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Should I Get a New Laptop Or Get a New Charger?

no go to ebay type you laptop model number in the search box says charger for what ever the model number is they are only a few dollars on there at the I buy them all the time for around 9 dollars and free shipping for my computer shop

Should I Get a New Laptop Or Get a New Charger? 1

1. New laptop doesn't charge even if plugged in and says "charging"?

Hi there, That is not a normal situation and I would call the manufacturer. They probably will send a new battery to you or request that you send the ultrabook back to them so they can diagnose the problem. Lithium Ion batteries have been giving problems lately and sometimes can actually catch on fire. I would not wait a week to see if it gets better because it should not do this. Hope this helps, Al

2. Buying new laptop, want these features!?

Mac...go to and look at your choice =)

Should I Get a New Laptop Or Get a New Charger? 2

3. Is it time for a new laptop!?

If its running smoothly and nothing wrongs with it, and it covers your needs, I do not think you should use money on a new one :)

4. What should I look for when bying a new laptop/notebook?

Make sure it does not say HP, Compaq, Dell, Acer, or Gateway on it. You can get a Toshiba Satellite at BestBuy for $379 and it will actually work right. The mini notebooks are cute but you will wish you had a nice big screen after a few hours.

5. Need a new laptop - HELP please!?

If you are concerned about heat, avoid HP like the plague. Their laptops are known to overheat, causing the graphics chip to separate from the motherboard. A look around the internet will find tons of refurbished HP motherboards. Bad, bad products. 5 years ago I would have said Dell was right up there. But over the last several years, they have had huge issues with bad motherboards. Like, bad out-of-the-box motherboards. Add this to the fact that they have the poorest customer service in the industry (by far, it's not even remotely close), makes them a company to avoid. Take a look at Toshiba. Especially if they have Intel processors. Toshiba made the first laptop, and they still only make laptops. I think some of the designs have looked a little "dated" over the last few years, but they usually rank high in terms of reliability. They manufacture their own hard drives, and several companies use them now in their products. ASUS makes their own motherboards. Their laptops are solid. I like the Sony's, but question their prices. Compared to other products with the same specs, Sony's are always higher priced. I like their keyboard, but not enough to pay the price premium. I like AMD processors in my desktops, but they have the reputation of generating a lot of heat in laptops. I think if you stick to Intel, avoid HP and Dell, you will be fine. If it were me and I needed a new laptop, I would take a hard look at Toshiba and ASUS computers with Intel processors. Good luck!!

6. What are the first things to do/check after getting a new laptop?

Get at least a 1 year warranty. Dell still offers the best laptops

7. If I'm buying a new laptop what is the best kind to get?

Laptops typically have a life of abt 3-4 years. Hence please identify your requirements for next 3-4 and decide. If it is more related to entertainment then a general laptop will do with 30 GB HDD, 512 RAM etc. Sony VAIO is good. you may want to consider the max amount you want to spend. You may have a External HDD with higher capacity to store music etc

8. I'm a PC user wants some recommendations for new laptop?

MacBook Pro. I had similar problems and also take online courses and this laptop has made things so much more easier for me! It never crashes, it is very fast, downloading things are much faster as well, emails are three times more easier to send and check. It's the best computer I've owned so far

9. Looking to find a new laptop, what out there is good?

If you want to research, and compair alot of different notebooks, and have been very satisfied

