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How Can I Get Universal Audio Video Driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and Laptops?

Realtek - you can refer to this link and download x64 and x32 drivers for most of the machines as maximum of them commonly have the Realtek Chipset for audio and video codecs. VLC media player for Windows - Also download VLC for maximum media format compatibility.Comment if this does not work ! nPS: which is only in 5% cases mostly, where you gotta dig more deeper into specs and all :PHow can I get universal audio video driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and laptops?how can I get universal audio video driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and laptops?.

How Can I Get Universal Audio Video Driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and Laptops? 1

1. File that will open audio but not video?

VLC should open almost any file. If it does not , there might be something wrong with the file. Windows Media Player does not open a lot of types of files, so using it does not mean much. Quicktime and RealPlayer will only open certain popular types of files, so again it wo not mean much. Check that the other computer can play this file, otherwise maybe the webcam is broken. Another software that could open it is Mediaplayer Classic homecinema, which is sort of like VLC but could be able to open it. If you are going through so much hassle to open a file that should be normal, maybe the problem is in the webcam

2. does laptops have built in audio, and video cards or are they external only?

my laptop has sound i can play some games bit not all my chipset is not compatiable with games like vampire bloodlines but you can get oned that are. so check out what you need your computer to do then compare the laptops

How Can I Get Universal Audio Video Driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and Laptops? 2

3. How to connect laptop to CRT TV (audio and video)?

You need to get an adapter. Here's a link for a VGA to Component 3 adapter ($10.99) and here's one for a VGA to RCA adapter ($0.99)

4. Post formats "audio” and "video” only showing in index.php

If I understand your question correctly, you would need to do the following: HTH

5. Audio / Video Delay - Capture Card fix?

sony vegas video or adobe premiere are both real swell editing programs, you can download off the internet as a torrent

6. How to record audio with video game capture card to an external hard drive?


7. File browser: Get total duration of selected audio/video files

Here is a Nautilus Script - Select files in nautilus - Right-click on it - In context menu, select Script > NameOfScript Installation: Install the mediainfo program if not present sudo apt install mediainfo Save the script to a file in /.local/share/nautilus/scripts Make it executable chmod x /.local/share/nautilus/scripts/scriptname Visit the scripts directory once with nautilus nautilus /.local/share/nautilus/scripts

8. Server for live audio/video streaming

The only way you are going to be able to do something like this without a massive investment of hardware and network planning is using a hosted streaming service (similar to web hosting services, but more niche). You can also look into using Amazon's CloudFront Streaming service

9. Are there any good audio/video lectures on natural language processing available online?

The University of Washington has one: UW Computational Linguistics Master's Degree

10. Is it 100% Legal to record Audio/Video of Law Enforcement Officers on duty in every state in the United States?

Nope, there are a few states that doing that will get you arrested. Ca not remember which but it's real

11. Audio/Video Receiver Shut off, won't turn back on.?

Hard to say. It could be as simple as a stray wire shorting out a speaker and triggering the protection circuit, to catastrophic failure of a key component. Try removing the speaker connections entirely, then turn the volume down and see if the AVR powers up OK. If so it was probably a short. If not you have a repair issue.

12. What are the Best Audio and video compression tools?

For Audio, I would recommend Musicmatch Jukebox... Open Musicmatch Jukebox,Click File >Convert Files > Select your mp3 folder at Source> select your destination folder for the compressed mp3 files > then select convert selected tracks to 'your choice', then click start.. If you want the audio to be in kbps quality,then just select mp3...lower the kbps,the audio will sounds a little bit suck but highly compressed.. But i would recommend you to choose MP3PRO VBR... not so highly compress,but the quality is good.... For Video, just convert it to other file format.. Use Any Video Converter for that....

