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Is the Brand of the LAPTOP Really That Important?

when you buy a car does having a honda/dodge/nissan/ford matter? its just prefferance on wether or not you want quality or junk

Is the Brand of the LAPTOP Really That Important? 1

1. What's the difference between these two canon lenses?

The smaller the aperture the better the low light capability. The focus at 1.4 is HARD to nail because there is such a very very narrow depth of field. It's easy as hell to get bokeh or a very blurred background that is to die for at 1.4. Definitely not hard at 1.8 by ANY means. The biggest difference in those is build quality. The 1.8 is a plastic lens. The 1.4 is a metal lens and is built MUCH better. The 1.8's break easier. Of course you can replace the 1.8 3x before you add up to the price of the 1.4. The very shallow depth of field with either lens will have you shooting above 1.8 most of the time. A lens is usually sharpest about 2 stops down from wide opened anyway. For a beginner the 1.8 is plenty enough to handle and at $140 it's nearly disposable if it does break. I have been shooting professionally for years and years on canon and I have yet to see the NEED for the 1.4 for myself. I would LOVE to have it, but for the price difference? I can not realistically shoot at 1.4, so the 1.8's serve me well. When I have money to throw at equipment and there's nothing else I want more? I will buy it. Until then? I have a want list that stretches into eternity, so I am happy with my 1.8's.

2. Which car to buy GTI or Jetta sportwagon?

Buy the wagon, it's built in Germany, the GTI in Mexico, so it's quality will be better. Buy the TDI, it will get 45 mpg, and run as hard as the GTI!

Is the Brand of the LAPTOP Really That Important? 2

3. Donating my hair for cancer?

WWW.Locksoflove.com think it has to be 14 in good Luck Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening To all readers. Are you looking for a full service Salon? Where you get a chance to rest, relax and are provided proper services? Tired of being overcharging for medioaker services? Here at "Montag'e" We would like to restore your faith in quality, from our superior customer service to our quality "Hair Care, Massages, Facials and Barbering services. " We welcome all patrons. Montag'e is a full service salon for all ages and catagories of people. The business Man or Women, young adults and even the little ones. Our Line up includes: Hair Styling= Cuts, Colors, Healthy Hair, Extentions ( Braided and Glueded weaving) and Infusion (Inquire about prices with infusion installers). " Barbering: Men, Women, and Children haircuts. from business causual, for that important business meeting or that nerve racking 1st date, to that exotic look for that fun night on the town" Facials: Relax, be refind, and rejuvenated with all natural facial products as well and be enlighted by how to maintain your features and keep them sleek, sexy and easily maintained look. Massage: Take the stress away and release that tension with a soothing massage in a quiet room. We encourage you to visit! See how we preform.Be pampered, relax and enjoy our hair, nail, and skin care services. We Love you all God Bless and keep in mind " Montag'e

4. Why is Amancio Ortega so rich if there are bigger clothing brands than ZARA?

Zara is a company that does not care about quality or innovation or individuality.When they(the designers) do not copy,they design simple,basic staff.That makes them sell at low prices,meaning they sell more in. ........drum music. ...QUANTITY! Would you rather sell 2 $1000 garments or 20 that cost $200?Why is Amancio Ortega so rich if there are bigger clothing brands than ZARA?

5. How can I make homemade basil pesto?

Classic pesto has few ingredients: Fresh, washed, dried basil leaves, lightly chopped or torn; best quality olive oil; quality, real parmesan cheese, grated; pine nuts; garlic. Each of those ingredients will strongly affect the flavor of your pesto, so don't skimp on quality.Take 1/4 c pine nuts and toast them lightly in a heavy metal pan. Don't walk away. Tend them, shaking the pan frequently - like, every 30 seconds in the beginning, and nearly constantly towards the end - so they toast evenly. You want the color to be pale-medium brown. Spill them out onto a plate and allow them to cool. (If you pile them up in a small container they will continue to cook/steam).Peel and smash 2-6 cloves of garlic - depending on size and your taste. Pour a little salt on top of the smashed garlic, then draw your chefs knife across it at an angle - you're using the salt to help turn the garlic to pulp. Put the cooled pine nuts in the bowl of a food processor and pulse several times until they are reduced to a fine texture. Remove and mix with the parmesan, add and mix in the pulverized garlic.Stuff 2 quarts of basil leaves into the bowl of your processor, pulse repeatedly to get it started. Now drizzle in olive oil in a thin stream, pulsing the processor until it begins to come together in a thick paste. Mix in the other ingredients you set aside, and then continue to add small drizzles of olive oil until it all comes together into the thick, wonderful paste of pesto. It freezes beautifully - ice-cube trays make a nice size so you can defrost just a few at a time. A lot of words, but it goes very fast. Some just toss everything in the food processor and let it rip - I find the garlic and the pine nuts are often not well incorporated when I do, or if they are, I had to use too much olive oil to make it happen. I like mine thick. Remember, when you use it to brush the top of a roasted chicken, or use it for pasta or pizza, or whatever else you do - it will thin out a lot, and very quickly. Start thick.How can I make homemade basil pesto?

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