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Newest Mini PC for Hobbyist, Gamer,& Students

This new PC is a system based on the Intel Core i3-8100 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. It offers up to a quad-core processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, as well as a 7th generation AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card, plus an easy to install Windows 10 operating system.

Newest Mini PC for Hobbyist, Gamer,& Students 1

What does it mean to be a good Gamer?

I consider a good gamer to be someone constantly looking to improve.They do not whine about the game being against them, concede when they've been outplayed, and play honorably, without any intention to ruin the game for others.You could probably replace gamer with person here tbh, it's really just about enjoying yourself as much as possible. Skill is something a good gamer attains over time, but a good gamer does not have to be skilled immediately

best laptop for gamers?

Alienware!!!! Best gaming laptop evaaahhh!!!

Newest Mini PC for Hobbyist, Gamer,& Students 2

XBOX: New gamer Tag... any Suggestions?

name yourself Tom Cruise

What are XBox360 Games with EASY&QUICK gamer points?

New Xbox 360 is approximately, what, $3 hundred? concern-unfastened fee you gets for PS2 or Xbox video games... $8. Early video games even a lot much less. I in straightforward terms traded a pastime cube some days interior the previous and the main I have been given for a pastime replaced into $13. That replaced into wreck Bros. it truly is going to take the gadget plus atleast 20 sturdy titles to acheive a sparkling 360. probably greater advantageous.

My sister giving strangers my gamer tag? =/?

Ask your mom to tell her to stop. XD

Should i sell ps3 n be a pc gamer? ?

Personally I would just keep your PS3 and save up for a computer. If you sell it there's a good chance you will end up regretting it in the future

Best TV for non-tech savvy gamers?

For gaming - you want Plasma. Panasonic Viera is probably the best followed by Samsung. (LCD has motion blur and poor black levels/poor contrast). Consumer Reports has their best of the year issue out with their picks for current models. Make sure to calibrate the display down from 'torch mode' to save energy. (You can reduce the power usage on a TV by 30-50% by simply calibrating the brightness). Hope this helps. LAG: Every TV has a native internal resolution of 720 or 1080. Lag is often caused when your game system sends a different resolution and the TV has to process the video.

As a gamer, what is the most frustrating thing in games to you?

when the game turn the main character to a bad guy in the last few chapters . to be honest if you want me to be a bad person start from the beginning not the last few parts and also if the game doesnt have good gameplay and input delay

Is Raged Warlord a good Xbox Live Gamer tag? ?

Yeah I like it. Im PaidByTheKill and when I play UNO people are like "LOLZ YOU GET TEH KILLS IN UNO?!11" But yeah, its good FO SHO. Make sure it is not taken.

so why do so many gamer guys play as a girl?

I find that when I am a girl player (I have a lot of guy characters) people actually tip me more (in wow) and what not. Kind of weird. And creepy.

xbox 360 modded gamer tags.......................?

You do realize by posting that gamer tag that account will be banned. No one is going to pay for a modded gamer tag. You did not even explain what use a modded gamer tag is and for all you hackers,glitchers, and cheaters please stop it. We know you have no friends, you have no talents and extremely low self esteem but please stop it. If your so bad at video games that you have to glitch that is pathetic. Have fun, you poor pathetic soul.

how much complaints have to be filed in order to change ur gamer tag?

I do not understand the question. Please provide better information about WHAT game/network this is for, who runs it, the website, and be more specific in general as to how long you've had this problem, etc.