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Mini PC for Watching Movies and Playing Games
Mini PC for Watching Movies and Playing Games
There are so many different types of mini PCs available on the market. But, which one is the best?There are still a variety of factors to consider when choosing these mini PCs. For example, what's more important - performance or cost? You should also take a glance at the pros and cons before making your decision.In this article, we will be looking into some of the most common features you can expect from these devices and how they compare with each other.A Mini PC is a computer that has a smaller form factor than the regular desktop computers. There are multiple advantages of this kind of computer, such as better mobility, compatibility and lower costs.Mini PCs have come a long way from being simple laptops without GPU and CPU. They have now evolved to include all kinds of features, such as 4K resolution screens with HDR output and water cooling systems.A mini PC is a small, power-efficient computer that is perfect for powering your home office or connecting to your TV as an HTPC. They are also great for travel and entertainment when you need access to the Internet on the go.Mini PCs have become very popular in recent years as they are compact and can easily connect to your TV or laptop. They also come with lots of ports and can be taken anywhere without worrying about taking up too much space.Choosing a mini PC can be difficult because there are so many choices out there, but we’ve done our homework and created this guide on what you should look for when purchasing one.With the advent of technology, we are witnessing a shift of the ways in which people use and shop for computers. With an increasing number of mini PCs, shoppers can get quick access to powerful applications without having to pay a lot.The best mini PC is one that has good specifications to offer all-round performance with the least amount of money. In addition, it needs to run all applications seamlessly without any problem and provide excellent battery life.We have reviewed some of the best mini PCs available online and have listed them below:There are many benefits that come with mini PCs, with the most important one being their low cost. However, mini PCs have evolved over the years and now offer users more than just good performance at a low price.This is why we've put together a list of mini PCs that are worth your time. Some provide better performance while others offer better graphics or other features that are not available on larger laptops. With so many options out there, you're bound to find something worth your time in our list of best mini PC for gaming, office and more.Also note: All hardware mentioned herein is up-to-date as of March 2018Mini PCs have become a popular option for people who want to have the power of a desktop in a small package. Mini PCs come with not only powerful processors but also big storage and good graphics cards. These computers are best for people who need something that is both powerful and portable.A Mini PC can be used for gaming, office work, multitasking, streaming, and more. It can be connected to any screen or TV with HDMI ports nearby. While some mini PCs don't come with an operating system, they usually run on Windows 10 which means they are compatible with most software. This makes them easy to use and less time consuming than installing an operating system yourself or buying one from a retailer like Amazon or Best Buy.All-in-one PCs have been around for a while. The big difference between them and the mini PCs is that they often come with their own built-in monitor, keyboard, and mouse as well. Mini PCs usually come with a smaller processor, less RAM, and smaller or no storage. However, these machines have found their way into offices of all sizes thanks to their low cost and performance.Mini PCs are perfect for people who want to get a computer but don't need the processing power or storage of an all-in-one PC. They allow users to create content on the go or in small spaces like classrooms, libraries, or dorm rooms where space is at a premium.
Introduction to Mini Pc
Introduction to Mini Pc
Career of mini pcFielder was born in Islington, London. Despite being based entirely in Britain, Harry has appeared in a large number of American films, due to filming taking place partly or entirely in Britain. His film credits include Star Wars: A New Hope, McVicar, Highlander and Oliver!.Harry has appeared in a wide range of TV shows including Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Shoestring, The Sweeney, Minder and The Professionals.Harry co-presented CBTV, a Thames TV programme for younger viewers, in the 1980s where he played the Security Guard, Harry, who Jim Sweeney and Steve Steen would have to sneak past on the gates of Teddington Studios.------Personal life of mini pcIn 2012 Fielder published his autobiography Extra Extra, Read All About It!: My Life as a Film and TV Extra. He is sometimes credited as Harry H. Fielder or Harry Aitch Fielder------Gorgeous of mini pcGorgeous is the 2nd mini-album released by the South Korean boy band, F.Cuz. The album was released in physical and digital format on November 18, 2010. The mini-album was also released in Japan and Taiwan on December 8, 2010 and December 16, 2010, respectively..------PINO of mini pcThe Open PINO Platform (or just PINO) is an open humanoid robot platform, with its mechanical and software design covered by the GNU Free Documentation License and GNU General Public License respectively.The external housing design of the PINO is a proprietary registered design, and the term PINO is trademarked.The intention of PINO's designers appears to be to create a Linux-like open platform for robotics.A commercial version of PINO is being sold by ZMP INC. a Tokyo-based robotics company. The latest version is Version 3 (released in August 2006).
Best Laptop Computer Today?
Best Laptop Computer Today?
For me here is my Laptop Reviews based on personal experience... Desktop replacement and gaming laptop. Reviews say the Dell XPS M1710 is a fantastic laptop for 3D gaming. What is good for games is also good for office multitasking and video editing: Intel Core Duo processor up to 2.33GHz, a top-of-the-line graphics card, up to 4GB RAM and a beautiful 1920 x 1200-pixel 17-inch widescreen display. The Dell laptop's screen has a glossy coating that boosts brightness and could glare under office lighting. This laptop is powerful, but not very portable, since it weighs more than 9 pounds. Although this Dell computer is an older laptop, it continues to receive top reviews. HP Pavilion HDX Entertainment Notebook PC (starting at *est. $3,000) >> Where to buy Luxury entertainment laptop. With a 20.1-inch display and a 15.5-pound system weight, the HP Pavilion HDX can barely be called portable. Still, if you are looking for an entertainment laptop that can competently replace an HDTV and DVD player, reviewers say you might be able to justify the cost of this top-performing HP laptop. Price and marginal portability are the obvious drawbacks, and battery life is under two hours. The base model ships with an HDTV tuner, remote control and standard DVD drive/burner. A high-definition HD DVD player is optional (*est. $325). Dell XPS M1330 (starting at *est. $1,300) >> Where to buy Best ultraportable laptop. If light weight and performance are your priorities, reviewers concur that the 13.3-inch Dell XPS M1330 is the best in its class. With the Intel Santa Rosa/Centrino Duo processor platform and a dedicated video card, performance is extraordinary for an ultraportable laptop. With the stock 4-cell battery, the XPS M1330 weighs just 4 pounds. However, battery life is short (about two hours). The optional 9-cell battery runs longer, but adds .5 pound to the weight. Reviewers are very impressed with the stock features and options -- you can even choose from three colors. The 13.3-inch widescreen HD display is said to be spectacular with the LED backlighting option. Lenovo ThinkPad T61 (starting at *est. $930 .1-inch] or $1,070 -inch]) >> Where to buy Best business laptop. Four reviewers select the solid Lenovo ThinkPad T61 as the best option for business users looking for a balance of light weight and a usable screen size. The 14.1-inch widescreen version is a little bigger and heavier (5 pounds) than an ultraportable like the Dell XPS M1330, but it's also much more durable. Lenovo supports this durability with a three-year limited warranty, and the company has the highest reliability and customer support ratings by a wide margin in large surveys of laptop owners. Performance is superb in tests, and the laptop runs cool. It includes Intel's Santa Rosa capabilities, which reviewers note is especially a boon to battery life. Asus G2 (starting at *est. $1,995) >> Where to buy Best value, gaming laptop. You can spend twice as much on a gaming laptop like the Dell XPS M1710 or HP Pavilion HDX, but reviewers say the Asus G2 is a very good gaming laptop for the price. Configured at the same price as the Dell, the Asus gives you more hardware for the dollar, and it comes with a two-year limited warranty. The glossy 17-inch display is praised most often, although it can be reflective. Battery life is not great, but reviewers say it is average for a gaming laptop thanks to the new Intel Santa Rosa/Centrino Duo technology. MacBook Pro (starting at *est. $2,000) >> Where to buy Apple laptop computer. The MacBook Pro is newly upgraded with Intel's Santa Rosa technology and an Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics chip. Most reviewers see it as a reasonable value, but it becomes very expensive if you want to run Windows (add $190 or more) or want long-term support, since included tech support is only 90 days, and the limited warranty is just a year. Display options range from 15.4 to 17 inches. CPU choices are 2.2 or 2.