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How Can I Get Universal Audio Video Driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and Laptops?

Realtek - you can refer to this link and download x64 and x32 drivers for most of the machines as maximum of them commonly have the Realtek Chipset for audio and video codecs. VLC media player for Windows - Also download VLC for maximum media format compatibility.Comment if this does not work ! nPS: which is only in 5% cases mostly, where you gotta dig more deeper into specs and all :PHow can I get universal audio video driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and laptops?how can I get universal audio video driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and laptops?.

How Can I Get Universal Audio Video Driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and Laptops? 1

1. File that will open audio but not video?

VLC should open almost any file. If it does not , there might be something wrong with the file. Windows Media Player does not open a lot of types of files, so using it does not mean much. Quicktime and RealPlayer will only open certain popular types of files, so again it wo not mean much. Check that the other computer can play this file, otherwise maybe the webcam is broken. Another software that could open it is Mediaplayer Classic homecinema, which is sort of like VLC but could be able to open it. If you are going through so much hassle to open a file that should be normal, maybe the problem is in the webcam

2. does laptops have built in audio, and video cards or are they external only?

my laptop has sound i can play some games bit not all my chipset is not compatiable with games like vampire bloodlines but you can get oned that are. so check out what you need your computer to do then compare the laptops

How Can I Get Universal Audio Video Driver for Windows 7, 8, XP for 32bit and 64bit PC and Laptops? 2

3. How to connect laptop to CRT TV (audio and video)?

You need to get an adapter. Here's a link for a VGA to Component 3 adapter ($10.99) and here's one for a VGA to RCA adapter ($0.99)

4. Post formats "audio” and "video” only showing in index.php

If I understand your question correctly, you would need to do the following: HTH

5. Audio / Video Delay - Capture Card fix?

sony vegas video or adobe premiere are both real swell editing programs, you can download off the internet as a torrent

6. How to record audio with video game capture card to an external hard drive?


7. File browser: Get total duration of selected audio/video files

Here is a Nautilus Script - Select files in nautilus - Right-click on it - In context menu, select Script > NameOfScript Installation: Install the mediainfo program if not present sudo apt install mediainfo Save the script to a file in /.local/share/nautilus/scripts Make it executable chmod x /.local/share/nautilus/scripts/scriptname Visit the scripts directory once with nautilus nautilus /.local/share/nautilus/scripts

8. Server for live audio/video streaming

The only way you are going to be able to do something like this without a massive investment of hardware and network planning is using a hosted streaming service (similar to web hosting services, but more niche). You can also look into using Amazon's CloudFront Streaming service

9. Are there any good audio/video lectures on natural language processing available online?

The University of Washington has one: UW Computational Linguistics Master's Degree

10. Is it 100% Legal to record Audio/Video of Law Enforcement Officers on duty in every state in the United States?

Nope, there are a few states that doing that will get you arrested. Ca not remember which but it's real

11. Audio/Video Receiver Shut off, won't turn back on.?

Hard to say. It could be as simple as a stray wire shorting out a speaker and triggering the protection circuit, to catastrophic failure of a key component. Try removing the speaker connections entirely, then turn the volume down and see if the AVR powers up OK. If so it was probably a short. If not you have a repair issue.

12. What are the Best Audio and video compression tools?

For Audio, I would recommend Musicmatch Jukebox... Open Musicmatch Jukebox,Click File >Convert Files > Select your mp3 folder at Source> select your destination folder for the compressed mp3 files > then select convert selected tracks to 'your choice', then click start.. If you want the audio to be in kbps quality,then just select mp3...lower the kbps,the audio will sounds a little bit suck but highly compressed.. But i would recommend you to choose MP3PRO VBR... not so highly compress,but the quality is good.... For Video, just convert it to other file format.. Use Any Video Converter for that....