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Best Laptop/Notebook for College Students at a Low Price?
Best Laptop/Notebook for College Students at a Low Price?
I got a HP laptop about 18 months ago and I really like and have never had a problem. It was not too pricey, around $600 if I remember correctly. It's done everything I need for college, gaming, home use, etc. I would definitely encourage you to check them out1. i want to build a supper fast Gaming pc for a low price?how the hell do you expect to keep a low price when you are buying the top range stuff? anyway you need at least 700watt if not more for PSU, as for the SSD, have a look at the review to get prices and best performing hdd. Also to lower the price, dont bother with amazon, they will not have the best prices avialible. try newegg.com for your components. Not only will you have more choice, but you should also get lower prices2. Im looking for earphones, or headphones for my ipod at a low price, any help?Buy earphones from any store, buy identical cheap knock off ones from eBay (should not cost more than 5 bucks) and return the cheap ones in the original packaging to get all of your money back except for the 5 bucks from the cheap ones. That's what I did. Hoped I helped3. Who can tell me if this website selling electronics at a ridiculously low price is legit and not scamming me?If your gut says it's a scam. Stay away. Never give your credit card info (or banking info, or send a money order, or whatever) to any "merchant" you do not know and trust. This applies online as it does in the "real" world.4. Steamer Oven Aluminum Foil HeaterIntroduction for Aluminum Foil Heater Heating Cable Diameter: Normal 2.5mm, and also can be custom made in any specification Foil Heater can be made in any voltage, power, temperature, size and shape etc. Insulation Layer Material: Silicone Rubber heat resistant up to 200 The maximum wattage for heating cable per meter: Silicone rubber: less than 60w/m PVC: less than 30w/m Running temperature range: Silicone rubber: Aluminum Foil Heater assembly is a kind of flake heating element which fuses the hair hotline on a single aluminum foil or sticks between two aluminum foil. Its back affixed with double-sided glue, can be very convenient, securely affixed to the heated surface. The product is only 3 to 5mm thick and covers an area ranging from cm2 to 1.0, with a working power from 0.5 watts to hundreds of Watts and a maximum operating temperature of 150 . It has a light, simple design and installation, the use of safety and hygiene, uniform surface heat transfer, long life, low price, can be based on the shape of the heated surface for random, convenient design and other unique advantages, is the design of a variety of low-temperature surface heating applications Ideal heating elements, is widely used in refrigerator freezer compensation heating, advertising moisture-proof defogging Pharmaceutical food processing, planting and breeding insulation and other fields. Tech Feature 1. Suitable for all kinds of low temperature occasions surface heating, can be easily made according to the heating surface of various shapes, convenient design, low price. 2. Easy to install, safe and hygienic to use, uniform heat transfer surface. 3. Power can be partitioned, can be with thermostat. Our factory is professional manufacturing every kinds of aluminum foil heaters, welcome all of the world customers to ask for prices, samples! Mobile: 0086 13456528940 Email:5. Were can i buy a hair straitner? at a low price?i brought my hair straightner in target. a ceramic 1. It was like $126. does anybody know which accounting firm is decent for a low price cpa for self employed taxes?Any of the well known CPA firms would be at least that much if not more. If you call around now, expect to be quoted pretty high fees as everyone is swamped. "low price" and "decent" tend to be mutually exclusive in the tax world.7. Hello, I need to know where can i get a free or low price wheelchair, i could drive to NY, NJ or PA to get it.difficult factor. lookup in bing and yahoo. this will help!
Whats the Best Laptop for an Over the Road Trucker?
Whats the Best Laptop for an Over the Road Trucker?
Look for an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad from the z60t or z61t series. They have built-in WiFi and WAN (if you want internet through a cellular service like Verizon, i.e., you will be able to access internet anywhere that you have a cellphone signal) capability, they have an active protection hard drive (protects your data in case of bumps or drops), and you can even upgrade to a titanium cover for added protection. There's a review on CNET.com where someone claims that they brought one of these laptops to Iraq with a titanium cover, and shrapnel hit the laptop and it was still able to boot up. In addition to being light (5lbs) and slim, it's moderately priced. I bought mine for about a grand, and it came with 512 mb RAM, a DVD burner, titanium cover, and a Pentium M processor, and a handy fingerprint scanner so I do not have to remember another password. The z60t/z61t series also have widescreens, for movie viewing. Also check out a TV tuner PCI card for laptops, and you should be able to hook up a TV antenna to your laptop.1. What are all the taxes and fee's/permits required for owner operator trucker?There are many variables to your question, such as type of operating authority and will you need background checks (TWIC and/or Hazmat), so it would be impossible to give you a correct answer. First, do you plan on getting everything yourself? This can be overwhelming. Did you know that OOIDA (Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association) is one of the most reliable and cost effective organizations that help you get everything you need? In addition to the items you mentioned, since you say you want to get your own authority, did you know that you have to set up a drug and alcohol program and auditing systems, among other things? OOIDA can help you with these, too. As a driver, you will be required to have a pre-employment drug test. The cost of insurance will depend on many factors including experience, driving record, type and age of equipment, where and what you haul, equipment and gross weight and miles you expect to travel in each state, among other things. If you are planning on getting Motor Carrier authority, you will also have to be bonded. Permits vary by state, so where you operate will determine which permits you will need. If you plan on hauling alcohol or hazmat, for instance, you will need additional permits. Business licenses vary by state (I do not know the cost in TX, but it can found on the internet). Also some counties and cities also require business licenses. Equipment licenses (IRP registration) varies with the type of equipment, weight (gross and unladen), year and make of equipment. You will also need to pay a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. You will need Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). You may need weight distance permits for New York, New Mexico and Kentucky. If you plan to haul military, government, international, or intermodal loads, or for some larger retail chains, you will need a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC). If you are going to incorporate or have an LLC, you will need to get Articles of Incorporation. Depending on type of trailer and loads you plan on hauling, you may need other equipment such as chains, binders, tarps or headache racks. So you see, depending you your particular requirements, an accurate answer can not be given. As a rough ballpark figure, I would say that you probably need a minimum of $4,000.00. For more detailed