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo processors.1. Do apple laptop computer work with hp brand blank cd's?i desire to propose DELL, for the reason which you could configure your very own laptop on their internet site (warrenty secure). in case you have the time, study ASUS too. fairly their Gaming selection of laptops, that are ultimate suited-notch. 10) 8800gtx is the pictures card via NVIDIA.the ultimate available interior the industry, and in all likelihood the main costly one too. you have set good configurations for your self, yet a million GB RAM is pronounced. you probably did say which OS you like This has a say on the wide-unfold fee too. I say you pick for Vista. (abode top type is powerful) to connect the digital camera, seek for the fire-cord port (this may be a could). there are 2 varieties: 4 pin, or 6-pin. the two are ok. decide for Intel twin center. no longer AMD. I even have the two, and that i believe Intel's processors carry out greater effective. i assume thats as lots. at present, Apple released AppleAir. Its solid, take a glance there too. desire this facilitates.2. How do you install extra memory onto a apple laptop computer?RAM is the computer's internal 'running' memory (think short term memory) while the computer is on it loads programs and files into the RAM to run them. Capacity in this case is actually the size of the internal Hard Drive (think long term memory). This is where you save files and programs when you are not using them right this second. (the reason you got so many strange answers is that capacity Usually refers to the amount of extra RAM you can add to a computer, and 10 GB of RAM in a laptop is unheard of) When people talk about memory they are usually referring to RAM, the iBook you are looking at has a maximum RAM of 512 mB. In order to upgrade it you would buy a replacement RAM card that is 512 mB, take out the 256 mB card and put in the 512. (this will let you use more programs at the same time, and use programs faster) Sometimes people mistakenly refer to the Hard Drive as memory, It is upgradeable too (this would let you add more programs, and save more files) There is no specific upper limit to the size of the hard drive you put in it (cost will likely determine how big) I should warn you that both of these upgrades should only be done by a qualified technician. Apple laptops need special tools to get into and you can damage the machine if you do not know what you are doing. It's also important to make sure that the RAM upgrade you buy is compatible with your iBook. That one uses: PC 133 SDRAM and can be no bigger than 512mB and that the Hard Drive upgrade is compatible as well. It must be an IDE hard drive that is 2.5" wide and 9mm high. good luck!3. Can you buy a screen for Apple laptop computer?You can buy a monitor for your laptop, but you can not simply replace the laptop screen by yourself. You will have to let apple fix it for you
Best Laptop for Music Production?
Best Laptop for Music Production?
MACBOOK FOR SURE!!!! I know so many people that use their Mac to do what you want to do1. Post Production, How To Become Faster?Hope that helps!2. Feasibility of "in situ” ammunition production and salvageIf you are salvaging and making ammunition on the front lines, you are losing.Perhaps because you've lost the home factories or because the home factories are now on the front lines. Purpose built factories can put out ammunition at higher qualities and quantities than anything you will be able to make do and mend at the front. It's possible that this is an apocalyptic scale war and that everyone is losing and they are all doing this, but if it's just you and everyone else's logistics can bring supplies from home, you are losing.It sounds like your logistics are failing. You are trying to shorten your supply lines. Traditionally that's done by retreating, given that the other option is to run out of bullets and either surrender or die, it may be better to order the retreat.Now may be a good time to sue for peaceIf both sides are resorting to this, a cease fire may be in order before your front lines resort to throwing rocks at each other. It's generally considered a good time to end a war if neither side can afford to keep it going. If it's just you.3. Managing Production Issues during a Scrum SprintI work in a team that does mostly development work, but is also responsible for existing complex systems. We've had this problem as well.Basically, we estimate our points based on the last sprint(s) and then reserve a number of points for the expected maintenance work. Should a maintenance task occur that exceeds this significantly, like a major outage, we add it as a user story and remove an existing one that has not started yet, to keep the sprint of the same size. If a major issue pops up that is less urgent, we move it into the next sprint.Yes, this is technically not following scrum. But the flexibility has worked well for us. We have refined this reserved time by asking the team at every planning meeting whether they see reason to deviate from the standard reservation. We introduced this after doing an office move which took us much more time than we anticipated, leading to many stories not being finished.However, do not just stick to how my team or any other team does it. Pick something, and just do it. There is no way to ensure that it will work well for your team. Try, and evaluate in the retrospective. If the team is unhappy, try something different and evaluate again. All teams are different, and their needs and limitations are different as well.4. Production Ideas That Go With Thiss.... Thanks?surely it sounds like a waste of make up. i would by no capacity enable my acquaintances use my make up with it, in my opinion. it would desire to be exciting yet in addition may well be slightly risky. maximum products are meant for a undeniable section on your dermis for a reason. in simple terms make useful your acquaintances have not any allergic reactions and ask if it will be risk-free to assert, use lipgloss as eyeshadow such as you pronounced5. which of these cannot happen in a chemical reaction?"PRODUCTION OF NEW ATOMS ,PRODUCTION OF NEW MOLECULE ,OR?Production of new atoms cannot happen6. Production process of kevlar [closed]From this Wikipedia page: Kevlar is synthesized in solution from the monomers 1,4-phenylene-diamine (para-phenylenediamine) and terephthaloyl chloride in a condensation reaction yielding hydrochloric acid as a byproduct. The result has liquid-crystalline behavior, and mechanical drawing orients the polymer chains in the fiber's direction. Hexamethylphosphoramide (HMPA) was the solvent initially used for the polymerization, but for safety reasons, DuPont replaced it by a solution of N-methyl-pyrrolidone and calcium chloride.The structure of Kevlar is given from the same page: However, Kevlar production on a small laboratory scale will likely be an expensive and difficult endeavor compared to purchasing Kevlar products, which are available in about any form you can imaging, many of them patented. Also, as Kevlar is water insoluble, concentrated sulfuric acid is required to keep it in solution during synthesis, molding, spinning, etc. Good luck ;)
Best Mini PC for Gaming& Web Development
Best Mini PC for Gaming& Web Development
