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Laptop Battery Drains After Sleep Mode? Heres What to Do

Do you experience battery drain on your PC after Sleep Mode? Want a quick fix to this? Today, we are going to be guiding you on what to do when your battery drains after Sleep Mode on Windows 10.

Normally, battery drain could be as a result of the incomplete shutdown, inappropriate power settings, faulty or incomplete upgrade, system corruption, faulty battery or a combination of all these. In any case, we are going to be looking at the various techniques that can easily be employed to fix the error and stop the battery drain.

How can I fix laptop battery drains after Sleep Mode?

Windows 10 by default comes with a Fast Startup option, which basically controls the behavior of the power button. With this feature enabled, you might encounter system reboot while trying to power off your system. And in more significant cases, your system can fail to go to Sleep Mode completely.

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To disable this feature, follow the step-by-step guidelines below:

• Press Windows Key X keys or simply click on the Start icon, and locate Power Options.

• Locate the Use fast startup (recommended) check box, and uncheck it.

After disabling Fast Startup, you can also disable hibernation, to ensure your computer, never goes into hibernation. To do this:

• In the provided box, type in powercfg-h and press Enter.

This procedure will ensure your PC never go into hibernation, even when the cover is closed.

There is a built-in troubleshooter that can be used to detect and resolve all power-related issues on Windows PC. To run the power troubleshooter, follow the procedure below:

• Locate View all and click on it.

If the error is caused by a system defect, the Power troubleshooter should fix it.

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There are certain configurations in BIOS that can auto-boot your system. If any of these settings are enabled, you would definitely, at one point or another, experience this issue. A notable mention in this regard is the Intel Smart Connect, which automatically boots up host PC once a Wi-Fi adapter is connected or when a registered Wi-Fi network is active.

So, if your PC's battery is draining while it using Sleep Mode, ensure you disable the Intel Smart Connect and other such settings in BIOS. If the issue persists, try the next fix.

If after trying all the aforementioned procedures, your battery still drains after Sleep Mode, the ultimate solution might be to clean install the Windows 10 OS. To clean install Windows 10, you just need to do the following:

Note: Make sure you back up essential files before running the clean install.

• Download and install Microsoft's Media Creation Tool from here.

• Launch the Media Creation Tool, accept the license terms and conditions.

• Click on the OK icon to initiate the installation process.

• The tool will take it up from there, by automating the remaining process.

• Follow the on-screen instruction to finish up the installation.

• Once the installation is complete, manually install missing drivers.

• You can also reinstall certain utility programs.

Clean installation is the ultimate solution to resolve this issue, provided the problem is system-specific (affecting the operating system).

In some cases, the issue might not be related to system (OS) error, but rather the battery itself. In this case, ensure you run diagnostics and calibrate the battery. If the battery is in any way, faulty it is recommended you replace it.

In conclusion, a lot of factors could contribute to the draining of a battery after Sleep Mode. We have outlined several solutions that can be employed to resolve the issue and hopefully stop the battery drain.

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Laptop Battery Drains After Sleep Mode? Heres What to Do 1

Why doesn t Nintendo remake virtual Nintendo64/GBC games for PC?

Nintendo wants you to buy their hardware where they sell VC titles on. They are a toy maker and hardware manufacturer first, software developers second. So the focus on software is to sell hardware. That, and piracy is too easy on PC. They try to keep the ability to play without pay to a minimum as they are a business, not a charity. They missed the mark a bit on the Wii and Wii U, but so far Switch seems to be keeping the pirates at bay (at least if it has been hacked, the hacking community has kept it to themselves from what I can tell as there is not a publicly known hack for it).

