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What's the Best Laptop Choice?

Dell Inspiron 14z (June 2012) Best budget laptop Dell has managed to give a very upscale feel to its mainstream Inspiron 14z, a 14-inch ultrabook that comfortably juggles price, design, and performance. Price: $899.99

What's the Best Laptop Choice? 1

1. 10" sub question, sealed ported?

Bandpass and ported will never sound as tight and accurate as sealed. But remember you need to do a good job of sealing that box. Buy some silicone caulk and run a bead over all of the joints on the inside. Then use a foam gasket to seal the seam between the speaker frame and the box opening. Once you've mounted everything you should be able to push the cone in with your hands (gently) and you will see the cone slowly come back up. This will give you optimal accuracy and performance. Like the previous poster mentioned... use polyfill and trick the sub into thinking its in a bigger box. A ported box will always give you loose bass. It will always require a bigger box and will take up more space in your trunk or wherever. It will give you some solid lows but like you said, the sub is supposed to mesh with the rest of the frequencies not drown out the mids. Good luck!

2. How many days before you feel MACA's effects?

That's pretty normal. Most people can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to notice the full benefits of any given supplement. Basically, supplements give your body nutrition it's otherwise lacking, so it depends on how deficient you are and how long you've been deficient. Also, there may be further confusion that Maca is not for sexual desire, it's intended to "boost sexual satisfaction and performance" (promoting sexual health, not desire). If you are looking for something to increase desire, I would suggest Horny Goat Weed... it really lives up to it's name ;-)

What's the Best Laptop Choice? 2

3. For complicated mathematic calculations, are extra threads or high-speed disk access more important?

If you are looking at MacBook Pros, I would put screen size preference above all else. From what I can see, this effectively also defines the number of cores in the machine. Then max the RAM (third-party, perhaps.) Then look into a SSD. I would leave the difference between 2.0GHz and 2.2GHz Core for the 15" model until the end. It's a relatively small difference in performance for the difference in price

4. Get and Put performance testing on Google BigTables (and other integrated DBs)

It seems to me your problem is that you are trying to test performance metrics that are not well supported in the underlying db. This makes it very difficult to compare performance across systems because the underlying approaches are very different. I do not think it is possible to do apples to apples comparisons just as I do not think you can do an apples to apples comparison of ORDBMS type approaches to RDBMS type approaches. The performance concerns are just too different and if Stonebraker is right that optimizing an ORDBMS for TPC-C tests misses the point, then for systems that are even further apart it is going to be impossible. (I think he is right there, however, only where ORDBMS functionality comes into play.)I think what you need to be honest is to look at how you would use each system and build a benchmark tool based on the approach you would take with each. Then you can say at least for that workflow that the benchmark shows something specific. I do not see how you can generalize however. You could further run it in a profiler in order to get additional information about where the time is being spent in the test run on various engines. However db benchmarking is very difficult to make meaningful in the best of circumstances and when you are comparing dissimilar systems it becomes impossible to generalize

5. Will wiping free disk space with ccleaner improve performance?

"securely deleting" files is just a security precaution and wo not improve performance more than just deleting them. However ccleaner removes temporary files and other old file that are no longer necessary, and that MIGHT help performance

6. XSLT or JSLink (which one to use?)

It depends on what you want to do with it. The power of using JSLink is that it uses JavaScript and runs in the client and you can use all the powerfull JavaScript libraries and for its easy to debug. It is easy to change the fields appearing and add some nice functionality to views. The weakness however is that JSLink runs in the client and it depends on JavaScript. Its slower than serverside code. All processing is done after all information is served to the client.XSLT however is very hard to learn and to read but for some operations it still rocks. Its fast and not depended on the client on how and when some things are rendered.If you want to do some counting in views for example I found it easier and better performance to use XSLT. For example you want only totals returned for a certain category. When using XSLT you do the serverside processing and only return to information you want to show. Using JSLink it would require getting all information to the client and do some clientside processing.However doing some nice ui goodness like transforming fields into nice slides etc i think JSLink is the better choice

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