A mini PC is a computer that packs in all the power of a normal sized PC. They are smaller than their bigger counterparts and can be attached to them. They have powerful components and small form factor that allows you to carry them around easily, even if they don't come with a built-in keyboard or mouse.A mini PC is an ideal solution for both power users who need high performance and newbies who want to learn how to use a PC. They are less expensive than traditional desktop PCs but still provide the same functionality. There are many options available for consumers who want to buy one, including Windows and Linux operating systems as well as mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.Best Mini PCs:1- ASUS RoG Maximus VIII Hero2- MSI MPG ZMini PCs are all the rage right now and the reasons for that are numerous. Some people want to get a small computer for their home or office, some want to use it in their dorm room, and others just want to save money.We have already discussed in our previous article what makes a good mini PC. But here I will focus on cheap alternatives so you can read the following parts with an open mind so you will not be left disappointed if your budget is not able to afford it.K-NPC is a mini computer that can run Python scripts. It uses the K-NPC algorithm (KNN for short) which is an algorithm used to predict the classifications of words and their meanings.The K-NPC algorithm works by having the computer repeat a search procedure every thousand characters or so, checking all these results and discarding those that don’t contain any semantically significant words. If no semantically significant words are found, it reduces them to n-grams (n being less than 10000) in order to reduce the computation time. The end result is a list of n-grams. This list contains only meaningful sentences and not other nonsense phrases or chit chat.The K-NPC is a mini PC (a smartphone, an iPad mini, a PC) that is programmed with small artificial intelligence algorithms.A machine learning algorithm is the part of AI used for creating the K-NPC. It helps to teach the computer how to do various tasks and make decisions based on its knowledge. A little machine can learn quickly because it does not have to be taught all at once but only a few things at once. You can also give it simple examples to help it learn faster and more effectively.K-NPC is a mini computer developed for microknot optimization. It calculates the optimal position of an ant with K-necks to be placed in the microknot space which is defined by a fixed kinematic pattern.The Mini PC is known for its tiny size and compactness. It also comes in a variety of budget options.In this section, we are going to talk about some specific mini PC models that you can get as an excellent choice for your office or home. In addition, we will discuss some general guidelines when buying a mini PC.Mini PCs have an elegant design and are easy to carry, but some users are still not satisfied with their performance.It is a major growing segment in the market and has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming years. A lot of people are choosing to buy mini PC online and it will only increase.A mini PC is an all-in-one PC. It has a small form factor, and usually comes with all the peripherals like mouse, keyboard, monitor etc. Mini PC’s are used by one person for daily activities.A Mini PC is the most common portable computer nowadays. They are small, light and easily transportable. However, they are very expensive and not worth it.We need to rethink our business models so that businesses can afford these machines instead of keeping them in their offices and paying for costly maintenance. It makes sense to use a Mini PC when we work at home as well as in our office. It's a convenient way for us to use our data centre equipment wherever we go.There are several reasons why you need a mini PC:When you think about it, we don't really need to discuss what Mini PC is. It's just a small computer that is portable and can be carried around at any time. This makes it perfect for students who prefer to carry something while they are studying or traveling. But there are many reasons why you need a laptop instead of a desktop computer.There are several benefits of having a laptop instead of desktops:It can be used for all kinds of tasks, from playing games to performing research or editing documents.
Best Mini PC for Workstation and Home Use
Best Mini PC for Workstation and Home Use
Here we are going to discuss about the best Mini PC for workstation and home use.Can i plant seeds from vegtibles and fruits that i buy from the store?You are ahead not to. Commercial vegetables seeds are bred to all come ripe the same week from planting date. For having pickers in the field the week they are to be picked. So just 1 large crop. And you do not know how or what they were crossbred with for this trait. So you are ahead buying seed so the crop in a garden is spread out for home use. And you have no idea what the plant seeds cross bred with in the field. As for fruit trees you also have no idea. You start with 1 root stock, and graft a different tree to that for the tree you wish. And must transplant most of them for a better crop. And fruit trees should be moved 200 miles for hardiness to your area as well. I live in IL. and if I wish a cold hardy tree I buy from WI. or MI. A more heat hardy tree I would buy from KY. or TN, But am having good luck with some apricot trees from TX. I got 2 and 1 pear from ND. that do not get ripe till right at frost for a storage pear in the winter here. More to it than just growing a seed. True you will get a plant. but what plant from were? You can plant tomatoes in Canada. but if the seeds came from Mexico I can see problems.How can I get rid of salmonella at my chopping board?I would say that you need different cutting boards. Back when I was in food services, we had different color bords for different items, they were also made of hard pressed plastic & not wood. Red for red meat Yellow for poultry Blue for fish Green for vegetables White for doughs and pastries Brown for cooked foods This made sure that there was no cross contamination. The FDA now uses these colors as standards. And now they even make affordable colored cutting boards for home use. You can disinfect & clean a cutting board by using 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water & letting it soak for about 10 minutes. You can also eliminate odors by sprinkling the board with salt and lemon juice. Make sure you rinse well.What do you think of Japanese technology?To Produce Somethings NEW, is not mainly for sales ! is to " SHOW " , let people know that the Brand with very high advance Technology . for consumer to Turs them more for the Brand ! is a ref for you, to buy their other standard Products ! and those NEW items is main for another 5-10 years. egg, 20 years ago when 13 inc LCD TV on market , is very stupid to paid for 2,500 USD for a TV ? 12 years ago , you may ask, Wow , why 40 inc LCD inc TV, cost 16,000. oo USD for a big TV ? what for ?. Who know, during 2020 , we will buy 100 inc TV for home use and Mose of our house with Auto door and lights ? Very RICH people buy now and enjoys Technology ( there is few people do so ) 99.9 %people will enjoys the same Technology in times to come (price drown 50 % or more like 42 inc LCD )What is your biggest technology issue or problem?Technology is proving to be a problem within it self- in that I have 4 power outlets in my lounge room - My daughter has one in her bedroom- combined we have 48 different power plugs going into an array of powerboards all connected to the very few power outlets- Every day some new gadget is released or updated and with it comes a new power socket ot recharger module- We are replacing new item purchased only 6 months ago with the much loathed "Combo units" just to ensure connectivity remians safe and effective- 30 years ago - a lamp a T.V and perhaps a record player was suffice and to which power outlets suited the application well - Today! its a night mare- Even producers lack insight on this issue- I have in one instance a 4 plug power board connected to another power board - The 4 plug power board allowes me to only fit two bulky large rechargers on it- producers design these great sleek looking gagets but have very little insight to such matters as stated-when it comes to the design of the power recharger- If I have a DVD and a HD box next to my T.V then would it not be nice to simply draw power from the T.V directly to these devices instead of trying to plug each item into a now scare to find power socket..? One power point to the T.V and special outlest from the T.V could service T.V type of devices- Now apply the same ideal to all types of associated devices- One cell phone Cradle applying outlets to a few other cell phones..etc..etc.. A universally uniform power application needs to be put forth based on a pre set of electrical voltage values- The office commerical environment is usually sufficient, hence the issue is specifically for home use applications- Producers need to make everything 12 volts- they need to make a uniform Charging application in where one or a few chargers is able to charge all "Same type"appliances - besides making the application more power point friendly- Carbon emission would also be reduced- Those power pack heat up - I can not go around everynight and shut down 48 different appliances..?I really have to think twice now before I buy any new devices-I know the issue does not just effect me- others I know are in the same boat- to many new devices too may updates and upgrades...and every little power points to safely and effectlively connects such devices too- with the ever growing ugly sight of cables and wires ever growing-Computer are the worsts offenders- Anyone living in a house made 20 years back suffer from the same issues if such are attempting to stay abreast of technological advances-
