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New Things Open Up When I Type on My New Laptop?

Your not supposed to be leaning on the command and option keys. Duhh

New Things Open Up When I Type on My New Laptop? 1

1. I need to find a awesome new laptop?

I am a music composer/teacher, and I needed something tough but light, etc, and I ended up getting a Lenovo. It's low-priced, has a lot of memory, easy to carry, etc. I highly recommend them

2. I want to buy a new laptop to run a small business.?

hp's are good, lenovo's are better. you will find no better than lenovo for business, disregard anything anybody says. i find that macs are not that good for their price. my macbook 2.4ghz is more of a novelty item, i actually enjoy my vista laptop more. macbook pros are just macbooks with a 8600m and a bigger screen, but for $700 more. i like the windows version of office so much better, it's not even funny. if you are proficient with office 2003, do not upgrade. it's really different, and i do not like it. while lenovo's are not the sexiest things around, they are inexpensive, gritty, and can survive a good fall. in fact, it actually has a sensor so that when it senses an increase in g's, it turns off the hard drive. it also has a crash recovery button. upgrade the HD of the laptop listed to 320gb, and another gig of ram and you are set.

New Things Open Up When I Type on My New Laptop? 2

3. Can i run minecraft smoothly on my new laptop?

Yes at mid settings- about 30 FPS I would say

4. Will the specifications for this new laptop im buying meet the sims 3 specs?

Any laptop that has been purchased in the last year or two will work with the sims. Just about any brand new laptop will work with the sims

5. I'm looking at buying a new laptop ... brand opinions?

an ASUS is probably a good idea except they can be a little bit costly but apart from that they are very reliable as far as watching movies they've got pretty good sound and picture

6. Buying a new Laptop - ghz?

Yes, Unless your doing gaming or heavy video editing you should be more then fine doing basic tasks such as email and work

7. Buying a new laptop, help with requirements?

Nice Choice RAM is very important Make sure its Capacity more than 2GB

8. Will the sims 2 work well on my new laptop?

Yes, Sims 2 will work well on your new laptop

9. Why can't i watch Youtube videos on my new laptop?

Try to install Adobe Flash Player in your web browser app

10. Got a new laptop don't no what wallpaper should be?

i had graffiti, and then i had the hello kitty island adventure background

11. How long should I charge my new laptop for?

Plug it in, and turn it on. Also, leaving the laptop plugged in all the time, is a bad idea. You will actually kill the battery. What I do is plug it in, when it is charged, unplug it until it tells me to plug it in again

12. I need a new laptop, but which one? help!?

dude if you really want to play games than buy a alianware laptop

13. How do I transfer files from a HDD to a new laptop?

Just buy a IDE to a 2.5" converter and you can plug them both into a PC's DMA cable. If they are SATA just get the extra cables and plug them into the PC's SATA slots. But any 2.5" Disk will fit into any laptop as long as its IDE for IDE and SATA for SATA... Your broken HDD may have the converter still attached to it to go into the laptop... take it off the broken laptop's HDD and put it on the newer one... unless you bought a IDE for a SATA or a standard for a 2.5". Or use imaging software...

14. Will installing sims 2 slow down my new laptop?

ya it should be fine not any slower

15. help choosing what new laptop to buy?

If you take your laptop everywhere, like on the plane, then i suggest a net book. They are super easy to tote around. A stronger laptop would be a Macbook Pro. They are fabulous!

16. New Laptop, hard drive from old into new?

wo not artwork, enormous risks. The old toshiba in all probability had an IDE force. the hot you will have a SATA force. additionally the Toshiba drivers wo not artwork on the HP, so sound, video, on the spot etc wont artwork. Your ultimate guess is to get a USB caddy and positioned your old force in that, then plug in the USB of your new laptop and reproduction what you go with for. as quickly as you coppied all you go with for off, you are able to re-format it and use it as a backup or media force