information on all of the above, and much, much more, see the blog "How to Become an Owner Operator and Make Money in Trucking", listed below). Good Luck2. Is it possible to buy a semi trailer with a lift gate to move our business inventory across country? Would we be able to hire a trucker to haul it? What do we need to know and how would we go about doing it?You'd be better off buying or renting a 40 cargo container and renting a truck out, or hiring out a truck/trailer/driver as one unit. (I'd hire out a truck/trailer/driver in one).That semi-trailer with a lift gate you're looking at is going to be tens of thousands of dollars. You can find someone locally (A good place to start is typing in "trucking companies" and your city into google, and making some phone calls.It's not going to be especially cheap. I've seen rates for cross country travel running up to 2-3 dollars a mile. Try to pay by the load or mile, not daily or hourly. The company may or may not charge you for the day you have the trailer to load with a day rate fee. Don't ask if they can "speed the process up", trust me, they'll be running as hard as they legally can. With more specifics, I could probably point you in a better direction, but that's about as general as I can make it.Is it possible to buy a semi trailer with a lift gate to move our business inventory across country? Would we be able to hire a trucker to haul it? What do we need to know and how would we go about doing it?3. don't life as a trucker get too boring, because even your time off , is still spent in a truck?You do not spend your time off in the truck. You spend it with family and friends. The modern sleeper cab is like an apartment with all the amenities
What Is the Best Laptop for a Chef?
What Is the Best Laptop for a Chef?
A cheap and battered one! My current laptop is a HP. It replaced an earlier HP that meet an early end due to an incident with a chopping board. The one before that was an Asus which ended up being crushed in my travel luggage. Before that I had an Acer which ended up with oil damage (since then I have tapped plastic over the keyboards of all subsequent kitchen laptops). They get used a lot. They get used by the whole team. They get dropped and tossed around.While my home gear is all Apple I would not use these in a restaurant kitchen because of the cost of replacement!1. Suitability of Pellet Gun as Firearm Replacement?Just some random thoughts, whatever method you choose: If essentially for home defense, where will it be stored ? Many local authorities mandate secure storage. If secure, is it readily accessible when you want it ? If not accessible, what value it it to have possession? If not readily accessible, can high threat potential be identified to allow access ahead of possible need ? If not secure -- but accessible to you -- cannot the potential "baddies" access it too? To what extent is it necessary to practice on-range use and re-qualify with regular usage up-dates/ Are you prepared to maintain currency? Is it in fact true very many gunshot recipients are shot by their own guns -- either from accidental misuse or being relieved of the weapons by aggressors? Could other passive security systems ultimately be cheaper, more reliable and less onerous with fewer physical/ fiscal/ legal downsides? I guess you must have had these thoughts to reach your decision point thus far -- but if you have not perhaps, it should be done ?2. How do I claim warranty for House of Marley earphone in India?Hello,I have claimed warranty on House of Marley headset EM JE041 SB with Mic which was i purchased in Flipkart.StepsRegister your complaint on -CUSTOMER VALUE- by clicking here (you can see boat website for House of Marley)Be ready with your soft copy invoice while registering complaint you have to uploadFill all the required informationOnce you registered for complaint you will get ticket I would for your query. Then pickup will initiated by some courier services (Mine: xpress bee)One good thing is i have missed my headphone brand box i thought they will ask for while pickup but they saved me from this ud83dude03The next day itself courier guy reached me and get the pickup. I have packed my headphone in some Flipkart delivery boxWithin next two days it reached to the boat teamAfter a day they verified my product and approved for replacement and sent through same courierI am happy about their services no need to go anywhere they will do pickup and replace.How do I claim warranty for House of Marley earphone in India?3. Replacement for nail polish remover?use ur nails(if they are long and hard enough) or just use a paper towel with soap4. What are Windows XP replacement options ?First off, they are only advising you to go out and buy windows 8 because its their newest one. Personally, i would not even bother with windows 8 at all since i am happy enough with windows 7. If you are worried too much about a transition from XP, then windows 7 will be ideal, its not too different to that of XP, just looks newer.First thing to do if you want to upgrade to windows 7 is to see if your current computer will be able to run it ( been a while since i looked at the minimum specifications, but if you have a 'high end' XP machine then it should not make too much of a difference. Then once and if you want to upgrade to windows 7 have a look on a website that sells operating systems such as ebuyer.com. Although they are saying support for Xp may stop, they may still extend it yet again because of so many companies using it around the world, because it was so good. You do have more options though from windows: Linux mint is a friendly one to start with for linux, and the best thing about that one is that its free as are many other distributions of linux. you should also be able to install linux on your current machine since most distro's do not take up much more system resources than XP does in the first place. Its what ill be transferring too once ive finished my uni course.
What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $
What Is the Best Tablet to Purchase for Under $300.00 Dollars and What's the Best Laptop for Under $
Very few people NEED a tablet. They are luxury items, good for consuming information and entertainment, and not much else. The ability to do anything constructive on a tablet is severely limited by the lack of any kind of input except the touchscreen. A laptop can do everything a tablet can do and more, except be used with one hand while being held in the other. You are also not going to find much in a tablet for under $300. The more portable something is, the more you have to pay for that convenience. That said, the best tablets in that price range are probably the Acer Iconia Tab (7" version) which will sell for about $330 when it hits the market soon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab (the 7" version, not the newer 10.1" version) which is currently listed on Amazon for $339.95, or the Le-Pan TC970 Tablet which is right at $300. As for laptops, your best bet would probably be to check the link below for Amazon's bestsellers under $500, even if you do not purchase it from Amazon. The top brands for small laptops are currently HP, Acer, Asus, and Toshiba (not necessarily in that order). You can not really go far wrong with any of them. Finally, if your grandson's dead set on having both a laptop and a tablet, you might consider the Asus Eee Transformer. It's a tablet (and a pretty good one) and has an optional keyboard dock that essentially turns it into a laptop. It still runs the Android operating system either way, but it comes with an office suite that would let him do his schoolwork when it's plugged into the dock. Together, they would cost