High Performance Mini PC for Students
High Performance Mini PC for Students
Mini PCs are nowadays a hot product. It's good if you're not the one that is going to buy it. But what if I'm? Which would be better for me?Power Management Chapter 21: Thermoelectric generatorsA thermoelectric generator, TEG, is a solid-state device that converts heat directly into electrical energy through a phenomenon called the Seebeck effect. Thermoelectric generators consist of three major components: thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric modules, and thermoelectric systems that interface with the heat source. Thermoelectric materials generate power directly from heat by converting temperature differences into a dc voltage. To be good thermoelectric materials these materials must have both high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity. Having low thermal conductivity ensures that when one side is made hot, the other side stays cold, which helps to generate a large voltage while in a temperature gradient. The typical efficiency of TEGs is around 5% to 8%. Older devices used bimetallic junctions and were bulky. More recent devices use highly doped semiconductors made from bismuth telluride(Bi2Te3), lead telluride (PbTe), calcium manganese oxide (Ca2Mn3O8), or combinations thereof, depending on temperature. Maximizing the efficiency (or, conversely, the total power output) of requires trade-offs between total heat flow through the thermoelectric modules and maximizing the temperature gradient across them. The design of heat-exchanger technologies to accomplish this is one of the most important aspects of engineering of a thermoelectric generator. Three semiconductors are known to have both low thermal conductivity and high power factor: Low temperature materials (up to around 450K): alloys based on Bismuth (Bi) in combinations with Antimony (Sb), Tellurium (Te), or Selenium (Se). Intermediate temperature (up to 850K): such as materials based on alloys of Lead (Pb). Highest-temperatures material (up to 1300K): materials fabricated from silicon germanium (SiGe) alloys. Although these materials still remain the cornerstone for commercial and practical applications in thermoelectric power generation, significant advances have been made in synthesizing new materials and fabricating material structures with improved thermoelectric performance. Recent research has focused on improving the material's figure-of-merit (zT), and hence the conversion efficiency, by reducing the lattice thermal conductivity. Researchers are trying to develop new thermoelectric materials for power generation by improving the figure-of-merit zT. One example of these materials is the semiconductor compound -Zn Sb , which possesses an exceptionally low thermal conductivity and exhibits a maximum zT of 1.3 at a temperature of 670K. This material is also relatively inexpensive and stable up to this temperature in a vacuum, and can be a good alternative in the temperature range between materials based on Bi Te and PbTe. Besides improving the figure-of-merit, there is increasing focus to develop new materials by increasing the electrical power output, decreasing cost and developing environmentally friendly materials. For example, when the fuel cost is low or almost free, such as in waste-heat recovery, then the cost per watt is only determined by the power per unit area and the operating period. As a result, it has initiated a search for materials with high power output rather than conversion efficiency. For example, the rare earth compound YbAl3 has a low figure-of-merit, but it has a power output of at least double that of any other material, and can operate over the temperature range of a waste-heat source. Many challenges are confronted when designing a reliable TEG system that operates at high temperatures. Achieving high efficiency in the system requires extensive engineering design in order to balance between the heat flow through the modules and maximizing the temperature gradient across them. To do this, designing heat-exchanger technologies in the system is one of the most important aspects of TEG engineering. In addition, the system must minimize the thermal losses due to the interfaces between materials at several places. Another challenging constraint is avoiding large pressure drops between the heating and cooling sources. When selecting materials for thermoelectric generation, a number of other factors need to be considered. During operation, ideally the thermoelectric generator has a large temperature gradient across it. Thermal expansion will then introduce stress in the device, which may cause fracture of the thermoelectric legs, or separation from the coupling material. The mechanical properties of the materials must be considered and the coefficient of thermal expansion of the n- and p-type material must be matched reasonably well. Thermoelectric generators can be applied in a variety of applications. Frequently, thermoelectric generators are used for low-power remote applications or where bulkier but more efficient heat engines such as Stirling engines would not be possible. Unlike heat engines, the solid-state electrical components typically used to perform thermal to electric energy conversion have no moving parts. The thermal to electric energy conversion can be performed using components that require no maintenance, have inherently high reliability, and can be used to construct generators with long service-free lifetimes. This makes thermoelectric generators well suited for equipment with low to modest power needs in remote uninhabited or inaccessible locations such as mountaintops, the vacuum of space, or the deep ocean. Besides low efficiency and high cost, two general problems exist in such devices: high output resistance and adverse thermal characteristics. High output resistance. In order to get a significant output voltage, a very high Seebeck coefficient is needed (high V/C). A common approach is to place many thermo-elements in series, causing the effective output resistance of a generator to be very high (>10). Thus, power is only efficiently transferred to loads with high resistance; power is otherwise lost across the output resistance. This problem is solved in some commercial devices by putting more elements in parallel and fewer in series. Adverse thermal characteristics. Because low thermal conductivity is required for a good thermoelectric generator, this can severely dampen the heat dissipation of such a device (i.e., thermoelectric generators serve as poor heat sinks). They are only economical when a high temperature (>200 C) can be used and when only small amounts of power (a few watts) are needed. Most thermoelectric generator module manufacturing companies use many thermoelectric couples that are sandwiched between two pieces of non-electrically conductive materials. It is also necessary for this material to be thermally conductive to ensure a good heat transfer; usually two thin ceramic wafers are used to form what is called a "thermoelectric module." Each module can contain dozens of pairs of thermoelectric couples called thermoelectric generator modules, TEC modules, and sometimes Peltier or Seebeck modules, which simply denotes whether they are being used to generate electricity (Seebeck) or produce heat or cold (Peltier). Functionally there is no difference between the two. They both are capable of producing heat and cold or generating electricity, depending on whether heat is applied or an electrical current. There are differences in performance between various modules depending on what they were manufactured for. For example, if a module is being manufactured for use in a 12-volt dc automotive cooler, the thermoelectric couples will be of a thicker gauge and so will the wire connecting the modules to the 12-volt dc power source. In most cases, the module itself is quite large. This is simply because the module will be conducting a heavy load of current and will need to be able to handle the load. Although these type modules can be used to produce electricity, they are not well suited for the task because they have a high internal resistance (lowering output) and lower temperature solder that may melt