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Any Good Suggestions on a Website/store Where I Might Find a New Laptop/notebook Computer for About
Any Good Suggestions on a Website/store Where I Might Find a New Laptop/notebook Computer for About
You could try, try a refurbished laptop they cost way less and its basically better than brand new ones1. Allie's outfits from movie the Notebook?The Notebook Outfits2. can i replace my graphics card on my acer aspire 5742-6811 notebook?nope, its a laptop there is a 1 in a million chance that urs has detatchable parts3. new HP Notebook HP Pavilion DV6-1354US 15.6-Inch Black Laptop - Up to 4 Hours of Battery Life?It depends what u are doing with it, if u play games with it, the battery will be a little less, the longest battery life is doing nothing, but it no use for a laptop for doing nothing, u can always lower the light of the monitor that would save some energy if watching a movie or playing a game up to a one hour and half4. What should i get a netbook or notebook?i like netbooks but to small for me , you consider a 14.5 inch notebook nothing bigger than a 15 inch5. DVD Writer replacement for Acer notebook Aspire model 5732Z?yes any will do as long as it fits in the slot6. Can you Upgrade a Notebook's Graphics Card?Citizen is correct. However, just to add to his answer: Some of the very high end boutique laptops, like Alienware, have separate video modules. However, those are built specificly for those models, and would not fit in anything else. The truth is, Alienware did not make them, it's made somewhere in Taiwan and Alienware just put their name on it. Same laptop could show up in a different name elsewhere7. Planning to bring 15.4" notebook on airplane - economic class - where should I store it when food arrives?just close the lid and wedge it between yourself and the seat or put it back your laptop bag, and store it in the overhead locker8. What is a good amount of GHz for a gaming notebook?Yes dual core is old technology not meant for play games when Core2Duo and i3 i5 processors are available. However any processor more than 2GHz in 2 core processor is meant to be good and is the beginning of the processor range. You just need a good Graphics processor GPU( DEDICATED Graphics Card) of 512mb or above with good bus connection and frequency speed . Both the speeds are considered while purchasing a good dedicated graphics notebook9. can somebody help me with my notebook laptop??!?I am guessing you have a netbook without a disc drive? Options you have are purchasing an external disc drive from like best buy, or you could use your home computer to rip your cds and move the data over to your laptop using a usb drive10. DO I really need to plug my new notebook to ac power before i turn it on for the first time?You will be OK as long as you plugged it in shortly after turning it on. The battery needs to fully charge before using it11. How to clean a fan on a HP 6715s notebook without taking it out?Use canned air.Source of Information12. They say you should always carry a notebook with you...?Carry a pocket-sized one. They *do* come in all different sizes, you know13. How to reset the BIOS without opening the notebook?Add a normally-closed SPST switch in series with the battery, using thin, perhaps enameled, wire. Snake the leads outside the case. For a neater installation, put the switch on the case or put it in a small bottle.For a coin cell, you can make a temporary adapter without soldering to the circuit board: put a bit of copper foil on each side of some thin plastic and run the switch leads to the foil.14. What is somethings that you write in your notebook?her name =]15. What is the feeling of opening up a new and fresh notebook and started writing on it?Oh man! That was pure bliss, and even better if the notebook was on recycled paper. That paper and my preferred pen were the perfect union, something about the way they connected, the way the ink laid down on the paper - so sensuously.Then there was the idea of beginning to write a "raw" something, like pulling a mysterious creature out of a box. The first words laid down had to be 100% perfect in content and appearance. Anything less would follow me throughout the notebook with the nagging idea that since it didn't begin perfect, it would never be so.I can also remember the scent of unused notebook paper, not of a printer's ink, but - in my case - the imaginary scent of having been used many times over, kind of like a rebirth. It made me feel good. It's been around thirty years since I've come across that particular kind of paper, whether loose-leaf or notebook, and I've said that I believe it's something to do with big business, that recycling isn't as profitable as new. Or then again, maybe the customers did take to the recycled because the color was a bit grayed instead of pure white.Anyway, when it was clear that they were on the start of going away, I bought dozens of the notebooks and loose-leaf recycled. A last note: the closest I could ever come to matching the qualities I loved in the recycled paper was from a Big Chief tablet - but not quite perfect and the line spacing was too large for my liking.That's my take - or leave it.Really the last note: a Google search is telling me that recycled notebooks are filling up the planet! I'll buy that, but I want to try it out first. Recycled one thing doesn't always feel the same as another. I love paper stuff, anyway. Anyone else feel the same?What is the feeling of opening up a new and fresh notebook and started writing on it?
Should I Get a New Laptop Or Get a New Charger?
Should I Get a New Laptop Or Get a New Charger?