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Which is best laptop for engineering students ranging 90k-100k considering gaming and performance into consideration?HiSince you are looking for a gaming rig, 90k-100k is like the sweet spot for that purpose. With a proper know-how, you can get a machine which can last you easily for 2-3 years. So, the main things we do need for a gaming rig are:A powerful processorAn equally matched powerful GPUAmple RAMGoing with these, Asus ROG is your best bet right now. It has 6th Gen i7 processors along with dedicated Nvidia GTX GPU series which gives unparalleled gaming performance. Plus, it is one of the few companies to offer 16GB DDR4 RAM under the hood in this price range.You can either go for Asus GL552VW-CN430T or Asus G551VW-FI242T. The specs are exactly same but the only difference is the display, GL552 has a FHD display whereas G551 sports a freakin' 4k display which makes it an absolute treat for the eyes. So, I would suggest going with G551VW but GL552 is an equally worthy competitor so it's up to you which one you choose.Asus ROG G551VW-FI242T 90NB0AH2-M02910 Core i7 (6th Gen) - (16 GB DDR4/1 TB HDD/Windows 10 Home/4 GB Graphics) Notebook Rs. 99500 Price in India - Buy Asus ROG G551VW-FI242T 90NB0AH2-M02910 Core i7 (6th Gen) - (16 GB DDR4/1 TB HDD/Windows 10 Home/4 GB Graphics) Notebook Black Online - Asus : Flipkart.comAsus GL552VW ROG Series CN430T 90NB09I3-M05050 Core i7 (6th Gen) - (16 GB DDR4/1 TB HDD/Windows 10/4 GB Graphics) Notebook Rs.94490 Price in India - Buy Asus GL552VW ROG Series CN430T 90NB09I3-M05050 Core i7 (6th Gen) - (16 GB DDR4/1 TB HDD/Windows 10/4 GB Graphics) Notebook Grey Online - Asus : Flipkart. comHope this helps. Cheers!Which is best laptop for engineering students ranging 90k-100k considering gaming and performance into consideration?Which is best laptop for engineering students ranging 90k-100k considering gaming and performance into consideration ?— — — — — —For Your Consideration track listingAs with all awards seasons, a For Your Consideration album leaked online, featuring a number of differences from the general release album— — — — — —What do I need to take into consideration when entering into a partnership?GPs & LPs are simple and flexible in nature, but require a partnership agreement which outlines specific duties, responsibilities and capital share/distribution to the partners. You can find some example online and look at how they are structured to get an idea of what you want your agreement to look like.Then you will want an attorney to draft your agreement and file the partnership with the state. Partnerships are very easy to form and I have done several previously. I am not an attorney, but I did my due diligence and understood the laws around them where mine are formed— — — — — —Why is it that trump supporters do not take the following into consideration when it comes to enforcing laws?You DO realize that most of the racial points you mentioned were from elected Democrats, right? You do realize Lincoln did not win the popular vote and Democrats called for his assassination right? Had he not been elected by the electoral college we would have had slavery much longer, maybe still. Right? And you do realize we accepted people when we NEEDED more people to populate the country and grow crops. Now we have enough and do no need them to keep swarming in or we will end up with food, doctor, housing and school shortages. Right?.— — — — — —what is an alternative to joining NS and these other high priced diet clubs?$293 a month is SO expensive! and it does not sound like it takes your lifestyle into consideration (i.e. destined to fail). A gym membership averages about $50 a month and you can sign up for nutritionist help and exercise programs through them. Plus there are lots of people there you can meet and you wo not feel alone in your quest.— — — — — —Is money the most important consideration to Republicans?I would say the Constitution matters most to Republicans. Your view is just wrong of Republicans.— — — — — —Encourage moderation and consideration in extreme views?Your father is getting more set in his ways, we all do it as we grow older. You and he are on different sides of the political spectrum. Would you be asking this question if he were on your side? I do not think so. When I turn on CNN or pass by MSNBC, I need to keep going. The things I hear on those shows disgust me and they are VERY biased. You think your father is turning into Rush and you do not like it. I just think this happens as we all age, some can remain open minded - but most not. Tell him this is not how you were raised and it makes you feel uncomfortable. He should consider your feelings at least. If he does not , make your trips shorter and more infrequent. It may subside as soon as the elections are over
What's the Cheapest Laptop I Can Get for College That Will Satisfy My Needs As an Architecture Stude
What's the Cheapest Laptop I Can Get for College That Will Satisfy My Needs As an Architecture Stude
What's the cheapest laptop I can get for college that will satisfy my needs as an architecture student?it rather is beneficial to learn with the IT or pupil existence branch of the college you are going to, on the grounds that many faculties have a chit pc/computer software. The computers are in many circumstances call type and extreme high quality, with each and all the suited application, only at a low value because of the fact of an contract between the college and the business enterprise. wish that facilitates— — — — — —Online college vs. Campus college?I can not speak for an arts degree as mine are either technical or business related. I have attended both on-line courses and campus classes and have to say that I got so much more out of the campus classes that there is no comparison. Just the amount of information that you pick up from other students, not to mention the energy to continue, is worth the blah days. I think that on-line courses have come about because it is a cheap way for schools to make a bundle and a way for people to get a degree. Many company's will not accept a degree from an on-line school anymore because of the lack of knowledge and performance of the students. This is in no way putting down anybody it's just that I do not think the two are comparable and neither to some employers.— — — — — —Can you please recommend a notebook for a college student (PC or Mac)?Find out what they are using at the college where you are planning to attend, and get that. When my daughter went to college, she was required to install security software which only worked on a PC. When my son went to college, he not only was required to get a PC, he had to get it "downgraded" to Windows XP (Vista was out at the time). We could tell you all sorts of things here on Yahoo! Answers, then you will go out and discover that your school already has a mandate for a machine you did not buy, then you will have to go out and buy another one— — — — — —What's the best way to keep a Vespa from being stolen?Biggest chain you can actually carry and a lamp post, or ask the college to put some ground anchor points in th concrete— — — — — —How soon after graduating from electrical engineer would I be able to work with electronics like mp3 players?never. this industry has already been monopolized. the best engineers are already working on this kind of stuff leaving the college graduates no jobs. sorry, but you've gotta be good if you want to get into this field. they will not just hire a big-headed college graduate who thinks they are better than everyone else because of their degree. the truth of the matter is, you gotta get some experience first. try searching elsewhere because if you try to jump through the door of the mp3/portable device industry with no experience, you will get hosed.