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PC is a typewriter like device that was invented and developed more than 70 years ago. It is still one of the most popular devices in the world.The future of computing will be based on mini PCs and laptops. This will change the type of work done by a person in his or her office, and make him or her more productive. But before we can use them, we have to get used to them. We have to become comfortable with their shape and size as well as with how they run on our PCs. The mini PC is neither a computer nor a typewriter, but it can do all the things that these two technology giants are able to do using computers. And these technologies are already available today (at least some of them). Mini PCs can help us increase our productivity by writing contentIn the present-day economy, Mini PC is a must-have for every household. It not only improves personal productivity but also reduces cost.A mini PC is a small personal computer designed for everyday use. It runs a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, and it has a small form factor.These miniature computers can be used by most people at home, in the office, or at school. They are popular because of their ease of use and affordability. Mini PCs are mainly used for media-playing, video-streaming and downloading files from the internet - things people do on a daily basis.The mini PC, a small computer that can be as small as an iPhone or a laptop. Mini PC is definitely a good thing. Especially for the individuals who are trying to get their small gadgets working smoothly in the workplace.It would be great if this article had been written 20 years back when PCs were much smaller than today and it was difficult to carry them around with you. Then we couldn’t use them on our desks or even carry them over the shoulder without fear of scratching it!The Mini PC is a small computer with capabilities of running a few features, such as audio and video, but many other basic tasks.Mini PCs are small computers, which are also known as netbooks or mini laptops. They were first invented in the 1980s by IBM and other companies. Mini PC was never a vital product because the market was saturated by smartphones and tablets. But then in 2010, mini PCs started taking over the market and became a leading competitor to smartphones.The best mini PC is:As we all know that the development of mini PC/tablet has become a trend in the recent years. While for some people, mini PC is a more personal computer than laptop. Some people attach importance to mini PC because they can use it for doing their daily tasks like browsing local news or checking emails. It is also used by the young generation who want to stay connected with their friends and family even at work or school.Main point:The Mini PC is a computer that is smaller in size than normal laptops and it can be carried anywhere with ease as it doesn't take much space when compared to normal computers. One can carry this device anywhere as they don't need any external power cables, it does not require too much space, you don't have to take out your regular laptopThe mini PC is an extremely small, portable computer. It is a hybrid between a laptop and desktop computer. Usage of Mini PCs has increased over time and so have its per-capita market share in the world. This article explains all about them and what users expect from them.We spend a lot of time and money on our laptops. We invest in their repair, upgrade, and maintenance. It’s not surprising then that we choose the best brands for them.What is surprising is that in spite of such a huge investment, most people simply manage to get by with their laptops and pay no attention to the rest of the hardware they use every day.The best mini PC for laptop should have a good battery life as well as support for all modern security features such as hardware encryption. The device should offer good performance at a reasonable price compared to other similar devices available.
Best Mini PC for Personal Use
Best Mini PC for Personal Use
In the age of internet and smart devices, there are many things that people want to do on their computers. One of them that is crucial for Linux users is the ability to run Linux on a mini PC. The Mini PC is capable of running several operating systems at the same time, giving you freedom to explore different worlds without needing a laptop or desktop.The term PC mini PC has been in use for a while. It is a small laptop computer whose main purpose is to perform the same functions as regular laptops. But these computers are very lightweight and compact which makes them ideal for use in the office.These laptops can be used as an alternative to a conventional laptop for home usage, because they are not too big or heavy. They can run many of the same applications that regular laptops can run, but they do it on their own smaller terms making them cheaper and more portable than standard laptops.Some of these devices come with built-in storage so you don’t need to carry a large amount of data with you when you travel or work from home, while others have much bigger internal storage capacities making them suitable for long-term use ifThe Mini PC is a small computer targeted at business users. It is a device that can be easily carried by people, which means it can be easily used in the car, while traveling or even when you are in an office. The speaker can be used as a screen where you can see