no go to ebay type you laptop model number in the search box says charger for what ever the model number is they are only a few dollars on there at the I buy them all the time for around 9 dollars and free shipping for my computer shop1. New laptop doesn't charge even if plugged in and says "charging"?Hi there, That is not a normal situation and I would call the manufacturer. They probably will send a new battery to you or request that you send the ultrabook back to them so they can diagnose the problem. Lithium Ion batteries have been giving problems lately and sometimes can actually catch on fire. I would not wait a week to see if it gets better because it should not do this. Hope this helps, Al2. Buying new laptop, want these features!?Mac...go to and look at your choice =)3. Is it time for a new laptop!?If its running smoothly and nothing wrongs with it, and it covers your needs, I do not think you should use money on a new one :)4. What should I look for when bying a new laptop/notebook?Make sure it does not say HP, Compaq, Dell, Acer, or Gateway on it. You can get a Toshiba Satellite at BestBuy for $379 and it will actually work right. The mini notebooks are cute but you will wish you had a nice big screen after a few hours.5. Need a new laptop - HELP please!?If you are concerned about heat, avoid HP like the plague. Their laptops are known to overheat, causing the graphics chip to separate from the motherboard. A look around the internet will find tons of refurbished HP motherboards. Bad, bad products. 5 years ago I would have said Dell was right up there. But over the last several years, they have had huge issues with bad motherboards. Like, bad out-of-the-box motherboards. Add this to the fact that they have the poorest customer service in the industry (by far, it's not even remotely close), makes them a company to avoid. Take a look at Toshiba. Especially if they have Intel processors. Toshiba made the first laptop, and they still only make laptops. I think some of the designs have looked a little "dated" over the last few years, but they usually rank high in terms of reliability. They manufacture their own hard drives, and several companies use them now in their products. ASUS makes their own motherboards. Their laptops are solid. I like the Sony's, but question their prices. Compared to other products with the same specs, Sony's are always higher priced. I like their keyboard, but not enough to pay the price premium. I like AMD processors in my desktops, but they have the reputation of generating a lot of heat in laptops. I think if you stick to Intel, avoid HP and Dell, you will be fine. If it were me and I needed a new laptop, I would take a hard look at Toshiba and ASUS computers with Intel processors. Good luck!!6. What are the first things to do/check after getting a new laptop?Get at least a 1 year warranty. Dell still offers the best laptops7. If I'm buying a new laptop what is the best kind to get?Laptops typically have a life of abt 3-4 years. Hence please identify your requirements for next 3-4 and decide. If it is more related to entertainment then a general laptop will do with 30 GB HDD, 512 RAM etc. Sony VAIO is good. you may want to consider the max amount you want to spend. You may have a External HDD with higher capacity to store music etc8. I'm a PC user wants some recommendations for new laptop?MacBook Pro. I had similar problems and also take online courses and this laptop has made things so much more easier for me! It never crashes, it is very fast, downloading things are much faster as well, emails are three times more easier to send and check. It's the best computer I've owned so far9. Looking to find a new laptop, what out there is good?If you want to research, and compair alot of different notebooks, and have been very satisfied
Help with the New Laptop!?
Help with the New Laptop!?
1-you checked your my computer ,if you didnt saw cd rom icon means there is problem of detecting for this you shold refix cdrom.if you see icon not data in cd means rading problem for this problem you should clean the lense with lense cleaner.go to hp web site and try to update firmware.Then also you find same problem go to hp service center for repair.if laptop is in warrenty then no problem. 2-go in start menu ,there is search option click on that,type recycle bin .it show you search result.1. Must i buy a new laptop if the a hardware problem with my current 1?once you restart the computer, does it say unpredicted shutdown or does it start up often? examine adventure Viewer to confirm why the computer close down, it may inform you why the computer desperate to diminish off the potential. If its unpredicted, the battery could be overheating the computer and you will ought to examine on line to confirm if there have not been any recollects of their batteries, sony and hp have had some interior the previous 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. additionally battery ought to be going undesirable and overcharging it, making it overheat. If it tells you because of the fact of overheating, it may be the fan or your sitting the computer on a floor that keeps warmth, carpet? mattress? pillow? blanket? If thats the case, youll choose a sort of fancy pills that enables you to place the computer on your lap, some with followers to maintain it even cooler. permit me comprehend the way it is going2. Why can't i watch Youtube videos on my new laptop?You need Flash Player 9. Also you need Microsoft Firmware 2.0. My computer needed Shockwave Player too. Most do not though. Good luck3. I was wondering if this is a good processor for a new laptop I want to get?i flow with a pc because it easier to improve yet laptops you cant because each and every thing is outfitted in and also you wont probability your workstation to positioned extra processor. Your workstation is powerful4. My almost brand new laptop has been running extremely slowly?you are able to be able to desire to attempt deleting utility as you are able to be able to desire to off extra on too lots and overloaded the no longer basic force. additionally, right here is why it is not a solid theory to save own records (jointly with papers, spreadsheets or maybe photos) on a no longer basic force. It eats away no longer basic force area and makes laptop run quite slow in spite of everything, the only element that could desire to pass on a desktops no longer basic force could desire to be utility. each and every thing else could desire to pass on a flash force. If no longer for the different reason, you will nevertheless have your stuff if the laptop occurs to break down5. Im looking for a new laptop similar to my current one...?Get a netbook. Cheaper and suits your purposes6. DOSE ANYONE KNOW WHERE 2 GET A NEW LAPTOP CHEP!!!!!?well isnt really cheap... go to,, check for refurbished yet still new and modern systems7. why is my brand new laptop slowing down?maybe overheating or viruses. Try keeping it on e hard surface (table, desk) not on pillows mattresses or soft stuff like that. Let the bottom ventilator do its thing. If it still slows down, maybe you have some unwanted infections8. should i get a new laptop???try calling up the manufacturer and seeing what they say and if you had already done that, only if its less expensive see if you can get the back light looked at to see if that is the real problem9. Im buying a new laptop from amazon and cant figure out?The charger should be included. The battery is :)10. Help with a new laptop? (Mac/PC)?The macbook air is what i have and i love it! They also do not lose their value over time, so its a good ideaIf you want to sell it eventually. If you are a full time student (I am too) It is a good choice because it is very light and easy to bring from class to class. You can buy hard cases for them, i have one. And it helps because i am quite clumsy and drop it ;D whoops. The price is about $1300, but i honestly think it is worth it. Macs cost more, but they keep working like new. I have had mine for two-ish years, and it works perfectly. My bro got a pc at the same time for high school, and it sucks already. It is super slow. So yea, long paragraph, but I would recommend the Macbook air. XD Hope I helped.