— — — — — —Is Nichols college a sports college or is it more balanced out?i know that they good in both, but they like tennis more— — — — — —can an english teacher or anybody help me with my college essay?It's creative, but rather young. 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Your CRPS is obviously still very active - I hope with all my heart that that changes for you, but if it remains so, then you are probably going to need support at college in order to get through. This might be as basic as something like an extension on an assignment because you've had a flare and had to miss classes for a few days through to maybe supplementary or special exams because you've been in hospital or needed other urgent treatment and not been able to sit with your classmates. I can understand your concerns about seeming 'whiny'. Perhaps not phrase it so much along the lines that you are thinking - as an 'excuse for a bad semester', more that you have certain health issues and want to know if the college can accommodate your needs - you are certainly going to need to know if they provide easy wheelchair access for one thing. Maybe you could even ask your doctor for some supporting documentation? Please try not to think in terms of being on crutches or in a wheelchair for a long time. CRPS is a devastating disease it's true, but there is always hope. You are obviously young if you are only college age, and statistically at least it gives you a higher chance of remission if you can find the right treatment. If you do not mind me asking, how long have you had CRPS for? What treatments have you had? Feel free to send me an email if you wish - I've had CRPS for 12 1/2 years, so if you've got any questions, if I can be of any help at all, please let me know.
Which Is Good the 12 Or the 14 Inch Laptop?
Which Is Good the 12 Or the 14 Inch Laptop?
which is good the 12 or the 14 inch laptop?Do not like the price tag of either of these. I would go to tigerdirect.ca or com and have a look. I would want at least 1Gb of ram in my rig and 500Gb harddrive in a SATA II config. A blu-ray burner. Also would want a graphics card of 1Gb or better. As for the screen size you would have to look at the wieght and how long your going to be on the laptop for.I know you said you want to burn with you choice that is why I sujest the Blu-ray and at least 500 Gb. Sound on a laptop what can I say not a true audiophyles choice. Just remember in what ever your choice try to count for the future and what you may decide to use this machine for. Make sure it exceedes what is need for todays plans.— — — — — —i need 14 inch stock rims for a nissan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?junk yard, nissan dealership, ebay— — — — — —Is there a 13- to 14-inch tablet on the market?Well, iOS is out of the question straight away, of course, since the largest tablet Apple making to date is the 9.5 inch iPad Retina 4th gen.As far as Android is concerned, a quick Amazon search has shown the following models:Toshiba Excite Tablet (13.3 inch. Android 4.0) FamilyPad 2 (13.3 inch. Android 3.0) Kocaso M1400 (13 inch. Android 4.0) None of these really shine IMHO. I will ignore the Win RT, because it's a dud.— — — — — —If Osama Bin L is so rich how come the latest pics show him with 14 inch TVs supposedly watching Obama?You have a very narrow world-view. Many people do not need a state-of-the-art TV when one like you describe will suffice. Expensive TVs are a Western ideal. *edit* Oh, I get it now.... you are an Obama-hater, and you are trying to play this down. You do not care about a 14" TV set, you are just trying to spin this in some kind of conspiratorial way. It really gets your goat that Obama, after only two and half years in office got bin Laden. It just proves even more the impotency, at best, of GW Bush. Of course, if any conspiracy theory would make sense, it's that the Bushes would never have wanted to find bin Laden since they were friends. Well, keep spinning away.... it makes me feel good to see you guys squirm.— — — — — —Why is it so hard to find a 14-Inch bike for my son?The standard 12, 16, 20, 24 etc. exists because the 4" gap is considered small enough to accommodate all riders. Kids bikes are one size frame (in general - but there are size differences) At 3 1/2 I would think a 12" wheeled bike would work. Was the seat all the way down when he rode it? If so you can simply raise the seat - you will need to do this a couple times a year to keep up with his growth. Usually, by the time the seat is as high as it can go, the next size with the seat set low will work. Because kids grow so fast the in-between sizes really are not needed. Unless your boy is very big for his age, I am sure a 12" would be fine with the seat adjusted. He will out grow it but kids bikes are so cheap it's usually not a cash issue. If you can not afford it, buy a used one at a garage sale etc. Also, friends, neighbors and family are usually looking to give old ones away, like you will be doing in a few years. And if indeed a 16" is really in order check it out on him at the store. If he wo not be riding until spring then maybe a 16" will fit in 6 months. Be sure to check his bike out over the year. My kids are the only ones in the neighborhood with the seats adjusted right, tires pumped up, chain lubed and brakes in good working order. I am very attentive to my kid's bikes as I am really into cycling. My 2 daughters have progressed fine from 12" to 16" to 24" now... and I am a picky dad when it comes to bikes. The sizes worked fine.
KUU A8S Laptop Review – 15.6 Inch Laptop (256GB/512GB SSD)
KUU A8S Laptop Review – 15.6 Inch Laptop (256GB/512GB SSD)
