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New Laptop: Will the Sims 3 Work on It?

it;ll work at very low settings

New Laptop: Will the Sims 3 Work on It? 1


better change it with the shop where you bought it as a safety precaution

2. Why was there already a game installed on my brand new laptop?

Marketing. Give you a free game to make you aware of a company. Most people see this as a bonus. Especially if it's a ASAP title from Microsoft, Bungee, or Blizzard.This is more likely to happen when you buy Graphic Card than laptop though, unless you've picked up a gaming laptop. That could happen cause it's going to have the highest specs (and price tag). If you bought on more expensive is better that's what happened.Of course all laptops come with crappy games. . And windows 10 specifically now comes with Xbox Store. Too bad the games are not things i would play on Xbox.Farmville, candy crush and at least two others come preinstalled with my download of Fall Creators Edition. Not to mention the Xbox Store games. Irony since I straight up purchase it to run office 16 and windows only tax software. LoLz. Bloat ware.Why was there already a game installed on my brand new laptop?

New Laptop: Will the Sims 3 Work on It? 2

3. Buying a new laptop/ultrabook for college, need advice!!?

I would either get an XPS 13 ultrabook or MacBook air. Both are priced the same. But the dell xps has more hard drive space in its basic config then the mac Edit: Then get the hp folio 13.

4. Do I need to get a new laptop?

Im a Computers, Networking, and Electrical Technologies student. I would suggest downgrading your operating system. To clear the harddrive, look for an emergency reset on it. Its rare but some have this. If not, check the jumper settings on your hard drive, because some hard drives have a lock setting where it will stop you at the login screen as an extra safety measure. If this doesnt work, go into safe mode on your computer (when it boots press the delete or F8 key when prompted). The computer will start with minimal drivers and only necessary programs. Then go to the control panel, and check your device manager. Check to see if it is missing any drivers for anything. If so download them from a friends computer and apply them to your computer. If this isnt the issue you can reformat from safe mode, but i would suggest windows XP instead of windows 7 if your computer isnt the fastest. If it runs fine for 7 it will run godly for windows XP. Try this and let me know how it goes

5. Can installing vlc player damage the speakers of a new laptop?

Yes if you use your laptop with VLC maybe your laptop speakers damage because of the high volume range. If you want to keep safe your laptops speaker from damaging then you should try CnX media player one of the best video player app which is laptop speaker friendly . It is aided by Intel HW and available in Microsoft store which means it is safe. It plays 4k 10bit video very smoothlyless battery consumptionSupport all formats & codecsAided by Intel HWUWP(Microsoft store app) and many more .............Can installing vlc player damage the speakers of a new laptop?Can installing vlc player damage the speakers of a new laptop ?

6. How to reformat my new laptop with windows 8?

all u do is put in the win 7 disc then shut down then restart & the install begins when asked format the drive say yes, but u can keep 8 by saying no it will install along with 8 & u will have a duel boot system 8 has better graphic for gaming or u have it make a new partition, so when u boot there 1 systen to chose from. cool

7. Is it better to buy a new laptop with Windows XP or Vista?

If it has enough RAM, Vista. A lot of people are going to complain about Vista, but most of them either never had it, wish they had it, or do not know how to use it

8. New laptop speakers crackle when listening to music?

in the previous checking your soundcard is working or regardless of, make confident the utility quantity is as much as the utmost. (seek for the quantity icon interior the device tray). Crackle can from time to time be led to via hardware overamplification of too quiet a sign.

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