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Need Advise on Buying a Laptop?

Well snowflake, let's not dance around your questions: I will lead you through the steps to a greater understanding of laptops and this one in particular. The Battery is Lithium Ion Technology. This is opposed to the older Nickel-Metal Hydride which had the bad habit of remembering its levels when it was recharged and losing its ability to become fully charged, requiring periodic reconditioning. That does not apply to Litihium Ion Technology. Some Laptop owners want more batteries so they can spend more hours away from the electrical grid, that's a lifestyle decision for you to ponder. The Communications 802.11BG is wireless networking under the B and G wireless fidelity (wifi) standards. I will give you a wikipedia link for more on wireless networking standards. This means the laptop is already set up for and includes wireless networking on the 802.11B and 802.11G standards, which are up to 11 and 54 megabits maximum speeds, respectively. Metaphorically, memory is like your desktop space, it's the amount of space you can use at one time, to spread out a project while you are working on it. If you have a really big project, instead of using your desk, you go down the hall and use the conference table. To me 512 MB is a small amount, and I would be asking what is the maximum amount that the laptop can be expanded to hold. 512MB is perhaps the amount it comes with, but how much can you add to it, and for what additional cost? Continuing the metaphor, the other kind of memory, is storage, and for that I will talk about a filing cabinet or a closet. You can store a lot of files or projects in a cabinet or a closet, but you can not really work with them while they are in there. So to work with a file, you copy it out of the filing cabinet, into memory (onto the tabletop) and work with it there, then when you are done, you write it back into the filing cabinet. It's important to remember that storage is designed to hold its contents without power being maintained, and memory generally is not, so memory is considered "volatile" or temporary. If you have any more questions about the two kinds of memory, please let me know, I would be happy to clarify it further. If you've ever listened to music, the number of beats per minute will determine the pace at which the piece progresses. a Pianist with a metronome will pace themselves to play according to the pace of the beat of the metronome, and in a computer, the metronome is the system clock. A system clock of 1.6 GHz is just a number... fast or slow is relative to your budget and what else is out there. As a grad student, you have the ability to borrow oodles of money, but do you want oodles of debt? Just because you can get your hands on more money and can get a faster machine do you need to? The newer machines are faster, but they cost more. There may be better deals out there. I have not looked yet. My two laptops are older, and 500 and 633 MHz, so roughly 1/3 the speed of this one. I also got mine used last year for $150.00. You should know that laptops cost more than the same specs in a desktop, and the same specs in a desktop the desktop will be faster than the laptop every time. That's because the methods they use to make a laptop consume less power involves tradeoffs against speed for lower heat output or lower power consumption. The video sounds comparable to your desktop, in fact it sounds large for a laptop. One tends to sit closer to a laptop than to a desktop, and one tends to get all of the space on a LCD display useable, as opposed to having some of a CRT display hidden behind a bezel. When considering a laptop, there are traditional laptops (with keyboards), tablets (without keyboards, and you write on them with a stylus) and convertibles (they have both). Also, you can attach a keyboard to most tablets. Software like Microsoft OneNote lets you take notes in a lecture and convert it directly to text, or search your handwriting... pretty neat stuff, but to fully use that you will need to be able to input with a stylus, so a convertible or tablet (or a digitizing pad with a traditional laptop) would be the way to go) for that. I hope this either helps set your mind at ease, or sparks more questions. Experienced Newbie is an I.T. Professional that became a Hardware Technician in 1980, and A Network Specialiast in 1983, and holds multiple Industry Networking Certifications, then went back to University to persue their own education. -EN-

Need Advise on Buying a Laptop? 1

1. Motherboard Question: On-Board Graphics Card and adding a dedicated Graphics Card?

hi there first of all Ur motherboard should support those thing another thing is that with that VGA u r not able to do that now let me give u some advice to buy new VGA first of all forget about AGP ... go for PCI EXPRESS now we have new version of that call PCI Express 2.0 now there is lots of model as i know XFX is best in them now let me explain how they are first of all forget about memory like 512mb 1024mb ... more important thing is GPU and memory clock and frequensy clock in geforce the are some kind of that like GS GTS GT GTX GX2 now let me give u my own suggestion forget about gs gts and gt go for a GTX because they are perfect in anything so much better than other yeah GX2 is better but so expensive now go for Geforce XFX 9800 GTX (black edition) thats unblivble anyway u can choose other stuff like 8800 8600 9800 any one u like but loog ak that GTX. another important tips is that u will need to have a good power like 780w because these graphic card need at least 450w so what about motherboard ? hard drives ?cd/dvd roms ? take care

