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What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $

In this range I would Prefers to go with Acer iconia tablet I have had this Acer Iconia Tab W500-BZ467 tablet since it was released two weeks ago. The look and feel of the unit is great. The touch screen is very responsive and HD videos look great on it. You get 2 gigs of system mem and 32gig SSD. Of course you get a full operation system in win 7. Web surfing is no problem the only site I have had a problem with is the Apple movie trailer site. I am not sure if it is the unit or the fact I am using Explorer 9.

What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $ 1

1. Which is the best tablet in the market?

Hi.I would strongly recommend getting an android tablet like the Motorola Xoom one

2. What's the best tablet out right now?

Nexus 7,it has a great processor and screen and cones with android 4.1. Get the 16gb model,its 249

What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $ 2

3. Is the iPad still the best tablet on the market?

Acer have been the 1st on the marketplace with pill / workstation and others accompanied with detachable keyboards, so own selection i assume, Toshiba yet another sturdy style. The robustness of the detachable keyboards would impact my determination?

4. what is the best tablet to buy and why ( not the IPAD )?

A 16gb, iPad 2 is only $499, which is a pretty good price, and only $49 over your "I-want-to-spend$450" thing :P There's over 140,000 apps for the iPad, iOS5, iCloud (things you buy etc. are automatically sent from your iPad to your computer). Seems pretty darn good to me!

5. Help! What features should I look for in a computer. What brand is best? tablet?

Do you want windows or mac? if mac, the mac book pro could handle everything you could possibly want. If u want windows, i like the acer brand. using an acer laptop right now :) been good for countless of years.

6. What is Tmobile's Best Tablet Phone?

I would say that you should go for the iPhone tablet.... Good luck!

7. Which is the best tablet pc?

Nope Apple is no longer the best. Try ASUS, they made a tablet that can mount on a physical keyboard. If you keep it on the keyboard it becomes a netbook if you detach it from the keyboard it becomes a tablet. It is multi-touch and features everything a fully loaded tablet has. It is also priced to sell. Check it out at ASUS website. Otherwise HTC will soon make an Android tablet and Motorola has the xoom running on Android 3.0 made specifically for tablets

8. What is the best tablet for entertainment?

if you have a bigger budget, i would recommend 10 inch android tablets like asus transformer prime or samsung galaxy tab. I would not recommend an ipad because it cannot play flash videos which means no dramacrazy or viki

9. Best Tablet under $200?

The Google Nexus 7 in simple terms has a front dealing with digicam, as a result no longer assembly your standards. The Meiying M1 pill workstation comes with 2 cameras, a twin center pill workstation, Android 4.a million and 16GB of storage. it is merchandising for $199 and you will possibly be able to benefit from a $20 off coupon. examine the hyperlink under for information. Battery existence is approximately 6 hours

10. what is the best tablet pc to get replace my laptop?

pills good now are unquestionably on the point to change a computing device. i am on my iPad good now and it incredibly is merely astonishing, effective, consumer friendly, and marvelous. there are a great form of apps that would replace computing device purposes like MS be conscious and abode windows explorer. you may get a sixteen gb wifi merely version (no costs) for 499 dollars. it incredibly is large! there is even an app that would help you connect on your computing device from yet another wifi community so as which you will completely acces your records, and do each thing your computing gadget can do, pronounced as splash appropriate cellular laptop. As you spot, the iPad 2 is the acceptable pill and the main prevalent. it incredibly is straightforward to apply, and is, like pronounced, merely astonishing

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What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $
Very few people NEED a tablet. They are luxury items, good for consuming information and entertainment, and not much else. The ability to do anything constructive on a tablet is severely limited by the lack of any kind of input except the touchscreen. A laptop can do everything a tablet can do and more, except be used with one hand while being held in the other. You are also not going to find much in a tablet for under $300. The more portable something is, the more you have to pay for that convenience. That said, the best tablets in that price range are probably the Acer Iconia Tab (7" version) which will sell for about $330 when it hits the market soon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab (the 7" version, not the newer 10.1" version) which is currently listed on Amazon for $339.95, or the Le-Pan TC970 Tablet which is right at $300. As for laptops, your best bet would probably be to check the link below for Amazon's bestsellers under $500, even if you do not purchase it from Amazon. The top brands for small laptops are currently HP, Acer, Asus, and Toshiba (not necessarily in that order). You can not really go far wrong with any of them. Finally, if your grandson's dead set on having both a laptop and a tablet, you might consider the Asus Eee Transformer. It's a tablet (and a pretty good one) and has an optional keyboard dock that essentially turns it into a laptop. It still runs the Android operating system either way, but it comes with an office suite that would let him do his schoolwork when it's plugged into the dock. Together, they would cost about $550, which is quite a bit more reasonable than the potential $800 for a separate tablet and laptop,1. what's the best tablet to buy?I've heard Asus from other people, but I am always going with Apple2. Best tablet to buy my bf?kindle fire is alright but i agree with the answers above, iPad mini would be best. The iPads are the kings of the tablet world3. The "Best" Tablet? (For a Student)?If you have not bought one already, go with the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. You can take notes, study, it's the same price level as the Ipad 2 and it's Android It will only be released 23 August 20114. What is the best tablet pc to date?Go for the Gateways. They give you the most bang for your buck (metaphorically of course)5. Best tablet for me and my needs?acer iconia6. What is the best tablet under 350$?Kindle fire...only 199 and it works great7. What is the best tablet for me?The HP TouchPad meets all of your constraints except Android Market and 9.0 inch display or less. (It's 9.7 inches.) Well, it's lacking a rear camera, so scratch that actually. That 9.0 inch or less display constraint is blocking out some decent alternatives. Letting that float up to 10.1 inch would add the Toshiba Thrive and ASUC Eee Pad Transformer (with some sweet hardware specs, not the least of which is a 1280x800 IPS display). The Thrive and Transformer both have 5 MP rear cameras.8. Whats the best tablet as far as price and performance?Either the Ipad or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet9. somebody can tellme wich is the best tablet in the market after the apple one please.?Can I tell you what I think the best tablet is? Sure. But if you are referring to the iPad as the best tablet, I can not help you; Your standards are misconstrued. I believe, by price and brand, the two best Android-powered tablets are the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. As for Windows 8 based tablets go, I recommend the Dell XPS 10 or Latitude 10 Tablets. They are reasonably priced as well.10. What is the Best Tablet PC for students?HP tablet pc i got that one and its pretty good11. What is the best tablet for college?tablets are going to hold you back12. what is the best tablet for watching movies?The iPad 3 I guess is the best as it is light as well as it has a very good resolution so hd movies are not a problem with the good processor it has
What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $
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