me a Computer Desktop to Buy?
Recommend Me a Computer Desktop to Buy?
Why get a desktop when you can get a pretty nice laptop for about $ 5001. Show Desktop and Stacks in LionI know it would have been a lot more convenient to have the stack open as it were in Snow Leopard. But I do not think this is possible. What I do as an alternative:2. Which desktop is the better deal?The HP because at least it has a video card and is only $10 more3. What is your desktop wallpaper?"The Great Wall Of China".....!!4. Whats your desktop wallpaper ?A spider web with a Skull in the Center that I Drew myself using the Windows Paint Program. I call it the "Web of Death" But I also have other Desk top wall papers that I have created using the "Paint Program"5. Clickable desktop notifications for chatThis would be nice feature and improve desktop workflow for those of us that leave chat open somewhere almost all the time.It might also be useful to cause the chat app to switch to the room that generated the ping when the room was focused using the desktop notification. Additionally, the same highlight/focus action that happens when following a backref should be triggered so that you go straight to the message that initiated the ping.6. What is the best multimedia desktop?The easiest way to create great multimedia is with a Mac. Get a MacBook Pro. You can purchase Parallel with it and run both Windows and Mac. The best of both worlds. Well worth the money7. what is your current desktop background?The default wallpaper of W vista8. What is your desktop wallpaper?? ?Eiffel tower edited it looks really good =D9. computers desktop not showing icons?did you restart your computer? if you did not then hold on. 1) right click on your desktop 2) go to view 3) make sure that "show desktop icons" is checked If that worked for the icons, then somebody is playing a joke on you, which I have done to many people and many people have done to me. The next step is do bring your mouse all the way down to the bottom of your screen. See if your mouse turns into an arrow. That means that you can drag out the bar so go ahead and do that. If it's not on the bottom, then somebody may have moved it to some other side of the screen so check on all four sides. If this does not work, then I suggest that you restart your computer.10. Changing desktop background in OS X 10.8 only changes it for the current desktop spaceIf you want to do it in a more automated way try the Applescript below.It needs a bit of manual setup, you have to put in the number of spaces and if you changed the default hotkeys for first and next desktop11. Which Moderate Gaming Desktop?Get an i3 instead of the fx 4100 And why do not you just name the key components of the pc? I do not give a Crap about your neon lights or estimated shipping time.12. Is the Desktop price worth it ? Help?I suggest doing a lot of research and building your own, because you could easily build that for less than 1800, and if you do it properly it will be of better quality13. Are you desktop wallpaper material?*mourning the loss of beg's boody*14. A good desktop for around $600?ibm thinkpad15. Is this desktop a good buy at $680?Yes! It can play most games out there at high16. Using Laptop OS on DesktopThere is no fundamental problem with assembling computers from bits of other computers. It's even common to replace so many bits over time that the computer becomes a veritable Ship of Theseus (in which case there are so many good and emotional arguments to be had about at which point the hostname must be changed because "it's not the same" anymore)!With all modern distribution kernels (i.e. unless you compiled your own kernel), yes. The distributions provide a kernel with a sufficient complement of drivers available in the initramfs to account for a wide variety of setups. Just make sure that the MODULES setting in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf is set to most, which is the default. I am assuming that either both computers are amd64 or both computers are i386 (or even that the new one is amd64 while the old one is i386, because hardware instruction set emulation for backward compatibility). If that's true, you are totally fine*. If that's not true, for example if one of the computers is PowerPC and the other one is some variety of ARM, then you can not even begin to do this at all for any software, never mind manually compiled software.(*well, I suppose you might have compiled something manually with very specific flags to access unusual high-performance instructions that are present on one computer's CPU but not on the other, but this is atypical. ).
How Should I Build a Gaming Desktop From Scratch? (Starting W/ the Desktop)?
How Should I Build a Gaming Desktop From Scratch? (Starting W/ the Desktop)?