2. How can I convert a hair-particle system into 3D, editable objects?

When I was trying to create hair from particles, this is what I did: First, create the scalp by selecting faces on a 3D character's head. Select ShiftD to Duplicate those faces, then type "P" and Click on "Selection" to separate those duped faces to make its own object.Then (I am think this was an addon) click on Object>QUick Effects>Quick Fur. From here, you can look at the Particles tab (wherever you have it set up in the interface), and select the number of parent hairs, their length, and how many children you want those parent hairs to spawn (ok...that sounds disturbing.) From here, once the hairs become visible, you can switch from Object Mode to Particle Mode, and style your hair particles as you wish. When happy with final style, go back to Object Mode, click on the Modifiers (Wrench) tab, and select "Convert". This will convert the particles of hair into a mesh...but it does not stop there. You actually have to convert the "mesh" into "Curves". Object>Convert to>Curves From Mesh/Text. Once this is done, deselect everything, and add a bezier circle (Add>Curve>Bezier Circle) to the canvas. (Be sure to translate the circle away from your build so that you can easily select and manipulate it). Switch to the Curves Tab. Select your hair, and then click on the eye-dropper in the Bevel Object button. This will now add geometry to your hair curves, and those curves are influenced by the size and shape of the Bezier Circle. Reduce the Bezier circle so that the individual hairs reduce in witdh to something to your liking. Now, while still in Edit Mode, type A to select all the hair curves, then type P and click on Separate. This will duplicate those curves, but those duplications will now be separated from the Scalp Mesh. The hair sources that are still on the Scalp Mesh are STILL in Particle mode. You can then delete the Scalp Mesh, (or move it to another layer) leaving only the hair curves.Once that is done, Select Object>Convert To>Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text. Now your hair has become an mesh that you can export as a .obj. HEADS UP (no pun intended): This is extremely dense in terms of face count, and I do believe that when you do the conversion from Curves to Mesh, it does so in quads...so this may be about as low poly as you can get. You can use the Decimate modifier to try and reduce the face count, but there will be a lower limit, so the reduction might not be so much as to greatly effect a reduction in memory. Caveat Emptor!I hope this helps. :)

Need Advise on Buying a Laptop? 2

3. Extremely Disorganized. Please Help?

try taking some maca root. it will help improve your learning, memory and mental abilities

