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Laptops with Best Battery Life in 2021 - Longest Lasting Laptop Batteries

Along with record-setting performance, Apple Silicon adds iOS and iPadOS apps to the Mac App Store. You also get better webcam quality, and macOS Big Sur is a gorgeous redesign of Apple's desktop OS. The new MacBook Air may have a few faults, but it's the closest Apple has ever been to crafting the perfect laptop.

Laptops with Best Battery Life in 2021 - Longest Lasting Laptop Batteries 1

How can I prolong the life of my macbook pro?

Turn it off at night or if your not going to use it in awhile ....especially if it has a data drive and not a newer ssd drive,cause a hard drive that's not a ssd has platters that spin on bearings....the bearing will wear out after years of use. ...and can get damaged if you bump your laptop....so keep it good place not to get bumped,and turned off when transporting instead of hibernate mode

i cracked the LCD panel on my macbook pro laptop? EMERGENCY!!!!!!?

this is where insurance/warranty comes in XD

Laptops with Best Battery Life in 2021 - Longest Lasting Laptop Batteries 2

Will only putting my macbook pro to sleep instead of shutting it down significantly damage it?

Heat is the enemy of all electronic devices. Even a small amount of heat is generated in the sleep mode. You should use sleep if you need to keep apps open while you take a short break. For end-of-day, sleep is not a good choice. You should sleep, but the computer should be shut off. New Macs now start in less than 30 seconds (less than ten seconds for flash storage). What is the point of leaving it on all night? You should unplug the power adapter when the computer is off, and even unplug the adapter from the wall mains. The adapter also gets hot. Everything that gets hot looses life. None of this is important if you have lots of money for buying replacement adapter or replacement computer after three or four years.

Question about apple care warrenty for white macbook?

I am going to be honest with you. I have no idea what a "warrenty" is. So I can not answer that... Also, get a pc

Please..Some advice needed! How to longer my macbook pros battery life?

Like all things in life, treat them well and they will repay you. Have a read on the below link for further advice

How's the gaming experience of macbook pro 13' & 15'...?

Alienware is for gaming

decide what macbook pro i get (pick this one or that one)?

WHY OH WHY WOULD U BUY A MAC when u could get a pc that can max out anything RUN multiple appicaltion edit 1080p videos,est.For a collage student this will be kickass and anti glare is not much help i have an anti glare screen on my mobile and a non on my pc..NOT much difference as the natural birghtness of the screen will cancel the glare for !!!!!1030 dollars total !!!!!(USD) u can buy a PC of the following specs: 10-20 dollar installation fee(OR FREE if u can do it yourself...I did it by myself) Intel i7 4770k-359.99 Corsair Vengeance 8 GB ( 2 x 4 GB ) DDR3 1600 MHz RAM-72.99 Seagate Barracuda 2 TB HDD -93.67 AS Rock LGA1155 DDR3 SATA3 Motherboard-134.98 EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1024MB GDDR5-144.99 Corsair Builder Series CX 500 Watt-57.74 Asus 24xDVD-RW-22 VIZIO E221-A1 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV -153.87 Windows 8 System Builder OEM DVD 64-Bit-90

Should i get a macbook or lenovo t410?

get the pro unless you like using photoshop

Help! I just bought a new macbook and it is requesting for a password?

To reset the Mac or use other tools, turn it on and hold down Command-R (CMD-R) on the keyboard as soon as you have pushed the power button. This should boot into the recovery partition of the drive or it may connect to the internet, which you will have to type in your network settings to connect. Once you have done that, you should be into the recovery partition, click "Reinstall OS X". Follow the steps and you should have reinstalled your computer. If you would like to hack into the computer, reply and tell me as I can tell you or link a video on how to do that! Good luck and hope this helped! :)

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