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Do I Have to Declare My New Laptop When Leaving?

There is no exit customs for ordinary travelers in the USA. The only reason I know of (and it does not apply here) is if you had a high-value object, like imported photographic equipment, on which duty is usually paid in the United States, and you want to register the serial number with Customs so that on return to the United States there is no issue about paying duty on it again

Do I Have to Declare My New Laptop When Leaving? 1

1. is it cheaper to get a new laptop or and ipad?

Deprends what kinda laptop mac or pc? i would rather get a mac laptop than an ipad

2. Getting hardware error: Processor : microcode 42 on my new laptop

This issue seems to have been resolved since the bios update to version: 1.1.1. My machine's bios was updated primarily for a different issue which still persists though.

Do I Have to Declare My New Laptop When Leaving? 2

3. Buy a new laptop or upgrade/back-up the old one?

you will purely have a situation in case you wished to purchase it on credit. below the age of 18 you are actually unable to legally enter right into a settlement of any style, alongside with credit agreements. in case you had the money or a debit card with adequate funds on your account then specific, you will desire to purchase the laptop no situation. i do not see any clarification why the save could have a controversy with it

4. help choosing a new laptop?

i would go for a Alien Ware for bout 100 bucks more its a more bang for the buck

5. Need new laptop for school and home?

Well, in my experiences, I am a gamer but also a student and I use an Asus. There computers are some of the best computers you can buy. The one good thing about these computers is that you can run Linux on it and the computer will run even faster. On the other hand, if you to run games you can run windows on it. These computers go up from $800 and come with a lot of add ons such as light up keyboards and other things you do not necessarily need. These laptops are amazing and have a lot of options. I highly recommend an Asus laptop.

6. How long should I charge my new laptop for?

when you get a new battery what you should do is plug it in and let it charge until full. thats the safest and reccommended. but in my opnionon. using and charging initally cant be that bad. now here are some battery tips IF YOU ARE USING THE BATTERY: always use it until its dry. meaning go from 100% down to the critical warning sign. no mid way charges never charge it half . always full. every couple months leave the computer plugged in after its charged.and use it for a bit if you like. this additional heat will melt the rust and bad metal particles that are gathering between the metal batter plates. do this ONCE every couple months IF YOU DONT USE THE BATTERY with the laptop off(THIS IS CRUCIAL.. experts reccomend this. idk why but just do this) and un plug the batter. then use it like normal. this will give you a real battery to use (not those batteries that last like 1 hr) when you go traveling best answer plz oo and get the antec cooling pad its the highest rated cnet cooler. i got 5 of them and they work relealy well. heat kills your laptop.

7. i really need a new laptop PLS HELP?

How much fps would do like?

8. i need a new laptop!!! (MBP, HP pavillion, sony vaio fw)?

MAC prides itself on horrible operating systems, but truly, its just a trend. I recommend a GATEWAY computer. BUT MORE THAN THAT, a SONY. SONY is an amazing brand, and you will see that when you get one. as for your little virus problem, I know you did not ask, but its really pretty independent from the type of computer you get. You should probably hook yourself up with a COUPLE protection programs. I use AVAST, SPYWARE TERMINATOR, and SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY. They are all freeware, and online.

9. Are these system specs good for my new laptop im gonna buy?

If I am not mistaking that is the specs for a Alienware M17x. This would be an awesome system to have but I am guessing that this system would cost around $3500. If you have the money/credit to get this, I would say yes.