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Best Laptop for Under $700 / Should I Wait Til After
Best Laptop for Under $700 / Should I Wait Til After
ersonally recommend Toshiba Satelite because they are extremely fast, reliable and have alot of memory. Mine only cost me $600 at Microcenter and it came with Windows 7 operating system,300GB of Memory, and 4Ghz of Ram, 15" screen. You are right now is the best time to purchase one because for the Christmas holidays there are a lot of deals and rebates, also there will be additional sales of moving all the stock shortly after christmas sales. For that amout there are alot of other options out there that you can also get some pretty nice as Compact, Getway and HP and they are not all that expensive($500-$700) for what your needs are. Just stay away from getting a Dell or an Acer because they commonly have problems. And never purchase laptops at Walmart because they generally over price quality laptops because they know people will assume they are cheaper there when in actuality they are over priced. Look for laptops/computers at places that specialize in computers like Micro Center, Staples or Office depot because they will have the best deals. Good luck1. Who are the K-pop groups where the members generally donu2019t like each other?(disclaimer idk the full story to these, I just read some comments about how some members did not like each other and I can not really remember the reasons why, hope that makes sense)4MinuteI am pretty sure that the members did not like HyunA, probably because Cube favourited her. She got solo songs, and was probably also the center of attention in the media because of how skinny she is.I heard that once 4Minute disbanded the members unfollowed HyunA, and I am pretty sure that she did not celebrate 4Minutes anniversary. Or was it Wonder Girls idk but that does not make sense, she was not in Wonder Girls for very long.2. T-ara i think all the members hated this one member, I can not remember her name. But I watched a video on it and that member seemed like she wanted to be the center of attention.she sprained her ankle but acted like she broke it, even wearing a cast on it and having to be wheeled by a wheelchair. And then on the night of the concert she stayed in her hotel room getting her nails done.i saw on that documentary that this one member said that she wanted to over shine the members and then go solo and be famous, idk if that's the same memberSorry if this information is wrong, I am just going off of memory2. Meaning of 用光 in context of photography"" always means use and exhaust something. It is inappropriate to use that verb in photography, no matter it is HK, Taiwan or China, nobody use that word for photography or film making.Mandarin has a special jargon for taking flash/lighting adjustment . or or In case of "make use of light". Without flash, mean make use of natural light for composition. / for meteringIn filming and photo shooting , when you run out of battery or memory storage/ film / /So you can see it is bad attempt to associate with the use/preparation of light. Imagine the camera man told the director, "Too dim, need more light", 3. What are the best card games for Android?Rummy is the most popular card game played across the world.The game is truly simple to learn and play, however in any case exceptionally intriguing. In addition, nothing is required with the exception of a deck of cards and individual players. The straightforward game tosses new difficulties each time it is played. Players need to apply their psychological assets to play the game well. It was quite an attractive way to entertain oneself in an era that had limited amusement options. Rummy is usually played with 2 to 6 players and a two deck of 52 cards is used. The objective of the Rummy game is arranged all cards in proper sequences and/sets.Rummy has always been a skill-based game, which involves a test of strategy, memory and future vision. Now that the game can be played online, not only on the PC but also on smartphones, players are once again realizing the benefits it offers in multiple areas: concentration, increased memory, analytical skills and implementation of the mathematical principles of permutation/combination and probability.There are several apps for Android out there. One of my favourite is Rummy24. I have been playing since a month and had a hassle free experience. I used to play this game with family and friends over get together or any social gatherings or night stays back when I was a kid. So, I was aware of how to play this game but not online. nInitially when i started playing at Rummy24, I opted for Practise Tournaments and after a few games I got know the online Rummy Version along with a bit of research. It also award me with lots of cash after I win the game. They offer Zero Platform Fee for its users. I am totally hooked to this game.What are the best card games for Android?.
Best Laptop for Video Editing?
Best Laptop for Video Editing?