about $550, which is quite a bit more reasonable than the potential $800 for a separate tablet and laptop,1. what's the best tablet to buy?I've heard Asus from other people, but I am always going with Apple2. Best tablet to buy my bf?kindle fire is alright but i agree with the answers above, iPad mini would be best. The iPads are the kings of the tablet world3. The "Best" Tablet? (For a Student)?If you have not bought one already, go with the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. You can take notes, study, it's the same price level as the Ipad 2 and it's Android It will only be released 23 August 20114. What is the best tablet pc to date?Go for the Gateways. They give you the most bang for your buck (metaphorically of course)5. Best tablet for me and my needs?acer iconia6. What is the best tablet under 350$?Kindle fire...only 199 and it works great7. What is the best tablet for me?The HP TouchPad meets all of your constraints except Android Market and 9.0 inch display or less. (It's 9.7 inches.) Well, it's lacking a rear camera, so scratch that actually. That 9.0 inch or less display constraint is blocking out some decent alternatives. Letting that float up to 10.1 inch would add the Toshiba Thrive and ASUC Eee Pad Transformer (with some sweet hardware specs, not the least of which is a 1280x800 IPS display). The Thrive and Transformer both have 5 MP rear cameras.8. Whats the best tablet as far as price and performance?Either the Ipad or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet9. somebody can tellme wich is the best tablet in the market after the apple one please.?Can I tell you what I think the best tablet is? Sure. But if you are referring to the iPad as the best tablet, I can not help you; Your standards are misconstrued. I believe, by price and brand, the two best Android-powered tablets are the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. As for Windows 8 based tablets go, I recommend the Dell XPS 10 or Latitude 10 Tablets. They are reasonably priced as well.10. What is the Best Tablet PC for students?HP tablet pc i got that one and its pretty good11. What is the best tablet for college?tablets are going to hold you back12. what is the best tablet for watching movies?The iPad 3 I guess is the best as it is light as well as it has a very good resolution so hd movies are not a problem with the good processor it has
Best Laptop for the Following?
Best Laptop for the Following?
Better go for HP1. What is the difference between the hp tx 1000 and hp tx 2000?THE difference between hp tx 1000 & hp tx 2000 is 1000 ?? no thank's needed i understsnd !!2. HP OR DELL LAPTOP? Thanks?i would recommend HP. It is much more of a reliable company then dell. i have worked with many dell computers and every month they get some new problem. Also HP is more up-to-date with technology. so you can be guaranteed that you have the latest model3. if i put 2.5 ton rockwell axles(6.72 gears) with 46 in tires under a ford courier how much hp do i need?hp to do what? hp is needed to go fast, but with 46" tires, you do not want to go fast because they are not rated for speed, and will blow out (very expensive and dangerous). You will need lots of torque though. Something like a 105hp Cummins 3.9 turbo diesel would work well4. Whats up with my hp laptop?HP produces vulnerable and easy-to-destroy chargers. What you can do is to put electrical tapes on the vital parts of the charger so that the wire inside would not bend5. Laptop question: Hp tablet or Macbook?I have a macbook.. VERY HAPPY with it.. Does everything you need it too.. does not mess up. No viruses.. and a cool photo booth app. Would definately go with the macbook. Very convinient easy to travel with and very usefull6. HP Envy Graphics Card Upgrade?Get a new graphics card like the hd 6850 or 7850. If you have a lot of money to spend go for a 7950. Make sure your power supply can provide enough power needed and it has PCI-E connectors. You can use molar converters.7. HP PDX Laptop and blu-ray region on HP MediaSmartAfter downloading and installing a trial of Cyberlink PowerDVD, and using its settings menu to change the region code, MediaSmart was able to play the movie8. Should I get a Mac pro laptop i5!?!?For the price you pay to get the cheapest mac laptop you could get a high end windows PC with awesome hardware, looks cool, great power, and an operating system superior to mac: Windows 7. Macs do not last any longer than PC's- I use a 2004 dell dimension as a primary computer! So do not waste your money on a mac, but a windows pc. I recommend Dell, just because we have never had any major problems with them. Stay away from HP, my parents laptop is only 2 years old and It's dying. But dells last forever- my dad has a dell from 2005 and it still runs like new. We also have a 10 year old dell printer and it still runs strong. As for the i5 and i7 thing, Get the i5. They are the same thing. But watch out- some i5's and i7's are dual-core, not quad-core. My frined has a 2008 macbook pro and it is breaking constantly, they've gopne thru 2 cd drives and 3 hard drives. Its very slow, too. They are horrrible.9. A 2.4 hp (rated real world it's a 1.6 hp engined) generator a 1/3 hp 120 volt motor Bike & trailer; legal?Non liquid, "jell" cell batteries do not spill. They are of the type used by power wheelchairs. Available from battery stores, or from wheelchair supply stores,C. to D.C. for the motor for the bike, and lighter than the generator in the trailer by at least half.10. wireless mouse wont work on my desktop computer!!!!!!?The only thing I can think of is that you require a driver program to be installed on your computer to activate the mouse. Drivers tell your computer what peripheral devices are attached to it. If one did not come with the mouse, you may be able to download a driver from HP or Microsoft.11. Enabling WOL on HP ProliantFirst of all:Wake-on-LAN is terribly inconsistent. For example, sometime the network adapter just fails to transmit the start command to the power supply.Because of that I would strongly suggest to use the iLO adapter to power on your sever reliably, if you have the opportunity to do so. However, you stated that this is not the case so let me explain why I think that wol does not work in your case:I am not 100% sure of this but I am pretty positive that the problem is the NIC teaming. A NIC Team uses a virtual MAC-address. But since the server is powered off when you send the wol-packet, I do not think that the virtual MAC-address exists at that point. Sadly I could not find any hard proof to back this assumption.You could try to send a wol-packet to a single NIC without teaming, to see if it works. Or address it to to the physical MAC of one of your NICs in the team. If you have to chance to do that, please let me know if it worked!
What Is the Best Laptop to Buy for Under a 1000?
What Is the Best Laptop to Buy for Under a 1000?