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Any Good Suggestions on a Website/store Where I Might Find a New Laptop/notebook Computer for About
You could try, try a refurbished laptop they cost way less and its basically better than brand new ones1. Allie's outfits from movie the Notebook?The Notebook Outfits2. can i replace my graphics card on my acer aspire 5742-6811 notebook?nope, its a laptop there is a 1 in a million chance that urs has detatchable parts3. new HP Notebook HP Pavilion DV6-1354US 15.6-Inch Black Laptop - Up to 4 Hours of Battery Life?It depends what u are doing with it, if u play games with it, the battery will be a little less, the longest battery life is doing nothing, but it no use for a laptop for doing nothing, u can always lower the light of the monitor that would save some energy if watching a movie or playing a game up to a one hour and half4. What should i get a netbook or notebook?i like netbooks but to small for me , you consider a 14.5 inch notebook nothing bigger than a 15 inch5. DVD Writer replacement for Acer notebook Aspire model 5732Z?yes any will do as long as it fits in the slot6. Can you Upgrade a Notebook's Graphics Card?Citizen is correct. However, just to add to his answer: Some of the very high end boutique laptops, like Alienware, have separate video modules. However, those are built specificly for those models, and would not fit in anything else. The truth is, Alienware did not make them, it's made somewhere in Taiwan and Alienware just put their name on it. Same laptop could show up in a different name elsewhere7. Planning to bring 15.4" notebook on airplane - economic class - where should I store it when food arrives?just close the lid and wedge it between yourself and the seat or put it back your laptop bag, and store it in the overhead locker8. What is a good amount of GHz for a gaming notebook?Yes dual core is old technology not meant for play games when Core2Duo and i3 i5 processors are available. However any processor more than 2GHz in 2 core processor is meant to be good and is the beginning of the processor range. You just need a good Graphics processor GPU( DEDICATED Graphics Card) of 512mb or above with good bus connection and frequency speed . Both the speeds are considered while purchasing a good dedicated graphics notebook9. can somebody help me with my notebook laptop??!?I am guessing you have a netbook without a disc drive? Options you have are purchasing an external disc drive from like best buy, or you could use your home computer to rip your cds and move the data over to your laptop using a usb drive10. DO I really need to plug my new notebook to ac power before i turn it on for the first time?You will be OK as long as you plugged it in shortly after turning it on. The battery needs to fully charge before using it11. How to clean a fan on a HP 6715s notebook without taking it out?Use canned air.Source of Information12. They say you should always carry a notebook with you...?Carry a pocket-sized one. They *do* come in all different sizes, you know13. How to reset the BIOS without opening the notebook?Add a normally-closed SPST switch in series with the battery, using thin, perhaps enameled, wire. Snake the leads outside the case. For a neater installation, put the switch on the case or put it in a small bottle.For a coin cell, you can make a temporary adapter without soldering to the circuit board: put a bit of copper foil on each side of some thin plastic and run the switch leads to the foil.14. What is somethings that you write in your notebook?her name =]15. What is the feeling of opening up a new and fresh notebook and started writing on it?Oh man! That was pure bliss, and even better if the notebook was on recycled paper. That paper and my preferred pen were the perfect union, something about the way they connected, the way the ink laid down on the paper - so sensuously.Then there was the idea of beginning to write a "raw" something, like pulling a mysterious creature out of a box. The first words laid down had to be 100% perfect in content and appearance. Anything less would follow me throughout the notebook with the nagging idea that since it didn't begin perfect, it would never be so.I can also remember the scent of unused notebook paper, not of a printer's ink, but - in my case - the imaginary scent of having been used many times over, kind of like a rebirth. It made me feel good. It's been around thirty years since I've come across that particular kind of paper, whether loose-leaf or notebook, and I've said that I believe it's something to do with big business, that recycling isn't as profitable as new. Or then again, maybe the customers did take to the recycled because the color was a bit grayed instead of pure white.Anyway, when it was clear that they were on the start of going away, I bought dozens of the notebooks and loose-leaf recycled. A last note: the closest I could ever come to matching the qualities I loved in the recycled paper was from a Big Chief tablet - but not quite perfect and the line spacing was too large for my liking.That's my take - or leave it.Really the last note: a Google search is telling me that recycled notebooks are filling up the planet! I'll buy that, but I want to try it out first. Recycled one thing doesn't always feel the same as another. I love paper stuff, anyway. Anyone else feel the same?What is the feeling of opening up a new and fresh notebook and started writing on it?
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