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Laptop Or Desktop? - Computer Gaming?

well a good monitor will be like $150, good speakers would be like $50, windows OS is $100. keyboard/mouse can be like $25-30. So that gives you about 850-900 for the desktop itself. For that price you could get something like this: core i5-2500k p67 socket 1155 motherbaord 4gb of ram 1tb 7200rpm 32-64mb cache hdd any sata dvd drive amd 6850 graphics card 500W 80 certified psu, corsair, antec, seasonic, silverstone, thermaltake, xfx, enermax any decent mid atx coolermaster, antec, nzxt or thermaltake case that should run about $700-800 you could maybe upgrade your graphics to 6870/6950 (would need like a 600W psu for 6950 if you plan on overclocking), and maybe get a after market cpu cooler like the coolermaster 212 so you can overclock your processor. A $1200 laptop would be something like the asus G53 with a 2.0ghz core i7 2630, 8gb of ram, 1tb hdd, gtx460 graphics. and you would have not so great laptop speakers. the processor is much less on a laptop, as the 2500k you can OC to like 4-4.5ghz easily. you only really need 4gb of ram, 8 wont do much for you. the 6850 is way better then a gtx460. you would have a bigger screen, better speakers, and more upgradeablity . so if you will be bringing your computer to all different places all the time and want the portability, get a laptop. if you are mostly going to stay in 1 spot a lot get a desktop.

Laptop Or Desktop? - Computer Gaming? 1

1. Building A Desktop Computer (gaming computer)?

That is a very good combination to buy. I have the same exact 2 things. Just make sure that you buy a good cpu fan cuz man does that baby put off the heat

2. What's a good, cheap desktop computer (for gaming) under $1000?

Good Desktop Computers For Gaming

Laptop Or Desktop? - Computer Gaming? 2

3. Is this a good desktop computer for gaming?

It's a pretty nice gaming rig that will play COD, BF or Skyrim on ultra settings averaging 40-50 FPS. I would go for it, it's a good deal.

4. How is this Desktop Computer for gaming (Details in description?

I say that's a prefect computer for a sucker I just pieced together everything you listen on Newegg and it came out to less then $1,100

5. Buying Desktop Computer for Gaming?

Want an easy solution - most user friendly website for gaming computers - Centaurus Computers (link in the source box) Easy selection, excellent quality, free overclock. The good thing also is - you can get an Athlon II X2 and they can unlock 2 other cores making it Quad plus overclock to 3.3-3.6Ghz easily even without aftermarket CPU cooler. For the videocard I would recommend GT 240 or ATI 5670 - if you want to buy pre-built computer those will fit in your budget. For monitor, speakers, keyboard/mouse - go to Amazon and get 20" LCD and the rest for $150. I love Athlon II processors, tomshardware/UK said that Athlon II X3 can put out above 30FPS with good videocard - so no point in expensive CPU for low cost computers. Get good case with good cooling, and and HDD like WD or Samsung, at least 550W PSU, the rest does not matter that much

6. Should I buy a desktop computer for gaming?

Yes if your desktop has higher spec-which it should

7. I Want to upgrade my Desktop Computer to Gaming PC!?

Depending on your config, go for the latest DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) PC2133 CL9 PWN gaming memory. It gives you a pretty impressive gaming experience! You can opt for the gaming memory card from Strontium which will cost you around $134, which is still in your budget. Good luck!

8. What is the best desktop computer for gaming?

I would recommend you to build up your own... It will cost you about $800 and it would be very good. Things you need for good gaming computer: 1. i5-2500K 2. GTX 560-570 or better 3. Good case with good fan system 3. 600W power supply. 4. Good asus motherboard 5. 6GB RAM And monitor, keyboard, mouse, Win 7...

9. Desktop Computer Gaming Spec, and Questions?

Firstly I would use a desktop for gaming, get the specs of all the games and then you need a PC with specs better than the games, so you need GPU and PSU specs then decide on a CPU. There are place you can get builds made to your specifications. I would not try and modify a brand name for gaming, it can turn out more expensive. Customised pre-built that meets all your specs may be the way to go?

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