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Ok so Im Wanting to Buy a New Laptop?

It's totally great and excellent - Go ahead HP is always best!!!!

Ok so Im Wanting to Buy a New Laptop? 1

1. How much memory do I need on a new laptop?

Since you edit and save a lot of videos, I would recommend having access to as much storage as possible. External hard drives get cheaper every year, so you could just buy those if you do not need all of your videos/other files with you at all times. However, by my college experience, I found that it is important to keep the computer as portable as possible. If you intend on doing a lot of video editing in places like the library or the coffee shop, I would highly recommend spending the extra $600 on more flash storage. A side note: get as much flash storage as possible; it loads files very quickly and is good for video work (the inexpensive external hard drives are not solid state drives yet)

2. my new laptop wont let me set pictures as background?

Aero themes has to be enabled on Windows 7 to change it. If you have Windows 7 Starter Edition, Aero is not included. Click the Start button , type winver in the search box, and then press Enter.

Ok so Im Wanting to Buy a New Laptop? 2

3. I've bought a new laptop!?

be sure to make backup discs incase you are unable to find the drivers

4. Will the canadian border agency charge duty for a brand new laptop?!?!?

Depends on how long you have been in the US. If you are there for more than 48 hours, I believe you can bring back $800 in merchandise, and you can buy a brand new laptop for less than that. But check with their website just to make sure how long you have to stay out of the country.

5. Help to buy a new laptop?

I have bought several laptop for me.if your budget is ok for Fujitso my opinion is fujitso.from your brands i suggest dell. But it is your own chiose

6. I need help choosing a new laptop?

hey, it does not really matter who the manufacturer is, as long as it's the version you want. (windows 98, windows vista etc.), the speed is decent and it has enough storage. you also might want to consider a mac. if it's for school, go with windows. if it's for movies,graphics a recreational use, than a mac is what you want. but if not i suggest a computer with windows (not vista) because you will find compatibility issues. anyway, hoped i helped, if not, sorry for waisting your time

7. Should I buy a new laptop or ipad 2?

in my opinion, i could get a computing device. maximum folk have iPad's inclusive of their laptops. It also relies upon how a lot you come and forth, besides the actual incontrovertible fact that, in case you get a elementary computing device that should not be a project. Laptops have usb ports, cd drives etc. . and in basic terms all together what you make a call from that type of technologies. also, to have the web equipped into the iPad, you may pay month-to-month, so it is going to actual exercising consultation extra expensive. also imagine of memory etc

8. Downgrading new laptop to windows 7?

yes if you reformat it. a fresh install or repair will work without reformatting. This is how I did get rid of w8. The other files were in the old windows directory. good luck

9. Want to connect my old hardisk to my new laptop?

Nothing else to say really, ManBearP said it all

10. How to connect 3 monitors to my new laptop

This may depend on the configuration you have. I think there are several options on that model. But from my quick look, it appears as though 3 external monitors is no problem, at least to the version that has the high res internal screen. See here as a reference.

11. Buy new charger/battery or a new laptop?

Can you try using someone else's charger? if its the charger and not the battery, then you can go on amazon.com and get one for cheap. If its the battery then go to bestbuy, they have great deals on laptops. Walmart has the dell 1545 for cheap as well.

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