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Best Laptop for Web Design?

I am currently using HP Pavilion DV2840SE laptop...it's my 1st time to use HP, have always been using Acer, prefered Sony Vaio but it was out of stock when I was already going to buy...but HP is ok, read main specs below: widescreen, BrightView 14.1-inch display 2.1 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 dual-core processor 250 GB hard drive 4 GB of installed RAM (maximizing capacity) quad-mode Wi-Fi LAN (802.11a/b/g/n) Nvidia GeForce Go 7150M video card I am a graphic designer too, with static web designing on the side...Photoshop CS3 and Dreamweaver runs ok with this...

Best Laptop for Web Design? 1

1. Photoshop - slice and save image - can't get save dialog. Has something changed?

It seems that the maximum size allowed in Photoshop for Save for Web is 30000 px.You will have to divide your image into 25k x 25k documents and then do the save for web with the slices.What I would do is:

2. How to Approach Web Filtration?

Websense is a good program ... I suspect the issues you are attributable to having related to how websense is configured rather than to problems with websense. More candidly .. if the current admins implemented something else (like Astaro), they would configure it with similar restrictions. One note .. you need to have clean hands. If your issues are around chat, Twitter, BitTorrent, or personal stuff, get over it. You might be able (with embellishment) to justify why you need to be able to IM, because developers are special, but the admins wo not budge on that sort of stuff. These restrictions and filtering programs came about for a reason, most admins hate them, and most would much rather set them to filter porn only and be done with it. But the business reality does not allow that. I suggest the following . .. 1- keep a log of what (specifically) you are doing that is getting blocked or causing you interruption or workaround. 2- After a week or so, take this log to whoever administers the system, and show them how the restrictions are causing you trouble and slowing you down. With rational conversation and evidence, you may well be able to get them to loosen things up for you.

Best Laptop for Web Design? 2

3. Schema.org's WebApplication: for web applications or references to web application?

According to Wikipedia, a web application is:Since this matches the description of your web application, I do not see why you could not use Schema.org's WebApplication for web applications.According to Google's docs on rich snippets for software applications, you should likely include the browsers property to describe the browser requirements, for example: "Browser required with HTML5 and JavavaScript support".

4. help on centering a web page?

Look up CSS tutorials on how to make a div and center it

5. Is this allowed in web applications?

Assuming you did not have to install software on the machine and it is indeed your machine, then tracking all that information becomes very difficult. It is entirely possible for the active tab to detect what you are copy pasting, and screenshots to a degree.One thing they can track is when you have a tab in focus, and so a tab can detect whether it is the "current" tab you are looking at or not, they can also tell how long it has been since you moved the mouse/pressed a key etc.... All these details could be used to surmise what you are doing and guess if you are cheating or not.In relation to stopping malicious sites doing the same: Assuming your browser is not vulnerable to a drive-by attack (ensure latest browser version and you should be fine!), the malicious site can execute whatever JavaScript it likes but only in the context of the active tab. Close the tab and you are good to go. Keep your eyes open though, client-side JavaScript is powerful when it comes to social engineering!Does the site have absolute visibility into the things you mention, I would say no, with 95% confidence. P.S. Do not cheat on tests!

6. What to monitor on a web server?

It depends what the server is doing really. For example, I know my Exchange 2007 servers will use a lot of memory, that's what Exchange does, it grabs as much as it can, so monitoring this server for High Ram use would keep me awake all night, however I want to know if my disk space is getting low on here, as Exchange is prone to stop working with low disk space. On the other hand, I am not really that concerned about the disk usage on my print server. Really you need to look at your servers and determine what you need to know about them, what is important to them running correctly, what is nice to know for historical or tracking purposes, and what is superfluous. When you've determined what is critical, then you really should have alarms or triggers setup for these events, what is the point in monitoring something if you do not know when it goes wrong?

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