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Where Is a Good Site to Get Good Casual Gaming Laptops Under $2500 with Possible Customizing?

I am at work and my resources are limited. However, I suggest that you pick up a copy of MaximumPC to get further information on gaming systems. (It's worth the cover price.) There is a good selection of computer manufacturers who focus on gaming computers. Alienware is now owned by Dell. They are large and I have heard that they have good customer support. There are also horror stories about their customer support. Velocity Micro has a contract with Best Buy to provide their high end gaming computers. Many of the companies offer laptops with the same framework. Pay attention to the screen size. The 15" wide-screen is actually much shorter than the 15" standard screen. You would want to move up to a 17" wide-screen if you want a view comparable to a 15" standard.

Where Is a Good Site to Get Good Casual Gaming Laptops Under $2500 with Possible Customizing? 1

1. HP, Toshiba or Dell Laptop?

If you travel often, get an HP. HP's consumer lines are impressive and a lot of them are solid devices. HP also offers broad options on their consumer lines. Dell's consumer lines are not durable and are prone to horrid damaging. But their professional lines (The XPS line) are very very solid and you can consider them too. Toshibas may feel plasticky (They are mostly glossy plastic) and I wo not really advise them for travelling. IMO, get the HP.

2. Do all Dell Monitors work w/ Dell computers?

Monitors are basically generic and any Dell flat panel should work with a current Dell computer. Connection from the monitor to the computer could vary however all should have a generic connection which will work. Biggest issue should be obtaining a cable if you do not already have one or one does not come with it! I Hope this Helps! If a cable is coming with the Monitor then you should feel comfortable that is will connect directly to your computer without a problem. While you may seen multiple types of connections on your computer the video as almost all connections have only one location it will connect to. basically you can not make a mistake.

Where Is a Good Site to Get Good Casual Gaming Laptops Under $2500 with Possible Customizing? 2

3. DELL XPS or Macbook Pro?

instead of asking which computer you should get, you should ask yourself "do i want to be able to use my computer for what it is meant to do? or do i want to spend more time troubleshooting?" No viruses on apples, you can be a mac snob, and your computer wo not stop working after a year. Apples work better. Get one.

4. Dell Laptop or HP Laptop?

Both are good computers. But, I would go with the Dell. They have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to new tech

5. Which one of these video cards would you trust to run these games?

None of the above, and DO NOT BUY A VIDEO CARD FROM DELL! There is no need for that. They are a HORRIBLE ripoff. That being said, there are a number of problems with putting a video card in that computer. First, your power supply is weak, and if that computer is in a slim case, then a power supply upgrade is out of the question. As it is now, the best you could put in it is a low-profile Radeon 5570 or perhaps a GT 240. That's it. Furthermore, if you do not have at least 2GB of RAM (preferably 3GB), then those games wo not run well no matter which video card you put in it. On top of that, the Pentium D is weak and will bottleneck the system even further. Upgrading the CPU is out of the question as all you can do is put a marginally faster Pentium D in it. Most early 775 boards (especially OEM boards) wo not accomodate any Core 2 Duo chip. Your best bet is to save up for a newer computer. You are going to get severely diminished returns for your money by upgrading that one.

6. Is this a good deal for a Dell 1525?

sounds pretty good for general use, but not for gaming

7. Dell and Lenovo? Which is better?

well i am not super tecky but i am on a lenovo computer right now and it is the fastest Computer i have ever been on, and the only thing i know is that thia is a Lenovo Y510 (that is becase my dad works for lenovo)

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Are There Any Good Laptops?
Well Dell is certainly getting a bad rap. It is hard to tell if the battery issue is completely their problem or Sony's, who is the manufacture of the questionable batteries. Dell does tend to pressure their vendors to get the best prices, so Sony might have felt pressured to cut corners with the resulting battery problems. My techs tell me IBM (now Lenovo) and Toshiba make the best products. Since, I purchase my first laptop 20 years ago, a Compaq and have since mostly purchased Toshiba laptops, I can tell you that the majors ... Toshiba, IBM (Lenovo), HP and even Dell all make a quality product. I would focus more on what your laptop requirements are and what your budget is. Once you figure out what is most important, all new laptops these days, even refurbished, will play DVD. As far as games go, look at the minimum systems requirements for the games you play the most to see what is needed in terms of CPU speed and RAM and maybe even a graphics chip. The speed of the HD rarely plays a role, so I would not worry much about that. Think if weight or battery life is important. Once you have decided the features you should look at Toshiba and HP, since you seem to not prefer IBM or Dell and compare their machines in your price range with the features you want.1. What is better...HP or DELL Desktop?I am gonna have to go with Dell too. Good warranty service. Plus you can get an HP at Futureshop. That should not happen. Get one built for you if you are really desperate2. Dell Laptop or HP Laptop?Both are good computers. But, I would go with the Dell. They have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to new tech3. is dell a good computer?My dell inspiron lasted me over 6 years, slow as **** now, but no real major issues that I could not fix. I would recommend Dell, but most people would not but thats because they got a lemon or something and now they have a pinecone showed up their ***. Anywho, dell is great if you wanna customize your own PC, but if your looking for a great deal something like a Best Buy will probably get you another brand with similar specs to a the dell for cheaper. Do as you wish, if you do not really care that much about the specs just find a deal, if you do care then build your own Dell Laptop4. DELL 6224 switch strange behaviourI've found the problem!There were two things. For the solution, first I enabled spanning tree on all switches with the RSTP setting. All ports conected to edge devices, like computers printers and etc, where set to PORT FAST setting. The problem got softier, but then I realized that all my ports/port channels were set with the option: "switchport voice detect". I think this option, puts some unnecessary processing on the hardware and the switch passes all processing (routing and traffic) to the firmware, leaving the switch unstable. Turning that setting of on all ports resolved the problem for good! Now the 6224 is rocking solid with low cpu usage and responding to every ping I sent to him! =)5. Dell Dimension 8400 DVD boot?go into the bios under boot order change the boot order to first device then it will boot to dvd good luck!!!!!!6. Best laptops for normal, everyday use?Which is the best laptop for normal, everyday use , it's a very difficult decision . Different people has different choice but I think Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop for normal, everyday use. It has 13-inch display into an 11-inch chassis, making it one of the most compact ultraportables ever. This 2.7-pound laptop also delivers fast performance, thanks to its Intel 6th Generation Core processor and SSD. The non-touch-screen version of this machine lasted nearly 12 hours on a charge, giving you plenty of endurance.7. Delete the "dell” tag?I would say if the questions actually are specific to photographic workflow with Dell monitors, leave the tag. If it's just kind of randomly attached because someone's monitor or computer happens to be from Dell, leave it. I do not think it causes any harm
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