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My New Laptop Is a Pain in the a**! Help?

this is because you need to set the mouser pad settings, an accidental knock with the mouse pad will do this, go to your mouse pad settings and turn off a few of the plugins, also the double arrow you are talking about is the auto scroll feature, this is normally activated by clicking the centr wheen button on a mouse, click it again to remove it, let me know the make of the mouse pad and I can send you instructions on how to do this. Regards, Jimmy

My New Laptop Is a Pain in the a**! Help? 1

1. Should I get a iPad or a new laptop?

I would get an iPad if I were you. As long as the iPad has Internet and everything similar to a computer. I know someone who uses their iPad as their laptop. Same Windows screen and files and everything so you should do that. Plus, iPads are lighter and pretty cool

2. Battlefield 4 laptop specs on my new laptop?

look at for HP Pavilion dv6-7010 us - AMD A_Series_Quad_Core_A8_4500M Processor 2.8GHz (4MB Cache) - 6 GB SDRAM RAM - 750GB 5400rpm no longer straightforward rigidity - 15.6-Inch reveal, AMD Radeon HD 7640

My New Laptop Is a Pain in the a**! Help? 2

3. Laptop/Gaming Help- Buying a new laptop?

This ASUS N53SV-XE1 pc is precisely like mine2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 I in basic terms have been given this one from f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae7419002f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae7419002f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae some month ago2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 Everithing is amazingly solid different than show decision (yet i am getting used to it) and keyboard flexibility2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 After a three month of use one key's working no longer incredibly good2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 i be attentive to that I truthfully have guarantee, yet to deliver a working laptop or pc someplace is not a solid theory for me 2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae7419002f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae7419002f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 i will substitute a keyboard my self later whilst it will be available2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 i7 overall performance for this funds is amazing2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 I upload 4 gb ram greater and now it somewhat is basically large powerful2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900 ordinary i am overjoyed with this laptop2f43b42fd833d1e77420a8dae741900

4. my new laptop is getting hot and slow?

When its on your lap... Or if its ever on your lap. Then put something below it so that you do not plug up the air vents on the bottom of the laptop. Also you can try to defragment your files. And run a security sweep or a virus sweep. And there should be a vent on one of the sides of your laptop so make sure that there is about 3-4 inches of clearance around that area, and once again make sure air can get below the laptop to be sucked in and blown out the side to keep it cool, And sometimes it helps the computer if you restart it once a day. If none of that helps and it still gets really hot you can purchase a" laptop cooling pad " and you place your laptop on it and plug in the usb cord to your laptop and it has a small fan in the middle that keeps your laptop cool. You can go to and type in Laptop Cooling Pad and they sell for about $15 to $25

5. I am buying a new laptop and need help?

It sounds like you found a good computer for you. If you end up downloading lots more music or whatever, you can get a plug in flash drive later on - if you need

6. Battery life on my new laptop?

Whatever you do, Battery life on laptops is only to 2 to 3 years

7. Has anyone been successful buying a new laptop and replacing Vista with XP?

Why do not you find a laptop with XP pre-installed? My laptop runs a dual boot configuration Vista/Windows 7 and everything is fine. I guess you do realize there will come a time when Microsoft support for Windows XP comes to an end

8. How do you set up internet to a new laptop with vista?

Yes, get rid of vista in fact get rid of the pc and get a mac and you will get rid of the problems

9. problems with my new laptop?

No problems

10. Will the canadian border agency charge duty for a brand new laptop?!?!?

Unless the model is manufactured in country with which Canada has a Free Trade Agreement, there will be duty to pay. Also, they will collect both Federal and Provincial sales tax on the Canadian dollar value of the import

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