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Choosing the Right Desktop Computer?

Since you mentioned you would be storing all your music and photographs on your computer you would have to look for something with lots of storage space, At least 2TB. If you will be editing and converting a lot of high quality media such as photographs and music and videos then consider getting an i7 and decent quality RAM and a decent motherboard too and a Graphics card if you need to view HD media at its highest (Although most mid-high end motherboards have a HDMI output). Always buy what you need and dont let any shopkeepers push items for sale as they might say "yeah man thats gonna last for 4-5 years man,Its totally futureproof " This is just Crap ,dont fall for this. And the computer you selected is great man. keep up the good photography

Choosing the Right Desktop Computer? 1


If your start bar does not show up either then explorer is not running. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to task manager. Go to file new task (run). and type explorer.exe. You should then see everything again. This may or may not work depending on the situation. It is hard to determine the problem with the details provided

2. How does this desktop look?

Well you really wo not need an i7 for gaming but if you plan on doing some video editing then keep it. The performance between an i7 and i5 in games are usually no more the 5 fps difference. Besides that i do not see anything wrong with your build. Its a great build but if you do decide to go with the i5 you can also add a ssd for your boot drive which will make your computer alot more snappier

Choosing the Right Desktop Computer? 2

3. Which desktop is better for gaming?

Whichever PC has the fastest CPU, the most RAM and the best graphics card is the best. No ifs, ands or buts. (Nuff said).

4. laptop to desktop internet sharing?

if your talking about having wireless through your desktop, best buy or circut city, even walmart sells bluetooth wireless internet cards that will plug into your computer for about $30-40.00

5. What picture is on your desktop?

i have active desktop recovery it was that and some other sh*t

6. Desktop or Laptop? MAC or PC??

id go for a laptop that way your not stuck in one place and you can take it everywhere. and id get a PC i dont like MAC a lot for many reasons

7. Different accounts on Mac Desktop?

1.Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Accounts. 2.If some settings are dimmed, click the lock icon and type an administrator name and password. 3.Click Add () and type the user's name. 4.If you do not want to use the short name generated automatically, type a new short name. (Once the account is created, you wo not be able to change the short name.) 5.Type the user's password in the Password and Verify boxes. 6.Type a hint to help the user remember the password if they have trouble remembering it at login. 7.Click Parental Controls and select options to determine what the user can do with the computer.

8. What is your desktop background?

Hello Kitty XD I love her :)

9. Laptop or Desktop which is better?


10. Should I get a laptop or desktop?

Since a AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core Processor is way better than an Asus - Laptop with Intel Core2 Duo Processor you should defiantly go with the Desktop PC

11. virus on my desktop computer?

have you tried to remove it in safe mode? If you are not sure how to get in safe mode, reboot your computer and press the f8 key until the menu comes up. Once there, run the program and see if you can remove anything. Check your add/remove programs and make sure you dont have anything weird installed.

12. Ubuntu vs lubuntu for desktop?

What do you mean of functionality?Lubuntu is an Ubuntu OS with the same repository sources, but with a different desktop environment and set of default applications (packages).In the matter of desktop, you can also install LXDE and its components on Ubuntu either to try it beside Gnome Shell (Unity on 17.04 and below)

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Best Laptop Or Desktop for Programming?
ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY A MAC. Mac's are more for "recreation and gaming computers. Buy a dell. Those are great for programming. Also get windows 7 software on it. Not windows 8! Windows 8 is converting more towards touch screen style and "gaming" style. DON'T BUY AN APPLE1. How are certain Linux distros substantively different? [closed]redhat and fedora are similar. Ubuntu is based off debian. The difference between distros to me seems to be the way you install packages and where stuff is. In debian/ubuntu you use .debs and in redhat/fedora/centos you use rpms. I use ubuntu for desktop and server - it's pretty easy to keep up to date and install software. I have used the redhat variety - I found this a bit more difficult to maintain2. Regarding START MENU items, Please tell me in Detail?Hi Create one new folder in desktop by the name unused icons In my computer select D drive or C drive---->document and settings --->All Users--->start menu--->select ur files or Folders or sub folders u want to delete--->copy it and paste it in desktop new folder that u created already as unsused icons.u can delete in startmenu after copying in folders Its easy to perform.Then u can use it whenver u want i hope this wil help u Soniya Jaraika Soniya Jaraika3. FIFA WC 2006 Survey 2?1. Have you ever been accused of being an internet addict? yes lol 2. Are you wearing a watch? not right now 3. Do you prefer women or men [Not sexually]? um if it's not sexually, then i would say men, us women are bitches sometimes lol 4. Smoothies are better than milkshakes, agree? disagree :P 5. Coffee or tea? Tea but i love espresso 6. If you had to choose between a pet butterfly or pet bee which would you choose? butterflies, i freak out when i see a bee lol 7. If your dream person came to you and asked you to marry them would you faint? if it was pirlo, yes i would lose conciousness 8. Are you on a laptop or Desktop? laptop 9. Do you like Vodka or Tequila? Not a big fan of alcohol 10. Would you name your kid Tulip? sure why not, let's hope i dont have a boy 11. What word sounds dirty to you but is not ? Pocahontas, uranus, oregano, peanuts, strudel lol...i could go on 12. Do you have high Cholesterol? Nope 13. Ronaldinho C. Ronaldo to Real Madrid, which would flop easier? C Ronaldo, in more ways than one 14. Did you see the Brazilian line ref in the Mirassol vs Corinthias, who happens to be a female, a pretty one? :D not that i recall4. Is this a good deal for a desktop computer?Its a gud deal. you can grab the offer...!!5. How to build a desktop?to boot the version in overall performance and value, indexed under are some important ones: in case you harm areas in construction your very own computing gadget, you are in charge. while you are making a mistake and it wo not artwork, you may desire to make your concepts up the thank you to surprising it. If any area fails, you may desire to handle the maker of that area straight away on guarantee themes.6. why are my laptop icons super large now?right click on desktop and click properties and go to settings and adjust the screen resolution you want7. Is this a good desktop build?It is great I would get a H87 motherboard as you cant overclock your cpu and put the money into a AMD HD 78508. is this a good gaming desktop?Looks good, but dont you think its too expensive? I suggest you to build your own instead because its MUCH cheaper to do so than buying one from Alienware, etc.9. I need help connecting my laptop to my tv with an hdmi cable?Make sure that you change the tv to display the right channel. On the laptop you will need to either extend the desktop to the TV, or put the laptop into presentation mode as if you were going to use a projector. The presentation mode is probably the way to go - all you need to do is turn it on. Usually you need to hit the function key and a hot key, normally a key from F1 through to F12 to turn it on. Check the user manual for your laptop. The second way is to make the tv work as a second screen. To do this, right click on the desktop, and go properties. Then click on the advanced tab. You should see two rectangles representing the monitors - the grayed out one should be the TV. Click on it, then click on the check box saying 'extend my windows desktop onto this monitor.' Then click on apply. You may also need to change the display resolution and color settings on the tv. Bring them up higher gradually, untill you get one that looks correct.
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