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Building a Desktop Computer (gaming Computer)?

get an i5 760quad core or an intel i5 661 dual core. either is good. and for the motherboards...stick to gigabyte an asus. (the gigabyte p55 range are tasty) :D ps.by tasty i mean good pps. i didnt eat one.

Building a Desktop Computer (gaming Computer)? 1

1. Laptop or Desktop? - Computer Gaming?

You can buy a $1200 laptop, but it would not likely have specifications that would last you long enough to keep playing the recent games in the following year. For $1200 aussie bucks you can get a Core i5 (2nd generation) laptop with Radeon 5650 or better, but it would probably struggle to play the latest games after about a year or so. And you wo not be able to upgrade the CPU or graphics chip on the laptop either. But with $1200 bucks you can build a desktop that's 3x more powerful and is also upgradable in the long run. You would just have to spend about $200 300 every 2 years to keep it updated with the newest GPU and CPU.

2. What is the best desktop computer for gaming?

considering PC for gaming is quite dependable of the users choice. for graphics only DX11 graphics card playing leading roles now. Desktop PC is the best choice for playing Games. Try Radeon HD 7970 and Radeon HD 7950. Processor could be core i3 or core i5.

Building a Desktop Computer (gaming Computer)? 2

3. I want to buy desktop computer for gaming purpose and my budget is 20000 give me suggestion of which company i?

I am assuming that you mean Indian currency of IRs.20,000 right? For your budget, it's better to assemble your own pc than buying from company like dell, hp. It would provide you great performance out of your money as you seem to be on tight budget for a gaming computer. Look for AMD system, as it provide great value, following are my suggestions: Processor: AMD Anthlon II x4 635 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2 Ram: Corsair XMS3 2GB DDR3 X 2 Hard Disk: 500GB Western Digital Graphics Card: Assus HD 6770 or 55o Ti Cabinet: Any[CM elite PowerSupply: Major Brand Like Corsair, Coolermaster etc atleast 450w All this configuration will came at price point of 20000-25000 and will run any demanding games you through at it. Hope this helps. If you do not know how to assemble, take help from others or google it

4. I need a good desktop computer for gaming around $300.?

You could buy a used one posibly with duo core and a nvidia GT8800 if you are lucky, but no new machine under 800 dollars will play games decentely

5. Is this a good desktop computer for gaming?

it's great I LIKE IT :)

6. Any recommendations for a good desktop for computer gaming?

nevernevernever apple computers. Try hp for sure, get a large screen. Also you can just update your stuff in your old computer. But yeah, desktop hp does really really good, and if you get a 2012 edition for alot of the hp stuff you can have wireless and you can do some older games too, like morrowind elder scrolls 3. i dunno what kinda gamer you are, but a big screen is almost mandatory for gaming. And if you do end up getting a laptop because they are cheaper and run fast and are portable, then also get a seperate mouse. All in all, have fun gaming

7. Buying Desktop Computer for Gaming?

You can build one for yourself which is better I guess because you can build a better system. I suggest to get a... Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/Athlon II X2 or higher Video Card: Nvidia: GTX 4xx series/Ati HD 4xxx/5xxx series Memory: 4 gigs HDD: 320gigs or higher(if your want) The rest like casing, dvd rom, motherboard etc should not be a problem to pick.

8. decent desktop computer for gaming?

If you are on a budget you might want to think about building one yourself. It will be a lot cheaper and it plugs in like legos

9. What is the best desktop computer for gaming that is cost-friendly?

if u really want to buy a computer go to cyberpowerpc or ibuypower they got good deals on pc and laptops that are for gaming or u can just build yur own computer for like 400 or maybe little more i think the lowest price tho for a realy good decent one would probably be around $400- $1000 OTHER GAMING PC SITES- Alienware Maingear Falcon Northwest

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