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Whats the Best Laptop for an Over the Road Trucker?

Look for an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad from the z60t or z61t series. They have built-in WiFi and WAN (if you want internet through a cellular service like Verizon, i.e., you will be able to access internet anywhere that you have a cellphone signal) capability, they have an active protection hard drive (protects your data in case of bumps or drops), and you can even upgrade to a titanium cover for added protection. There's a review on CNET.com where someone claims that they brought one of these laptops to Iraq with a titanium cover, and shrapnel hit the laptop and it was still able to boot up. In addition to being light (5lbs) and slim, it's moderately priced. I bought mine for about a grand, and it came with 512 mb RAM, a DVD burner, titanium cover, and a Pentium M processor, and a handy fingerprint scanner so I do not have to remember another password. The z60t/z61t series also have widescreens, for movie viewing. Also check out a TV tuner PCI card for laptops, and you should be able to hook up a TV antenna to your laptop.

Whats the Best Laptop for an Over the Road Trucker? 1

1. What are all the taxes and fee's/permits required for owner operator trucker?

There are many variables to your question, such as type of operating authority and will you need background checks (TWIC and/or Hazmat), so it would be impossible to give you a correct answer. First, do you plan on getting everything yourself? This can be overwhelming. Did you know that OOIDA (Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association) is one of the most reliable and cost effective organizations that help you get everything you need? In addition to the items you mentioned, since you say you want to get your own authority, did you know that you have to set up a drug and alcohol program and auditing systems, among other things? OOIDA can help you with these, too. As a driver, you will be required to have a pre-employment drug test. The cost of insurance will depend on many factors including experience, driving record, type and age of equipment, where and what you haul, equipment and gross weight and miles you expect to travel in each state, among other things. If you are planning on getting Motor Carrier authority, you will also have to be bonded. Permits vary by state, so where you operate will determine which permits you will need. If you plan on hauling alcohol or hazmat, for instance, you will need additional permits. Business licenses vary by state (I do not know the cost in TX, but it can found on the internet). Also some counties and cities also require business licenses. Equipment licenses (IRP registration) varies with the type of equipment, weight (gross and unladen), year and make of equipment. You will also need to pay a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. You will need Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). You may need weight distance permits for New York, New Mexico and Kentucky. If you plan to haul military, government, international, or intermodal loads, or for some larger retail chains, you will need a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC). If you are going to incorporate or have an LLC, you will need to get Articles of Incorporation. Depending on type of trailer and loads you plan on hauling, you may need other equipment such as chains, binders, tarps or headache racks. So you see, depending you your particular requirements, an accurate answer can not be given. As a rough ballpark figure, I would say that you probably need a minimum of $4,000.00. For more detailed information on all of the above, and much, much more, see the blog "How to Become an Owner Operator and Make Money in Trucking", listed below). Good Luck

2. Is it possible to buy a semi trailer with a lift gate to move our business inventory across country? Would we be able to hire a trucker to haul it? What do we need to know and how would we go about doing it?

You'd be better off buying or renting a 40 cargo container and renting a truck out, or hiring out a truck/trailer/driver as one unit. (I'd hire out a truck/trailer/driver in one).That semi-trailer with a lift gate you're looking at is going to be tens of thousands of dollars. You can find someone locally (A good place to start is typing in "trucking companies" and your city into google, and making some phone calls.It's not going to be especially cheap. I've seen rates for cross country travel running up to 2-3 dollars a mile. Try to pay by the load or mile, not daily or hourly. The company may or may not charge you for the day you have the trailer to load with a day rate fee. Don't ask if they can "speed the process up", trust me, they'll be running as hard as they legally can. With more specifics, I could probably point you in a better direction, but that's about as general as I can make it.Is it possible to buy a semi trailer with a lift gate to move our business inventory across country? Would we be able to hire a trucker to haul it? What do we need to know and how would we go about doing it?

Whats the Best Laptop for an Over the Road Trucker? 2

3. don't life as a trucker get too boring, because even your time off , is still spent in a truck?

You do not spend your time off in the truck. You spend it with family and friends. The modern sleeper cab is like an apartment with all the amenities

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