The KUU A8S (512GB) laptop gives a larger display and 8GB of memory at a very low cost, with an SSD drive and Windows 10. KUU A8S laptop is a cost-effective laptop equipped with a 15.6-inch FHD screen, high-performance Intel®Celeron® processor, Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and backed up by a powerful 4500mAh battery. The laptop is more or less like a more affordable variant of the KUU A8.c Design Similar to KUU A8, the A8s model sports a robust slim, and thin body, perfectly crafted out of plastic material with a touch of aluminum, hence the strong, durable, portable yet stylish design. The thin lid host 15.6-inch Full HD screen which has a thick bezel at the top and bottom but a slightly thinner bezel at the sides. In addition, the top bezel host the 0.3MP front camera. The 15.6 inch HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 provides a good experience when watching videos and surfing the internet. It allows you to capture unforgettable moments and offers impressive images of high quality. In addition, night mode and color settings help to reduce eye strain.   Hardware KUU A8s laptop is powered by a quad-core high-efficiency processor; a strong performance, fast speed chipset which helps you complete all the daily work. The Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 quad-core CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz to 2.3GHz with 4 cores; 4 threads, and 2MB Cache. This chipset is backed up by an Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU based on Intel’s Gen9 architecture equipped with 12 Execution Units and running at up to 650-700 MHz. 8GB DDR3 Ram + 128GB/256GB/512GB SSD supports more background programs that run faster and more consistently, allowing you to quickly start multiple desired applications and run seamlessly. Features KUU A8s laptop comes with dual independent high-quality speakers that deliver a resonant sound effect; minimized distortions capture details to create an immersive audio experience from all angles. To power, the laptop is a rechargeable 38Wh lithium-polymer battery; rated to last up to 8 hours of light usage at a charge. This laptop also comes with a dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11n which is nearly three times faster than its predecessor; hence enhancing better access for streaming video, communication, and other, smooth online experiences. In addition, KUU A8s laptop sports dual independent high-quality speakers; that deliver a resonant sound effect to offer an immersive audio experience from all angles. Conclusion KUU A8S (512GB) laptop is a very cost-effective laptop. It’s hard for you to find another 8GB ram laptop at this price; it’s also equipped with a high-performance Intel®Celeron® processor. We are glad to recommend it to you. Wish you like it, if you want to find the best custom laptop can also contact KUU! Source: https://www.igeekphone.com/kuu-a8s-review-15-6-inch-laptop-256gb-512gb-ssd-at-341-98-at-gearbest/
KUU A10 Laptop Review: The Best Notebook Under 350 Euros?
KUU A10 Laptop Review: The Best Notebook Under 350 Euros?
Do you have a notebook? How do you usually use it? What are the main features that you think a product of this type should have? These are the questions that more or less any type of user asks himself when deciding to buy a new laptop. However, it is not always easy to answer these questions due to various factors. Sometimes, in fact, you think you have to make a certain type of use of a product which then, in the end, turns out to be completely useless. It also happens, however, that we become passionate about this world and decide, at some point, to learn how to manage more and more applications and programs. It becomes crucial, therefore, to choose the right model among the many offered on the market. In addition to being various price ranges, there are also totally different characteristics between the various models, so the choice becomes increasingly difficult. For example, you might just turn your gaze to ours KUU a10 laptop who, in the last few days, has accompanied us in various work activities. It is difficult to say, however, if it is actually worth buying it, even in the face of what is offered by the competition. We, therefore, are here for this, to shed light on its functioning and on all its strengths within its Full review. Unboxing As often happens in these cases, the company has taken steps to include the bare minimum in the sales package, finding the following products inside: KUU a10 laptop; wall power supply, with European socket; warranty certificate; short sales manual, also in Italian. Design & Materials Pick up the sales box, open it and take a look inside. Grab your new KUU a10 laptop and try to describe this product with the first word that comes to mind. I think the first one that could come to your mind is “light” since to the touch it seems to be in front of a featherweight. Be careful, however, because we are still in the presence of a laptop from 1,3 Kg which due to the presence of plastic, in the totality of the external structure, seems to be much more manageable than others. In any case, I did not appreciate this choice of polycarbonate on the entire surface, even the internal one, which almost denotes the presence of a cheap product. Taking a look at the price, in fact, we are on the same wavelength as other devices that show at least some metal components. By handling this device a little, then, you can notice some creaks that do not bode well for the future as regards the assembly of the product. I report, however, also the general dimensions of this notebook, which measures 375 x 245 x 22 mm, therefore, a device that is also quite demanding in this respect. I would have expected something more, as already mentioned, on a constructive level. I must say, however, that this device has also disappointed me in another respect, namely that relating to the provision of ports. Taking a closer look at the KUU laptop, in fact, we notice the presence of two ports USB-A 3.0 left and right as well as the audio jack 3,5mm, the hole to connect the power cord, and a door mini HDMI. There is really nothing more. Surely, however, the fact remains that the company could have done something more in terms of robustness since with slight pressure on the keyboard there is an important flexion. Even if this problem does not affect its daily use, it remains a critical issue to report. Taking a look at the back we see how this KUU a10 laptop presents two accesses to the hardware. With the smaller compartment, it is possible to replace the SSD da 256 GB, while with the larger one we access an area adjacent to the keyboard and trackpad. I have not yet understood, however, what its real usefulness can be. Keyboard & Trackpad Having had the opportunity to try many similar products I already knew, more or less, what to expect from the feedback area of the keyboard. I was not wrong, because actually the distance between the various units is good and the accuracy is also not bad. There remains only the problem of their running which, as far as I'm concerned, is too soft. Last but not least, the layout is the American one so it will be necessary to get used to it a bit at the beginning, especially if you have never used such a system. In spite of everything, however, I did not find it uncomfortable and after a few hours of use, I hardly made any more mistakes. It is a rather large keyboard, then, also because on the right side there is a numeric keypad. I never complain about the trackpad, except in exceptional situations. I must admit, however, that this component did not impress me at all on this laptop, since the accuracy is rather sketchy. From a certain point of view, in fact, not all movements are received in the same way, and sometimes it is difficult to click on the right button, or on the right icon. I specify, in any case, that I come from a MacBook Pro from 2019, therefore of one of the devices accused of having a rather fragile keyboard but, at the same time, very comfortable when writing and phenomenal when moving around the interface, thanks to its trackpad. While the dimensions of that component on this A10 are really good, it fails to satisfy in the same way. Display On the front, it is located in an IPS LCD display da 15,6 " with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). I have to admit that the plastic side bezels are quite thin on three sides. In fact, this component is still predominant at the bottom. Despite this, however, we find an excellent surface anti-glare and the viewing angles are decent. This means that, even at maximum brightness, the panel can be seen quite well in direct sunlight, although we were not meant to be used outdoors. In my opinion, in fact, it behaves much better in the home, also due to its not very small size. Let's say it is a display without infamy and without praise. In its same price range, however, I found much poorer panels in terms of quality. There is no problem, therefore, in viewing multimedia content locally and in streaming, on some digital platforms such as Netflix e Amazon Prime Video. Even if the blacks are not too deep, it is still possible to enjoy a good experience when watching movies and TV series, with not too vivid colors and a sufficiently good image contrast. Hardware & Performance Onboard resides a processor Intel Celeron J4125, therefore a CPU with base clock frequency equal to 2,0 GHz and turbo boost up to 2,7 GHz. We have, then, well 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and an SSD 256 GB which, in any case, can also be replaced. I want to specify, however, that this storage space has been divided into two parts, namely disk C with 118 GB available and disk D with another 118 GB. From the graphic point of view, however, we find one Intel UHD 600 GPU with a base frequency of 200 MHz. I have already tried machines of this type, with similar or even identical processors, and I must say that in terms of performance we are on good levels. Obviously, you can't expect who knows what results, but in everyday use, this laptop behaves quite excellently. I want to immediately say, in fact, that it does not show any particular problems in playing movies in 4K, even beating products equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 (see TBAO H7). This means that the system has been optimized, managing to bring out all the characters of the processor. Beyond this, then, the management of different open tabs on Chrome is discreet, although the loading of various contents puts a strain on the hardware. We must then clash with the trackpad that is really too inaccurate which very often cannot understand our intentions on the fly, carrying out other unwelcome actions. We also find this aspect during the editing of a short video on Adobe Premiere Pro, where it becomes difficult to manage all the various video and audio tracks. Everything runs quite smoothly but you can't exaggerate that much, necessarily going to insert a few effects and transitions. Lato Gaming let's say you can't complain, especially considering the hardware mounted inside this laptop. I was able to play discreetly only ad Asphalt 9, but it is necessary to make the necessary considerations of the case. The frame rate is low, so the images really are poco fluid and greatly ruin the gaming experience. In short, this product was obviously not designed for video games, so much so that after a few tens of minutes there temperature perceived on the body is quite high. This problem also emerged in the test phase, often reaching 85 ° at maximum speed. I must admit, however, that under normal conditions the heat remains on more acceptable values, climbing dramatically only with some benchmark programs and during prolonged gaming. Benchmark Software Do you want to install Linux on that machine? You can safely do this, but first, take a look at how it works with Windows 10 Pro. Thanks to this system, in fact, it is possible to enjoy the classic Windows interface, all the various apps that can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store, and much more. As always, in fact, we are in the presence of ready-to-use software that does not require any further adjustment. By purchasing this KUU a10 laptop, therefore, you may simply have to update the system before being able to use it every day. Even on this the best custom laptop brand are present all the rights of Windows, being able to manage the system as on other similar products. Connectivity & Audio As said also in the initial phase, in the first chapters, I must say that I was a bit disappointed with the hardware equipment of this product. I would have expected more ports, simply finding myself with two USB 3.0 inputs, a mini headphone jack, and the mini HDMI port. Let's say that the USB Type-C and microSD slots would have certainly been welcome. Despite everything, however, we find a module on board 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band e Bluetooth. There is no shortage, then, two audio speakers placed at the bottom, right on the lower surface. In short, an unfortunate position since if positioned on some soft plane the sound is completely covered. Beyond this, however, the quality is insufficient due to an absolutely poor sound depth. Da poco I have reviewed the TBAO H7 which shows the webcam on the front frame, bottom left. Also this device, therefore, has opted for the same solution, proposing a sensor from 2 MP. I must admit, however, that even in this case the quality is insufficient and barely valid for videoconferencing. Autonomy One is hidden under the body battery da 38Wh which manages to satisfy most users. With average intense use, always under Wi-Fi network, I mainly used YouTube, web browsing, a few tens of minutes on Premiere Pro, WordPress for writing articles, and poco other, totaling 5 hours of continuous ignition. Let's say that we are more or less in line with what is offered by the competition, managing to manage resources well even in the most hectic phases. The 24W power supply supplied in the package is not too big, showing even smaller dimensions than those of a common MacBook charger. It can, therefore, be easily inserted into any backpack without too many problems. Price & Conclusions Currently, this KUU a10 laptop is sold for about the price of 330 €. It becomes difficult to compare it with other similar products, but I must say that in this case, the performance is convincing. Although at a gaming level is in no way manages to excel, in everyday use it shows the solidity and good execution speed. I would have preferred, in any case, to be able to take advantage of a better and much more precise trackpad than the one mounted on this product. Despite this, other various accessories can be added, being able to connect, for example, an external mouse, thus improving the quality of use of this device. The fact remains, however, that the performances are there and also go well beyond expectations, managing to manage resources well in almost every situation. Source: https://en.gizchina.it/2021/06/kuu-a10-review-the-best-notebook-under-350-euros/
Best Laptop/Notebook for College Students at a Low Price?
Best Laptop/Notebook for College Students at a Low Price?
