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My New Laptop Is Having Problems?

do you have wifi or a mechanical connection wifi see if you have a good signal by yhe clock is an ico for it looks like the signal bar from a phone direct connection go into the anti viris and allow the pages you want in to the computer thru my computer devices or thru control panel and internet safety click on the pages and read and save any thing you deem important rite click the mouse and save as into my doc. if tou have wi fi get closer to the router some how if you have one disconnect some thing not in use good luck watch the meter for stronger signal

My New Laptop Is Having Problems? 1

1. New laptop with Windows 7 frequently displays wrong time/date?

it aint a problem all you have to do is check the settings for automatic time settings and unclick it and change he time manually

2. Buying a new laptop, need suggestions.?

complicated matter try searching from yahoo and bing that will can assist

My New Laptop Is Having Problems? 2

3. charging a new laptop battery...for how long?

turn off laptop and charge it 3-4hrs

4. New laptop question (CPU or GPU)?

If you will be doing gaming and video editing go with the gpu

5. Should I buy a new laptop or repair my old one?

keyboard is an easy fix: $20 battery is an easy fix: $30-50 screen: now that could be motherboard or just a screen issue. Either way at least $100. Ask yourself if you repair these yourself is it your current laptop worth about $250? If so then yes repair yourself. As for files: you can backup your harddrive or even take your old hard drive out and put it in your new one. That is not something that is difficult or should be a factor.

6. can my new laptop handle games?

almost all new laptops can takegames so my answer is yes

7. I need a new laptop? Please help?

try acer or possibly toshiba, they can be cheap but i do not know if they come in pink but you can always buy skins that are pink. they are very good brands. a lot of my friends have acer and my school uses tosheba, they are not slow (from what i hear) or you can try an HP laptop. that is what i currently use and its great! but i am trying for a mac book air -. - well good luck and i hope this helped!.

8. What features should I look for when buying a new laptop?

You want at least dual core processor (amd/intel dont matter) 2 GB ram 100 gig harddisk graphic cared depends on wether you are a gamer or just want to watch dvd's on it. Aprox 700 $ for above config.

9. Customizing my new Laptop (for gaming), in need of advice.?

I looked at this too, but for work. After much research, we came to the conclusion that solid state drives just are not there yet. I heard some really bad stories on SSD. I am not a gamer, so no opinion on the video card.

10. Should I Get a New Laptop?

Your motherboard is F'ed a lot with other things. Get a new one if you can afford it. You could try selling the working parts. I buy and sell laptops after fixing them so I need parts... However I do macs

11. PC vs Mac? Need help for new laptop!?

Well, first of all, you never said your laptop was really broken at all, you've just been cleaning stuff off the computer. A laptop you bought in 2008 should not be broken yet! My laptop is from 2006 and is in fine shape. Assuming you are using a version of windows, backup all your information to an external drive like your pictures, documents, videos, programs etc (I recommend you get all your program CDs prepared) web history, games, and emails if you use a program to get your email like outlook, otherwise if you use yahoo gmail etc, you do not need to do this. (use windows backup). AFTER you have done this, start the computer again when you are in the BIOS and go to a recovery menu (you will probably need to hit one of the F... buttons on the top of your keyboard to do this). It should give you an option of reinstalling Windows completely clean like it was when you bought the computer. Try googling your model number and go to your manufacturer's website of that page for specific instructions because not every manufacturer sets up the menu the same way. So in your case, go to Toshiba's website, find your model and then find instructions on how to install windows from scratch. Try it. You will need to update when finished, but NO system cleaning. YOU MUST BACKUP YOUR INFORMATION BEFORE YOU DO THIS!!!!! This will completely overwrite Windows with a new CLEAN version. It will be like you just first bought it!!! There will be lots of unnecessary software that companies pay Toshiba to preinstall on your computer. Go to the control panel and click on "Programs and features" and uninstall the programs that are "crapware". Make sure you do not uninstall anything that the system needs. Google those to find out which ones are safe to get rid of. Once you've uninstalled all that crap you just saved yourself a big system mess! Now go to Windows update and start updating your PC. This will take sometime since Microsoft has come out with LOTS of updates since when you bought your computer. When you finish this, plug in your backup drive and manually copy and paste your desktop items, documents, pictures, videos, and emails (only if you use outlook or another application) and your browsing history and favorites (look for instruction on how to do this depending on which browser you use). Then reinstall all your programs. You could probably go to your downloads folder and copy and paste all your downloads from you backup to your computer and then run and install them. Only install the ones you really need. Installing unnecessary programs is a big reason on how the system can get clogged with a bunch of crap. Only install programs you really need or know about. In addition, when you are in the process of installing a program, check to see if there are any boxes that install other software that you do not realize. For instance, when you install software over the internet, click the .exe file and are prompted with instructions, you might see a checkbox checked that says "Also install..., or Install...." that is totally unrelated to what you want. Uncheck them all. If there is a download you had no idea about, do not open it. It probably is a Virus! Insert your CDs and install your remaining software. If you really want a new laptop though, first if you have your Minecraft CD, check to see if it will work with Mac, if not, get a PC of your choice. If it does, go ahead and get a Mac, but 1,600 wo not get you a very high performance one.

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