Well, I may not be answering your answer but would like you to know it will be very costly, time consuming, and you MUST know what your doing. I would suggest looking a video of how to do so on Bing. Good luck!1. laptop as a moniter for my desktop?The laptop is the mediator here meaning there is no video input for your laptop. On the other hand, your desktop is the host. Since it could have a video input then you can display what you are seeing in your laptop in your desktop. The other way around is not possible. Like I said, laptops are the mediators and they can not be treated as hosts. A peer-to-peer networking is possible to view the display of your desktop. You need to set up a network first and establish a connection between yor laptop and the desktop. But in order to view the display in either monitors, you must have both of them turned on.2. virus on my desktop computer?Best: Kaspersky 2010 Second Best: Norton 2010 I do not recommend buying any others. For free ones: Best: Avira AntiVir Second Best: Microsoft Essentials Third Best: Avast Forth Best: AVG Keep in mind that you will also need an antispyware and a firewall3. Which gaming desktop is better?Build your own, with a price range like that, you can get an amazing PC for like 1000 bucks! There are plenty of guides on the interwebz that show you how to put the pieces together, and even what parts you need!4. Laptop vs Desktop for uni?with a computer you will get a minimum of two times the preformace for an analogous cost (ushally alot better preformance then even that) a computing device is merely sturdy for writing on, which you are able to do on a computer too5. What will the role of the Desktop folder be in Unity?Desktop unity in 11.04 (natty) will have the standard nautilus based desktop activated again, so you will be able to put icons and launchers on the desktop for 11.04.For 11.10 we are completely rethinking how files are managed and accessed so it is likely that this question will become moot in a years time6. Help with my desktop background?sometimes it makes a difference on the OS7. Are these decent computer specs? (desktop)?i think it's a good choice. it will be able to run the programs that you wish to run without any hassle. now, you said that you are going to use it for pleasure rather than work, if you want to run high end games like modern warfare 3 and the like, you should look at something better. but if you will be using mid- end games like the ones you mentioned, this computer is enough. have fun8. UPGRADING DESKTOP- for gaming?Your buying off craiglist right? Im sure you can find a WAY better build than that. You have 600 right? Im sure you can find one that will all ready be built and ready to go for you. Look for used custom builds and try to stay with PCi E i would recomend the 9800gtx.9. laptop and desktop SATA drives, could you put a laptop hard drive into a desktop?Just plug your SATA cable in from your motherboard straight into the 2.5" hard drive (no adapter required) Then simply plug in your power cable from the power supply. Your only problem will be your case probably will not have a spot to screw the hard drive in securely.10. Should I get a laptop or desktop?If you want to play games? Meaning like call of duty mw3? and other games like that.. then you will need a desktop because you can put in a bigger video card, and you will need to add more ram. I sugguest building your own if you know how. Or, maybe check around on ebay for pre-built gaming computers11. Is my compaq desktop computer upgradable?i bought Dell laptop final 12 months it incredibly is working super. and ya u can improve ram , hard disk drive any time. yet on the subject of HP , I even have seen 2 circumstances wherein mom board supply up working after ending up a million 12 months. Toshiba is likewise very reliable.
Trying to Upgrade Desktop Computer?
Trying to Upgrade Desktop Computer?