Why Is My New Laptop Battery Not Working?
Why Is My New Laptop Battery Not Working?
Your battery supplier should have recommended to you to: Update the bios and Disable the Sony program that is designed to keep you buying SONY only batteries. The new one probably is not faulty, Ask the supplier to help you!1. Just bought a new laptop?I think more ram would be nice but you are okay as is2. Questions on buying a new laptop?extremely tough problem search on search engines like google just that can assist3. I need a new laptop for college, what should I choose?Apple macs are best esp for photos/graphics and music. all the creative stuff u need in college!4. New laptop with Vista will not boot up?Even if you do not buy an extended warranty most, if not all computer manufacturers offer at least a 90 day warranty on laptops. This question addresses two problems, each of those problems can be repaired under the laptop's warranty. I would suggest going that route. Would save you time and money.5. should i buy a new laptop?Considering you can purchase a faster laptop in the $500 range, you probably should just buy a new one. But, you should list your current laptop on ebay with the issue in detail. Laptops retain their value for those who are looking for replacement components, so you could probably get at least $100 for it on Ebay.6. New laptop with just DOS in itEvery OS I am familiar with has a bootable CD that has a disk manager included. This will not even need DOS to install. Just pop the CD in, make sure the BIOS is set to boot from CD, turn the computer on, and follow instructions.Ok, well then for clarification: DOS is an OS. It's just a blinking curser to some, but it's really a full OS. You just do not see it anymore.So there's a difference between "No OS" and "DOS".But the answer is still the same. Get the right OS disk and it does not matter one little bit what is on the hard drive already.7. i am getting a new laptop forIf it says it is wireless enabled then this should work. But some wireless hotspots charge rates for the usage of internet8. I need help with picking out a new laptop to buy.?nicely lithium ion batteries have a lifespan of approximately 3 years. so any laptop will prefer a sparkling battery around the three 3 hundred and sixty 5 days mark. in any case. it does sound such as you like a sparkling computing device. reasons why it particularly is overheating is possibly only the dirt that has accrued on the warmth sink. and the hd is possibly particularly fragmented which will reason sluggish overall performance and may even ward off homestead windows from booting. i want i had a funds to artwork with because of the undeniable fact that would help. i additionally prefer to point the loose classes reported as progressed gadget Care and sensible Defrag 2. i left a link below. ASC will help with customary laptop maintenance including malware removing and fixing registry errors. and sensible defrag will help sparkling up the mess on your tensecontinual. i prefer to advise this for the two computers. i might prefer to additionally supply you some undemanding regulations to adhere with which will help while figuring out what computing device to purchase. you will prefer a 4 center processor. there are greater issues to evaluate while finding out on a cpu. yet for a individual with out particular understanding of computers. it particularly is a stable rule of thumb. you will prefer a minimum of four gb or ram. yet 8gb may well be optimal. you will additionally prefer a minimum of a 500gb tensecontinual at 7200 rpm's. and a cd/dvd opticalcontinual. do not subject approximately usb ports. each and every laptop would have numerous9. I'm shopping for a new laptop and I need advice?mac book pro there the best!!!10. Should I buy a new laptop?Buy a MacBook Air, or pro. It will last you many years. Just make sure to get the most ram you can on it11. Why won't my new laptop (vista) recognize my mouse??Go to the control panel and open device manager. If the mouse that came with the laptop is still shown, remove it. Then try plugging in the new mouse and see if it is recognized and installed. If not try using the new hardware wizard to install it. Be sure you have the drivers for the mouse. If you do not have an install disk, download the drivers from the Toshiba site.
I Need Help Choosing a New Laptop?
I Need Help Choosing a New Laptop?
I am very inclined to say go with DELL,because for years I am running 2 of them,no problem what so ever and their support has been very good.I know folks will not agree wuth me but I am just stating the true FACTS Good luck with whatever you choose1. I got a new laptop and it keeps on crashing. HELP!!!!!?My first guess would be you are trying to play games the laptop does not have the requirements to run and/or it's over heating2. Need suggestions for a new laptop?Well I would suggest that you should better go for a Refurbished laptop which will be really nice and will help you in saving some good amount of money. These laptops are all rectified and comes with fully functional and plus they give you with good specs which will be really cool idea for you. Plus helps you in saving some money see the link3. New Laptop or Fix Old One?Computers as a rule become antiquated after 18 months. This does not mean that a computer more than a year old is useless, but keep in mind that advances in hardware as well as software requirements may be beyond the performance of your current hardware. The big question to ask yourself is "What do I want to do with this machine?" If you are using