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Best Laptop/Notebook for College Students at a Low Price?

I got a HP laptop about 18 months ago and I really like and have never had a problem. It was not too pricey, around $600 if I remember correctly. It's done everything I need for college, gaming, home use, etc. I would definitely encourage you to check them out

Best Laptop/Notebook for College Students at a Low Price? 1

1. i want to build a supper fast Gaming pc for a low price?

how the hell do you expect to keep a low price when you are buying the top range stuff? anyway you need at least 700watt if not more for PSU, as for the SSD, have a look at the review to get prices and best performing hdd. Also to lower the price, dont bother with amazon, they will not have the best prices avialible. try newegg.com for your components. Not only will you have more choice, but you should also get lower prices

2. Im looking for earphones, or headphones for my ipod at a low price, any help?

Buy earphones from any store, buy identical cheap knock off ones from eBay (should not cost more than 5 bucks) and return the cheap ones in the original packaging to get all of your money back except for the 5 bucks from the cheap ones. That's what I did. Hoped I helped

Best Laptop/Notebook for College Students at a Low Price? 2

3. Who can tell me if this website selling electronics at a ridiculously low price is legit and not scamming me?

If your gut says it's a scam. Stay away. Never give your credit card info (or banking info, or send a money order, or whatever) to any "merchant" you do not know and trust. This applies online as it does in the "real" world.

4. Steamer Oven Aluminum Foil Heater

Introduction for Aluminum Foil Heater Heating Cable Diameter: Normal 2.5mm, and also can be custom made in any specification Foil Heater can be made in any voltage, power, temperature, size and shape etc. Insulation Layer Material: Silicone Rubber heat resistant up to 200 The maximum wattage for heating cable per meter: Silicone rubber: less than 60w/m PVC: less than 30w/m Running temperature range: Silicone rubber: Aluminum Foil Heater assembly is a kind of flake heating element which fuses the hair hotline on a single aluminum foil or sticks between two aluminum foil. Its back affixed with double-sided glue, can be very convenient, securely affixed to the heated surface. The product is only 3 to 5mm thick and covers an area ranging from cm2 to 1.0, with a working power from 0.5 watts to hundreds of Watts and a maximum operating temperature of 150 . It has a light, simple design and installation, the use of safety and hygiene, uniform surface heat transfer, long life, low price, can be based on the shape of the heated surface for random, convenient design and other unique advantages, is the design of a variety of low-temperature surface heating applications Ideal heating elements, is widely used in refrigerator freezer compensation heating, advertising moisture-proof defogging Pharmaceutical food processing, planting and breeding insulation and other fields. Tech Feature 1. Suitable for all kinds of low temperature occasions surface heating, can be easily made according to the heating surface of various shapes, convenient design, low price. 2. Easy to install, safe and hygienic to use, uniform heat transfer surface. 3. Power can be partitioned, can be with thermostat. Our factory is professional manufacturing every kinds of aluminum foil heaters, welcome all of the world customers to ask for prices, samples! Mobile: 0086 13456528940 Email:

5. Were can i buy a hair straitner? at a low price?

i brought my hair straightner in target. a ceramic 1. It was like $12

6. does anybody know which accounting firm is decent for a low price cpa for self employed taxes?

Any of the well known CPA firms would be at least that much if not more. If you call around now, expect to be quoted pretty high fees as everyone is swamped. "low price" and "decent" tend to be mutually exclusive in the tax world.

7. Hello, I need to know where can i get a free or low price wheelchair, i could drive to NY, NJ or PA to get it.

difficult factor. lookup in bing and yahoo. this will help!

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