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Best Mini PC for Workstation and Home Use

Here we are going to discuss about the best Mini PC for workstation and home use.

Best Mini PC for Workstation and Home Use 1

Can i plant seeds from vegtibles and fruits that i buy from the store?

You are ahead not to. Commercial vegetables seeds are bred to all come ripe the same week from planting date. For having pickers in the field the week they are to be picked. So just 1 large crop. And you do not know how or what they were crossbred with for this trait. So you are ahead buying seed so the crop in a garden is spread out for home use. And you have no idea what the plant seeds cross bred with in the field. As for fruit trees you also have no idea. You start with 1 root stock, and graft a different tree to that for the tree you wish. And must transplant most of them for a better crop. And fruit trees should be moved 200 miles for hardiness to your area as well. I live in IL. and if I wish a cold hardy tree I buy from WI. or MI. A more heat hardy tree I would buy from KY. or TN, But am having good luck with some apricot trees from TX. I got 2 and 1 pear from ND. that do not get ripe till right at frost for a storage pear in the winter here. More to it than just growing a seed. True you will get a plant. but what plant from were? You can plant tomatoes in Canada. but if the seeds came from Mexico I can see problems.

How can I get rid of salmonella at my chopping board?

I would say that you need different cutting boards. Back when I was in food services, we had different color bords for different items, they were also made of hard pressed plastic & not wood. Red for red meat Yellow for poultry Blue for fish Green for vegetables White for doughs and pastries Brown for cooked foods This made sure that there was no cross contamination. The FDA now uses these colors as standards. And now they even make affordable colored cutting boards for home use. You can disinfect & clean a cutting board by using 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water & letting it soak for about 10 minutes. You can also eliminate odors by sprinkling the board with salt and lemon juice. Make sure you rinse well.

Best Mini PC for Workstation and Home Use 2

What do you think of Japanese technology?

To Produce Somethings NEW, is not mainly for sales ! is to " SHOW " , let people know that the Brand with very high advance Technology . for consumer to Turs them more for the Brand ! is a ref for you, to buy their other standard Products ! and those NEW items is main for another 5-10 years. egg, 20 years ago when 13 inc LCD TV on market , is very stupid to paid for 2,500 USD for a TV ? 12 years ago , you may ask, Wow , why 40 inc LCD inc TV, cost 16,000. oo USD for a big TV ? what for ?. Who know, during 2020 , we will buy 100 inc TV for home use and Mose of our house with Auto door and lights ? Very RICH people buy now and enjoys Technology ( there is few people do so ) 99.9 %people will enjoys the same Technology in times to come (price drown 50 % or more like 42 inc LCD )

What is your biggest technology issue or problem?

Technology is proving to be a problem within it self- in that I have 4 power outlets in my lounge room - My daughter has one in her bedroom- combined we have 48 different power plugs going into an array of powerboards all connected to the very few power outlets- Every day some new gadget is released or updated and with it comes a new power socket ot recharger module- We are replacing new item purchased only 6 months ago with the much loathed "Combo units" just to ensure connectivity remians safe and effective- 30 years ago - a lamp a T.V and perhaps a record player was suffice and to which power outlets suited the application well - Today! its a night mare- Even producers lack insight on this issue- I have in one instance a 4 plug power board connected to another power board - The 4 plug power board allowes me to only fit two bulky large rechargers on it- producers design these great sleek looking gagets but have very little insight to such matters as stated-when it comes to the design of the power recharger- If I have a DVD and a HD box next to my T.V then would it not be nice to simply draw power from the T.V directly to these devices instead of trying to plug each item into a now scare to find power socket..? One power point to the T.V and special outlest from the T.V could service T.V type of devices- Now apply the same ideal to all types of associated devices- One cell phone Cradle applying outlets to a few other cell phones..etc..etc.. A universally uniform power application needs to be put forth based on a pre set of electrical voltage values- The office commerical environment is usually sufficient, hence the issue is specifically for home use applications- Producers need to make everything 12 volts- they need to make a uniform Charging application in where one or a few chargers is able to charge all "Same type"appliances - besides making the application more power point friendly- Carbon emission would also be reduced- Those power pack heat up - I can not go around everynight and shut down 48 different appliances..?I really have to think twice now before I buy any new devices-I know the issue does not just effect me- others I know are in the same boat- to many new devices too may updates and upgrades...and every little power points to safely and effectlively connects such devices too- with the ever growing ugly sight of cables and wires ever growing-Computer are the worsts offenders- Anyone living in a house made 20 years back suffer from the same issues if such are attempting to stay abreast of technological advances-

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