it to write term papers, create spread sheets and do light internet content - Then fixing the old equipment might be cost affective. If you are playing games that have high graphic requirements (The Sims, Second Life, Star Wars the Old Republic) then the faster processor and graphics of a newer machine will greatly enhance your experience.4. charging a new laptop battery...for how long?charge the new battery for 12-14 hours with the laptop turned off and then use it normally5. Bought a new laptop what would happen if i wouid increase the ram?No point. Most games today do not need more than 4 ram. If I want to play mw2, it does not matter if I have 4 ram or 32 ram, its going to be the same. Unfortunately, you can not really customize much with laptops.6. Should I buy a new laptop?Your configuration seems me limited and outdated but much depends on what you need to do. I am an IT Security student and so far I have not needed a laptop, because there a bunch of computers I can use free of charge in my college.As to battery life, classrooms have usually plenty of outlets but the problem can be when you study around the college. As suggested, you could change the battery but, if they ask you 200$ for this, you can buy a Chromebook for less.With 2 GB RAM you can barely run Windows 7, I would install Linux in dual bot (Xubuntu is optimal in your case)7. Should I get an iPad to replace my laptop, or get a new laptop?iPad is a much more limited device than a laptop, no USB etc, you can connect an ipad to a bluetooth keyboard but I am not sure about printers, possibly you can use wireless printers. iPad also means you can just use apps from the app store, you may want to think about what programs you want to use and find out if there is an equivalent app that does the same. The good point about a tablet is its more portable than a laptop. Personally I am getting a Transformer (if Comet ever deliver the thing) because it does what I need and I still have my desktop for proper programs, Plus I've never been able to get excited about Apple products. My old laptop still works too if getting a bit old if i need it.8. Buying new laptop ASUS - i7 processor?the battery will last only about a hour or so since its a 6 cell battery and its not going to be really hot. its a quad core with 4 more virtual cores so it will still make some heat and burn some energy but asus is awsome with laptop cooling9. Buying a new laptop with a Trinity AMD card in it?you can choose which gpu to use in the catalyst ccc panel thing. if you get the 12.6 drivers to work (I have not been able to) you are supposed to be able to use crossfire. for the moment I have my discrete gpu disabled in bios (its a 7490 so weaker than the 7660g on die).
Recommended Memory and Hard Drive Size for New Laptop?
Recommended Memory and Hard Drive Size for New Laptop?
20 GB is so small expensive .... I also have a one hundred sixty GB complicated disk which i wish is the common length .... how ever you will be able to desire to decide for 120GB .... in case you are making plans to apply vista greater clever decide for 4GB RAM . .. additionally make valuable that your workstation has atleast 512 MB image card HP desktops are my decision1. Can we buy a new laptop with my old hard drive and RAM?Yes. If you have a good high capacity PCi SSD drive and a good amount of RAM, you can sell it on OLX and buy a new laptop with that money :) why would you want to do this though?2. Please help! Need a new laptop, know nothing about them...?With a Mac, you are generally spending more for the equivalent product in a Windows machine. I would comparison shop with Dell as Sony historically charged more for their products than an equivalent from Dell or HP or whomever. Unless you pay strict attention, you would not have picked up on the difference between the 2 machines. As for the difference between the 21S/W and the 31S/W: the 31S/W has a minimally faster processor (and I mean minimally), and has support for more maximum memory (even though they both ship w/ the same starting amount). For 50, you are not really getting a lot for the extra money. You are better off with the cheaper of the 2.3. Is this a good score index for my new laptop?Your processor says 6.2. As to what I see, your score should be 4.5 . Either way, 3.5 is fairly good. In most laptops, the graphics is what lags on computers. So, if you are getting a 4.5 for graphics, then you are in good shape.4. I bought a new laptop and the 2018 version of Windows is an ugly booger.?Why would you count on the little apps Windows came with to do work? Any self-respecting computer user should have a list of addon apps ready to go, paid, free, or open-source5. New laptop or money towards one would be so kind.?I would think that you would be better off trying to get help fixing your broke laptop rather than begging for a new one, unless this is just another shameless ploy to get something for nothing.... Let me know how this works out for you - I can be as shameless as necessary for free computers, money, etc. [just kidding - LOL]. Seriously, there's lots of parts floating around that can be had for little or nothing.... I've got only a few boxes of laptop parts, but I am sure there's a small mountain of broken, unwanted or discarded gross national product refuse building up somewhere near you. Just an idea - maybe you should offer some of that fine single malted product [that your country's so famous for] in trade for what you need ??? If all else fails, try Santa6. New laptop Good or Bad for gaming?Seems to be a Pretty Decent PC. It should be able to get you through a game .. Just Pay you A$$ off7. advice to buy a new laptop?Of course iMac's have a great reputation but MANY programs wo not work on iMac and not many local dealers can help you with iMac's because only a few are sold. In our computer club (600 members) only 4 have iMacs The consensus from PC Magazines and forums and experts is that the best buy for you and me right now is: A top brand name (compac,Del,Toshiba,ACER (my favorite) lap top with : dual core processor 2 megs Ram XP (not Vista yet until more compatible) OS 120 hard drive at least wireless ready Shop around since prices are low . Quad is soon replacing Duo so dual core is a real bargain now. Here it is: Try to buy from a local dealer who is also a technician. The reason is that if you get in trouble all you do is trot your PC in to his place and he will fix it. If you buy on line as most people do, if you need help you are forced to send your fragile machine by UPS hundreds of miles away at huge costs (sometimes $75 before you get it back). May I give you one example ? I wanted a new printer with my locally bought PC. My dealer got me one but it did not work. He got me another. On this one I could not re-fill my cartridges which is a must since I do a heap of printing (for pass-outs in a calss of seniors that I teach "how to make a personal website for FREE)" He got me another and it works great. I paid nothing for switching and packaging and sending. That is why I prefer dealing with a local guru. Good luck and Merry Christmas.