for greater or less one thousand you may face as much as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M on your gaming pc from Lenovo Y50. The Lenovo Y50 is a conveyable gaming powerhouse. The Y50 boasts an entire HD tutor, the Intel middle i5-4200H 2. 8 GHz Processor, effective NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M discrete photos, JBL -designed stereo audio gadget and nicely suited fee Dolby progressed Audio to make it a gamer's dream pc. Spec: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M Discrete photos for severe gaming overall performance JBL -designed stereo audio gadget and subwoofer with Dolby developed Audio for immersive audio 15.6" finished HD (1920 x 1080) determination integrated 720p HD webcam and a twin digital array microphone for crystal sparkling webchat clever TouchPad, optimized for abode windows 8. a million with hassle-free scroll, zoom and rotate purposes HDMI out, 2 USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port Lenovo power administration minimizes energy use and protects battery existence Backlit keyboard for low-mushy situations comfortable AccuType Keyboard1. Cheats for pokemon crystal john gbc for android?You are a disgrace to the pokemon community. Only fakers with no self worth use action replay and cheats2. is crystal light better than soda?I am a big D'soda drinker and also started drinking crystal light (to cut down on soda). I also like the flavored seltzers. They have a large variety and are no calorie or sweeteners in them. I still think the crystal lgt. is better for you than soda. You could make iced tea and add your own lemon & sugar or splenda. Even homemade lemonade.3. Are crystal light and diet coke bad for you?No what you are doing is someing perfectly normal and ok to do,my wifeand kids love the diet dew etc but i am an ice tea man myself. Have a great weekend and dont worrie so much4. How do you attune a crystal?All this time you could be learning something useful, squandered. How sad. EDIT: Thanks to science, I do not have to just believe in stuff. Experiments have been performed, and guess what? Crystals are only worth their aesthetic value, no more.5. Where is Crystal Energy Found?Unfortunately, the only place 'crystal energy' is found is in weird "new age" ideas. Natural crystals are very beautiful but they contain no mystical energy forces. They can possess kinetic energy if you throw them and potential energy if you lift them up...but I am pretty certain that this is not the kind of "energy" you are thinking about!! Physics has got very clear views on the various forms of energy and new-age thinking is rejecting hundreds of years of firmly grounded experimental evidence when it magically comes up with things like "crystal energy". Most of the crystals you see for sale in new age stores (rose quartz for example) are just silicate minerals. They are usually chemically similar to glass and are no more special. Enjoy them for their fabulous crystal forms and learn about the tremendous forces that created them over huge periods of time but do not expect them to magically change your life or fortune!! Fabulous comment from vengeance! Well, as for not opening a book, not quite true. I am a PhD. in geophysics ..so I've done my fair share of reading. I would be very happy to hear what sort of energy you are talking about though. An open mind is the key to real understanding....6. Molecule vs Crystal$mathrmH_2mathrmOs$ in liquid water are weakly interacting. As a first-order approximation, it can be treated as isolated subsystem (molecule). NaCls are rather strongly interacting in a salt. It is not that good approximation to isolate a single "NaCl molecule" in a salt. Like in perturbation theory, $H=H_0 H'$. If $H'$ is small, we can do perturbation expansion. $H_0$ is similar to the concept of molecule.P.S. Here weakly and strongly are just descriptive words. The interactions in water and salt are mainly electromagnetic.7. Crystal engagement ring love it or crush it?I am an italian girl who lives in Italy (so my answer will probably be full of mistakes :D) and I am engaged. I think that the ring has first of all (and for me only) a meaning: so it is not important what is made of. If you watched Audrey Hepburn's film (I do not remember the title, I am sorry D:), he has an engaged ring found on a chips packet!
Best Laptop(s) for a Budget Around 600-650 USD?
Best Laptop(s) for a Budget Around 600-650 USD?
649.99$ Not including tax HP - Color=Black with a design on top - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz - Screen Size 15.6" - RAM 4GB DDR3 - Hard Drive Size 500GB - 2MB L2 cache Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (People say Intel graphics are not very good) Up to 4 hours Battery Life - Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.6 (64 Reviews) OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - 3 USB 2.0 ports - Wireless Networking BGN Weighs 6.3 lbs. and measures just 1.6" thin Software package included With Microsoft Works, Cyberlink DVD Suite, Adobe Acrobat Reader and more. 60-day trial version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 included. 5-in-1 media reader Supports Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, MultiMediaCard and xD-Picture Card. They have other Intel Core 2 Duo laptops too. This is the only HP laptop with Core 2 Duo in your price range. I will keep checking up on this question in case you have questions and add details.1. Small Business Branding: What Color Says About Your BusinessIt seems like an innocent question, right? You may be surprised to learn that your color preferences reveal a lot about you. Color has a deep and often subconscious effect on our behavior. Color is often used to persuade or influence us. According to a study examining the effect of color on sales, 92.6% of people surveyed by the CCI: Institute for Color Research said that color was the most important factor when purchasing products. Another study showed that people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or thing within 90 seconds. That judgment was influenced, in 62%-90% of examples, by color alone. Color is a critical influence on how we perceive the world. If you are starting your business or rebranding an existing business and thinking about your brand identity, you should understand how color impacts consumer behavior. How you use it in your business can significantly affect how effectively you convert visitors into sales. Color: truly in the eye of the beholder The effects of color on each person can be highly subjective and deeply personal. Choosing the right color for your business very important, as it must resonate with your customers and prospects. Let's take a look at the science of how we see color to illustrate this importance. We can thank Newton for discovering that color is the sensation of light bouncing off something and entering our eyes. Newton found that light is made up of many different wavelengths, each perceived as a different color. For example, the color red is not actually in the strawberry itself. The surface of the strawberry absorbs all of the light except for the wavelengths we perceive as red. These bounce off of the fruit and into our eyes. We have millions of light-sensitive cells, or receptors, at the back of our eyes. Science considers these receptors as an extension of the brain, and for a good reason. Specific receptors are stimulated by the light coming into our eyes, and those receptors send impulses to our brain. The brain takes those signals and interprets them as color: in this case, red. Because the brain interprets the color, that means that color is, by nature, a sensation. It's this fact that makes our choice and use of color so critical to our businesses' success. While our perception of colors and what they mean is subjective, there are some essential qualities that we can apply generally. Here are some of those qualities: Red. Often considered exciting, attention-grabbing, warm, and connected to love, anger, life, and comfort. Yellow. Seen as adventurous, evoking happiness, enthusiasm, youth, and travel. Green. Of course, this color is connected to money, but it's also known for its connection to balance, health, sustainability, and knowledge. Blue. The color of honesty, high quality, competence, trust, reliability, and integrity. Purple. Creativity, royalty, mystery, respect, and playfulness are often connected to purple (and violet). Brown. Brown is the color of the outdoors and can be seen as