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The 4 Best Laptops for Graphic Design Students & Designers - [in 2021] - Top Reviews At

If you are involved in graphic design, either as a professional designer or a student, you will need a different kind of laptop. First of all, it needs to have a large display, so that you would have convenience while doing your graphic design projects. Speaking of the display, it would be ideal if it had 4k resolution - the more pixels it has, the better! On top of that, your ideal laptop also needs to have powerful parts inside of it, starting with the CPU, which is the heart of every computer. It needs to be fast and reliable, preferably with at least four cores. Only such a processing unit is able to run advanced programs commonly used by graphic designers. A suitable laptop for college students that are involved in graphic design also needs to have quality graphics. It's essential that such a laptop has a dedicated GPU. Otherwise, it might not be able to take care of all the advanced graphic design tasks, such as 3D projects. And on top of everything, your perfect laptop also needs to have a reliable battery, user-friendly design, and all the other things that you would demand from a good laptop. So, how to find one such product? With our help, easily! We are now going to guide you through the process of finding your ideal graphic design laptop. Best Laptops For Students Of Graphic Design Schools & Pro Designers We picked out four laptops that we think are superb choices for graphic designers and those who study to become ones. The laptops we choose come with beefy hardware, particularly CPUs and GPUs. Thanks to these things, the laptops are capable of running complicated operations, including those that are commonly used in graphic design tools. Apart from being superb in terms of performances, each of these laptops is also great for the size of its display. Each of these has a diagonal of 17.3 inches, which makes them pretty large, thus very convenient to work on. Finally, these laptops are made by reputable brands famous for durability of their products. That said, you can be sure that if you buy one of these, you wo not get in a need for another one any time soon. As its name suggests, this laptop will cause envy in other students or coworkers. The reasons for that are numerous, starting with the fact that its 17.3-inch display is UHD (Ultra HD) with the 4k resolution. Being large does not make it impractical; this laptop is slim and pretty lightweight, so you will have no problems carrying it with you to work/college. When it comes to the hardware, everything is even more impressive. The CPU of HP Envy is an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 processor. Then, there's also an 8GB RAM, as well as a 512GB SSD. The cherry on the top is the fact that it has a dedicated graphics unit. The GPU in question is NVIDIA GeForce MX150, which has 4GB of its own memory. Here's a laptop designed with gamers in mind. And such, it's suitable for all kinds of purposes; if it can run advanced video games, it can sure run programs used for graphic design. So, what are the things that make it a fantastic choice for those involved in this kind of work? First of all, it comes with an i7 CPU, as well as 35GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. These parts make it capable of running literally any kind of software tool smoothly. On top of that, it also comes with its own graphics card. The dedicated GPU in question is NVIDIA GeForce GTX980M with 8GB of its own memory. The laptop also has an HDD with 1TB of storage space. Admittedly, it's not a work of art when its looks are discussed, with black color and a pretty thick construction. Here's a laptop with really powerful hardware, which, rather surprisingly, does not cost too much. And its specs are of real high-end computers. We are talking about an i7 Intel Core CPU, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and even a 2TB HDD. On top of that, this laptop has a dedicated GPU, which is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB memory. This makes it a perfect choice for literally any kind of graphic design project. This laptop also looks pretty nice and is very slim, which makes it very convenient to carry. On top of everything, it comes with an installed operating system, which is Windows 10 Home. This means that once you take it out of the package, you can start using it straight away. Another reasonably-priced laptop with fantastic performances is one manufactured by Dell. It comes with a full HD display of 17.3 inches. Its CPU is 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor with four cores and a turbo speed of up to 4.00 GHz. It also packs a 1TB SSD and a 32GB RAM. There's also an HDD with 2TB of storage space. And when it comes to one of the specs graphic designers need to look out for, the GPU, this laptop is pretty impressive. It comes with a dedicated AMD Radeon 530 graphics card, which has 4GB of its own memory. Finally, the laptop also comes with a pre-installed OS, which is Windows 10 Professional. After reading our reviews, you should be able to figure out which of these four laptops is your best buying option. If you are a graphic design student or an established professional, you can be sure that any of these laptops would serve you very well. They all have the hardware necessary to run demanding graphic design software tools, not to mention that each of these laptops comes with a pretty large display (17.4 inches). Considering that these are high-quality laptops, we can not say they are budget options. Still, we also can not say they are expensive. That said, you really have no reason not to buy one of them. Even if you are not going to use it for graphic design, owning one such powerful laptop is definitely a good idea. So, which one to pick? As you've seen in our reviews, each of these laptops has the specs that make it deserve your attention.

The 4 Best Laptops for Graphic Design Students & Designers - [in 2021] - Top Reviews At 1

1. How can graphic designers contribute to Open Source projects?

Many Github project's would like the help of a graphics designer, just look for an active project that has a ugly icon. Design a first sketch and attach it to a new "issue" for the project

2. Why do graphic designers prefer macs? Is it a MUST have or just a preference?

You can go either way if you like. Personally i would not own a PC. The reason most designers want Macs is because it has become the industry standard hardware. Since most design firms and commercial agencies use macs their files are usually mac formatted. It is a hassle if you have a PC based business and want to exchange files for output. Alot of the peripheral software and hardware in the design field is mac based as well.

The 4 Best Laptops for Graphic Design Students & Designers - [in 2021] - Top Reviews At 2

3. Graphic designers, which macbook should I get?

You should not get a macbook

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