New Laptop, Where Is My RAM Going?!?
New Laptop, Where Is My RAM Going?!?
RAM use increases by the more programs you have open at once, and what those programs are doing. the more going on in any one program, the more RAM it needs. I bet one program you have running all the time has a memory leak, causing it to eat up the 4GB! I would try turning off one program one by one and not having it run for a couple hours, then see if your problem comes back. if it does not , you know which program it is. do not turn off McAfee though, you always want that running1. Recommendation New Laptop (MAC OR WINDOWS)?---------- Have a budget of 400. -------- That right there says Windows. No where in this universe will you find a current Apple computer product for under $1000 (Mini aside). And the iBook looks really outdated. You could get a current, decent Windows laptop for 400.2. New Laptop Battery Drains Really Fast?What a lot of people fail to realize is the true difference between desktop computers and laptops. There was a lack of communication when the world was switching over to portable computers. Lol Basically, the way I like to describe what happened is like this: Desktop computers will die, as soon as you unplug it. Laptops, should last a couple hours til it needs to be recharged. Well, Aside from the fact that desktops can not run without being plugged in because of it having no battery, it would not even if it could be it's so used to being plugged in, it would not know what to do with a battery. haha Well with laptops, If you have it plugged in all the time, I see it as if your teaching your LAPTOP that it's not a laptop, but a DESKTOP. .. It adapts to what you are doing. When you get a new laptop, phone, tablet, etc.. The first thing you want to do is charge it while it's OFF, until it's 100%, then turn it on til it is right about to die, charge it again, about 2-3 times.. then just kinda keep at it. Even if your not walking around your house with your laptop, unplug it every so often to let it drain. Remind it that it has a battery. and USE IT! A lot of people just leave their laptops plugged in, then the moment that charger is pulled, everything is GONE! That's because you overcharged the battery. You will have to buy a new one. The sucky part about it. If you care about your computer, do not buy a cheap one from a foreign country, buy a legit one. When getting a new battery, do as the previous paragraph said. ^_^.3. Buying a new laptop, not sure which to go with?Dell for sure. I have NEVER ever had a problem with any Dell computer (desktop or laptop) at work or home in over 20 years of using them.4. New laptop with a unknown SYSTEM partition with a bootmgr?I would think you are trying to install XP. Leave that system partition. You must have another partition other than where the Windows 7 is installed. To dual boot, the older version must be installed first. Thus, install the XP on the available partition other than the small "System" partition. Then you will just have to run the installer again for your Windows 7. The previous windows 7 will be automatically backed up and replaced. Remember, do not remove the small "system" partition. Windows 7 needs that for recovery5. Should I get a new laptop or iPad?Get laptop, and btw, do not get Iphone 4, get iphone 5. It is coming out January 20116. Advice on Getting a New Laptop?Well if you want a computer that can run multiple programs at once and still perform at top speed but you dont want to get it at an expensive price i suggest you buy an Alienware computer off ebay, or you could get a Dell Vostro PC I have both and perform very well7. l need suggestions for buying new laptop?What you have mentioned is not very taxing on a modern system. There is not a current laptop model that can not burn cd's. They can all surf the net. Word processing is not at all taxing and many come with software to do it. Webcam, microphone, etc again not too hard on the system. As for software : Nero is the premier burning software for making CD's and DVD's these days although lots of other software is out there. Microsoft Office is the 'gold standard' for getting documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc done. StarOffice is free and powerful as well (although not the most user friendly program) Firefox or Internet Explorer will get ya surfin' and as for webcams etc, most Instant messaging software will serve you well. There are so many brands and types to choose from it can be confusing but for what you mentioned ALL laptops out there can do it. You can go cheap and know you will get what you just asked for. However, I would suggest going with a more powerful mainstream brand simply because it gives you more versatility in the years to come
Bought a New Laptop, How Can I Make It Work Faster?
Bought a New Laptop, How Can I Make It Work Faster?
That does not sound like it's in the computer at all; it sounds like it's in the network. What is your measured network speed and ping time?1. Should I buy a new laptop?A 2006 computer is pretty ancient in today's tech standards. 3 years is considered 'outdated/obsolete' on average. There are many factors on why your computer is slow. 1. RAM - Depending on how much RAM your computer as, depends on how memory your computer has access to to run vital programs. The more RAM the better (sometimes) 2. Processor Speed (GHz) - Related, is your processor speed. If your processor is only running a single GHz (on one core) then your computer does not have the speed to process all the data. You could be running 20 GB of DDR3 RAM, but if you are only processing at 1.2 GHz, then you will be wasting 8 sticks of RAM. 3. If you have a lot of programs on your computer, that will slow it down, definitely. By default, most programs like to tell the computer to start them up FIRST THING! So when you boot up your laptop, and you wait 5-10-15 minutes while you get through the bottleneck of EVERY PROGRAM on your computer to start "On startup", notice how big your task bar is, down on the bottom right, next to your clock. A solution is to remove all non-essential startup programs from the "On Startup" list to make your startup process more streamlined. 