More RAM and a new Video card. 4GHz of Processing power whilst not amazing in high end gaming, will suffice for most things. The main let down is the 2GB RAM. I would advise buying 4GB Corsair RAM. Depending on what type of RAM you use. Make sure you buy the right kind, if you use DDR2, you need DDR2 RAM, etc etc. It will say this on the stick. Edit: Sorry just noticed the last paragraph... A good Video card is any Nvidia GeForce 9 series (most likely either the 9600/9800), the main model types are GS or GT and GTX, if you can afford it go for a GT or GTX as they are the better model. A nice card (I use it at the moment) is a GeForce Nvidia 9800 GX2. Not sure on the price these days, but about 2 years back I paid almost 300 for it. RAM as I say, Corsair are a good make, or their's OCZ. 4-8GB is recommended. Most of these will be available at decent stores, but I do not live in the US and we do not have Best Buy here, so I could not guarantee. Good luck.1. laptop vs desktop for college?This Site Might Help You. RE: laptop vs desktop for college? Okay, so I was wondering if I should get a laptop or a desktop to bring to college. I only live like 2/3hr drive away from the college, and I dont think that I'll ever bring my laptop to class, or bring it home for breaks (unless its a really long break.) . But is it more practical to bring a...2. Is this good specs for a gaming desktop?that is pretty good for gaming with eh setup you will probably get medium - high on battlefield 3 and on max setting on most other games, i would recommend getting a 560ti or 570 if you can as they offer better preformace, but even with a 560 you are pretty well off (if you are not playing above 1920 x 1080 resolution get a 1gb graphics card you really do not need it )3. Where are the Desktop Applications Listed?Consider read the Ubuntu Desktop Guide, and the Ubuntu Manual to know how to use Ubuntu with Unity desktop environment4. What is on your desktop wallpaper?my daughter in her wedding gown; she's getting married next month5. which video card is better for a desktop?I am an Nvidia guy, with SLI. ATI is crossfire btw.6. Lost desktop in Kali 2Try running startx. If there is a error, post it here and create .xinitrc in your home directory and write in it:That should at least get you a desktop. Tell me if something else goes wrong7. what is "active desktop recovery"?It's the system Windows 98/ME uses to put pictures/graphics in the background of your desktop (basically runs a copy of internet explorer to load the background, since internet explorer can show many types of pictures IE jpg, gif, bmp, etc.). You need to reinstall internet explorer and/or reset your background picture to a .jpg/.gif photo on your hard drive (fix this in the display category under control panel). Good luck!8. My desktop does not have a pcie?Well you most likely bought graphics card that your motherboard does not support. I would suggest you return the graphics card or IF you want to... upgrade your motherboard but that would be more expensive. Next time before thinking of upgrading, I suggest looking at your motherboards specifications. You can try looking at the manufactures website to see your specs. Looking at your specs can help you choose which parts are compatible with your computer, I mean you can not just buy parts and slap them together and expect them to work, you got to know your upgrade information first.9. Reasons for power failure in a desktop computer?sounds like the power supply is bad10. what to do with my desktop?Try ebay someone will pay more or less whats its worth and pick it up!!!11. What is a good desktop pet?Desktop pet... gotta be a... MOUSE! Ha! Get it? But seriously get hamster or exotic looking fish.
Is This a Good Gaming Desktop Spec?
Is This a Good Gaming Desktop Spec?
this not good buddy.....its great man..........you can play all the games you mentioned in description on high resolution1. Is this a good gaming desktop rig?Asus P8Z68-v professional could be a sturdy selection, regardless of the reality that in case you are no longer ever going to run Crossfire/SLI (twin snap shots enjoying cards) I' would shop some money and circulate with the P8z68-v LE or LX version; I easily have it, and that i like it2. active desktop and screensaver goneantivirus winxp it a virus...of course u cannot use the sistem restore...with that think , i dont tell u more..after the answer u let me Plz go and rip urself3. What is your desktop wallpaper?Just blue.. =[ So boring I know BQ: Not my computer I dont know!4. Mac Laptop or Mac Desktop?gat a macbook or macbook pro13''. I got a macbook when i entered high school as well. But when i got mine they didnt have a macbook pro 13". I say 13" because i take mine to school sometimes for presentations, and you do not want tog around a 15" or bigger. iMac's are nice but that is stationary. You can lso get that air if you like its sleek design, if your find with it lacking an optical drive. As for video games get a ps3. But it seems like its gonna be a family computer and not Your personal computer. Here in my house we have an iMac 24" screen in the office and we all have individual macs. But that is because my mom hated to share computers so she bought me and my sisters and her friend our own. But if it is going to be a family computer go with the iMac.5. Is this a decent desktop build for gaming?Kid I do not know where you are getting decent that desktop is gonna be pretty AMAZING for gaming/6. Desktop computer for only $25?OK, about right. For wifi, just add a $29.00 wifi card. Most office stores have them. OR, buy on the web, a bit cheaper. pricewatch.com has hundreds of vendors... Also, 3btech, newegg.com and computergate.com have the wifi cards, memory, and other parts I would speed it up about 50X by running one of the LiveCDroms of Linux, such as Mepis. I would put in a 512MB memory