I got a HP laptop about 18 months ago and I really like and have never had a problem. It was not too pricey, around $600 if I remember correctly. It's done everything I need for college, gaming, home use, etc. I would definitely encourage you to check them out1. i want to build a supper fast Gaming pc for a low price?how the hell do you expect to keep a low price when you are buying the top range stuff? anyway you need at least 700watt if not more for PSU, as for the SSD, have a look at the review to get prices and best performing hdd. Also to lower the price, dont bother with amazon, they will not have the best prices avialible. try newegg.com for your components. Not only will you have more choice, but you should also get lower prices2. Im looking for earphones, or headphones for my ipod at a low price, any help?Buy earphones from any store, buy identical cheap knock off ones from eBay (should not cost more than 5 bucks) and return the cheap ones in the original packaging to get all of your money back except for the 5 bucks from the cheap ones. That's what I did. Hoped I helped3. Who can tell me if this website selling electronics at a ridiculously low price is legit and not scamming me?If your gut says it's a scam. Stay away. Never give your credit card info (or banking info, or send a money order, or whatever) to any "merchant" you do not know and trust. This applies online as it does in the "real" world.4. Steamer Oven Aluminum Foil HeaterIntroduction for Aluminum Foil Heater Heating Cable Diameter: Normal 2.5mm, and also can be custom made in any specification Foil Heater can be made in any voltage, power, temperature, size and shape etc. Insulation Layer Material: Silicone Rubber heat resistant up to 200 The maximum wattage for heating cable per meter: Silicone rubber: less than 60w/m PVC: less than 30w/m Running temperature range: Silicone rubber: Aluminum Foil Heater assembly is a kind of flake heating element which fuses the hair hotline on a single aluminum foil or sticks between two aluminum foil. Its back affixed with double-sided glue, can be very convenient, securely affixed to the heated surface. The product is only 3 to 5mm thick and covers an area ranging from cm2 to 1.0, with a working power from 0.5 watts to hundreds of Watts and a maximum operating temperature of 150 . It has a light, simple design and installation, the use of safety and hygiene, uniform surface heat transfer, long life, low price, can be based on the shape of the heated surface for random, convenient design and other unique advantages, is the design of a variety of low-temperature surface heating applications Ideal heating elements, is widely used in refrigerator freezer compensation heating, advertising moisture-proof defogging Pharmaceutical food processing, planting and breeding insulation and other fields. Tech Feature 1. Suitable for all kinds of low temperature occasions surface heating, can be easily made according to the heating surface of various shapes, convenient design, low price. 2. Easy to install, safe and hygienic to use, uniform heat transfer surface. 3. Power can be partitioned, can be with thermostat. Our factory is professional manufacturing every kinds of aluminum foil heaters, welcome all of the world customers to ask for prices, samples! Mobile: 0086 13456528940 Email:5. Were can i buy a hair straitner? at a low price?i brought my hair straightner in target. a ceramic 1. It was like $126. does anybody know which accounting firm is decent for a low price cpa for self employed taxes?Any of the well known CPA firms would be at least that much if not more. If you call around now, expect to be quoted pretty high fees as everyone is swamped. "low price" and "decent" tend to be mutually exclusive in the tax world.7. Hello, I need to know where can i get a free or low price wheelchair, i could drive to NY, NJ or PA to get it.difficult factor. lookup in bing and yahoo. this will help!
Whats the Best Laptop for an Over the Road Trucker?
Whats the Best Laptop for an Over the Road Trucker?
Look for an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad from the z60t or z61t series. They have built-in WiFi and WAN (if you want internet through a cellular service like Verizon, i.e., you will be able to access internet anywhere that you have a cellphone signal) capability, they have an active protection hard drive (protects your data in case of bumps or drops), and you can even upgrade to a titanium cover for added protection. There's a review on CNET.com where someone claims that they brought one of these laptops to Iraq with a titanium cover, and shrapnel hit the laptop and it was still able to boot up. In addition to being light (5lbs) and slim, it's moderately priced. I bought mine for about a grand, and it came with 512 mb RAM, a DVD burner, titanium cover, and a Pentium M processor, and a handy fingerprint scanner so I do not have to remember another password. The z60t/z61t series also have widescreens, for movie viewing. Also check out a TV tuner PCI card for laptops, and you should be able to hook up a TV antenna to your laptop.1. What are all the taxes and fee's/permits required for owner operator trucker?There are many variables to your question, such as type of operating authority and will you need background checks (TWIC and/or Hazmat), so it would be impossible to give you a correct answer. First, do you plan on getting everything yourself? This can be overwhelming. Did you know that OOIDA (Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association) is one of the most reliable and cost effective organizations that help you get everything you need? In addition to the items you mentioned, since you say you want to get your own authority, did you know that you have to set up a drug and alcohol program and auditing systems, among other things? OOIDA can help you with these, too. As a driver, you will be required to have a pre-employment drug test. The cost of insurance will depend on many factors including experience, driving record, type and age of equipment, where and what you haul, equipment and gross weight and miles you expect to travel in each state, among other things. If you are planning on getting Motor Carrier authority, you will also have to be bonded. Permits vary by state, so where you operate will determine which permits you will need. If you plan on hauling alcohol or hazmat, for instance, you will need additional permits. Business licenses vary by state (I do not know the cost in TX, but it can found on the internet). Also some counties and cities also require business licenses. Equipment licenses (IRP registration) varies with the type of equipment, weight (gross and unladen), year and make of equipment. You will also need to pay a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. You will need Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). You may need weight distance permits for New York, New Mexico and Kentucky. If you plan to haul military, government, international, or intermodal loads, or for some larger retail chains, you will need a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC). If you are going to incorporate or have an LLC, you will need to get Articles of Incorporation. Depending on type of trailer and loads you plan on hauling, you may need other equipment such as chains, binders, tarps or headache racks. So you see, depending you your particular requirements, an accurate answer can not be given. As a rough ballpark figure, I would say that you probably need a minimum of $4,000.00. For more detailed information on