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Libre Office Spreadsheet on My Office Desktop Stops Responding for Most of the Time and Need Restart

You can try this: Open a terminal. Type command:$ top -d5 (this will show you running processes)Identify the process ID for your LibreOffice spreadsheet and kill it (see help for kill command on the Internet: Kill Command in Linux)

Libre Office Spreadsheet on My Office Desktop Stops Responding for Most of the Time and Need Restart 1

1. I need advice on what kind of hardware i should get for an office desktop?

well depends on what you want this computer to do for you and how much you are willng to dish out to your local computer shop.......if you are on a budget and want a machine for basic operations, that is office work, light media processing you are better of with the 80gig,256/512MB RAM...........but if you intend your machine to be a dump site for all your downloads,music,videos,pictures,movies,documents do all the office work you throw at it you are better of with the 160GB,1GB RAM. ......................dont forget to get a decent processor for your machine

2. I am setting up a small home office with a desktop, laptop, etc. Do I need an external Modem with a router?

HI There, You will be much happier with an external modem and a wireless router. I like Belkin wireless G router. It's very easy to set up. Windows does offer "Internet Connection Sharing" ( ICS) but it's "flakey" and besides you would need a "Wireless Access Point" (WAP) connected to your desktop for the wireless signal. Below is how I have set up my home office with a desktop and laptop computer. It works very well. Hope this helps, Al ====Wireless Network with Belkin Router=== I just did that last week and it has worked very well. My printer is connected directly to my desktop via USB (running Win XP Home) and that's the printer I wanted to share on my network. My network; I have a Belkin wireless G router connected to a DSL modem. My desktop computer is wired directly to an ethernet connection on the router. The laptop has a wireless card and it connects wirelessly to the router for it's internet connection. I wanted to print wirelessly from the laptop (using the desktop printer). So I had to set up a home or small office network with file and printer sharing. It was easy to do. I just ran the windows network wizard on the host machine (desktop) and turned on file and printer sharing. Click on "Start" click on "My Network Places" In the Network Tasks sidebar click on "Set Up a Home or Small Office Network" this opens up the network wizard (just follow the instructions) Once the desktop (host) was "setup" I saved the settings on a thumb drive (an option that is part of the setup wizard) then ran the "ntsetup.exe" file on the laptop. The wizard instructions tell you to run this setup file on all the devices on your new network. In your case you would run the setup file on all the computers you wish to connect to this network. Remember the "host computer" has the printer directly connected to it and that's the one you set up as host. since you already have the printer driver files installed on the computer that's connected to the printer you do not need drivers on the other computers. What you may need to do to the other computers is open up the control panel and "add a printer". Click "Start" click "Printers and Faxes".Your new shared printer should already be listed. If it is not listed click "add" and follow the instructions. Mine was already listed and I did not have to do anything else. Hope this helps, Al

Libre Office Spreadsheet on My Office Desktop Stops Responding for Most of the Time and Need Restart 2

3. Can your employer use the webcam on your office desktop/laptop to spy on you in your working hours in work from home? Is this not an offence under Section 67 of the IT ACT 2000?

I would have to wonder why you are asking? Are you actually not working and want to be sure you are not caught ?

4. how to upgrade an old office desktop?

>> But will new computer successfully boot from the old hard drive?

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