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Best Laptop for Photo Editing?

MacBook Pro is your answer. They are pricey, however everyone who's serious about photo editing uses them; you get what you pay for. Check out Adobe Lightroom or Apple's Aperture for software. Photoshop is obviously a must-have, but both Lightroom and Aperture offer features specifically designed for photographers looking to post-process their work. You mentioned an inconsistency with your screen and printer. You may want to calibrate your monitor, to get more accurate results.4 or higher can run Windows if you have Parallels or Bootcamp.

Best Laptop for Photo Editing? 1

1. Is this a good or bad photo?

I do not get the symbolism or the statement you are trying to make. The contrast is kind of washed out and the shot of the ceramic horse could be salvaged with an artistic filter. Sorry about the criticism but that's what we teachers do and it is only meant to help you. Given time I could play with certain of your shots if you emailed them to me-can not always pull them off Flickr. Remember, photography is an art form. If you like the shot it's a great shot. No matter what others say-you can not please everyone and you will never be great if that's what you try to do. Personal creativity is it's own excellence.

2. how would you rate this photo? good, bad, boring, interesting, ...?

Not really my type of photo, but I can see it being used a logo for an entertainment company or something (walden media type stuff). More reflections would be nice...

Best Laptop for Photo Editing? 2

3. ideas for a horse photo shoot?

Hey! Someone in my Twitter feed shared this question so I came to take a look. I am definitely loving the information. I am book-marking and will be tweeting it to my followers!.

4. Photo sticking to the glass!!!!!?

simply use a mount this will no allow the image to touch the glass

5. is it possible to get a photo of a ghost in?

No you cannot get a picture of something that does not exist, there are no ghosts

6. I need a photo of a Relative?

Have you tried just typing his name into Google Chrome pictures often appear there

7. How to do a photo like this?

This looks like it was done on Picnik.com useing the Seasonal Tab and Editing I have done photos like this a lot for clients

8. Is a photo album a good gift?

its a bit gay

9. Yes or No to this Prom Dress ([PHOTO])?

No. It's not worth $500. It's too sparkly and glittery. But IDK. It's really just.......... . .. .... .. . . . . your option whether on to get it o not.

10. Photo type

Mine is a 1962 Jaguar. Yours could be anything (within reason) that you want.

11. Photo editing: Is it ethically ok?

The action of editing is neither ethical nor unethical. What you do with the resulting images is what counts.Those who manipulate their images to deceive are doing something unethical. If you are just doing it to produce an artwork which pleases you better, than you manipulate at will and still sleep well at night.Ultimately you have to chose what your art is. If you want to represent reality, then you will have to keep your edits limited. Some things are obviously easy to accept like a correction in white-balance and some things are obviously wrong like replacing elements.If you sell your work, you have to follow the publication's ethical standards. In publications where credibility is of utmost important the photographer is often required to hand in unedited images and it is the job of the photo-editor to do the edits. The still do some edits to match the format and tone of the publication and clean up noise or dust-spots. Having a separate person doing it, gives them more control and validation of the edits that make it into the publication.You should produce artwork in a way you enjoy. Some people like editing images for hours and being very creative with there imagery. Personally, I do not . I prefer producing images very close to reality and spending most of my time on photography rather than processing

12. Does this photo look professional or not?

timber !!! First one looks like she's falling like a felled tree Second one is missing part of her dress and why have extra background at the expense of picture of her, looks like you did not want her in the picture fully, but you made room for useless background scenery. I know you are not trying to do a landscape picture, so give more care for your purpose of making a portrait

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