Try a Sony Viao or a Toshiba laptop. But do not get the Viao CS110e's, they are Sony's poopstain I swear. Toshiba has a decent A305 laptop which has some great reviews (large hardrive, mem/gig, fast, only downside is glossy finish). Hp is not bad either, just go to the site and custom build it. You can choose your processor and memory which is great. Slightly more expensive, but great. For serious professional editing, I would consider a Mac. Mac uses Final Cut which is higher end editing software but since you do not want to switch, you are a thousand dollars richer, lol. PC's are so much cheaper and more versatile.1. Kingdom Hearts(KH) Re: Chain of Memories(CoM) for PS2. Extra Cards?you must have BROKEN THE CHAIN OF MEMORY!!!!! damn, sorry, somebody had to do it2. I want an Xbox 360, which one should i get?I can not really help with the cash converters part because it would vary on the condition of your items. But for the XBOX 360 i do not think you should get the pre-owned it sounds pretty useless. I think the arcade bundle is a good option the only down fall is xbox live and hard drive but they are not really necessary. The XBOX 360 Pro is a great option if you like halo xbox live and if you use a lot of memory. I do not think that this will get the RROD. And it sounds like you do not like the elite and neither do i. (P.S) All XBOX 360's are victim to the RROD eventually so i would not worry about that.3. Is desktop memory compatible with laptops?NO laptop memory is generally so (small outline) smaller in physical size than desktop memory4. What does sugarplum fairy mean?If memory serves,it was 1960's slang for a drug dealer!5. What are the benefits of Virtual Memory?Benefits are:The system with MMU (Memory Management Unit)(i.e., supports virtual memory), The compiler/linker is free to take any address as it needed. While the code is executing MMU will translates Virtual address to physical address.The system without MMU: the compiler and linker has to assign address dependent on the system memory. Because it should not use the memory region of other task.Advantage: the compiler/linker need NOT to bother about the memory map of the system.Coming to your Question: If virtual memory is stored in main memory, then why even use it in the first place?Why not just use main memory?Vitural memeory/address is representation of physical address/memory . This representation helps in acheiving easier multitasking implementation, memory management, developing task without system memory details..6. What does integrated graphic card mean??!?It means that the video chip is not located on a removable card but is build into the PCs system board. It is integrated into the system and can not be removed. However that is not a problem. The system board should have additional ports you can use to add a graphic card. Check the specs of the PC for what kind of slots it has (AGP. PCI, PCIe, etc.) Then purchase a card that will fit the proper slot Once inserted, the PC should turn off the built in video chip and use the new card instead. Or you have an option to leave the video chip turned on and be able to run one monitor for the original video port on the PC and a second monitor for the new video port the card will give you. The majority of PCs on the market today have integrated graphics because it is cheaper to just have to put one chip on the system board that to produce a whole video card with multiple chips and memory on it. So they design them so you can simply add on a card if you want to change your video.7. When did everyone stop working and hospital bag?With my first I had to leave early because I was having so bad hip pain. Then couple days after christmas I was on bedrest. I had nothing ready for the baby or hospital bag. With my second I worked till I had him. I do not know want kind of bottles you getting for the baby. The hospital has different kind of bottle nipples that you do not have in stores. I think everything else look pretty good. But I would bring a camera take pictures to have for memory
How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Memory Card to a Different Camera?
How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Memory Card to a Different Camera?
Normally I would say yes! And yes it is worth a try! But I said "normally" because so many people on this forum have trouble using the cameras' cord with a USB end to upload to a computer. So if this does not work. Guess you will have to break down and buy a "SD" memory card reader. Plug the reader into an available USB port. Insert memory card and an icon appears on desktop. Double click icon. 2 folders appear. One of them has your photo's.1. Is this a good gaming desktop configuration?Yes. Anything with 8GB ram and GeForce GTX's are perfect2. Desktop shortcut to create a new desktop shortcut doesn't do anything [duplicate]Let us assume your source folder is in directory '/home/blah/' and you want to move it to Desktop. How about you create a link to the folder* in ' /home/blah/' and then drag and drop the link to your desktop. The link is a shortcut to the folder.3. Changing size of desktop iconsOn my surface pro 3 I can pinch to zoom the desktop icons by using the type cover touchpad. It leaves the remaining UI elements the default size4. is a laptop better than a desktop?for portability yes, but for value for performance no5. is a laptop better than a desktop?Depends on what you define as better. Obviously for portability and mobility, the laptop will be better. For upgradability, and functionality, a desktop will be better. All depends on what you are primary use is. If you are doing general computing, email, documents, pictures, either would work with the edge going to a laptop. If you need high end graphics, gaming, things of that nature, a desktop is best6. pictures keep copying to desktop ?"the pictures copy to my desktop" I am not sure what you mean by "copy", copy from where to the desktop??? Unplug the USB cable from your camera!!! Seriously, if you downloaded them to your desktop by mistake, just move them to your My Pictures folder, for example. If this does not solve your problem, you need to re-post with a lot more detail. Then, maybe we can help.7. Trying to find a Gaming Desktop!?Well, the third one there looks pretty swanky, but if you are looking to save money lemme give you a tip: build your own. I am on a desktop equivalent (when I bought the parts) to a $2500 Alienware machine. It cost just under $1100. Newegg is actually a good place to do that. ..so good luck!.8. Looking to build good desktop?Adding to every ones list here, you will need a case and fans