all of the above, and much, much more, see the blog "How to Become an Owner Operator and Make Money in Trucking", listed below). Good Luck2. Is it possible to buy a semi trailer with a lift gate to move our business inventory across country? Would we be able to hire a trucker to haul it? What do we need to know and how would we go about doing it?You'd be better off buying or renting a 40 cargo container and renting a truck out, or hiring out a truck/trailer/driver as one unit. (I'd hire out a truck/trailer/driver in one).That semi-trailer with a lift gate you're looking at is going to be tens of thousands of dollars. You can find someone locally (A good place to start is typing in "trucking companies" and your city into google, and making some phone calls.It's not going to be especially cheap. I've seen rates for cross country travel running up to 2-3 dollars a mile. Try to pay by the load or mile, not daily or hourly. The company may or may not charge you for the day you have the trailer to load with a day rate fee. Don't ask if they can "speed the process up", trust me, they'll be running as hard as they legally can. With more specifics, I could probably point you in a better direction, but that's about as general as I can make it.Is it possible to buy a semi trailer with a lift gate to move our business inventory across country? Would we be able to hire a trucker to haul it? What do we need to know and how would we go about doing it?3. don't life as a trucker get too boring, because even your time off , is still spent in a truck?You do not spend your time off in the truck. You spend it with family and friends. The modern sleeper cab is like an apartment with all the amenities
What Is the Best Laptop for a Chef?
What Is the Best Laptop for a Chef?
A cheap and battered one! My current laptop is a HP. It replaced an earlier HP that meet an early end due to an incident with a chopping board. The one before that was an Asus which ended up being crushed in my travel luggage. Before that I had an Acer which ended up with oil damage (since then I have tapped plastic over the keyboards of all subsequent kitchen laptops). They get used a lot. They get used by the whole team. They get dropped and tossed around.While my home gear is all Apple I would not use these in a restaurant kitchen because of the cost of replacement!1. Suitability of Pellet Gun as Firearm Replacement?Just some random thoughts, whatever method you choose: If essentially for home defense, where will it be stored ? Many local authorities mandate secure storage. If secure, is it readily accessible when you want it ? If not accessible, what value it it to have possession? If not readily accessible, can high threat potential be identified to allow access ahead of possible need ? If not secure -- but accessible to you -- cannot the potential "baddies" access it too? To what extent is it necessary to practice on-range use and re-qualify with regular usage up-dates/ Are you prepared to maintain currency? Is it in fact true very many gunshot recipients are shot by their own guns -- either from accidental misuse or being relieved of the weapons by aggressors? Could other passive security systems ultimately be cheaper, more reliable and less onerous with fewer physical/ fiscal/ legal downsides? I guess you must have had these thoughts to reach your decision point thus far -- but if you have not perhaps, it should be done ?2. How do I claim warranty for House of Marley earphone in India?Hello,I have claimed warranty on House of Marley headset EM JE041 SB with Mic which was i purchased in Flipkart.StepsRegister your complaint on -CUSTOMER VALUE- by clicking here (you can see boat website for House of Marley)Be ready with your soft copy invoice while registering complaint you have to uploadFill all the required informationOnce you registered for complaint you will get ticket I would for your query. Then pickup will initiated by some courier services (Mine: xpress bee)One good thing is i have missed my headphone brand box i thought they will ask for while pickup but they saved me from this ud83dude03The next day itself courier guy reached me and get the pickup. I have packed my headphone in some Flipkart delivery boxWithin next two days it reached to the boat teamAfter a day they verified my product and approved for replacement and sent through same courierI am happy about their services no need to go anywhere they will do pickup and replace.How do I claim warranty for House of Marley earphone in India?3. Replacement for nail polish remover?use ur nails(if they are long and hard enough) or just use a paper towel with soap4. What are Windows XP replacement options ?First off, they are only advising you to go out and buy windows 8 because its their newest one. Personally, i would not even bother with windows 8 at all since i am happy enough with windows 7. If you are worried too much about a transition from XP, then windows 7 will be ideal, its not too different to that of XP, just looks newer.First thing to do if you want to upgrade to windows 7 is to see if your current computer will be able to run it ( been a while since i looked at the minimum specifications, but if you have a 'high end' XP machine then it should not make too much of a difference. Then once and if you want to upgrade to windows 7 have a look on a website that sells operating systems such as ebuyer.com. Although they are saying support for Xp may stop, they may still extend it yet again because of so many companies using it around the world, because it was so good. You do have more options though from windows: Linux mint is a friendly one to start with for linux, and the best thing about that one is that its free as are many other distributions of linux. you should also be able to install linux on your current machine since most distro's do not take up much more system resources than XP does in the first place. Its what ill be transferring too once ive finished my uni course.
What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $
What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $
Very few people NEED a tablet. They are luxury items, good for consuming information and entertainment, and not much else. The ability to do anything constructive on a tablet is severely limited by the lack of any kind of input except the touchscreen. A laptop can do everything a tablet can do and more, except be used with one hand while being held in the other. You are also not going to find much in a tablet for under $300. The more portable something is, the more you have to pay for that convenience. That said, the best tablets in that price range are probably the Acer Iconia Tab (7" version) which will sell for about $330 when it hits the market soon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab (the 7" version, not the newer 10.1" version) which is currently listed on Amazon for $339.95, or the Le-Pan TC970 Tablet which is right at $300. As for laptops, your best bet would probably be to check the link below for Amazon's bestsellers under $500, even if you do not purchase it from Amazon. The top brands for small laptops are currently HP, Acer, Asus, and Toshiba (not necessarily in that order). You can not really go far wrong with any of them. Finally, if your