friendly, organic, natural, friendly, and rugged. Black. This color is all about sophistication, intelligence, seriousness, and expense. White. The antithesis of black is known for its order, innocence, purity, cleanliness, neutrality, and space. Grey. When you need to communicate timelessness, neutrality, refinement, of the moment, or practicality, you might want to use grey. Culture and context can also influence how color is interpreted. Therefore, do your due diligence and research your audience so you can make the best choices based on their specific backgrounds. To learn more, we recommend you read: How 21 Brands Use Color to Influence Customers Research shows that anticipating your consumer's reaction to a color and its relationship to your brand is more important than the actual color itself. Customers want to see that a color "fits." For example, the color pink probably does not fit with a brand like Ford or Harley Davidson, and black would be perceived as wrong for Fisher-Price or an organic health food store. It's not that the company name Harley Davidson by itself evokes a specific reaction from its customers. But the overall composition of the brand, including its logo, marketing, products, etc., produces a reaction that responds differently to different brand colors. Other research confirms a connection between a company's brand colors and consumers' perception of a company's personality. The key takeaway here is that it's less important what color you choose and more that you choose colors that highlight or accentuate the personality you want your brand identity and product to reflect. Remember that branding is about experience and emotion. As we wrote previously: A powerful brand starts with a professionally designed logo. Color plays a vital role in logo design, as we discussed recently in our look at current logo trends. The importance of color also extends to how you present your products, product packaging, and services to consumers. Studies show that choosing colors that make customers feel or think of a certain quality and help guide their actions is key to your success. As we wrote in 7 Important Packaging Design Trends: Studies demonstrate that colors play a significant role in how advertising and signage are read. 42% more signs and advertisements are read when a color (such as red) is used versus black and white. Comprehension is boosted as well. So if you are creating signage or imagery for your store or website, make sure to add a splash of color to give it a better chance of being noticed and read. We've already looked at how specific colors have themes or attributes, but did you know colors can influence our behavior? Research on the use of color in retail fashion stores shows that customers are more likely to return and make purchases in a store that uses a blue color scheme versus orange. How do you spell relief? P-I-N-K Pink is another color studied for its subconscious effect on people. Researchers found that viewing the color pink causes people's endocrine system (also known as the body's chemical messaging system) to slow down and our muscles to relax. So if you've ever wondered why so many products connected to soothing problems (such as pain-killers, stomach aids, and female hygiene products) include pink in their packaging, now you know: the color itself makes us think of relaxation and relief. Another study found that patients given placebo pills in warmer colors like pink reported them to be more effective than pills with cooler colors. And those red sales signs? There's a subconscious method to that madness, too. Studies found that the color red causes people to react faster and more forcefully. This is probably in part due to our society's connection to red and danger or warning. Retailers capitalize on this reaction to red to impart urgency in their clearance and sales signs. The psychological effect of color on our behavior is one thing, but how does this effect manifest itself in real-world usage? We've gathered some case studies where the use of color had an impact on some output. As we said in our look at how 21 companies use color: We've looked at how colors like red influence our behavior (and we've already been conditioned since childhood that "green means go," but what kind of effect would it have in this particular scenario? These results are impressive, but they do not mean you should run out and change all of your buttons to red. It's essential to test any changes (like Hubspot did here for Performable) with your audience to see what works for your business and your specific audience. RIPT is an apparel company that sells one-of-a-kind designer clothes. Intrigued by the idea of A/B testing, they decided to run their test using their Buy Now button as the subject. Their existing button was monochrome with a subtle arrow pointing at the call-to-action. They ran a test using this as the original and a new, colorful button as the control (or test) version. A 6.3% rise in sales is worth paying attention to, especially when you consider that there was no other change done to the design. This update RIPT made exemplifies the concept we explored earlier: adding color, especially an "action" color like green or red, can affect behavior. Heinz's experiment with "America's Favorite" ketchup is another particular case in color driving behavior. Heinz's "EZ Squirt" product was an attempt to rebrand ketchup and make it more attractive to kids. Not only did Heinz give the bottle a more "fun" design, but they also committed ketchup heresy: they changed its color. "We are on track to ship in the first 90 days what we thought we would sell in the first year," reported Heinz's global marketing director Casey Keller. "This thing has taken on a momentum of its own, striking a chord with kids and people in general." As usual with anything targeted at kids, however, the longevity of Heinz's experiment was short-lived. It turns out kids are fickle consumers (who knew?), and sales eventually dropped off. But the results still speak to the power that color can have on sales. While we eulogize the end of "Stellar Blue" and "Funky Purple," the fact that the new colors posted impressive results is another sign that the hue you choose can make a huge difference. Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy when Steve Jobs returned and turned it into a business school case study success. Nowadays, they have more money than they know what to do with. (Did you know Apple made four times the profit in three months that Amazon made in its entire lifetime?) But back then, things were dramatically different. As Jeff Goldblum so eccentrically pointed out in commercials for Apple's brand new "Bondi Blue"-colored computer, the iMac, color was a huge reason for this. Referring to the existing IBM PC beige box status quo, Goldblum summed up Apple's attitude: "It's beige, it's boring, it's bland." An ex-Apple engineer, Gautum Baksi, noted about Apple's obsession with finding the right color, You do not need Apple's vast resources to take advantage of existing color research and development, and all businesses can take a page out of their color strategy. Be more intentional with how you choose colors for your business. Take into account both the themes that colors represent and the psychological behavior that specific colors influence. Research what colors best fit your target audience's tastes and needs, and above all, do not be like beige.2. Do you think I will need to lighten my eyebrows to dye my hair platinum blonde? (Picture inside)?i think just a little so it look nature, but defiantly darker than your hair die color. other than that it will look good (:3. What breed of cat do I have?She is a domestic short hair, color would be brown mackerel tabby. That's the cat that Nature created!