if used for Seebeck purposes. This means the electrical connection may fail when the higher heat needed to produce significant amounts of electricity is applied to the module. GMZ-Energy's TG16-1.0 thermoelectric module is capable of producing twice the power of the company's first product, the TG8 (Fig. 21-1). The highly efficient TG16-1.0 directly converts waste heat into usable electricity and is well suited for extremely high-temperature environments, such as those in boilers and furnaces. By doubling the power density, GMZ's new module substantially increases performance while maintaining a minimal footprint. The TG16-1.0 will augment the TG8, enabling dramatic efficiency improvements and new functionalities in products requiring high power density. Now, with two product offerings, GMZ is capable of providing a solution to even more OEM partners around the world. GMZ Energy's proprietary platform technology enables low-cost manufacturing of bulk thermoelectric materials. The company's patented nano-structuring process reduces thermal conductivity while maintaining electrical conductivity, enhancing the performance ("figure of merit," zT) by 30% to 60% across multiple classes of thermoelectric materials, including bismuth telluride, lead telluride, skutterudites, silicon germanium, and half-Heusler materials. The company has recently applied its nano-structuring process to half-Heusler materials, yielding a unique combination of high performance, high strength and low cost. GMZ's proprietary method of bulk manufacturing TE materials of less than 1 micron in size is more cost-effective than known nanowire or thin-film manufacturing methods for temperatures of 550C to 650C on the hot side and 100C on the cold side. A demonstration of the TEG's ability to convert a vehicle's waste heat into electricity was performed for the Army's TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center) program. For that program, GMZ Energy successfully demonstrated a 1,000W TEG designed for diesel engine exhaust heat recapture. The company integrated five 200W TEGs into a single 1,000W diesel engine solution that directly converts exhaust waste heat into electrical energy, which increases fuel efficiency and lowers overall costs. The GMZ TEGs demonstrated continuous output power with no degradation in performance over the test period. To simulate vehicle performance, the unit was tested by connecting directly to the exhaust of a 15-liter V8 diesel engine inside an engine test cell. At approximately 80 liters (2.8 ft3), GMZ's TEG was less than one-third of the TARDEC program's specified size requirement. The operating temperature range of a TEG depends on the materials employed. For example, a bismuth-tellurium system is suitable for relatively low temperature operation (room temperature to 200 C), whereas silicon-germanium alloys work best for high-temperature applications (>800C). For moderate temperature (T = 500C to 800C) heat sources such as a vehicle's exhaust and industrial waste heat, half-Heusler types are the material of choice. The GMZ TEGs demonstrated continuous output power with no degradation in performance over the test period. To simulate vehicle performance, the unit was tested by connecting directly to the exhaust of a 15-liter V8 diesel engine inside an engine test cell. At approximately 80 liters (2.8 ft3), GMZ's TEG was less than one-third of the TARDEC program's specified size requirement. With this demonstration, GMZ successfully reached an important milestone in the $1.5 million vehicle-efficiency program sponsored by TARDEC and administered by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). With battlefield fuel costs ranging from $40 to $800 per gallon, the U.S. military is especially interested in thermoelectric technologies, which are physically robust, have long service lives, and require no maintenance due to their solid-state design. GMZ's patented half-Heusler material is uniquely well suited for military applications. The 1000W TEG features enhanced mechanical integrity and high-temperature stability thanks to a patented nano-structuring approach. GMZ's TEG also enables silent generation, muffles engine noise, and reduces thermal structure. Half-Heusler is environmentally friendly and mechanically and thermally robust, although cost may be an eventual issue. The TARDEC TEG incorporates GMZ's TG8-1.0 modules, which are the first commercially available modules capable of delivering power densities greater than one Watt/cm while operating at 600C. Fig. 21-2 shows the power output of a TG8-1.0 module as a function of current and temperature. The TARDEC 1000W TEG consists of 400 TG8-1.0 modules with associated cold-side and hot-side heat exchangers and manifolds. GMZ did the engineering and CFD simulation to project performance. The technology's uniqueness is its ability to operate at high-temperature gradients (high T), which allows the extraction of more power per unit area of the TEG modules. 21-2. TG8-1.0 power output as a function of temperature and output current. The next phase of this program will be testing in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Besides saving money and adding silent-power functionality for the U.S. military, this TEG can increase fuel efficiency for most gasoline and diesel engines. This low-cost TEG technology fits into a broad array of commercial markets, including long-haul trucking, heavy equipment, and light automotive. Due to the high currents involved, GMZ usually employs series connections to maximize voltage and minimize current as much as possible as well as to minimize I2R losses. Because diesel exhaust is less than 600C and the module hot-side temperature is even lower than the flow temperature, the modules do not give their full power output the way they do in other applications. However, even with the derating to account for the lower hot-side temperature, the economics of incorporating these systems is very compelling with payback times typically less than 12 to 24 months. A high T capability can result in higher efficiency in some cases. However, what really matters is the $/Watt. When the input energy is free, the cost of the output energy is driven entirely by the cost of the generator. GMZ designed the system to minimize the $/W in order to maximize their utility to the largest possible set of prospective users. Because any thermoelectric material generates more power with higher T, GMZ focused on half-Heusler material systems, which have very high temperature capability. GMZ modules are rated for 600C continuous hot-side capability with 700C intermittent. This maximizes power per device, which minimizes the $/W. In volume production, GMZ expects its TEG systems to be below $1/W. GMZ Energy's proprietary platform technology enables low-cost manufacturing of bulk thermoelectric materials. The company's nano-structuring process reduces thermal conductivity while maintaining electrical conductivity, enhancing the performance (figure of merit, zT) by 30% to 60% across multiple classes of thermoelectric materials, including bismuth telluride, lead telluride, skutterudites, silicon germanium, and half-Heusler materials. Compared to thin-film and nanowire materials, GMZ's nano-structured bulk materials have superior mechanical integrity and high-temperature (20C-800C) thermal stability. GMZ's TEG materials and processes also allow direct bonding to interconnect without the need for metallization, which lowers costs and increases module durability and life cycle. This enables the module to provide consistent energy over long-term cycling, even in the most challenging environments. The 1000W TEG is composed of 400 TG8 modules with associated cold-side and hot-side heat exchangers and manifolds. GMZ did the engineering and CFD simulation to project the performance. GMZ's uniqueness is its ability to operate at high-temperature gradients (high T), which allows the extraction of more power unit area of its TE modules. The 1000W test unit included 400 modules. In general, GMZ tries to do series connections (maximize voltage and minimize current) as much as possible in order to minimize I2R losses due to the high currents involved. Because diesel exhaust is less than 600C and the module hot-side temperature is even lower than the flow temperature, the modules do not give their full power output the way they do in applications like self-powered boilers. However, even with the derating to account for the lower hot-side temperature, the economics of incorporating these systems is very compelling with payback times typically less than 12 to 24 months. High T capability of the TG8-1.0 can result in higher efficiency in some cases. However, what really matters is the $/Watt. When the input energy is free, the cost of the output energy is driven entirely by the cost of the generator. The