card...7. What is your current desktop picture?my dogs playing. (A 13 year old golden retriever, a 8 month old doberman, and a 5 month old chihuahua)8. My computer was on standby all night and when I went to it this morning the desktop appearance was weird ...?Think ur screen resolution has been changed... Right click on ur desktop --> Choose Properties --> Settings --> set the screen resolution as 1280 x 1024 and click "Ok"... (for 15" monitor) you can change the screen resolution settings in this area to whichever setting is comfortable for you!9. what is your desktop wallpaper??My puppy, he's my Avatar, you can barely see it because I could not crop my photo the way I wanted it!10. Is this a good desktop build for gaming?bump the power supply up to 600 watts and you should be fine. 500 is great, but you might draw a little too much from it with the nice nvidia 66011. Do programs run faster on Windows 8 "desktop mode" than on Windows 7 desktop?No it's not any faster12. buyin a new desktop computer?Do not get a Dell. Tech support sucks!13. Hows the deal Desktop for $ 821.00 ?If you plan on playing games then- -I would recommend you drop the Core2Quad and take a lower end Core2Quad or a highend Core2Duo. -Upgrade to ATI HD5670 or Nvidia 9800GT (ATLEAST) If you dont plan on gaming then the rig is pretty good even if it is over priced ....14. Is the desktop wallpaper stored...?If you select a wallpaper on a different drive, whether using the Browse button or right-click selection, it will not be copied over. To add a wallpaper to the list in Windows XP, copy it to the My Pictures folder15. Is this a good desktop gaming setup?HOLY S(-)!T. Sound good ? . Your rig is a monster. Awesome man
Choosing the Right Desktop Computer?
Choosing the Right Desktop Computer?
Since you mentioned you would be storing all your music and photographs on your computer you would have to look for something with lots of storage space, At least 2TB. If you will be editing and converting a lot of high quality media such as photographs and music and videos then consider getting an i7 and decent quality RAM and a decent motherboard too and a Graphics card if you need to view HD media at its highest (Although most mid-high end motherboards have a HDMI output). Always buy what you need and dont let any shopkeepers push items for sale as they might say "yeah man thats gonna last for 4-5 years man,Its totally futureproof " This is just Crap ,dont fall for this. And the computer you selected is great man. keep up the good photography1. NOTHING APPEARS ON MY DESKTOP?If your start bar does not show up either then explorer is not running. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to task manager. Go to file new task (run). and type explorer.exe. You should then see everything again. This may or may not work depending on the situation. It is hard to determine the problem with the details provided2. How does this desktop look?Well you really wo not need an i7 for gaming but if you plan on doing some video editing then keep it. The performance between an i7 and i5 in games are usually no more the 5 fps difference. Besides that i do not see anything wrong with your build. Its a great build but if you do decide to go with the i5 you can also add a ssd for your boot drive which will make your computer alot more snappier3. Which desktop is better for gaming?Whichever PC has the fastest CPU, the most RAM and the best graphics card is the best. No ifs, ands or buts. (Nuff said).4. laptop to desktop internet sharing?if your talking about having wireless through your desktop, best buy or circut city, even walmart sells bluetooth wireless internet cards that will plug into your computer for about $30-40.005. What picture is on your desktop?i have active desktop recovery it was that and some other sh*t6. Desktop or Laptop? MAC or PC??id go for a laptop that way your not stuck in one place and you can take it everywhere. and id get a PC i dont like MAC a lot for many reasons7. Different accounts on Mac Desktop?1.Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Accounts. 2.If some settings are dimmed, click the lock icon and type an administrator name and password. 3.Click Add () and type the user's name. 4.If you do not want to use the short name generated automatically, type a new short name. (Once the account is created, you wo not be able to change the short name.) 5.Type the user's password in the Password and Verify boxes. 6.Type a hint to help the user remember the password if they have trouble remembering it at login. 7.Click Parental Controls and select options to determine what the user can do with the computer.8. What is your desktop background?Hello Kitty XD I love her :)9. Laptop or Desktop which is better?laptop!! you can have it in one spot or move it.. PICK HP, HP IS THE BEST DONT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO TELL YOU TO GET DELL OF ACER BECAUSE THERE ALL CHEAP10. Should I get a laptop or desktop?Since a AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core Processor is way better than an Asus - Laptop with Intel Core2 Duo Processor you should defiantly go with the Desktop PC11. virus on my desktop computer?have you tried to remove it in safe mode? If you are not sure how to get in safe mode, reboot your computer and press the f8 key until the menu comes up. Once there, run the program and see if you can remove anything. Check your add/remove programs and make sure you dont have anything weird installed.12. Ubuntu vs lubuntu for desktop?What do you mean of functionality?Lubuntu is an Ubuntu OS with the same repository sources, but with a different desktop environment and set of default applications (packages).In the matter of desktop, you can also install LXDE and its components on Ubuntu either to try it beside Gnome Shell (Unity on 17.04 and below)
I Have a PC ( Desktop), Is It Good?