What Is the Best Laptop for Recording Music at Home With?
What Is the Best Laptop for Recording Music at Home With?
From my professional point of view, i suggest a Mac but even the lower end low powered macs are expensive and you will find the experience of something like running Logic a frustrating chore, i know from personal experience. To get a high quality Mac you will have to pay ATLEAST the $2400 for the basic Mac Pro. it's pretty ridiculous. Things like the Macbook just do not have the power to do anything really, as i found out. And Windows dont really have much choice in this sort of area either. So your kinda stuck here with limited choice1. What kind of stuff should go into a survival/emergency kit?You should have at least these items with you. Maps of area you are going into and a compass. Extra cloths Source of light. First Aid kit Food Water Fire making items. Shelter, tent, or tharp. multitool and knife 550 cord A GPS device is nice, but if your batteries go dead or the Satellites go dead, it will be useless.2. Which area is more expensive, the San Francisco Bay area or Manhattan? Which area is better?Lining in Bay Area you can go on weekends to beautiful places like Yosemite, Tahoe, Shasta, Santa Cruz. The ocean is much nicer, it's cold but beautiful. Nothing even close to that in NYC. And Bay Area is less expensive compared to Manhattan.3. Can you answer questions about my box turtle?Be remarkable to understand what form of boxie you have. Asian container turtles want extreme humidity and for them a tank is very nearly a call for. A 40 breeder is the smallest to think of roughly. you like sq. pictures of area no longer intensity. With a glass good. North American container turtles fare plenty extra clever in tortoise tables or perhaps the very large 90L rubber maid container. in my opinion i exploit rubber maids for hatchlings, and permit the adults to have unfastened roam of a room with tile flooring in the domicile over iciness, in summer time they have an outdoor pen they stay in it is 10 x sixteen ft and a million foot deep. yet another indoor selection is a Kiddie pool.4. Would an area rug look weird or bad on a carpeted area?Tacky, unless there is a purpose to it5. what would be the best insulation for an attic to make a bedroom?BLOW IN CELLULOSE. IT'S THE CHEAPEST AND GOOD AND WITH SOME ADVANTAGES. YOU CAN BORROW A BLOWER AT NO COST IF YOU BUY THE MATERIAL FROM THE BIG BOX STORES. I'D RECOMMEND LOWES HERE IN HOUSTON BECAUSE THE BLOWERS ARE ABOUT 1O TIMES BETTER THAN HOME DEPOT. I'D BLOW IN ABOUT A 12 INCH LAYER HERE BUT CHECK WITH THE PEOPLE AT THE STORE AND SEE WHAT ADVICE THEY MAY HAVE FOR YOUR AREA OF THE COUNTRY SINCE IT DIFFERS WITH LOCATION. THE SITE BELOW WILL GIVE YOU DEFINITE ANSWERS.6. Utilities in the DC area?I would go with the apartment with utilities included. I doubt you would find an apartment where you pay the water bill - that usually is always included in the rent, no matter what (if you rent a condo unit, it's probably included in the owner's condo fee). However, I have rented in places where the electric is and is not included, and it's probably cheaper to go with the utilities included. I can not speak for gas bills because I do not have gas now and the last place I was at (where I paid utilties) was all electric. I personally think it's a better deal to include utilties with the rent7. How do you go about seeing a lactation consultant?First, you do not need to bring pads to the hospital. Yes, the ones they give you are huge, almost like a diaper... but when you are swollen and gushing blood down there, do you really care? You will likely be sitting on an ice pack and the giant hospital pad for the first 24 hours after birth anyway. Save your money. Always overnights would be soaked through in 20 min. Lactation consultants vary by area. Most big hospitals have grants that pay for lactation consultants. It is totally free in most large hospitals, even after you check out. The area I live in had a free lactation consultant (well, 3!) on staff M-F during normal business hours in a walk-in clinic. They also have private ones where you could end up paying $75 an hour and up, but usually those will come to your house. Call around to local hospitals and see what they offer and prices.
What's the Best Laptop at the Best Price?
What's the Best Laptop at the Best Price?
See the best gaming laptop is a Alienware laptop, which is why it is really good and excellent for gaming purposes. Alienware are expensive so as per your budget I can name you 2 or 3 laptops which are really nice. Such as Dell Studio XPS, Asus Laptops. Both of these laptops and brands are really nice and great.1. tissotTissot has long established itself not to need any introduction today. Founded in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1853, Tissot watches have a reputation for creating eye-catching and quality timepieces that push the boundaries of technology and innovation. Tissot watches are known for their progressive craftsmanship and ground-breaking multifunctional features. If you are looking for a watch brand that pledges to offer authentic designs and superior aesthetics in all its timepieces, while also guarantees performance, then Tissot is the one for you! Buy Authentic Tissot Watches Online At Best Price In India When looking for Tissot men and women watches, remember to buy authentic for unmatched longevity and style. We, at Helios, offer the most trusted platform for you to shop the timeless Tissot watches, giving you tons of options to choose from online as well as instore.2. Would this be considered the best for the price gaming computer?I just finished building one last week, and I tried to do the cheapest one and it ended up in 1500 dollars, notice that I took the cheapest of the best there is so i wont have to upgrade anytime soon. I would recommend you to earn at least 1k to purchase good parts so you dont have to change them later3. What is the absolute best price for a 2018 Toyota Highlander XLE?There are some websites that will give you the dealer invoice price if you plug in the vin# of the vehicle you like .Start haggling with that .Everybody knows the sticker price in the window leaves the dealer a huge profit .Also avoid things like 3rd party warranties and other extras the F&I guy will try to upsell you .4. What kind of cigarettes are best for their price?Virginia slims are my favorites, I like the superslim ones the best. I have tried many different brands over the years and found that you do get what you pay for so cheap cigs are going to taste cheap. For a while I switched to a brand called eve that were pretty good but much cheaper however eventually I got sick of them and went back to my old standby.5. Wall Mounts at Best Price in IndiaWith the help of our experts, we are engaged in presenting best quality Wall Mounting Stations. These mounting stations are provided in several models, which are precisely designed by our vendors, using top class components with aid of updated technology. Along with this, our customers can take these mounting stations from us6. Where can I get the best price on a Xbox 360 4GB Console on Black Friday?I think on Christmas eve gamestop has some deals.. but i dont know about black friday7. What's a solid turntable with the best price to fidelity ratio?Reloop RP-6000 MK6 if you want it new. Technics SL-1200 MK2 if you do not mind buying second hand (discontinued in 2010).8. Buy Fashion Jewellery online at best price –We have not quite found an outfit, that this choker does not go well with - and doubt you will as well! You can never get enough of layering and this choker proves it! Layers of handbeaded gold beads, this choker is...9. Best laptop for best price?(Can't afford a mac!)?As a personal opinion what I have saw in a Netbook and plus what I have heard that they are extremely small plus they are limited in expandability means they cannot be upgraded. This is what I feel and think about Netbooks and so I do not recommend people to go with Netbooks instead of that I suggest they should go with the Refurbished laptops which are far better and can be expanded.10. i want to buy a canon camera where can i get the best price?Try ebay or bestbuy, do a search and you will find them a