system is designed to minimize the $/W in order to maximize the largest possible set of prospective users. Because any thermoelectric material generates more power with higher T, GMZ has focused on half-Heusler material systems that have very high temperature capability. Modules are rated for 600C continuous hot-side capability with 700C intermittent. This maximizes the power per device and minimizes $/W. In volume production, GMZ expects to sell its TEG systems at or below $1/W. In certain applications, thermoelectric modules (TEMs) are typically used to achieve the rapid temperature changes. The advantages of thermoelectric modules over other types of thermal cycling devices are precise temperature control, compactness, faster temperature ramp rates, and efficiency. The PC Series TEMs from Laird are proven to perform for more than 800,000 temperature cycles and can operate in temperatures up to 120C. This exceeds the requirements for certain applications and provides a lower total cost of ownership. These TEMs are constructed with multiple layers between the ceramic substrates, copper buss bars, and semiconductor couples (Fig. 21-3). To reduce thermally induced stress, a flexible and thermally conductive "soft layer" is inserted between the cold-side ceramic substrate and copper buss bars. The integration of the polymer into the thermoelectric modules absorbs the mechanically induced stresses caused by rapid temperature cycling. As a result, the stress induced on the semiconductor couples and solder joints is significantly reduced, extending the overall operational life of TEM. 21-3. Laird's PCS series of thermoelectric modules are intended for thermal cycling applications. Thermal cycling exposes TEMs to mechanical stresses as the module contracts and expands from repeated cooling and heating cycles. The high-temperature diffusion of impurities and mechanical stresses over time significantly reduces the operational life of a standard TEM. The PC Series is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of thermal cycles with minimal degradation.
Best Laptop for Photo Editing?
Best Laptop for Photo Editing?
i would say mac, even though it is on more of the pricier side. it comes with iphoto which has a bunch of great features/effects. it also comes with an 'enhance' button that fixes every little thing wrong about the picture, and a button to take away any pimples, blemishes, or scars that you may have.1. Need help with photo shop?After you select the color, click on the color box, then write down the numbers so you can replicate the color with the other image2. Daily photo challenge? (taking one photo everyday of the year)?Photo Everyday For A Year3. Program to make photo slideshowTry Google's Picasa - it creates great sideshows, montages and movies from photo collections. And it's free4. Free photo editor for WindowsUnfortunately I can not add comments yet, therefore an additional answer..If GIMP, suggested by Euri Pinhollow, does not do the trick, then maybe a combination of Windows Explorer Inkscape will be sufficient for your needs.A photo browsing alternative to Windows Explorer is IrfanView. IrfanView does also have photo editing capabilities (e.g. your requested straightening). For a list of some of the features have a look at their website5. Your opinion/critique of this photo?good actually great it is crisp and very colorfilled if thats a word what camera are u using?6. Which girl is the prettiest in this photo?Alice is the prettiest then sarah7. Satan or demon in my photo?It looks like a bear to me, haa8. Photo Ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!?Bear-ly Seen - Never Heard9. Good photo ideas forFind pictures of just you and him. If you can find enough you can do a photo calendar. You can always do a mug and then add some homemade hot chocolate to it. There are travel mugs you can design yourself & can change as you want to. Good luck!10. Do flight crews (pilots, cabin crew, pursers, etc.) have their own security line or do they have to line up with other passengers?At most airports in the U.S., flight crew can bypass the TSA security lines that passengers use by going through the "Known Crewmember" entrance.We are vetted through our airline ahead of time, and given a small badge with a barcode on it. When we present the card, it pulls up our information and photo for the TSA agent, who verifies our ID before allowing us to pass through and into the secure area.11. compressing a digital photo?You can download a software called ACDSee. It has a trial version i think. At there, you can convert your photo to any format at any quality. Try switching to JPG format and maybe 25% quality. That should reduce the size. Usually for digital printing or viewing, you will not see much difference in terms of quality unless you want to enlarge it by a 100times12. Which profile photo is better (pic)?photo no. 213. what's a good groomsman's gift?if you do not mind waiting and giving them the gifts until just after the wedding, you could get each one a silver picture frame and put his [wedding attired] photo in the frame. a chair massage mat (about $100) guys like gadgets and electronics; alot of those items fall within your price range.14. I have a recipe for Red Velvet Cake and I would like to know how to make it a sugarless cake?pink Velvet Cake From Diana Rattray, Your training guide to Southern U.S. food. loose publication. sign up Now! A pink velvet cake recipe from our communicate board. elements: a million/2 cup shortening a million a million/2 cups sugar 2 eggs 2 tablespoons cocoa a million a million/2 oz. .pink nutrition coloring a million teaspoon salt 2 a million/2 cups flour a million teaspoon vanilla a million cup buttermilk a million teaspoon soda a million tablespoons vinegar education: Cream shortening; beat in sugar gradually. upload eggs, one after the different; beat properly after each and each and every addition. Make paste of cocoa and nutrition coloring; upload to creamed mixture. upload salt, flour and vanilla alternately with buttermilk, beating properly after each and each and every addition. Sprinkle soda over vinegar; pour vinegar over batter. Stir until eventually thoroughly blended. Bake in 3 8-inch pans or 2 9-inch pans for 0.5-hour at 350. Southern pink Velvet Cake Recipe courtesy Cakeman Raven, Cakeman Raven Confectionery, NYC coach: Sara's secrets and techniques Episode: Cakeman Raven tremendous dinner recommendations: hen pork Shrimp Pasta beef click photo to develop Recipe summary project: Medium Prep Time: 0.5-hour prepare dinner Time: 0.5-hour Yield: about 6 to eight servings upload to My Recipe field digital mail to a buddy Print: complete web page 3X5 Card | 4X6 Card rankings and comments consumer score: rankings & comments FAQ.
Best Laptop for Video Editing?
Best Laptop for Video Editing?
Try a Sony Viao or a Toshiba laptop. But do not get the Viao CS110e's, they are Sony's poopstain I swear. Toshiba has a decent A305 laptop which has some great reviews (large hardrive, mem/gig, fast, only downside is glossy finish). Hp is not bad either, just go to the site and custom build it. You can choose your processor and memory which is great. Slightly more expensive, but great. For serious professional editing, I would consider a Mac. Mac uses Final Cut which is higher end editing software but since you do not want to switch, you are a thousand dollars richer, lol. PC's are so much cheaper and more versatile.1. Kingdom Hearts(KH) Re: Chain of Memories(CoM) for PS2. Extra Cards?you must have BROKEN THE CHAIN OF MEMORY!!!!! damn, sorry, somebody had to do it2. I want an Xbox 360, which one should i get?I can not really help with the cash converters part because it would vary on the condition of your items. But for the XBOX 360 i do not think you should get the pre-owned it sounds pretty useless. I think the arcade bundle is a good option the only down fall is xbox live and hard drive but they are not really necessary. The XBOX 360 Pro is a great option if you like halo xbox live and if you use a lot of memory. I do not think that this will get the RROD. And it sounds like you do not like the elite and neither do i. (P.S) All XBOX 360's are victim to the RROD eventually so i would not worry about that.3. Is desktop memory compatible with laptops?NO laptop memory is generally so (small outline) smaller in physical size than desktop memory4. What does sugarplum fairy mean?If memory serves,it was 1960's slang for a drug dealer!5. What are the benefits of Virtual Memory?Benefits are:The system with MMU (Memory Management Unit)(i.e., supports virtual memory), The compiler/linker is free to take any address as it needed. While the code is executing MMU will translates Virtual address to physical address.The system without MMU: the compiler and linker has to assign address dependent on the system memory. Because it