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Any Good Suggestions on a Website/store Where I Might Find a New Laptop/notebook Computer for About
You could try, try a refurbished laptop they cost way less and its basically better than brand new ones1. Allie's outfits from movie the Notebook?The Notebook Outfits2. can i replace my graphics card on my acer aspire 5742-6811 notebook?nope, its a laptop there is a 1 in a million chance that urs has detatchable parts3. new HP Notebook HP Pavilion DV6-1354US 15.6-Inch Black Laptop - Up to 4 Hours of Battery Life?It depends what u are doing with it, if u play games with it, the battery will be a little less, the longest battery life is doing nothing, but it no use for a laptop for doing nothing, u can always lower the light of the monitor that would save some energy if watching a movie or playing a game up to a one hour and half4. What should i get a netbook or notebook?i like netbooks but to small for me , you consider a 14.5 inch notebook nothing bigger than a 15 inch5. DVD Writer replacement for Acer notebook Aspire model 5732Z?yes any will do as long as it fits in the slot6. Can you Upgrade a Notebook's Graphics Card?Citizen is correct. However, just to add to his answer: Some of the very high end boutique laptops, like Alienware, have separate video modules. However, those are built specificly for those models, and would not fit in anything else. The truth is, Alienware did not make them, it's made somewhere in Taiwan and Alienware just put their name on it. Same laptop could show up in a different name elsewhere7. Planning to bring 15.4" notebook on airplane - economic class - where should I store it when food arrives?just close the lid and wedge it between yourself and the seat or put it back your laptop bag, and store it in the overhead locker8. What is a good amount of GHz for a gaming notebook?Yes dual core is old technology not meant for play games when Core2Duo and i3 i5 processors are available. However any processor more than 2GHz in 2 core processor is meant to be good and is the beginning of the processor range. You just need a good Graphics processor GPU( DEDICATED Graphics Card) of 512mb or above with good bus connection and frequency speed . Both the speeds are considered while purchasing a good dedicated graphics notebook9. can somebody help me with my notebook laptop??!?I am guessing you have a netbook without a disc drive? Options you have are purchasing an external disc drive from like best buy, or you could use your home computer to rip your cds and move the data over to your laptop using a usb drive10. DO I really need to plug my new notebook to ac power before i turn it on for the first time?You will be OK as long as you plugged it in shortly after turning it on. The battery needs to fully charge before using it11. How to clean a fan on a HP 6715s notebook without taking it out?Use canned air.Source of Information12. They say you should always carry a notebook with you...?Carry a pocket-sized one. They *do* come in all different sizes, you know13. How to reset the BIOS without opening the notebook?Add a normally-closed SPST switch in series with the battery, using thin, perhaps enameled, wire. Snake the leads outside the case. For a neater installation, put the switch on the case or put it in a small bottle.For a coin cell, you can make a temporary adapter without soldering to the circuit board: put a bit of copper foil on each side of some thin plastic and run the switch leads to the foil.14. What is somethings that you write in your notebook?her name =]15. What is the feeling of opening up a new and fresh notebook and started writing on it?Oh man! That was pure bliss, and even better if the notebook was on recycled paper. That paper and my preferred pen were the perfect union, something about the way they connected, the way the ink laid down on the paper - so sensuously.Then there was the idea of beginning to write a "raw" something, like pulling a mysterious creature out of a box. The first words laid down had to be 100% perfect in content and appearance. Anything less would follow me throughout the notebook with the nagging idea that since it didn't begin perfect, it would never be so.I can also remember the scent of unused notebook paper, not of a printer's ink, but - in my case - the imaginary scent of having been used many times over, kind of like a rebirth. It made me feel good. It's been around thirty years since I've come across that particular kind of paper, whether loose-leaf or notebook, and I've said that I believe it's something to do with big business, that recycling isn't as profitable as new. Or then again, maybe the customers did take to the recycled because the color was a bit grayed instead of pure white.Anyway, when it was clear that they were on the start of going away, I bought dozens of the notebooks and loose-leaf recycled. A last note: the closest I could ever come to matching the qualities I loved in the recycled paper was from a Big Chief tablet - but not quite perfect and the line spacing was too large for my liking.That's my take - or leave it.Really the last note: a Google search is telling me that recycled notebooks are filling up the planet! I'll buy that, but I want to try it out first. Recycled one thing doesn't always feel the same as another. I love paper stuff, anyway. Anyone else feel the same?What is the feeling of opening up a new and fresh notebook and started writing on it?
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Help with the New Laptop!?
Why Is My New Laptop Battery Not Working?
I Need Help Choosing a New Laptop?
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New Laptop, Where Is My RAM Going?!?
Bought a New Laptop, How Can I Make It Work Faster?
New Laptop: Will the Sims 3 Work on It?
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