4. Defrag.. Your HDD needs it. 5. Viruses, Malware, Adware, Bloatware.. Everything in this category is bad for the speed of your PC.. Make sure you have current/up to date protection on this junk.2. looking to buy a new LAPTOP, need a pros help!!yes you.?Dell XPS 13inch.costs $1800 AUD (1400USD) awesome3. Just got new laptop, why is Minecraft laggy?No. Your computer is fine for games, but since Minecraft is coded in Java, it really only makes use of the CPU, which is the Intel i3. The i3 is the lowest end Core CPU and not very powerful4. New laptop - Mac or Linux?Linux, is on the the most stable operating systems available, and is under the GPL, meaning all Linux distributions are available free of charge. Linux is unlike windows and Macs as it's GUI is very clean, and simplistic. Linux is not an OS to "wow" those looking for the hip new thing, but it is an extremely well coded piece. Most people on Linux are either developers, programmers, or people who are running servers, though there are exceptions. Linux does not have the driver database or compatibility the monopoly of Windows has, but it is open source so that you may develop your own drivers. Linux also, by cutting out all the graphical nonsense Windows uses, has a much lower memory usage, and is capable of running smoother on lower spec PCs. Personally, I think you should do some research into a Linux bootdisk, or USB drive platform. This allows you to literally run the OS off of a USB drive or CD to test the software to see if you like it, and to test to see if your devices are supported. While choosing your version of Linux, let it be known there are many versions. The most popular being RedHat, Slackware, Fedora, and Ubuntu Linux. The basics are mostly the same, but some features change to suit the needs of different people. Personally, if you looking for a PC to do you schoolwork on, surf the web, and play games, with no programming, server hosting, or need for an extremely stable environment, stick with Windows, or Mac. (I wo not go into the Windows vs. Mac debate.)5. What should I look for when wanting to buy a new laptop?!?So since that last guy was like just advertising I can try and help you lol. As far as RAM goes it stand for Random Access Memory. Basically anything your computer is trying to "figure out" for you, kinda gets run through RAM to help figure it out. Hard drive is where your physical data will go to. Your Operating System which would be typically Windows XP or Windows Vista is going to install all sorts of files onto your Hard Drive to help it run everything that makes your computer look and act the way it does. Also, your hard drive will help the general performance of your laptop run smoother and faster, with the more free space it has. So generally you want as larger hard drive, with a larger transfer speed. Depending on what you will do on the laptop, you might want a laptop with a 'Dual-core processor". This is pretty much the entire brain behind anything you do with the computer. It is essential to your entire operation and will need to be decided what speed you need according to whatever you usually do on your laptop. I do not imagine you play games often on your laptop since it was old? If you decide you might want to do that, you will need a laptop with a good video card, of video adapter, as it's also known. These have there own little processors just as your laptop itself does, but these are dedicated specifically to rendering whatever kind of image is on your screen, so generally speaking, it is better to have a high-performance card if you will be gaming. I am not sure if you specified that your old laptop had wireless capabilities for the internet access or if you plugged it in wired to the router/modem? If you do access the internet and all of it's glory wirelessly, I would suggest you buy a laptop with the right type of signal for the wireless adapter inside of it. If you have an older wireless router, I would assume it would be wireless b/g compatible. If it is very new last year or this year, it will be wireless draft N which is currently the highest data rate transfer wireless internet out there right now. Hope I helped I think I was even confusing myself lol.....
New Laptop: Will the Sims 3 Work on It?
New Laptop: Will the Sims 3 Work on It?
it;ll work at very low settings1. WHY IS MY NEW LAPTOP CHARGER BEEPING...?better change it with the shop where you bought it as a safety precaution2. Why was there already a game installed on my brand new laptop?Marketing. Give you a free game to make you aware of a company. Most people see this as a bonus. Especially if it's a ASAP title from Microsoft, Bungee, or Blizzard.This is more likely to happen when you buy Graphic Card than laptop though, unless you've picked up a gaming laptop. That could happen cause it's going to have the highest specs (and price tag). If you bought on more expensive is better that's what happened.Of course all laptops come with crappy games. . And windows 10 specifically now comes with Xbox Store. Too bad the games are not things i would play on Xbox.Farmville, candy crush and at least two others come preinstalled with my download of Fall Creators Edition. Not to mention the Xbox Store games. Irony since I straight up purchase it to run office 16 and windows only tax software. LoLz. Bloat ware.Why was there already a game installed on my brand new laptop?3. Buying a new laptop/ultrabook for college, need advice!!?I would either get an XPS 13 ultrabook or MacBook air. Both are priced the same. But the dell xps has more hard drive space in its basic config then the mac Edit: Then get the hp folio 13.4. Do I need to get a new laptop?Im a Computers, Networking, and Electrical Technologies student. I would suggest downgrading your operating system. To clear the harddrive, look for an emergency reset on it. Its rare but some have this. If not, check the jumper settings on your hard drive, because some hard drives have a lock setting where it will stop you at the login screen as an extra safety measure. If this doesnt work, go into safe mode on your computer (when it boots press the delete or F8 key when