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Let's Talk About This Year's Christmas! —— KUU New Tablet PC


Due to the hot event, and in order to allow more friends who support us to receive preferential discounts, all our products have a 10% discount and the event will continue until January 5, 2022.

How did you break your laptop?

We recently asked people to tell us the stupidest ways they have broken their computers. Here are their stories.

Let's Talk About This Year's Christmas! —— KUU New Tablet PC 1

1. Try not to cook your laptop.

I used my computer as a plate in the microwave when I was drunk.

2. Don't whip your hair too enthusiastically.

In my sophomore year of college, my roommate and I were making fun of Willow Smith's song "Whip My Hair". I whipped a little too hard, and my laptop flew off my lap and crashed onto the floor. Not my proudest moment.

3. And try not to be too sad.

Not me, but a friend got really homesick her first month of college and cried so much on her MacBook trackpad that she gave it water damage.

All right, let's introduce you to our new tablet——KUU UPAD

Let's Talk About This Year's Christmas! —— KUU New Tablet PC 2

UPAD: 243→219$

In order to give you the best and most satisfying experience, as the best custom laptop manufacturers, our new tablets come with the latest operating system, Android 11. And support high-tech technology, face recognition function, can make you in the boot unlock can be more convenient and fast.

Let's start by giving you a detailed description of our UPAD tablet:

CPU: T618-Unisoc(ums512)

Face Recognition: Yes

①In the settings, click on face recognition to set the method of face recognition unlocking

②Lock mode-face recognition + pattern, face recognition + PIN code, face recognition + password

Screen size: 11 inches

Screen resolution: 2176*1600 IPS 320DPI

Interface: Type-C

Operating System: Android 11


Solid-State Memory (Flash): 64 GB

Capacity: 3.8V /7300mAh with NTC

Battery size: 114.5 *135* 3.0 mm

Speaker: Built-in Built-in, 8O/1W box speaker x 2

Wireless-WIFI: Built-in, 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n 2.4G +5GAC

Bluetooth: Built-in BT 5.0

Navigation (GPS): Built-in

Built-in NFC: External

Built-out Fingerprint: Yes

Power adapter: Standard

Configuration 5V/2A Button: Built-in 3 physical POWER buttons, volume up, volume down, Reset

Front camera: Built-in, 5M

Rear camera: Built-in, 13M

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