should not use the memory region of other task.Advantage: the compiler/linker need NOT to bother about the memory map of the system.Coming to your Question: If virtual memory is stored in main memory, then why even use it in the first place?Why not just use main memory?Vitural memeory/address is representation of physical address/memory . This representation helps in acheiving easier multitasking implementation, memory management, developing task without system memory details..6. What does integrated graphic card mean??!?It means that the video chip is not located on a removable card but is build into the PCs system board. It is integrated into the system and can not be removed. However that is not a problem. The system board should have additional ports you can use to add a graphic card. Check the specs of the PC for what kind of slots it has (AGP. PCI, PCIe, etc.) Then purchase a card that will fit the proper slot Once inserted, the PC should turn off the built in video chip and use the new card instead. Or you have an option to leave the video chip turned on and be able to run one monitor for the original video port on the PC and a second monitor for the new video port the card will give you. The majority of PCs on the market today have integrated graphics because it is cheaper to just have to put one chip on the system board that to produce a whole video card with multiple chips and memory on it. So they design them so you can simply add on a card if you want to change your video.7. When did everyone stop working and hospital bag?With my first I had to leave early because I was having so bad hip pain. Then couple days after christmas I was on bedrest. I had nothing ready for the baby or hospital bag. With my second I worked till I had him. I do not know want kind of bottles you getting for the baby. The hospital has different kind of bottle nipples that you do not have in stores. I think everything else look pretty good. But I would bring a camera take pictures to have for memory
Is a Mini Pc Notebook Worth It?
Is a Mini Pc Notebook Worth It?
It really depends what you will be using it for. If you are using it only to do homework and chat with friends and possibly visit a couple websites or what not, a mini would be great. If you are really into music, movies, photography, or games and you download or upload a lot, you may want to make sure you have a larger amount of memory space which usually means getting away from the mini's and does get a bit more expensive. You CAN get a mini with more available memory space- just remember the more memory space, the more expensive, no matter the literal size of the computer. (I am personally not a fan of mini's though because they do not have a cd drive- you have to buy one separately and hook to it anytime you needed a cd, which is annoying.) I would recommend looking at the dell website and look at building a computer putting in what you would use it for- JUST LOOKING at first and see what they recommend and the price. You could also go into Best Buy and talk to one of their computer specialist telling them what you would use it for and they could give you a recommendation on what computer you should get- you can even tell them you prefer the smaller size. Being actual people dealing directly with customers they can also give you a lot of pros and cons that they've heard about all of the products. If you are really looking for a laptop but do not have a ton of money to spend, you should look into the possibility of buying a refurbished one. **You have no idea how many people are total techies (my husband falls into this category) that HAVE to have the latest and the greatest and they TOTALLY take care of the electronics that they have, they only sell it off because it's not the latest model (well, my hubby gives me the one he's been using and then gets sells off mine)** Good luck finding the computer of your dreams that fits into your budget!!!1. Is there a mini freezer or a mini fridge with a big freezer?Most mini fridges only have small freezers2. hiding a mini fridge. help?there is a silent electric cooler. i bought one at walmart a few years ago. its like the type you put ice in and take to the beach but its hard plastic. there's no noise or condensation or vents. no freezer compartment. and lots lighter to carry3. coach mini skinnies, what are they really?Go to the outlet. They sell great Coach stuff for lil bit cheaper. My mommy got my a great wristlet there for 50 bucks and a wallet [dont remember how much that was]4. The Best Mini Excavator for 2021As contractors who take their jobs seriously, it makes sense that you want the best equipment out there. Every year as new technologies come out and brands introduce new versions of machines, it's a question people ask a lot. Mini excavators, in particular, have been becoming a more popular machine. Their small body and versatile applications make them valuable machines. So, what is the best mini excavator to rent for your project? The Best Mini Ex - Or Any Other Machine Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. The "best" type of any machine simply does not exist. The best machine for one job may not be the best for another. The actual machine itself is going to be similar across different makes. But the additional parts - GPS, telematics, available attachments, etc - will change. Some contractors are more comfortable with one brand versus another which means that the best machine for them is unique. The same way you can not really have a "best book" or "best movie" of the year, there is no "best mini excavator" for the year. If the Oscars can not make everyone happy, neither can a single mini ex. However, that does not mean that there is not a perfect mini excavator for you or your job. What is the job you need to do? The first step is to really think about the job and what you need the machine to do. In many smaller projects, jobs by sidewalks, on household lawns and private properties, or for doing trench or small-scale digging, a mini ex is a great machine. However, the mini ex may not be a good fit for your job at all. A backhoe may be a good fit if you want to focus on moving more so than digging. Maybe a larger excavator is a better fit. Maybe you are only looking at mini excavators because of the attachments and there's an independent machine that can do that independently. Do you need your mini excavator to have bells and whistles? For some projects, GPS systems, additional attachments and telematics are must-haves. Depending on the season, you may need air conditioning in the cab. With equipment technology advancing all the time, electric-powered mini excavators are starting to be seen in the market. While many of these additions are available with many brands, some brands may be better suited for what you need. What Size of Mini Excavator Do You Need? Now that you've settled that a mini excavator is the best machine for the job, it's time to think about size. The best mini excavator size completely depends on the job. Many homeowners will rent 1 or 2-ton mini excavators for small yard projects. However, mini excavators can be rented for up to 9 tons. That's a wide range of small-sized excavators for any number of projects. At the same time, there are many different attachments that you can rent along with an excavator to really diversify the use of your machine. Auger attachments, trenching buckets, thumbs and hammers all make a mini ex capable of exactly what you need. How To Choose a Brand of Mini Excavator Contractors often go with whatever brand they know best and are most comfortable with. John Deere is a way of life, after all, not just a brand name. Skid steers are a great example of this: many people only like to use bobcat skid steers. It's the name synonymous with the machine and many people trust that even though skid steers are also made by a number of other brands. The biggest difference between brands is the controls. Operators get comfortable with using a set of controls and switching for a short-term rental could impact productivity. Not all machines have different controls but it does happen. The personal preference of a brand is one of the biggest reasons why there is no "best" machine or mini excavator. It's as personal as what boot style you like or what brand of tool you trust. Renting the Best Mini Excavator For You While it would be great to announce that a single mini excavator is the best one out there and the only mini ex you would ever need again. . . it's just not realistic. Like many other things in life, it's better to ask the question, "What is the best mini excavator for me and my job?" Hopefully these questions and points help to guide you to the best mini ex for you and to help you pivot your mindset when looking for equipment for your next project.
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