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Best Laptop for the Following?

Better go for HP

Best Laptop for the Following? 1

1. What is the difference between the hp tx 1000 and hp tx 2000?

THE difference between hp tx 1000 & hp tx 2000 is 1000 ?? no thank's needed i understsnd !!


i would recommend HP. It is much more of a reliable company then dell. i have worked with many dell computers and every month they get some new problem. Also HP is more up-to-date with technology. so you can be guaranteed that you have the latest model

Best Laptop for the Following? 2

3. if i put 2.5 ton rockwell axles(6.72 gears) with 46 in tires under a ford courier how much hp do i need?

hp to do what? hp is needed to go fast, but with 46" tires, you do not want to go fast because they are not rated for speed, and will blow out (very expensive and dangerous). You will need lots of torque though. Something like a 105hp Cummins 3.9 turbo diesel would work well

4. Whats up with my hp laptop?

HP produces vulnerable and easy-to-destroy chargers. What you can do is to put electrical tapes on the vital parts of the charger so that the wire inside would not bend

5. Laptop question: Hp tablet or Macbook?

I have a macbook.. VERY HAPPY with it.. Does everything you need it too.. does not mess up. No viruses.. and a cool photo booth app. Would definately go with the macbook. Very convinient easy to travel with and very usefull

6. HP Envy Graphics Card Upgrade?

Get a new graphics card like the hd 6850 or 7850. If you have a lot of money to spend go for a 7950. Make sure your power supply can provide enough power needed and it has PCI-E connectors. You can use molar converters.

7. HP PDX Laptop and blu-ray region on HP MediaSmart

After downloading and installing a trial of Cyberlink PowerDVD, and using its settings menu to change the region code, MediaSmart was able to play the movie

8. Should I get a Mac pro laptop i5!?!?

For the price you pay to get the cheapest mac laptop you could get a high end windows PC with awesome hardware, looks cool, great power, and an operating system superior to mac: Windows 7. Macs do not last any longer than PC's- I use a 2004 dell dimension as a primary computer! So do not waste your money on a mac, but a windows pc. I recommend Dell, just because we have never had any major problems with them. Stay away from HP, my parents laptop is only 2 years old and It's dying. But dells last forever- my dad has a dell from 2005 and it still runs like new. We also have a 10 year old dell printer and it still runs strong. As for the i5 and i7 thing, Get the i5. They are the same thing. But watch out- some i5's and i7's are dual-core, not quad-core. My frined has a 2008 macbook pro and it is breaking constantly, they've gopne thru 2 cd drives and 3 hard drives. Its very slow, too. They are horrrible.

9. A 2.4 hp (rated real world it's a 1.6 hp engined) generator a 1/3 hp 120 volt motor Bike & trailer; legal?

Non liquid, "jell" cell batteries do not spill. They are of the type used by power wheelchairs. Available from battery stores, or from wheelchair supply stores,C. to D.C. for the motor for the bike, and lighter than the generator in the trailer by at least half.

10. wireless mouse wont work on my desktop computer!!!!!!?

The only thing I can think of is that you require a driver program to be installed on your computer to activate the mouse. Drivers tell your computer what peripheral devices are attached to it. If one did not come with the mouse, you may be able to download a driver from HP or Microsoft.

11. Enabling WOL on HP Proliant

First of all:Wake-on-LAN is terribly inconsistent. For example, sometime the network adapter just fails to transmit the start command to the power supply.Because of that I would strongly suggest to use the iLO adapter to power on your sever reliably, if you have the opportunity to do so. However, you stated that this is not the case so let me explain why I think that wol does not work in your case:I am not 100% sure of this but I am pretty positive that the problem is the NIC teaming. A NIC Team uses a virtual MAC-address. But since the server is powered off when you send the wol-packet, I do not think that the virtual MAC-address exists at that point. Sadly I could not find any hard proof to back this assumption.You could try to send a wol-packet to a single NIC without teaming, to see if it works. Or address it to to the physical MAC of one of your NICs in the team. If you have to chance to do that, please let me know if it worked!

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