also. Some cases come with them. Links below to shop. Buy online-cheaper and more selection.Spend wisely and post a question here if you need anything. Hope it helps9. Could A Desktop Over Heat?If all fans in the desktop are working well and if you say you clean the dust out regularly then the chance is quite slim. Just make sure when you clean your desktop out that you check to see if all fans are running and the dust in the heat sinks are cleaned. Apart from that if you use it only 4 hours a day there's no real chance. You could use it all day and it wont overheat. My tips: Make sure its in a well ventilated area and you clean it regularly and your set. Hope I helped10. Laptop or Desktop for downloading and gaming?I would suggest u go 4 a desktop as it so flexible when upgrading and cheap as in maintaining. I consider desktops to be highly durable than laptops. That is my opinion but keep reading from other answerers ''let them advise but always do the deciding'' saint esmile'.11. What is the best desktop pc for gaming?best if you build it yourself or ask someone else to make the list.you didnt include your budget12. My desktop wallpaper is blue?Sounds like a virus Some have been known to do that. Run a scan with malwarebytes (its free). You might want to run the scan in safemode13. Should I buy a desktop or a laptop?laptop there better alot better trust me lol
Recommended Memory and Hard Drive Size for New Laptop?
Recommended Memory and Hard Drive Size for New Laptop?
20 GB is so small expensive .... I also have a one hundred sixty GB complicated disk which i wish is the common length .... how ever you will be able to desire to decide for 120GB .... in case you are making plans to apply vista greater clever decide for 4GB RAM . .. additionally make valuable that your workstation has atleast 512 MB image card HP desktops are my decision1. Can we buy a new laptop with my old hard drive and RAM?Yes. If you have a good high capacity PCi SSD drive and a good amount of RAM, you can sell it on OLX and buy a new laptop with that money :) why would you want to do this though?2. Please help! Need a new laptop, know nothing about them...?With a Mac, you are generally spending more for the equivalent product in a Windows machine. I would comparison shop with Dell as Sony historically charged more for their products than an equivalent from Dell or HP or whomever. Unless you pay strict attention, you would not have picked up on the difference between the 2 machines. As for the difference between the 21S/W and the 31S/W: the 31S/W has a minimally faster processor (and I mean minimally), and has support for more maximum memory (even though they both ship w/ the same starting amount). For 50, you are not really getting a lot for the extra money. You are better off with the cheaper of the 2.3. Is this a good score index for my new laptop?Your processor says 6.2. As to what I see, your score should be 4.5 . Either way, 3.5 is fairly good. In most laptops, the graphics is what lags on computers. So, if you are getting a 4.5 for graphics, then you are in good shape.4. I bought a new laptop and the 2018 version of Windows is an ugly booger.?Why would you count on the little apps Windows came with to do work? Any self-respecting computer user should have a list of addon apps ready to go, paid, free, or open-source5. New laptop or money towards one would be so kind.?I would think that you would be better off trying to get help fixing your broke laptop rather than begging for a new one, unless this is just another shameless ploy to get something for nothing.... Let me know how this works out for you - I can be as shameless as necessary for free computers, money, etc. [just kidding - LOL]. Seriously, there's lots of parts floating around that can be had for little or nothing.... I've got only a few boxes of laptop parts, but I am sure there's a small mountain of broken, unwanted or discarded gross national product refuse building up somewhere near you. Just an idea - maybe you should offer some of that fine single malted product [that your country's so famous for] in trade for what you need ??? If all else fails, try Santa6. New laptop Good or Bad for gaming?Seems to be a Pretty Decent PC. It should be able to get you through a game .. Just Pay you A$$ off7. advice to buy a new laptop?Of course iMac's have a great reputation but MANY programs wo not work on iMac and not many local dealers can help you with iMac's because only a few are sold. In our computer club (600 members) only 4 have iMacs The consensus from PC Magazines and forums and experts is that the best buy for you and me right now is: A top brand name (compac,Del,Toshiba,ACER (my favorite) lap top with : dual core processor 2 megs Ram XP (not Vista yet until more compatible) OS 120 hard drive at least wireless ready Shop around since prices are low . Quad is soon replacing Duo so dual core is a real bargain now. Here it is: Try to buy from a local dealer who is also a technician. The reason is that if you get in trouble all you do is trot your PC in to his place and he will fix it. If you buy on line as most people do, if you need help you are forced to send your fragile machine by UPS hundreds of miles away at huge costs (sometimes $75 before you get it back). May I give you one example ? I wanted a new printer with my locally bought PC. My dealer got me one but it did not work. He got me another. On this one I could not re-fill my cartridges which is a must since I do a heap of printing (for pass-outs in a calss of seniors that I teach "how to make a personal website for FREE)" He got me another and it works great. I paid nothing for switching and packaging and sending. That is why I prefer dealing with a local guru. Good luck and Merry Christmas.
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