your emails and webpages.The Mini PC is also very much portable and compact, so it fits perfectly into the handbag of women or laptop bag of men. It has been called "the perfect accessory" by some professionals.It is a low-cost, portable computer with small size and low power consumption.When buying a mini PC, people tend to go for the most powerful ones. But what if there is no power switch and you need to shut it off?The Mini-ITX (Mini-ITX), a small form factor system with a small form factor motherboard (M.2 SSD drive) can be powered by an mSATA/PCIe slot or USB port. This card can be installed in any of the three mini-ITX slots. It can run from 4 up to 16 Watts, depending on the model you buy.The mini PC is an ultra-compact PC which can be used in almost any household. It runs on Windows (including Win10) and is also compatible with Linux. The mini PC is a great way to get rid of the desktop and get things done faster.We are all familiar with the mini PC concept. This article explores a few of the exciting new trends in home and office IT.This section introduces some of the interesting technologies being introduced in this segment.Micro-ITX is one of the most popular mini PC platforms right now. It is a small form factor PC with great options for customization and performance.We should not forget that Mini PCs are still quite rare machines that require a specific level of skill to get them started. With the help of AI, we can now automate tasks that are currently done by human skillset. The digital agency or company using this technology will be able to automate their processes every time they need the output from a Mini PC platform.The mini PC is the most popular computer in the world. It is small and compact, yet powerful enough to run a full-blown operating system and programs. This makes it a great choice for people who need to leave their computers at home and travel with their devices.We should not think of these mini PCs as an alternative to PCs or laptops for everyday use. They are not that much different from laptops, so you can still carry around your laptop if you need to do some work or stay connected on the go.Mini PCs are definitely up in the air. But they have become so popular in recent years that they are now considered an essential part of every PC.There is a mini PC for everyone. It's compact, has a great CPU, and it can be easily customized with an affordable motherboard.In 2018, we will see the emergence of many mini PCs in the market. They will have Intel's latest Kaby Lake i5/i7 processors or AMD Ryzen 7 chipsets to run multiple applications simultaneously. While they are available in several sizes and prices to suit all tastes and budgets, most of them are equipped with low-power CPUs which can't handle modern games well.
Best Mini PC for Your Home Office
Best Mini PC for Your Home Office
A Mini PC is an excellent choice for a hobbyist, a gamer, or a student. It is light weight and easy to carry around. It can be used as a gaming notebook or as an office PC.Mini PCs are currently in peak demand and we are seeing an increase in the number of online shops that sell them. Due to their low price and small size, they are mostly used by students who love playing games on their computers but don't have space for a larger one at home.Newest mini PC for hobbyist, gamer,& studentsSection topic: The top 5 antivirus software for Windows usersIntroduction: The top 5 antivirus software for Windows users. There are a lot of AV protection software out there nowadays. But which one should you choose? Let's see this article to help you answer the question.Section topic: How to create a business plan? Business needs analysis and creation of business plan are critical parts in planning and developing a business. This article will discuss how to create a business plan step by step with examples that can be relevant to any company or individual who want to start or grow their own business. This isn't an in-depth discussion on how to do it but just an introduction and example of the basic concepts that every college student studying inWith a will to create content, the main focus of the writer, it is important that they have enough knowledge on how to write accurately and creatively. If that is not the case, then they will definitely be wasting their time.We have mentioned earlier that an AI writer can provide assistance to the content writer by getting rid of writer’s block and generate content ideas at scale. This is the same concept applied to mini PCs.We can get a mini PC in two ways:1) Through custom design and specification, which would be entirely up to us, or 2) Using an on-demand AI writing assistant for designing our own Mini PC. In this section we will cover design of a Mini PC based on an on-demand writing assistant for designing our own Mini PC.The key principles behind the design of this Mini PC are:1) The overall build should be compact and compact enough to fit into a small space but not so small that it takes away from its portability.Mini PCs are getting more and more common. Even if you are not a fan of the small form factor devices, they can be very useful in certain situations such as holding a lot of files, handling large applications and playing videos and music.The PC is a must-have in every office. While it can also be used to do many things such as catch up on the latest news, play games, or share documents and documents, it does not have a long life span.That's