grandson's dead set on having both a laptop and a tablet, you might consider the Asus Eee Transformer. It's a tablet (and a pretty good one) and has an optional keyboard dock that essentially turns it into a laptop. It still runs the Android operating system either way, but it comes with an office suite that would let him do his schoolwork when it's plugged into the dock. Together, they would cost about $550, which is quite a bit more reasonable than the potential $800 for a separate tablet and laptop,1. what's the best tablet to buy?I've heard Asus from other people, but I am always going with Apple2. Best tablet to buy my bf?kindle fire is alright but i agree with the answers above, iPad mini would be best. The iPads are the kings of the tablet world3. The "Best" Tablet? (For a Student)?If you have not bought one already, go with the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. You can take notes, study, it's the same price level as the Ipad 2 and it's Android It will only be released 23 August 20114. What is the best tablet pc to date?Go for the Gateways. They give you the most bang for your buck (metaphorically of course)5. Best tablet for me and my needs?acer iconia6. What is the best tablet under 350$?Kindle fire...only 199 and it works great7. What is the best tablet for me?The HP TouchPad meets all of your constraints except Android Market and 9.0 inch display or less. (It's 9.7 inches.) Well, it's lacking a rear camera, so scratch that actually. That 9.0 inch or less display constraint is blocking out some decent alternatives. Letting that float up to 10.1 inch would add the Toshiba Thrive and ASUC Eee Pad Transformer (with some sweet hardware specs, not the least of which is a 1280x800 IPS display). The Thrive and Transformer both have 5 MP rear cameras.8. Whats the best tablet as far as price and performance?Either the Ipad or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet9. somebody can tellme wich is the best tablet in the market after the apple one please.?Can I tell you what I think the best tablet is? Sure. But if you are referring to the iPad as the best tablet, I can not help you; Your standards are misconstrued. I believe, by price and brand, the two best Android-powered tablets are the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. As for Windows 8 based tablets go, I recommend the Dell XPS 10 or Latitude 10 Tablets. They are reasonably priced as well.10. What is the Best Tablet PC for students?HP tablet pc i got that one and its pretty good11. What is the best tablet for college?tablets are going to hold you back12. what is the best tablet for watching movies?The iPad 3 I guess is the best as it is light as well as it has a very good resolution so hd movies are not a problem with the good processor it has
Best Laptop for the Following?
Best Laptop for the Following?
Better go for HP1. What is the difference between the hp tx 1000 and hp tx 2000?THE difference between hp tx 1000 & hp tx 2000 is 1000 ?? no thank's needed i understsnd !!2. HP OR DELL LAPTOP? Thanks?i would recommend HP. It is much more of a reliable company then dell. i have worked with many dell computers and every month they get some new problem. Also HP is more up-to-date with technology. so you can be guaranteed that you have the latest model3. if i put 2.5 ton rockwell axles(6.72 gears) with 46 in tires under a ford courier how much hp do i need?hp to do what? hp is needed to go fast, but with 46" tires, you do not want to go fast because they are not rated for speed, and will blow out (very expensive and dangerous). You will need lots of torque though. Something like a 105hp Cummins 3.9 turbo diesel would work well4. Whats up with my hp laptop?HP produces vulnerable and easy-to-destroy chargers. What you can do is to put electrical tapes on the vital parts of the charger so that the wire inside would not bend5. Laptop question: Hp tablet or Macbook?I have a macbook.. VERY HAPPY with it.. Does everything you need it too.. does not mess up. No viruses.. and a cool photo booth app. Would definately go with the macbook. Very convinient easy to travel with and very usefull6. HP Envy Graphics Card Upgrade?Get a new graphics card like the hd 6850 or 7850. If you have a lot of money to spend go for a 7950. Make sure your power supply can provide enough power needed and it has PCI-E connectors. You can use molar converters.7. HP PDX Laptop and blu-ray region on HP MediaSmartAfter downloading and installing a trial of Cyberlink PowerDVD, and using its settings menu to change the region code, MediaSmart was able to play the movie8. Should I get a Mac pro laptop i5!?!?For the price you pay to get the cheapest mac laptop you could get a high end windows PC with awesome hardware, looks cool, great power, and an operating system superior to mac: Windows 7. Macs do not last any longer than PC's- I use a 2004 dell dimension as a primary computer! So do not waste your money on a mac, but a windows pc. I recommend Dell, just because we have never had any major problems with them. Stay away from HP, my parents laptop is only 2 years old and It's dying. But dells last forever- my dad has a dell from 2005 and it still runs like new. We also have a 10 year old dell printer and it still runs strong. As for the i5 and i7 thing, Get the i5. They are the same thing. But watch out- some i5's and i7's are dual-core, not quad-core. My frined has a 2008 macbook pro and it is breaking constantly, they've gopne thru 2 cd drives and 3 hard drives. Its very slow, too. They are horrrible.9. A 2.4 hp (rated real world it's a 1.6 hp engined) generator a 1/3 hp 120 volt motor Bike & trailer; legal?Non liquid, "jell" cell batteries do not spill. They are of the type used by power wheelchairs. Available from battery stores, or from wheelchair supply stores,C. to D.C. for the motor for the bike, and lighter than the generator in the trailer by at least half.10. wireless mouse wont work on my desktop computer!!!!!!?The only thing I can think of is that you require a driver program to be installed on your computer to activate the mouse. Drivers tell your computer what peripheral devices are attached to it. If one did not come with the mouse, you may be able to download a driver from HP or Microsoft.11. Enabling WOL on HP ProliantFirst of all:Wake-on-LAN is terribly inconsistent. For example, sometime the network adapter just fails to transmit the start command to the power supply.Because of that I would strongly suggest to use the iLO adapter to power on your sever reliably, if you have the opportunity to do so. However, you stated that this is not the case so let me explain why I think that wol does not work in your case:I am not 100% sure of this but I am pretty positive that the problem is the NIC teaming. A NIC Team uses a virtual MAC-address. But since the server is powered off when you send the wol-packet, I do not think that the virtual MAC-address exists at that point. Sadly I could not find any hard proof to back this assumption.You could try to send a wol-packet to a single NIC without teaming, to see if it works. Or address it to to the physical MAC of one of your NICs in the team. If you have to chance to do that, please let me know if it worked!
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