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Which Is Better? Desktop Or Laptop?

desktop because it is easier for the it guys to work on and upgrade or replace parts and they can support more ram and better graphic cards so i would say desktop

Which Is Better? Desktop Or Laptop? 1

1. Is this nettop solution comparable to a desktop?

These Atom computers are mainly for networking. Like a cross between a PDA and a laptop. It would work fine for browsing and for word processing, but maybe not so well for music and video, if the hard drive is not big enough and the cpu is too slow. It depends on your use. The answer to the main question, however, is no, it is not comparable to a desktop. You may be disappointed with its speed and capabilities. Why not keep your desktop, putting it under the desk? Buy a smaller monitor, say 12" LCD if you can find one, or a television. Get a small keyboard. If you are used to using a full sized keyboard and mouse, you might not like to give them up!

2. Can I upgrade this Desktop?

Yes That's a good all around desktop. As I always say though, you are better off building your own desktop though, maybe with an Intel Core i5 2400 which will be better all around

Which Is Better? Desktop Or Laptop? 2

3. What is your desktop background?

A collage of bright-lit cities

4. does ubuntu allow extended desktop

Yes Ubuntu does allow extended desktop. To enable this go to system -> preferences -> monitors

5. What is a good desktop to get?

An assembled PC is the best

6. purchasing a new desktop help?

Assuming you already have spent $$ on software, you will probably want to stay w the PC platform. Go mac if you are starting completely over and have the budget. As for the PC make, I favor Dell because there prices are low, they do not stray too far from normal hardware, are as stable as Windows, and have above average tech support. I do not like HP/Compaq, their tech support sucks. I once had a brand new monitor go bad and they replaced it with a used, smelled like an ashtry "refurb". Also I had an HP tape drive back when I worked for a major company, called up their tech support and met the rudest, do not give a crap agent ever. I still remember that call 15 years later! I will never buy anything except their disposable printers. As far as new tech, you will be stuck with Vista so it will already have quite a bit of horsepower, slowed down but it's there. Go to XP if you can, and wait for Windows 7. I am hoping that's not a glazed over Vista POS, but we will see. Check out video capabilities. Some of the new games require quite a bit of graphics horsepower, and they can cost hundreds, even as much as a new PC. Still, the Dell bundles can not be beat, esp if they contain a large LCD. and if you have one already, all the better. Get an extra graphics card and run them both! I would go for the lower priced one and upgrade every few years if I could, but I do not play games. It is your money, you know best. Good luck.

7. What is your desktop wallpaper?? ?

wall paper: Mike Rowe from dirty jobs xD screensaver: random pics

8. is this compaq desktop a good deal?

Check this one out: Compaq Presario SR2017CL PC Refurbished AMD Athlon 64 Desktop Computer This Compaq Presario SR2017CL desktop computer offers high-performance computing that's ideal for business, home or personal use. Get everything done efficiently with Windows XP Media Center, organize all your multimedia files, then spend your free time Web surfing, e-mailing friends, playing with digital photos, or listening to your favorite tunes. This Presario desktop comes with an AMD socket AMw Athlon 64 3800 2.4GHz dual core processor, 1 gigabyte of DDR2 memory and a 200GB SATA II hard drive. This desktop also features a DVDRW Dual Layer with Lightscribe optical drive that's great for multimedia entertainment and digital data storage. Great graphics are courtesy of NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE graphics with up to 256MB shared RAM. Get online with the 10/100 integrated LAN. $349.99

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