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Best Laptop for College Students?

Net Book acer aspire one

Best Laptop for College Students? 1

1. virtual school students and parents?

Some of the pros would be the convenience of not having to attend school (say if you were not living in a stable environment, or if you are in an army family and move around a lot), you would not have to sit through a class and you can do things more on your time. Some of the cons include missing out on certain skills you must obtain during your teenage years. In high school, it is crucial that you are in a structured environment and learning how to process information face to face, and focus on certain things for extended periods of time. This is a VERY important skill that you may not get with online school; in a face to face classroom, you are supposed to focus on the class and the class only... but with online school, you can have 1 tab for your online class, and another tab open to Facebook, and then another tab on Fmylife.com. You miss out on important skills this way.

2. What type of martial art is suited for me?

You are a bit confused about martial arts. ALL martial arts in their original form were for self-defense. The question is not what style, but what school. For that you need to judge each school on its own merits. Are they doing lots of non self-defense practice? Are they more focused on talking about what students need for their next belt test? If so it is an indicator that the school is not self-defense focused. I would avoid any school like that and look for one where the instructor is teaching realistic real life self-defense skills and belt testing is something that is not a big deal.

Best Laptop for College Students? 2

3. i caught students with chloroform?

Yikes! Chloroform is REALLY dangerous if misused, and if I am understanding your meaning when you say "...that she allows them to consume the chloroform..." that is one of the dangerous misuses I am referring to and the Assistant Principal as well as Law Enforcement, should be made aware of it IMMEDIATELY! This teacher is obviously not playing with a full deck if she's allowing students to consume chloroform... Breathing it can knock you out, so I can only imagine what consuming it would do! You say you saw students somewhat unaware of their surroundings, which leads me to believe they were getting stoned from doing this... NOT GOOD!!! I would totally report this teacher!

4. A Question for Serious Bible Students?

It's not just false teachings, but half-teachings, too. Many churches do not speak on the sins. They are fearful of stepping on other's feet. This may cause people to stop coming to church and tithing. Thus, leading to bills not being paid, etc. If we do not trust God and obey his commandments and lead others into his teachings, how will God bless us? I used to attend such a church. Now, I am learning the full truth at a full gospel church. I have not been more blessed!.

5. Please help me check my grammar. 10 points for the best help Thank you very much.?

I am interested in applying for Staff Assistant, G-5 positions at The United Nations. The skills that I have developed from work experience, academic background, and professional development training support my strong interest in the program. As indicated in my Personal History Profile, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Geography. I completed an undergraduate degree in 3 years from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (2003-2006). In addition to studying, I participated in many extracurricular activities; Vice President of the Asian Club; Coordinator of an educational trip to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Hostess of my university where the honorable guest speaker was the First Secretary of the Consulate General of Japan in New York. In the summer of 2005, I had a great opportunity to intern at the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington D.C. I was assigned to assist The Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission in Public and International Affairs. My primary duty was to verify official documents such as Passport, Visa, Naturalization, and Legalization. At the present time, I am a full-time graduate student at Bowie State University pursuing a Master of Public Administration and a graduate assistant in the department of Management, Marketing, and Public Administration. My responsibilities include assisting the long-term projects with the department; managing the department career and internship opportunities; managing graduate student's official files and documents; conducting research for MBA program coordinator; developing and updating the department website; and broadcasting information and scheduling courses on the university databases. In addition, I attend many professional development training including the Peoplesoft database training, website development training, OSDBU Procurement Conference, Faculty Research and the Scholarship Training Series. Outside of academic studies, I have been working as a part-time employee of Sodexho USA for over 3 years (2004-2007). I enjoy providing quality customer service to faculty, staff, students, and communities. I rank very highly among the team for excellence in customer services. These experiences have given me an opportunity to effectively practice my skills in planning, researching, decision-making, team and systematic working, communication, and organizational skills. I am a hard worker who is highly motivated and dedicated to accomplish tasks efficiently.

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