I Have a PC ( Desktop), Is It Good?
Good enough for what? I would say if you plan on browsing around websites and audio/video encoding/conversion its good enough. Since you did not put in what type of graphic card you got, i do not think ur a gamer and that does not really matter to you. how much u spend for the windows 7 ultimate by the way and why did not u install the 64 bit the first time around?.1. A Bleach (Anime) Desktop Buddy?Sorry to say but there is none out now. But i will try to create 1 for you.2. How good is this desktop computer?Thats a sweet computer. Hmm... call HP customer support about that power issue3. What picture is on your desktop?Currently it is a shark jumping up out of the water with his mouth wide open....love it! But I change it often...most of the time it is pictures of my kids4. How is my Desktop PC?You can not overclock pentium cpu's and that pc seems to be for basic things,just do not expect more from that5. best pc or desktop for me?Atleast one with a GTX 1060, for running games on ultra on 1080p6. HP desktop computers, are they any good?!?!?!?you are able to desire to make helpful hat your laptop is desperate to a decision the show screen can help. in case you are able to not use the unique show screen to alter the settings, attempt booting the laptop collectively as purely the dell show screen is expounded. If it nevertheless wont artwork, boot in secure mode, as all video show instruments settle for that decision, and set the call at the instant on top of issues panel. Any questions, merely edit :D.7. what is your current desktop background?mines the beach and palm trees8. Is this desktop good for league of legends?it would if you put a low profile graphics card in it, but i would not bother. it is very weak, and would only just barely run lol9. For gaming should i get a laptop or desktop?Desktop. It's more powerful, fast, and easier to upgrade than a laptop10. Using PyScripter with ArcGIS for Desktop?My solution is to have an installation of both PyScripter versions (x64, x86). When I am intended to use arcpy I run the x86 PyScripter with the paths as mentioned above. When I want to use another Python version (3. x) I utilize the x64 version. Hope that the tip helps.11. Create alias for desktop directoryAs icarus suggested in the comments, one simple way is to create an alias that does cd /DesktopHowever if you really want cd to behave this way, you can alias a function to cd that handles checking if the directory is Desktop:However this also causes tab completion for cd to break12. is this Desktop PC is good for gamer?I am sorry, but this will barely play the first cod modern warfare on low. You need to upgrade that graphics card big time (see source). Also you might want to look into upgrading that processor to either an i5 or i7? Hope this helps!13. What is your desktop wallpaper?Kevin Woo, yes bby. 14. Help with desktop wallpaper resolution!!!?on your desktop, rightclick. yhen click properties. click settings on top then look for screen resolution15. Use laptop to control desktop?It seems you want to remote control your PC as a workstation for CAD or PC games. I think teamviewer is a good choice, it's easy to adjust the resolution of a remote PC. To get a great video from the remote PC, you need a fast internet connection. I think 500KB/s is the minima. And if you travel in other country like China or Span, the data would go across the ocean, and the speed may be not good enough16. A good low priced desktop?Uh yea.....whats exactly low to you? prefabbed comp's are usually over priced so if you want something cheap you may want to look into catching a diy kit and buying an video card to add to it. having a budget and putting a system together would really help you alot. there are alot of good low priced parts to be able to put a cheap rig together but you need to know how.
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