prompted). The computer will start with minimal drivers and only necessary programs. Then go to the control panel, and check your device manager. Check to see if it is missing any drivers for anything. If so download them from a friends computer and apply them to your computer. If this isnt the issue you can reformat from safe mode, but i would suggest windows XP instead of windows 7 if your computer isnt the fastest. If it runs fine for 7 it will run godly for windows XP. Try this and let me know how it goes5. Can installing vlc player damage the speakers of a new laptop?Yes if you use your laptop with VLC maybe your laptop speakers damage because of the high volume range. If you want to keep safe your laptops speaker from damaging then you should try CnX media player one of the best video player app which is laptop speaker friendly . It is aided by Intel HW and available in Microsoft store which means it is safe. It plays 4k 10bit video very smoothlyless battery consumptionSupport all formats & codecsAided by Intel HWUWP(Microsoft store app) and many more .............Can installing vlc player damage the speakers of a new laptop?Can installing vlc player damage the speakers of a new laptop ?6. How to reformat my new laptop with windows 8?all u do is put in the win 7 disc then shut down then restart & the install begins when asked format the drive say yes, but u can keep 8 by saying no it will install along with 8 & u will have a duel boot system 8 has better graphic for gaming or u have it make a new partition, so when u boot there 1 systen to chose from. cool7. Is it better to buy a new laptop with Windows XP or Vista?If it has enough RAM, Vista. A lot of people are going to complain about Vista, but most of them either never had it, wish they had it, or do not know how to use it8. New laptop speakers crackle when listening to music?in the previous checking your soundcard is working or regardless of, make confident the utility quantity is as much as the utmost. (seek for the quantity icon interior the device tray). Crackle can from time to time be led to via hardware overamplification of too quiet a sign.
What Game Should I Install on My New Laptop?
What Game Should I Install on My New Laptop?
San Andreas and Oblivion both have enough variation in game play to make them enjoyable in replays. Do not transfer the gta_sa.set file, as it contains data specific to the computer.1. Time to buy a new laptop - recommendations?This depends on your choice and requirements, like how much memory you needed, and which configuration you want2. I need a new laptop, but I have no clue what kind?I have a Gateway laptop.It works extremely well.I like it cause i got a huge discount on it. If you go on Dell's website and customize it you might be able to choose between xp and Vista.I would go with Vista because it's the future.Have you tried Vista?It is the best O/S out there. I did not really describe much about my laptop, but it's just all opinion.I could have just gotten lucky and the person who bought the laptop after me might have a different experience with it. Personally I do not think Dells are that good though. Acer is ok Gateway is pretty good Sony Great Asus Great warrenty(covers accidents too!like water or dropping it) Hp pretty good Compaq...NO3. Sending a new laptop into japan for 1 month stayAs to your first question: this will be much easier to accomplish if you carry the laptop with you into Japan. That way, there will be no question that it's your property, acquired before entering Japan, and that because you are going to be present only temporarily in Japan, no Customs duty should be assessed. These requirements are set forth in the Japanese Customs page linked above under "Unaccompanied baggage." The page linked above says that upon your own entry and declaration about unaccompanied baggage, you receive a "clearance" document which allows importation of this property without duty. It's unclear what happens to such package if it arrives before you do. I also wonder how you could complete the declaration during your own entry if the computer is new, had not been in your hands, and presumably you would not have or be able to disclose its serial number.As to your second question: I have no idea, never having done this4. New laptop good for gaming?I agree with him ^^ But you also need to look at the processor. THe laptop you have listed is with intel pentium. Its a very old processor. If your'e looking for something for gaming then you should find a laptop with a good gpu and a good processor such as intel i3,i5,or i7 if you want the best. And make sure they are second generation (aka sandy-bridge) the newest and the fastest5. Cheaper to buy new laptop or upgrade parts of old?uncertain if there is plenty you are able to do, i am rather much interior the comparable boat different than that I also have a mac from 2001! There wo not be plenty you are able to do, because of the fact around that factor Mac replaced their hardware to a laptop shape. So in case you have a pre-laptop mac then you definitely are constrained to pre-laptop advancements, and specific, those are feasible to do. i do no longer understand why Mac receives such hate from specific human beings. and that i am uncertain how Apple have been given the popularity for no longer being upgradeable. Apple revolutionized case layout back interior the late ninety's with the G-3 case that could desire to be popped open by skill of lifting a preserve, making reminiscence and hard force advancements relatively trouble-free. i could desire to truly improve reminiscence in a pair of million minute, i could no longer have self belief that some human beings on the time have been keen to spend 60-one hundred greenbacks for a service guy or woman to try this for them. meanwhile it took years for laptop cases to seize up, and in a fashion by no skill have. laptop manufacturers nevertheless place tape over their cases and void your guarantee in case you attempt to accomplish advancements your self. First you will could desire to become conscious of precisely which Macbook you have. Do a seek for "what macbook do I even have" could desire to pull up some publications which will coach you a thank you to artwork this out. From there you may start searching for "how do I improve my macbook." there are various distinctiveness places on the internet the place you may get previous factors to your macbook. sturdy success!.
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