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Help Me Find the Right Gaming Laptops for Me!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!?

A computing gadget is greater useful for gaming and the traditional specs so a strategies is a i5-3570k processor 8gb of ram ddr3 ssd force 1tb hdd coolermaster hyper 212 evo cpu cooler a 750 watt psu corsair or coolermaster a gtx 660 ti or greater or a amd hd 7870 or greater a coolermaster , corsair ,nxzt computing gadget case which could handle better than 2 to 3 followers

Help Me Find the Right Gaming Laptops for Me!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!? 1

1. PC gaming or Console gaming?

I find this hard to answer because I like first person shooters on PC. But all other kinds I like on Console better

2. will this work for gaming?

It would problem run wow, but windows vista take so much CPU you may as well run 2 games at the same time! Keep looking i got one with 2gigs of ram, and 160gig HD, XFX GeForce 9800 GT Video Card , 1.89 Hv processor, XP , disk drive. and 100mps Ethernet cardy thing :P for 150$!

Help Me Find the Right Gaming Laptops for Me!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!? 2

3. Is this good for gaming?

There's something terrible about that setup. I do not suggest you buy it. The biggest problem is that first, it has an AMD A-10 processor. This processor has a built in video card. However, that setup has included an dedicated video card (GT-610) that is slower than the built in video card included with the processor. All in all,two video card that wo not work together? A waste of resources and money.

4. What are pros and cons of gaming desktops vs gaming laptops?

Desktop Pros: Fast, Reliable (with a steady power source), Great amounts of storage vs pricing, Good Graphics, and everything about it is externally plugged into it (no track pad/built in keyboard), and you have the option to upgrade to better parts (more RAM, better CPU, better graphics card etc.) Cons: It's not portable, lag can still hit you hard with some higher end spec games, and generally while everything can be externally plugged into (mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor etc.) you can do this with a laptop as well. Also, if you lose power suddenly, there goes your games current state, back to your most recent save (or further depending on how bad the crash is.) Laptop Pros: Portable, Can survive with no power source long enough to save a game. Cons: Graphics are not really meant for gaming, generally slower, and unless you buy external devices (keyboard, mouse etc.) you have a set screen size and no mouse, making gaming a pain. All the parts are pretty standard, so you can not change them out, meaning whatever it can run, it can run. And what it can not , it can not . I think the only interchangeable part in my laptop is the RAM and HD, so it's pretty set on graphics and sound limitations. But, based on the games you've listed, for 400 - 700, either will be fine really. The only game you may have problems running is Star Wars the Old Republic, as it's not out yet, and probably will have high end requirements that most laptops wo not meet (I am on a 600 dollar laptop, an acer, and I can run most games, even things like Oblivion, Minecraft and several other 'high end' games with little to no lag on default settings.) But, if you are looking for more for you money, go with a desktop, as you can always upgrade them later on.

5. PC game lagging what do I do?

With PC gaming, you want to make sure that your PC's hardware can handle the requirements of the game. Most laptops are not meant for gaming. In gaming, one of the most important parts is the graphics card. Most laptops are very terrible graphics card. They usually have Intel HD graphics or the AMD equivalent. These graphics are fine for YouTube, Netflix, web browsing, etc but terrible for gaming. Unfortunately, with the majority of laptops, even gaming laptops, you cannot upgrade the grpahics card. What you have is what you get. You would need to buy a newer laptop with the graphics card that you want in order to play most games. A decent gaming laptop will cost around $600-$800. A good gaming laptop will easily cost $1,000. It is not uncommon to find $2k-$3k gaming laptops. At this point, there really is not a whole lot you can do. In the game, lower all graphical settings to their absolute lowest. If the game runs smooth, turn up/down the settings as necessary until you reach a balance of graphical quality vs. performance. If, however, the game still lags a lot even with the lowest graphics settings, then you can not do anything about it. Next time, before spending money on a game, read the requirements and compare them against the specs your laptop has. More likely than not, your laptop will not run most modern games from the past 9-10 years without serious performance problems. It simply was not designed for gaming.

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