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14 Inch Laptop Vs. 15.6 Inch Laptop?

There's not really much of a difference between a 14 inch and 15.6 screen laptop -- other than the obvious 1.6 inches, which is nothing. I would take a look at the other available options on each laptop -- RAM, hard drive size, optical drives, # of USB ports, HDMI ports, wireless capabilities, other input/output ports, etc. If both laptops offer the same options and if the price difference is not significant, I would just go with the 15.6 inch laptop

14 Inch Laptop Vs. 15.6 Inch Laptop? 1

1. 3.5 inch HDD any bigger?

If you are concerned about high failure rates, get server-grade drives (RE2 I believe is WD's server-grade drive). They have lower failure rates

2. Long (over two inch) cuts?

Get it stitched

14 Inch Laptop Vs. 15.6 Inch Laptop? 2

3. 7-inch or 10-inch tablet PC?

Get the 10 inch. There is not much that you can do on a screen that is smaller than that. It is basically a large touch screen phone then. And then the user interface will have to be really different and it will not be fun to use it for stuff that you want to do.

4. Can I use shocks for a 4 inch lift with a 2.5 inch lift?

In short no.Any competent 4x4 shop will tell you.Bear in mind big lifts raise centre of gravity which will impair stability particularly with a laden roof rack.

5. Will mixing about a inch of bleach and a inch of uran kill you?

The ammonia in the urine and the chlorine in the bleach will combine to for hydrochloric acid and chloramine vapor along with a lot of other nasty things. Immediately remove yourself from the vicinity of the area (you can not call 911 if you are passed out) but it sounds like you already did this. If you are experiencing prolonged effects, try calling the Poison Control Center and ask their advice on what to do. 1-800-222-1222. If you have recovered enough, flush the mix in the toilet and ventilate the area by opening windows and turning on fans. Hope you feel better

6. 24 inch TV vs 32 inch TV?

There is actually a math formula that the TV industry uses to determine best TV for viewing distance. In your case the 32 inch would be best. And bigger is most definitely not always better. Have you ever sat in the front row of a movie theater? Yeah you can get that negative effect in the home too. When I worked in an electronics store it would surprise you as to how many people would return TV's for being to big. Now I just work on a farm

7. 10inch vs. 12inch miter saw?

10 Inch Miter Saw

8. Macbook pro 13 inch review?

I have one. It's awesome. It's very compact and so well built. The speakers are amoung the best I've heard on a laptop. I can hear the average YouTube videos playing on it quite cleary from another room. Also it's very fast, but it's not great for gaming. That's the only downside for me. FYI if you have a Microcenter store near your they have them on for $999.99 until Saturday.

9. what is the relationship between dpi and pixels/inch (as used in photoshop) 300 dpi will...?

Dots per inch (DPI) is a printer resolution. It has to do with how many dots per inch the printhead can put down. If you are looking at a scanner, it's how many pieces of information it can scan. Pixels per inch is a screen resolution. If your image is only 72 pixels per inch, printing it on a 1200 DPI printer wo not make it less fuzzy. Most monitors can only display 72 or 96 pixels per inch (physically how they are built) which is why sometimes a picture in photoshop is 100% and small (low resolution) or fills the screen at only 33% (high resolution). 100% in Photoshop means every printer dot equals a screen pixel. (Confusing, I know, because to most people 100% equals the size it will print at.) I have found that scanning at over 300 DPI does not gain you anything. You start getting the grain of the paper and all kinds of other things you really do not want to see.

10. I want to lower my car about 1/2 an inch to an inch?

to start off, when people say that it will ride less comfortably, they mean the ride is going to be much more stiff, since the springs are shorter and stronger. this means you will feel more bumps in the road and such. 1/2 inch to an Inch is good, nice choice. but even that small of an adjustment will require alot of changes if you really want your car to last. first things first, you are going to need some new springs. if anyone tells you to chop your current ones down, tell them to go **** themselves!! They obviously have no idea what they are talking about. tein make very good springs, so does tokico and eibach. Look into those companies. They probably have a kit for your specific car. Next you are going to need shocks and struts. Why? The lowered springs on your car will be too much for your stock shocks and struts, and will wear them out in about 5000 miles. So? this means your car will bottom out easily and have alot of "float" finally, depending on your car, you may need a camber kit. when you lower your car, the tires actually tilt slightly inwards towards the car. this can cause poor handling and uneven tire wear. some cars stock camber system can adjust enough to compensate for the lowering, others however need a new cambering kit. And to really ensure everything will last as long or longer than your original setup, you are going to need a fresh alignment done after everything is installed. this all seems really impossible, expensive, and time consuming. and im going to be honest with you, it is. Having done the entire process myself to my own car i can tell you all about it. But, suspension is by far one of the best upgrades you can get for your car, and its something you will notice everyday. If you really follow through with all of these steps, you will have the cleanest drop in town. hope this helps.

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