Best Laptop for Bloggers to Buy in 2021 Best Laptop Buyer's Guide
Best Laptop for Bloggers to Buy in 2021 Best Laptop Buyer's Guide
This Microsoft Surface Pro X 13 Touch-Screen SQ1 Is The Fastest And The Very Powerful Laptop. Its Laptop Processor Name Is Powered By Qualcomm. The New Custom Microsoft SQ1 Processor Delivers Multitasking. Its Laptop Is Working and Powerful And Amazing In The Working And Very Capable. Its Laptop Processor Is Multitasking And Very Powerful And Good Processor In The Working Performance. The Processor Is The Power User Or Gamer And Other Software And Program. It's The Best Laptop With A Processor And Is Probably Our Best Laptop Choice. It's The Processor And Its Series Processors Have Four To Six Cores And The Instead Of The Two And The Four, We Find On Most Other Systems. Its Laptop System Memory, The RAM Is The 8 GB RAM. The RAM Speed Is Very Important And Powerful; Its RAM Speed Is Measured In Megahertz (MHz) It's Millions Of Cycles Per Second So That It Can Be Compared To Our Processor Clock Speed. If You Went A Good Device For Multitasking And Smartest Device With Light Weight Then It Can Be A Good Choice. With The Good Processor And Batter Quality RAM, You Can Easily Done Multitasking And Such Kind Of Tasks Perform Smoothly. This Laptop's Standing Screen Size Is 13 Inches And Its Laptop Screen Resolution Size Is The 2880 X 1920. It's Full HD And With The IPS Result. Its Laptop Hard Drive Capacity Is The 128 GB SSD. Its Laptop Is Best For The Blogger And More Plus. Its Battery Life Casting Is The 11 Hours. You May Like To Read: Best Camming laptops For Web Cam Streaming This 2 In 1 Laptop Jumper X1 Windows 10 Laptop Is The Faster And The Powerful Processor Its Laptop Working And The Performance Is Amazing. Its Laptop Processor Name Is The 9th Generation Processor With The Faster Processing Speed And Good Working Quality. When The Laptop Processor Is Faster Than The Laptop Owns Working Speed Is Also Faster And We Can Do Our Work Quickly. It's The System Memory Of The RAM Is The 6 GB RAM. The Speed Of The 6 GB RAM Is The Ump That Up To 6GB And We Have Well Over 60 Apps In Our Memory At Any Given Moment Of Time. This Is Significantly More Than Most Average The All User Use Case And Hence Is Only Recommended For The Good Power Users. The Best Laptop Has Gotten Away With An Amazing Working Performance With Only 4GB Of RAM On Their Recent Laptop. This Laptop Display Quality Is The Full HD And The IPS. It's Laptop Screen Display Size Is 11.6 Inches. It's Laptop Screen Resolution Size Is The 1920 X 1080 Pixels. The Hard Drive Size Is The 128 GB. Its ROM Memory Of The Laptop Is Enough For The Normal Routine Matter Working. Its Laptop Battery Life Casting Is Up To 9 To 10 Hours. Its Laptop Is Best For The Blogger And More Plus. This New Apple MacBook Air With Apple M1 Chip Is The Faster And The Powerful Laptop, Its Laptop Processor Name Is The System On Chip And The (Soc) Apple M1 Chip It's The 8-Core CPU With 4 Performance Cores And 4 Efficiency Cores The Up To 8-Core GPU And The 16-Core Neural Engine With The Faster And Best Working Quality. The Processor Is The Heart Of The Laptop And It Is The Most Important Part Of The Laptop. Its Laptop System Memory, The RAM Is The 8 GB RAM. The RAM Of The 8GB Of RAM Is Great For Gaming And The Software And Program Many. That Is, Not All Games Will Run Well At This RAM Capacity. There Are Specific Cases For 12GB Of RAM And Higher Being Ideal For Blogger. For The Programmer And That Also Create Content The Stream We Can Even Play Music In The Background That Is The Higher Capacity RAM Kits Are A Great Addition. Its Laptop Screen Display Size Is The 13.3 Inches That Is The Display With The LED And The Backlit Display With IPS Technology Its Laptop Screen 2560 To The 1600 Native Resolution At 217 Pixels Per Inch With Support For Millions Of Colors. Its Laptop Hard Drive Size Is The 256 GB SSD. Its Laptop Is Best For The Blogger And More Plus. Its Laptop Battery Life Casting Is Up To 12 Hours. This Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop Is The Very Powerful And The Smart In The Working. Its Laptop Processor Is Named The AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core. The AMD Processor Is Multitasking And Very Useful. This Processor Ryzen With The Latest And Fast Features To Improve Radeon Vega Cores Which The Company Said Are Markedly Faster And More Efficient Than Vega Cores On Older Process Generations. We Can See, The Ryzen Processor With Radeon Graphics Is About 22 Percent Faster In The Graphics Only Sub Test Which Mostly Filters Out CPU System Performance. This Laptop Is Very Fast Because Its RAM Speed Is Also Very Impressive, It's The 8 GB LPDDR4. It's The When We Turn On Our Operating System And Its Loads Into RAM. This Memory Of The 4GB Of RAM Is Recommended As A Minimum The Best Configuration For The Typical Productivity User. RAM 4GB To 8GB. 8GB Of RAM Is The Sweet And Best Spot For The Majority Of Users And Provides Enough RAM For Virtually All Productivity Tasks And Less Demanding Which Is Needed. Its Laptop Standing Screen Size Is 14 Inches. The Screen Resolution Size Is The 1920 X 1080. It's Full HD And With The IPS Result. The Hard Drive Size Is The 512GB NVMe SSD. Its Laptop Battery Life Casting Is Up To 9 To 12 Hours. Its Laptop Is Best For The Blogger. You may like to Read: Best Laptops For Autocad This Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14 Laptop is very powerful and a useful laptop. its device processor is very powerful. In this laptop, the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor is used. Its laptop processor is the mid-range processor for the mainstream and the class laptop computers. That is the with its 4 cores and a maximal clock speed of 4.7 GHz, the Ryzen processor is a great processor for home and office computing duties. This laptop system memory RAM is 8 GB DDR4. We know RAM is the main part of the laptop. If the RAM is big then the laptop data transfer speed is fast and very powerful. But if the RAM of the laptop is low then the laptop speed and data transfer capacity are very slow that is a waste of our time. The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14 Laptop screen display size is 14 inches. its laptop screen resolution size is 1920 x 1080 Pixels. With the IPS and full HD result. The Hard drive capacity is 256 GB SSD. This laptop is best for Blogger and more plus. its battery life is 9 hours.1. Is this processor Good for me in my Laptop?i say it's very good2. What's the fastest processor atm?the bulldozer is not as effective at gaming applications as you may think. although bulldozer can be overclocked to over 8Ghz (with ridiculous liquid helium cooling) the uses are totally different and the performance is close to a mediocre first gen i7. a properly set up system with the new i7s would destroy any games you can buy.3. What processor should I chose ?If you are just gonna game, I would choose the Core 2 Duo E8500. Easily overclockable, fast and cheap. Most games cannot take advantage of four cores.
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