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Will a 14.1-inch Laptop Fit Well in a 15.6-inch Case?

it will be just fine. the difference in size between the two is small

Will a 14.1-inch Laptop Fit Well in a 15.6-inch Case? 1

1. Is it worth it to upgrade to a 27 inch monitor?

yea,,,, 27 " is coooool

2. Buying two 15 inch subwoofers?

The RMS figures are better guides to power. The PQA4100 claims 2 x 1025W RMS equivalent to a peak of 2 x 2050W, so a a very rough guide take their peak power figures and halve them. Compare the power ratings with some of the more established brands such as Carlsbro, Peavey, Crown etc. They will deliver more reliable and sustained power output which is more important with subs. Another poster has recommended a Planet Audio amp. That's a 12V powered in-car amp. It's not a mains powered P. A. amp like the Pyles, Carlsbros Peaveys etc under discussion

Will a 14.1-inch Laptop Fit Well in a 15.6-inch Case? 2

3. Is 37 inch hips good?

I think you are just fine. It's a good size considering your height & weight. Now if you were short like me (I am 14 too but 5'1"), then it would be a problem, lol. I would think you are in between pear & hourglass shaped. I would say that if you were on a scale of pear-shaped to hourglass, you would be more to the hourglass side rather than in the middle. But I am not 100% sure because I am just picturing the measurements in my head. x)

4. How can some women walk in 3-inch or 4- inch heels?

It is a mixture of practice, the shoes, and exactly how much time you are going to spend on your feet. If there is a gap and your arch is completely unsupported your feet will get tired much faster. Also purchasing shoes that have slight platform can make them appear to be higher heels than they actually are, wedges can also create this kind of illusion. I save my highest heels for the days when I know I will not be on my feet a lot. If I am going to the mall I will wear a lower heel that I would to a lunch with a friend. Finally it is just practice. I did not always wear heels, now I wear them every day.

5. how can i grow my hair super fast?

there is nothing you can do to speed up hair growth, your hair will grow about 1/2 and inch a month! meaning it will grow up to at least 6inches a month

6. 4 inch refractor telescope question?

You can see a nebula, galaxy, and star cluster with your naked eye! Of course you can see a few with that scope. Star-hopping is a skill. It is not something you just instantly start doing.

7. 28 inch normal TV or 19 inch HD monitor?

i would not want to give up the additional 9 inches or the extra money you made the right choice

8. How many eighths are in an inch?

8 eighths in an inch. Find 1/4 of the 5/10 (1/2) mark on the ruler.

9. 3 inch boots for school? Are they cute?

Probably OK for school. Not too radical

10. How many 1 inch diameter circles can fit in a 9 inch diameter circle?

This Site Might Help You. RE: How many 1 inch diameter circles can fit in a 9 inch diameter circle? How many 1 inch diameter circles can fit in a 9 inch diameter circle?

11. Will 8 inch flex duct go onto 6 inch vent?

The wood range became designed with a 6 inch vent which shows that it needs to vent via a liner with a minimum of six inches. something much less and there is no longer adequate pass to allow each and all the smoke to bypass during the chimney. although, you do have the alternative of putting in an exaust fan on the coolest of your chimney which might promptly pull the air out of your chimney. although, in case you have an hermetic living house with detrimental rigidity issues, this would in user-friendly terms make that worse

12. Is 9/32 inch less or smaller than 1/4 inch?

Larger by 1/32"

13. How to add an inch to my penis?

un-circumsize it xDDDDDDDDDD

14. PVC pipe is manufactured with a mean diameter f 1.010 inch and a standard deviation of 0.003 inch.?

You are given information on a normally distributed random variable (the pipe diameter) and are asked a question about the distribution of the mean of a group of samples from that population. Let's call the population mean mu and the population standard dev popsigma. When you take a sample of n from this population, and calculate the mean which we will call xbar, we find that xbar is also a random variable with the same mean as the original variable (mu) but with a different standard dev: stdev(xbar) = popsigma/sqrt(n) Now you have to calculate the probability that xbar will fall within the limits 1.009 in to 1.012 in. To do this calculate the z value corresponding to each of the limits. z = (x - mu)/sigma This transformation normalizes your distribution, that is, it gives you a value z in the standard normal distribution (with mean 0, stdev 1) which exactly corresponds to the value of x in your real-world normal distribution For your variable xbar, use the appropriate sigma. For the lower limit, z1 = (1.009 - 1.010)/(.003/sqrt(9)) = -1. Now repeat for the upper limit and demonstrate for yourself that z2 = 2. Finally, go to a table of the normal distribution (or the appropriate function in a spreadsheet) and look up the probability that a standard normal random variable is 2 (should be about .0229). The sum of these is the probability that the normalized sample mean will fall OUTSIDE the range (-1

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