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Are There Any Advantages of a Laptop Vs a Desktop Or Vice Versa for a Student?

i have both and the laptop is deffinently my main choice. now days you can go just about everywhere and have free wi-fi so that you can do school work and such away from home. it is also good for traveling, you can hook your laptop up to a power convertor in your car and you work on just about anything. as to a desktop is not portable.

Are There Any Advantages of a Laptop Vs a Desktop Or Vice Versa for a Student? 1

1. Advantages of a laptop over a desktop?

Portability: - Using city wi-fi hot spots ( meaning surfing the net from your favourite restaurant) - Wherever you go, your laptop goes with you, no need to using other people computers if you want to check your mail or accessing your files. - Laptops can be connected to the external sources such as monitors or TV's. -Ideal for photographers to instantly transfer their photographs into a computer. - Most of the newer laptop models are lightweight and as powerful as desktop computers ( you can use external HD if you need more space)........

2. What are the advantages to a laptop instead of a computer?

When you come down to it, the only thing going for Laptop is portability. Maybe impressing somebody with how much money that was spent for it. There are no other advantages. Desktops have more and better choices for storage. Desktops have better graphic options. Desktops have room to add new Gear. Desktops have longer lifespan. Desktops are less expensive. Parts, service and upgrades are considerably less. You can do so much more with a Desktop for the same money. Laptops break frequently and often. Dropped, bumped, scratched, spilled on, lost and stolen. Batteries also figure into the cost, expect significant costs when you are replacing it in the next year or so. (if the screen and laptop are still together and working) If you were after less performance in all categories of computing ( when comparing it to a desktop) and is obsolete from the day you buy it, know you cant change it later, Its the one for you. You will have a portable computer.

Are There Any Advantages of a Laptop Vs a Desktop Or Vice Versa for a Student? 2

3. Advantages of a laptop over a desktop?

Laptop: Portability!!! Desktops: Less expensive, cheaper to buy componets like a bigger hardrive.

4. Are there any advantages for a laptop over a notebook computer(or vice-versa)?

Notebooks are laptops cut in half, you are gonna have to buy more memory if you want to do anything and the small size will frustrate you

5. List of advantages of a laptop over a desktop?

Easier to throw when it crashes

6. Advantages of a laptop over a desktop?

Lap top can function like any PC can, unless you need the top end PC for more special usage

7. List of advantages of a laptop over a desktop?

There is only one. If you need to do so, you can carry it around. Other than that, there's no advantage. Just lots of disadvantages.

8. List of advantages of a laptop over a desktop?

Advantages: - Portability Disadvantages: - More expensive in terms of price for performance. - Desktops usually have greater longevity and are easier to repair.

9. List of advantages of a laptop over a desktop?

It's portable

10. Advantages of a laptop over a desktop?


11. What ar tb advantages that a laptop has over a desktop ?

laptops are not really game oriented machines and the G4 AT&T ?? game servers want you to connect to the game account server as in Battlefield the EA server while mobil WIFI will drop and connect as you travel from one accesspoint to another. I would worry about your AT&T data bill for your gaming then also

12. 3 different laptops .. for example, acer, dell n asus .. what advantages the laptop .. and if we want to make?

Those are just brands. The advantages come from the individual laptops specifications. If you mean brand reputation it would likely go in this order: - Dell - Asus - Acer Not all laptops of each brand fall in their stereotype, but Acers are known for breaking down easily. Not all do, but the point is that every brand has customer complaints, and every brand has customers who give praise. Each Dell, Acer, and Asus have had notebooks that have worked for some, and failed for some.

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