why companies are researching the possibilities of Mini PCs and start using them for various tasks. Some of these tasks include:Mini PCs are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, especially in emerging markets. They offer almost everything you need for everyday use and do so at a fraction of the cost.This article is an introduction to the category of Mini PC. This section presents some useful information on this product category and offers advice on what needs to be considered when buying a Mini PC: price, performance, expandability etc.Section topic: The future of travel photography with dronesAfter the huge global boom for smartphones, we are witnessing a huge interest in the laptop. Most of us use our laptops to browse websites and social media, play games, and edit videos. This is also an ideal opportunity to get more powerful hardware with less expenses.Our upcoming Mini PC will be a perfect device for the people who are interested in playing video games or just need small-sized laptop that can be used for work as well.We should not think of these Mini PCs as a replacement for desktop computers. They're just mini versions of standard laptops that have been shrunk down by various techniques such as miniaturization and screen technology(think Apple MacBook Air).Mini PC is a powerful tool if you want to get more out of your computer.
Best Mini PC Under $500
Best Mini PC Under $500
The introduction of mini pcIn order to take advantage of the many benefits of mini pc, it is important to understand the industry and its requirements. This will allow businesses and home users alike to make a more informed decision on whether such an investment is worth it.Mini PCs are very small computers that have the power of regular computers. They are most commonly used in households for entertainment purposes since they have higher processing power than consoles and can run content faster than gaming consoles. But, they can also be used in business applications where one computer serves multiple roles as well.One downside is the price tag for these devices as they are more expensive than other devices such as laptops or even gaming consoles like Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. However, if you're looking for a powerful device at a good price, then mini pc shouldTips for mini pcMini PCs are perfect for people who are looking to upgrade their personal computer but don't need all of the power that a desktop PC provides. They are able to use accessories that could be used with a desktop, but still maintain a lower footprint.The best mini PC is one that offers plenty of storage and power, while remaining small and sleek. Some models come with DVD drives, while others have additional options like gaming controllers.Mini PCs provide plenty of benefits for people who are looking to upgrade their PC without sacrificing on quality or features.How to use mini pc?Historically, mini PCs have been used for a variety of tasks such as gaming and multimedia. However, these days they are being used in many different segments of the market because they are now affordable.The main question that arises when people consider purchasing a mini PC is whether it will be able to do their daily tasks without freezing or crashing. The answer is yes! Mini PCs are more reliable and stable than ever before thanks to the advances in technology.Mini PCs have become extremely popular among consumers and businesses alike for a variety of reasons including their cost-effectiveness, reliability, portability, upgradability and high performance capabilities.The specifications of mini pcMini PCs are not just a trend. They are the next generation of computing, and they are becoming more and more popular. They can be used anywhere, in any application, and even as a gaming PC.Mini PCs have been around for at least two years now but their popularity has only recently started to increase. They are in fact gaining more popularity because they offer many benefits over traditional laptops or desktops.One of the most noticeable benefits is that they can be used anywhere without an external power source so you don’t have to worry about always being plugged into a wall socket or your laptop's battery dying on you that often when you're on the go. The mini PC also offers better performance than a laptop due to its low power consumption, making it ideal for tasks such asThe product instructions of mini pcMini PCs are becoming more and more popular but they can be difficult to use. These new products contain a lot of features and it can be hard to know where to start when you want to put it together.There is a step-by-step guide that will help you make your own mini PC in this article.These instructions are based on the computer maker’s website, which provides detailed instructions on how to assemble the product.The application of mini pcMini PCs are becoming ever more popular as they offer a more portable, easy-to-carry alternative to larger laptops.Fewer and fewer people are buying laptops due to their size and weight. This is because mini GPUs and powerful CPUs have allowed for powerful computing in an even more portable form.Mini PCs can be seen as a great option for people who don't want a laptop or desktop computer, but they also provide users with all the power of desktops. They can also solve problems that laptops might have such as heat or battery life issues.
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